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Amumu Build Guide by Awesome Pwnage1

Amumu-Catatonic Depression

Amumu-Catatonic Depression

Updated on June 15, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Awesome Pwnage1 Build Guide By Awesome Pwnage1 9,386 Views 7 Comments
9,386 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Awesome Pwnage1 Amumu Build Guide By Awesome Pwnage1 Updated on June 15, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Amumu
  • LoL Champion: Amumu


Amumu is one of my favorite tanks. The reason he usually gets banned is because of his mass-stun. I say that if something gets banned for a reason; then abuse that reason to the best of your ability and make your opponents pay. This is the first guide that I have ever written that is literally 2 guides combined. This build is a tad longer than any of my other builds so it is only understandable if you don't want to read every nook and cranny of this guide. I like Amumu and I play him as a Tank and an Ability Power Tycoon. I just made up that piece of terminology. Regardless, this is still a good build, and I highly recommend that you tell all of your friends to try my builds, they do work and I really do like this champion. I present to the general population of the United States Amumu-Catatonic Depression
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Whenever I write a build; I find it only necessary to tell the reader what is strong about the build and what is weak about the build. I am covering two faces of Amumu, so there will be two different sets of Pros and Cons for each. I'll start with AP Amumu first.

AP Pros
1. A ton of Ability power
2. a tad bit of attack speed
3. a sufficient amount of HP
4. an immense slow on your opponents
5. Able to escape hot pursuits
6. Is not really squishy

AP Cons
1. Not a ton of in-game mana regen
2. No items that really highlight despair
3. A tad more armor than magic resist

I'll move into the Tank Pros now.

Tank Pros
1. Takes a ton of punishment
2. Guardian Angel
3. nearly 50% damage reduction on all damage
4. 3k Hp
5. Are usually at the head of the pack

Tank Cons
1. Doesn't get a lot of kills
2. No good escaping abilities till Randuin's Omen
3. only 99% Thug
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Runes of Mummification

Woop, here it is everybody. This is not the biggest part of the buld, nor is it the most important. I only find it fair though to explain why I do everything the way I do. I find these runes to work really well in a pre-game set up. It works for me and I'll give my explanations. I will explain AP Amumu and move into Tank.

AP Amumu

I just love these runes on any AP champion. They just absolutely pwn. I picked these because they give Amumu a little extra boost early-game and they make up for some of the magic pen that you would get from Sorcerer's Boots. I normally would take a Void Staff just to be able to take Merc Treads,but these marks should work pretty well.

These are really,really important on the Amumu that I build. I don't stack any mana regen during the game; I only stack a little bit of max mana early game. I usually take two of these sets of runes to improve what your cause already is. I do the same thing on Kog'Maw just because I hate having mana problems while pwning face.

These are more of the same thing with the exact same purpose. Eventually, I find it necessary to really get good resource management. Amumu needs mana and his team is so dependant on him for that reason. I only deem it necessary to get more mana regen to realy improve your management of your resources.

I just absolutely love these. The Flat-Health Quints are what I use on all of my builds. It just improves your durability early game. That's why I like it and that's why I use them;they work, and they work well.

Tank Amumu

I really think that this and the seals for this build are important to this build. It gives your champion an extra boost and is really nearly necessary for play. I get The Greater Mark of Resilience to get a little bit more armor which makes it easier to still tank well while on my way to Aegis of the Legion. It is very potent and works well.

Here we go with the next important set of runes. I go for some magic resist to even out the boundary between my marks and my seals. This in combo with the marks is really a devastating duo. I really do like these runes and they once again help you with a little more magic resist to even out your resilience. It is great for tanking and I recommend both of these runes on other tank champions.

I go here for some mana regen. I stacked these on the AP build and I still find it necessary to stack these in at least on department while tanking. I usually don't find myself using as much mana while tanking so these runes should suffice and work very well. It really can help you out early game so that you may be able to get in more Bandage Tosses .

I love these runes. I literally use these on almost every single champion. They just pwn beyond belief. It just gives you some more durability early game. I find it really necessary to building my Amumu.
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AP and Tank Masteries of Epicness

I take two standard mastery types for this build. I take 9/0/21 for AP and 9/21/0 for tanking. It seems to work for me and I don't really plan on changing it anytime in the near future. Please leave comments though.

AP Amumu
For masteries, I take a standard caster set-up of 9/0/21. I find this to be the most potent because this Amumu is more reliant on spells and their damage output. He is an AP champion, and I build him as one.

Going down the Offensive Tree, I take 3 points in increased ability power to give the user a little extra boost while in lane. I find this to be the best choice due to Amumu's spells to be modified by ability power. I then take 1 point in Crit chance. This is just because I have to, but there is a chance that when hitting with Guinsoo's Rageblade that you will crit, so this can still be sort of useful. I then take points in CDR and Magic Pen. This all still adds up to really help you out in lane late game. A lower CD on bandage toss may get you one more kill; who knows. I then take Magic pen to negate the effect of those Sorcerer's Boots, and that really does suffice in the end.

Going down the Utility Tree, I take 3 points in mana regen and hp regen. This is just an all around skill sort of likePhilosopher's Stone. It really does help an caster and Amumu especially. I then take one point in Ghost. This is really a good way to get this CDR on the move so that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I then take 4 points in Experience gain because that's what Jesus would do. I then move into mana regen and gold gain. This is a really good combo as far as Utility goes. If you aren't getting fed, then this still gives you a little more gold and a good amount of mana regen for resource management. I really do like having this talent because it works extremely well with your mana regen runes. Then I take some more Utility in Neutral Monster buff duration. I love having the Blue buff and getting a little bit more out of it. It really can change the outcome of the game in some cases. Edging further, I take points in movement speed. I like being able to move freely and a tad bit faster, I have escaped parcially due to these talents. Finally, I go for a ton of CDR. I don't get these in my runes, so I try to get as much as I can in my talents. I get CDR on my summoner spells and on my spells in general. This really improves my utility to a point where it makes Amumu a possible carry to actually win the game. I finish that tree and that concludes my masteries for AP.

Tank Amumu
My mastery set-up is 9/21/0 I take 21 points in Defense because anybody in their right mind would do so. I really do think that my set-up is ideal to actually playing the champion the way I build him as. Here's the in-depth though.

With the Offensive Tree, I take 9 the same 9 points as AP except with one twist. I take 9 points in increased AP to insure that you're getting the best out of your moves while tanking. I also grab 1 point in Exhaust. I use this talent so that I can really reap the true benefits of the build and the the best CDR that I can possibly get. I like this talent and I would get one in ghost, but the 21 points in Defense should not really be changed. I then take 4 points in CDR just for the Utility Factor that Amumu thrives off of. I think that it a useful talent to max out because there really is no wrong turn with it. I then finish with taking 1 point in Magic Penetration. I had to get this point just to finish off the link between if and CDR. I really do like this. It just gives you a boost so that if you do have to attack something, then it is a little more potent.

Going down the Defensive tree, I take 21 points. I start off with taking the practical Magic resist and armor right off the bat. I cannot even stress how important I think that these are. This is the main component that you're stacking on Amumu for most of the game anyway. I like these skills and highly recommend them as talents for any tank. I then take 4 points in dodge. I think that this is important to get the dodge. I don't really like getting the movement speed afterwards. You don't have Ninja Tabi anyway, so I don't even find the set to be that useful in my build. I just get it for some extra evasion. I then simply take some more points increasing my armor. I don't take every point in damage reduction, but this is really all you need. I don't want to go all overkill on the whole defensive collage. I then go down the Tree like a lot of other people do. I take 4 points in increased HP. I just like that talent because It acts a lot like Flat Health Quints . It is just a really good talent to have and I think that it is really a step-up from the Quints. Ardor is really good on Amumu because he is and AP champion, and he is melee. So Ardor is just like a little talent made for Amumu. It is a good skill and is oddly a good offensive addition oddly enough. I then finish with 4% less damage taken. That is huge. It really is like a mega defensive wall. 4% damage reduction plus your resistances is really just a mega wall that surrounds Amumu. You won't be able to be dropped that easily. That is really the goal of this set of masteries.
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Skill Sequence of Doom

I find my skill sequences to be a tad bit different than other people's guides in some cases. It really is odd to look at your build and at someone else's and think of all the differences. I will proceed with the move set-up for AP Amumu.

AP Amumu
I really have a good time playing as AP Amumu. I have a good time mostly because of my build. Her is my move set up and why.

I start off with one talent in Bandage Toss I get this because this is really the move that can draw first blood. This is your stun that can either get you an assist, or make you turret dive. I like to max this skill first because it is modified by 100% of your Ability Power. I think that that is a much higher bargain than any of your other moves, so I max it first.

I then start maxing Tantrum .I find this one to actually be pretty oddly based. Others max Tantrum first,but I don't really see the point in it other than the damage reduction. It is only modified by a percentage of your AP and I don't like that. I can see where they're coming from with it's Passive CDR,but I just don't see how it's worth it.

I max Despair last . I know that this move is really good at taking down tanks, but your burst damage is so high anyway, there isn't really a reason to run around the person to actually do some damage over time. I like the fact that it doesn't have a high mana cost, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Leave a comment if you disagree.

Tank Amumu
For tank Amumu I build pretty standard in my opinion. I just do whatever does damage reduction and/or the most damage. I like to think that this is the way that works for my build. So here ya go.

I max Tantrum first ,but I get a point in all 3 skills to begin with. I really do think that the only reason I max this move first is because it has a passive damage reduction and damage taken stat. It is a useful tool while tanking. I like to think that this is the best way to do it,but I might be looking for comments as far as the tank move set-up is concerned.

I max Bandage Toss next . I like to get this move up second because its stun is just such a great tool on Amumu. I really do think that this is definitely the first or second move that you may want to max. It is a really powerful move for one and it is an incredible support item to pull someone in or catch something for your team. I do like this skill in many ways, but I don't know If I could max it first.

Finally, I max DispairDispair. I still don't see why you would want to prioritize this skill. There is nothing that I think would constitute that decision. I don't like this skill on tank Amumu and I think that it should be maxed last. It isn't very powerful but is a good skill as far as taking down tanks is concerned. It can be useful in some situations.

Your Ultimate
Your Ultimate, Curse of the Sad Mummy, is the reason that Amumu gets banned. So in normal games, you have to abuse the **** out of it. It is a dirty strategy, but it works. This skill should always be leveled up at level 6,11,and 16. It is one of the best abilities to slow the opposing team in my opinion, and it is a really good skill to unload a bunch of ability power onto a bunch of opponnents. It should always be maxed when every possible; no questions asked.

AP Priority
1. 2. 3. 4.

Tank Priority
1. 2. 3. 4.
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This is where the magic happens. Wait, this isn't Cribs.....Anyway, this is where the build really unfolds and I have to write a whole bunch. I will start out with my build for AP Amumu and my reasonings and explanations

AP Item Build

1.I start out my AP build with the Doran's Ring. I find that that mana regen on top of health on to of ability power is really a good combo. You get all the AP that you really need for early game from that item. That then becomes a basis for the next core items that you will buy. It is all of your gold to start with, but you'll hit a lot harder anyway. It is really going to give you a good start to the game.

2.I next go for Mercury Treads. I love these really, on a lot of my casters. I find that Tenacity is a lot more useful than the Magic Pen that you would normally get. I have escaped countless stuns and slows from these boots and I believe that their worth is a lot more than that of the Sorcerer's Boots.

3.The next item is possibly the item that makes AP Amumu worthwile. You already hit pretty hard by this point, but this is just the item that blows my mind. It really is amazing. I try to rush this item ASAP because it is so useful. This is the item that makes Amumu. Not only is it a good Offensive item, but it has a pretty good Defensive persona as well. It gives Amumu Health, Mana, and Ability power

4.The next item is one that will prove very useful to Amumu in 1 on 1 confrontations and in team fights. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is one of my favorite AP items to put on Amumu. It just massacres people's faces. The real prize with this item is the passive slow that it gives to all of your spells. This is really just a good skill to attain. You have the ability of two stuns that can slow your opponents after cast. This passive can be channeled through all of Amumu's Spells and is a really good tool to have in team fights especially.

5. The next item is where some of you might question if this is actually AP Amumu. I pick up Guinsoo's Rageblade next. I have a few reasons for doing this and it really does work well if given the opportunity.
1. Amumu is a melee champion
2. The Guinsoo's Rageblade still adds Ability power
3. It's purpose is to give you a boost just in case you actually have to physically attack something
4. Your attack speed increases
Jax is a champion that also uses the Guinsoo's Rageblade, but he's more of a hybrid. I place the Rageblade here because I can only exchange it for a few things anyway that will actually grant Ability Power. This powers up all of your Offensive ability and works well on melee champions. You end up with a little over 100 Attack power which is still a useful addition just in case your moves are on CD.

6. The sixth item that I like to get is the Rabadon's Deathcap. I really find this to be nearly necessary on any AP champ that you intend to get a lot of kills with. It increases all of your Ability Power by 30%. That is an insane amount when you look at how much ability power you will actually have. You already have about 400 with just it and the Rod of Ages , but with Guinsoo's Rageblade and Rylai's Crystal Scepter being added, you're looking at a whole legion of Ability Power that will just massacre most opponents. You won't be squishy anyway for 1, and two your stuns and slows will make it impossible for them not to take your shots. It really is a great addition to your item line-up and I highly recommend it.

7. The final item I take is the Zhonya's Hourglass. It is just an all-around great item to actually have in the long run, this item grants you a sufficient amount of Armor and Ability Power so that you can keep up the trend. I like this item because of its Active Passive. It allows your champion to be unable to take damage for 2 seconds when activated. That might not sound like a lot, but trust me, it's enough time to cast Ghost and run away or back into your team. Amumu is already kind of tanky, but this just gives him an injection of steroids. I like to refer to it as a "Panic Button", but it really is just a great addition that gives you survivability and AP.

Alternatives For AP Amumu
With every build there comes other things that we want to have in certain situations. I can name a few right off of the top of my head, but please, post comments below if you have any suggestions :).

1. I know that if you're going against a magic-heavy team then you're going to want to have something to combat it.I cannot recommend anything better than the Abyssal Scepter. It really can make or break a lot of champions. It lowers magic resist of your opponents and boosts yours. Your Tenacity combined with this baby can really save your life on occasion.

2. If you're having mana problems, (which you shouldn't) then this item is extremely good for that. It gives your champion CDR and gives them Armor out the Wah-zoo. It is just a really good item to have on Amumu in some situations.

3. If you're getting absolutely fed out the ***, then this is the item that you may want to go for. You gain AP that stacks after getting a kill or an assist. It can grant you a lot of Ability power if you use it to its fullest potential.

4. This item is really good at taking down tanks. It really does work well in combo with your W ability which does a percentage of HP overtime. It's like in Poke'mon. The move Sonicboom would always do 20 hit points regardless of who it was up against. It is really just a unique and valuable item to have if you know how to use it to your advantage.

Now it is time to move onto the tanking build and the tank items. This is where I really like to play Amumu on those Saturday mornings at around 7 am. This is where we take a right turn down Baller Status blvd. on our way to tank central located on Kick-*** Avenue.

1. I start out in some lane with a Doran's Shield. All of the Doran's items are really good at almost any point of the game;that is why some people stack them. I take this item first for 3 reasons.
1. It gives you health
2. It gives you health regen
3. It gives you Armor
It's relatively expected that I appreciate the items in my build, but I nearly recommend this item on almost every tank Amumu build. It is just a great item Defensively, and we all know that a good Defense equals a good offense :)

2.It took me like 5 minutes to figure out that it was Mercury's Treads instead of Mercury Treads. I'm really tired right now so just bear with me. I take the Merc. Treads next. Tenacity is one of the best things in the game for escapes in my opinion. If I were to get stunned by Sona and she got my entire team, then I would be out of her control about 25% quicker than the rest of my team. That could very well be enough time to throw a Bandage Toss and get the kill. These are the boots that I would recommend to get on any Amumu because they help you so much. Their use far outnumbers that of the other boots and their worth is a ton better than what they are given credit for. I highly recommend these boots.

3. At nearly any stage of the game, Auras are important. Tanking is not just defined by protecting yourself, but the point is to protect your team as well. This is what I find to be my first real item. It gives an Aura that protects your team and It can really make a difference while in lane early and mid game. I get this item also because it helps Amumu himself. It grants him health, armor, and magic resist. This is really just a complex of the things that you are already stacking in your pre-game build. I really do recommend this item because it is so OP early gamd and it only gets better as the game proceeds on. I get this item early game to give your lane some good defenses in preparation for team fights later on.

4. The next item that I get is the Sunfire cape. This, in my eyes, is one of the best items in the game for Amumu. It makes him incredibly durable and it really works well with Despair . It gives you a ton of health and armor for the next part of the game. If you can get this early enough, you cannot be killed. You already have a ton of resists in your pre-game build,but this just makes it ridiculous. It has a passive trail that can actually kill people. The Sunfire Cape leaves a trail of sparks that do damage when your foes are caught in it. This not only makes it easier to minion farm, but it can do some pretty good AOE damage when combined with your W.

5. The next item is one that can really make you invincible. It gives Amumu health regen and magic resist. This is just an item that once again makes you nearly unkillable. It makes it so that if you do get attacked, then you're already doing a ton of damage to them from your Sunfire Cape, and you're insured because of all of the Health regen that you are actually acquiring through all the sets of combat. I really do enjoy this item for tanking. Your resists are proably through the roof at this point, but the point of this build is to make you invincible I suppose. Your damage output is also pretty fair at this point as well. You have a bunch of Defense and no one is really willing to mess with you. This is where you try to win the game, but you still have room for more items.

6. This is by far, one of my favorite items in the game. It just makes you a defensive powerhouse. Its active passive is what really gives it its sparkle and the reason that I use it. In the AP build, the Rylai's Crystal Scepter slows your opponents when they are hit by your spells, so you need some of that on your tanking end. It actively slows your opponent when activated. I have used this for utility purposes on both ends. I can use it to escape and I can use it to root my opponents down for my team to come and get the kill. This is item not only grants you his purpose. It gives you many defensive stats that my Amumu thrives off of. It gives you health and armor for 1, and it gives you HP regen and just really boosts every part of tanking that you stand for. I highly recommend this item for my Amumu build.

7. This is where we go off the deep end. We just go crazy once again with resists and we get insured. By this time, everyone is probably level 18 and is ready to duke it out. They are just so greedy that they will turret dive anyone. So, you'll use their psychology against them. Guardian Angel is an item that grants you an opportunity to die and be reborn one time. You come back with nearly fully HP and mana, so you use this to your advantage. One of the best memories that I have of this item is when the opposition decided to turret dive me with Guardian Angel up. They did so and my team just came and aced everybody. I then got away without being touched. It is such a good item and it really can give your team the win if you really are as sly as a fox. This item's appeal is not only this passive, but it still stacks more resists onto Amumu so that you really can pwn face. It gives you Armor and Magic resist. This just really can make you unable to be killed and can give your team an edge that is hard to find in other guides.

Alternatives for Tank
There are always items that can make the game even better when they are really needed. I made a list of some items that I may recommend when needed.

1. This is a defensive item that can really help out Tank Amumu's Utility as well. If you're having mana issues, then this may be the best route. It stacks a ton of armor onto your defenses. It also gives you a significant amount of mana at the same time. It can really prove to be a good situational item.

2. This item is better than Christmas if used at the right time. If the opposing team is focusing you every time and they keep whaling on you, then this might solve some problems. Every move that they put on you when you have this item insures that you will dish out magic damage back. It really does have a good Empathy Chest Plate effect to it that can get you some kills just from running away.

3. I don't like this item a lot because it is so overrated. People are all like" woah!!!!!" "Warmog's Armor Dude!!", but this item is really kind of over kill in my opinion. I only really use it on Cho'Gath, and you honestly don't really need it. If you just wanna have some fun and get like 4k HP then I say go for it. You team may not like you, but it would just be a fun thing to try out.

4. This is a rather underrated item in my opinion. It gives you passive CDR, Healt, and mana regen. This is a good item to have on Amumu and to really get some extra resource management and to speed up Cooldowns.
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Summoner Spells

I think that my Summoner Spells are relatively common for Amumu. They really aren't that epic,but I will explain myself just the same.

AP Summoner Spells
In AP, I take ghost and Ignite. If you look back to my past builds, I really like this combo. I mainly get Ignite because it is just about Amumu's only way of hitting a single target that is far away with ease. It is more of a DOT than anyting else, but it can really help you get kills and I think that it works well. I get Ghost as an escape and chasing mechanism. It just serves its purpose and I works for me extremely well, but there are always alternatives.

They ain't That Bad
1. Some players cannot play without Flash and prefer it over Ghost.It is still a good escaping and chasing spell that can give you the ability to survive much bette.

2. I don't really recommend this spell, but for those that are having mana issues; they find the best way is to get this spell. I don't really like it,but it is just wanted in some cases.

3. This can really give you a good escape and makes you pretty hard to chase after as well. I really recommend this spell to anyone who is having trouble with staying alive and out of the intense of the fray.

Never under Any Circumstances
1. Not for this build composition I'm afraid
2. UNICEF will sue you for no reason
3. I just don't see how useful that actually is
4. I never use this........never

Tank Summoner Spells
I like these Summoner Spells. I usually really do find Exhaust to be the best choice. You don't really have problems with surviving usually so you don't need many more survivability Summoner Spells. Ghost is just a really good spell for confrontations with the other team. Your purpose is to slow them down for your team or for you to escape. It really does work well. I recommend these spells,but there are some really good alternatives.

Don't be Hatin'
1.Once again, I put this in teh lineup because some can't play without it. I usually associate its use with the same category as Ghost

2. This and Flash are about the only things that I would recommend. I really think that Cleanse could be used in your regular entourage of spells. It can save you from being trapped for too lond in stuns and almost has a speed boost in those times.

Probably Should Be Hatin'
You're a tank.....
Not in this build either
Oh hell no
I can't bring myself to do it
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Phew, If you just read all of this build, I salute you. I think that my build is really good and I like to use it. I just hope that the rest of the Mobafire community likes it as well. Please post comments below as well. I really hope that you guys read my build because it is good material. Thank you Mobafire and thank you readers. I'd like to wrap up this guide and go ahead and click publish. Vote it up!

"Some days we just wake up and don't feel like smiling."
"The days just drag on without end."
"It's as if the whole world has Catatonic Depression" -Amumu, The Sad Mummy
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