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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Amumu Build Guide by Mortusnyte

Amumu's Jungle Gym

Amumu's Jungle Gym

Updated on March 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mortusnyte Build Guide By Mortusnyte 23,610 Views 7 Comments
23,610 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mortusnyte Amumu Build Guide By Mortusnyte Updated on March 11, 2012
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Attack Damage - AD

Ability Power - AP

Area of Effect - AOE

Cooldown Reduction - CDR

Damage - DMG

Hit Points - HP

Level - LVL

Magic Resist - MR

Move Speed - MS

Skill #1 - Q Bandage Toss

Skill #2 - W Despair

Skill #3 - E Tantrum

Utimate - R aka Ult Curse of the Sad Mummy

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Welcome sirs and gals to my Amumu guide. Its a rather different build from most other jungle guides but it serves its purpose well. Of which is to jungle, gank and dominate the other team.
So without further ado, we shall begin!
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Summoner Spells

Smite for the jungle and Flash for the people that use Flash, so that you can Flash on them after they Flashed away... FLASH. There is no escape. It is also very practical to use as an escape mechanism after engaging the enemy team with Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy.
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0-10-20, why? I get the strict minimum in the defensive tree, just enough to get Veteran's Scars and Bladed Armor . I shove the rest in the support tree for Wealth , Transmutation and Intelligence . The Runic Affinity mastery makes it all a bit easier. I like the feel of it.
This makes Amumu's first clear of the jungle very easy, and this first clear of the jungle is fundamental towards his success.
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Cursed Touch - Passive - With Abyssal Mask you can lower you're target by up to 55 MR.
Bandage Toss - Very useful for ganking, initiating and catching escapees.
Despair - Unique spell that is extremely effective against high HP opponents, such as;
Ancient Golem
Lizard Elder
Baron Nashor
Champion Tanks

Tantrum - AOE spell that will eventually decimate waves of minions. Its passive greatly helps you jungle in the early game.
Curse of the Sad Mummy - A very powerful Ult that has a major impact in team fights. Don't be shy to use it as often as possible.

**Note** I LVL Bandage Toss before Despair* since it* has very little synergy with your items in the early game. 1 LVL in Despair to start off the jungle is all you need from it. Rylai's Crystal Scepter also works well with only 1 LVL in Despair.
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Oooh whats going on?!
The first 7 items, Cloth Armor and Health Potion x6 (or 5 if you changed the Masteries) are the basic for the way of the jungle. You will sell the Cloth Armor mid-late game for 210g losing 90g, which is insignificant.
I get my Boots next with ~2 Health Potion to get around the map quicker.
Make you're way towards building a Hextech Revolver and get Health Potion as needed.
Complete Will of the Ancients, you're first core item.
Will of the Ancients nets you 80ap, combined with your MR penetration, you can already HURT! And this is where my philosophy differs from most Amumu jungle build. Yes he's a tank, but as a jungler you need to gank and to be a successful ganker, well, you need to kill the champion that you are ganking!

Finish you're Mercury's Treads, get Chain Vest and Negatron Cloak. I usually get Glacial Shroud next for the mana and CDR. After comes Giant's Belt for HP. Then finally my beloved Rylai's Crystal Scepter for slow and more DMG.
I love that Rylai's slow combined with Despair, you will love it too!
Finish Abyssal Mask for more hurting and then Frozen Heart for more CDR and armor.
**At this point you hurt, a lot and can take a decent beating.
You can't run in with you're eyes closed against 5 champs and face roll, you will die, fast. This build doesn't turn you into a Bulwark. But played well with you're teammates and the fight will be over before you take too much dmg. This build is best used with another tank/off-tank on you're team.

You have one item slot left and the game isn't over?! I usually get a Needlessly Large Rod to end it. If you get there, finish with a Rabadon's Deathcap.
You can now solo Baron Nashor ;)
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Jungle Route from Top to Bottom.
The jungle route for Amumu is typical; Ancient Golem> Wolves> Wraiths> Lizard Elder> Golems. You won't be quite LVL 4 yet and therefore you will not have Q either after your first clear of your side of the jungle. So after clearing the Golems I usually recall and get my Boots, then I go to the Wolves and try to gank top/midle or move to the Wraiths>Golems and gank bot. (You could get Q at level 3 if you see that bottom has an easy gank situation, otherwise at that LVL its a waste of effort, get your Boots first.)

Once you complete Will of the Ancients (if all goes well around 10 minutes in game) you can solo Dragon and devastate the land of the jungle without any worries (Bring a Health Potion or 2 to solo Dragon).
After Will of the Ancients, farming is easy. All minions are your pray without resistance. Not to mention you should be racking kills from ganks. You should be well off on gold.

Few, you are now master of the jungle, your ganks were brutal and now some turrets are GONE.

Now that that's all done the 5v5 team fights will be more frequent. And so the tanky items roll out and we move on to Team Work.
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Team Work

Amumu's job as a jungler is to gank, which isn't very hard to do considering that you land Bandage Toss. And even then you'll maybe miss more often then not (Hopefully not too often). You want to try to get as close as possible to the enemy before tossing, unless you are almost certain to land it. So while ganking don't try to always Toss from the Bush. Try to run behind the enemy and narrow his exits giving you less chance to miss.
Example of a Gank aimed at the top lane.
Circle - Original Champion position. **Exception** Orange circle being the target area of Bandage Toss
Line with Arrow - Tracing the Champion's movement
Black - You - Moving in to minimize the enemy's exit paths.
Blue - Ally - Hopefully Following the enemy to support you.
Green - Target - Running away as far from you as possible.
Orange - Bandage Toss just before the enemy reaches the end of the imaginary funnel.

If he Flash's, you Flash too, unless its on a turret. ULT before Bandage Toss if you have to, Q while he's stunned. Don't be scared to use you're ULT to get the kill if he's about to get away with low HP. You should have good CDR and it will be up again soon.
Against the enemy team, always focus the Carry>Support>Fighter>Tank* It is a lot easier to land Bandage Toss when facing multiple targets. If you hit the Tank instead of the Carry don't worry, you're in range for your ULT and Bandage Toss will be up again soon. Make sure that your team is ready to aid you as soon as you get in there (You should be doing the initiating and Flashing away as needed). If the enemy team is playing spread out like they should, do what you can to land on the carry/support. Work as a TEAM and prevail.
Carry - AD/AP Champion who's job is to DESTROY other champions in a specific order.
Support - Mainly to directly assist the Carry in fulfilling his job.
Fighter - They excel at stopping the Carry and Support when in range.
Tank - A Tank must absorb as much DMG directed toward his team and divert attention from the Carry and Support.
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This build is different, it thinks outside of the box and it wants you to have fun.
This also works for other AP/Tank Champions such as Alistar or Nunu & Willump.

This is a viable build for Ranked games as long as you have a Support-Tank in bot lane or Tank/Off-Tank in top lane.
Amumu is vulnerable to bans because of his ULT.

I hope that you enjoy this build as much as I do :)
Don't forget to Comment and Vote! Thank you!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mortusnyte
Mortusnyte Amumu Guide
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Amumu's Jungle Gym

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