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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Slappiz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slappiz

Aesthetic Mordekaiser! U Mirin Brah?

Slappiz Last updated on January 28, 2012
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This build is dedicated to the king of aesthetics, Zyzz, may you rest in peace sick****!

So I decided to make a Mordekaiser build for those who like to steamroll in normal/lowelo games, I always play Mordekaiser when I feel a bit emo beacuse of a losing streak or something like that. Mordekaiser is my ticket back into the ZONE.
The perfect playstyle for Mordekaiser is when your head is fed up with other thoughts than strategy and playing smart because of enemy jungler, you're encouraged to steamroll your lane, be careless, push push push... It always works!

So this is how you steamroll like a BAWS, have fun and may the aesthetics be with you!

(And yes, my English is not perfect as you will or already have noticed)

I'll add more content/chapters soon.

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: For slightly better offensive spell.
: Optional, +AD can be good to.
: For reaching Arcane Knowledge
: More damage output.

: Better early game, since Mordekaiser is abit weak the first levels.
: Better early game.
:For better sustain early game on lane

: Better then the other 2 options.
: For lower cooldown on flash.
: Movement speed is always good, and allows you to escape more easily when you push lanes.
: 3% spellvamp togheter with your Greater Quintessence of Transmutation you will end up with 9% spellvamp at level 1.

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Summoner Spells


: Ignite, great finisher together with your ultimate. Must have if you want to steamroll.

: Flash, good for escaping ganks etc.

: Ghost, can be really effective on Mordekaiser but i prefer to use flash.

: Teleport, great skill if you want to push top all day and even for surprise ganks. But you will have to give up either a offensive spell or a defensive spell to obtain this. It's all up to you.

: I never use this but it probably works great because of the lack of crowd control. But I prefer to use ignite instead.

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Mace of Spades - On next hit, Mordekaiser swings his mace with such force that it echoes out, striking up to 3 additional nearby targets, dealing damage plus bonus damage. If the target is alone, the attack deals extra damage.
On next hit, Mordekaiser swings his mace with such force that it echoes out, striking up to 3 additional nearby targets, dealing 80/110/140/170/200 (+ ) (+0.4) magic damage.

If the target is alone, 132/181.5/231/280.5/330 (+ ) (+0.66) damage is dealt instead.
Costs 25/32/39/46/53 Health

Creeping Death - Unleashes a protective cloud of metal shards to surround an ally, increasing their armor and magic resistance and dealing damage per second to enemies in the cloud.
Unleashes a protective cloud of metal shards to surround an ally for 6 seconds, increasing their armor and magic resistance by 10/15/20/25/30 and dealing 24/38/52/66/80 (+0.2) magic damage per second to nearby enemies.
Costs 26/32/38/44/50 Health

Siphon of Destruction - Mordekaiser deals damage to enemies in a cone in front of him. For each unit hit, Mordekaiser's shield absorbs energy.
Mordekaiser damages enemies in a cone in front of him, dealing 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.6) magic damage.
Costs 24/36/48/60/72 Health

Children of the Grave - Mordekaiser curses an enemy, stealing a percent of their life initially and each second. If the target dies while the spell is active, their soul is enslaved and will follow Mordekaiser for 30 seconds.
Steals 24/29/34 (+0.04)% of target champion's maximum Health (half stolen initially and half over 10 seconds; deals Magic Damage).

If the target dies while cursed, their soul is enslaved and will follow Mordekaiser for 30 seconds. Mordekaiser gains 20% of their ability power and attack damage, and the pet's stats are enhanced.

Pets can be controlled by holding the alt key and using the right mouse button.
No Cost

Iron Man - A percent of the damage dealt from abilities is converted into a temporary shield, absorbing incoming damage.

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Pros / Cons

Great harass
Top farmer and pusher
Good sustain on lane
Slightly tanky because of shield
His ultimate can change the tide of a team fight
High damage output in team fights

No crowd control
Very item dependent
Can easily be countered on lane against aggressive high damage burst champions
Low mobility
Weak early game

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: I've found these insanely successful on two champions so far, and . Mordekaiser passive ability encourages you to spam skills, but his spells cost health and to compensate that I use spellvamp for my build. Which is extremely effective when you get your .

: Magic penetration, I assume these don't need an explanation.

Greater Seal of Regeneration: These are optional but I like how they boost my lane presence in the early stages of the game (flat health regen would probably work better).

: These are optional to, but I really recommend them because of the slight damage boost which will synergies with the Greater Quintessence of Transmutation.

(Off the record, I use the exact same Masteries and Runes on to)

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Core build:
: Good starting item, boosts your health regen for the early part of the laning phase which allow you to spam skills frequently.

: Synergies extremely well with the Greater Quintessence of Transmutation and Transmutation. 24% spellvamp, you cant argue against that.

: Really strong during the midgame, when people haven't started stacking magic resistance yet.

: Movement speed, magic resistance and health regen. The movement speed is the main reason why i buy this item. It's an underrated item but it really boosts your survivability.

: You will feel a lot more tanky because of the increase of health gained from your ability's and how fast you gain your and to quote Phreak "deal tons of damage".

: Hextech Revolver should either be upgraded to Will of the Ancients or Hextech Gunblade depending on your team. But I recommend that you buy Will of the Ancients.

: Zhonya's Hourglass, I almost always build this one after Rabadon's Deathcap to boost my armor and for the unique passive ability.

: Abyssal Scepter, good passive effect and great boost on your ability power. Great item for heavy magic damage enemy teams. Can be bought early instead of FoN if you feel that you don't need the movement speed.

: Guardian Angel, I rarely buy this one, but it's actually really good on Mordekaiser. Good +armor and the reincarnation proc ain't that bad either. I've noticed that people tend to not focus players with GA, in most cases.

: Randuin's Omen, best item for Mordekaiser against really have AD teams, but you should only buy this if there is no main tank in your team.

: Sunfire Cape, good health increase and the passive is decent. Only buy this if you get shredded by the enemy teams attack damage champions and you need to be a bit more tanky.

: Lich Bane, in most cases I never build this item, but it can greatly boost your burst damage. And you will run like the wind.

: Rylai's Crystal Scepter, health, ability power and slow. This item is really good for chasing and slowing enemies in team fights.