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Yone Build Guide by Ezikko

Jungle An In-Depth Yone Jungle Guide

Jungle An In-Depth Yone Jungle Guide

Updated on July 8, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ezikko Build Guide By Ezikko 8 0 17,864 Views 4 Comments
8 0 17,864 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ezikko Yone Build Guide By Ezikko Updated on July 8, 2023
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Runes: Standard Jungle

1 2 3 4
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Standard Setup
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



Before Mythic
Galeforce is awesome
3rd Item Options
Wit's End
Death's Dance
Mortal Reminder
Lord Dominik's Regards
Swapping your boots

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

An In-Depth Yone Jungle Guide

By Ezikko
Lethal Tempo gives you a lot of DPS and dueling power. It's the perfect rune for Yone, not much there to say.
Triumph is a rune that heals you and gives you free gold after a takedown. There is simply no alternative to it.
Legend: Alacrity gives you Attack Speed, since you most likely will swap your Boots later in the game this rune is the best out of all legends. Legend: Tenacity is cool, but often not enough to justify losing the attack speed. Legend: Bloodline just isnt that effective anymore considering it gives only 5.25% Life Steal at max stacks.
Coup de Grace is a great rune for kill pressure. The reason its better than Last Stand is because it gives you more dmg when the enemy is low HP, opposed to when you are on low HP.
Last Stand makes you deal more damage when you are on low HP, which makes it good for a less agressive playstyle.
You want to take Cut Down only when the enemy has 2 or 3 strong tanks when you go Blade of the Ruined King and Lord Dominik's Regards/ Mortal Reminder.
Nimbus Cloak gives you Movement Speed when you use a Summoner Spell. This is a big part of why I take Ignite, since now you get not only the damage from Ignite, but a boost of Movement Speed aswell.
Celerity gives you more Movement Speed, based off your BONUS Movement Speed, that includes Homeguard, Nimbus Cloak and items like Zeal and later Galeforce. Useful for ganking and chasing.
Waterwalking gives you Movement Speed and Attack Damage in the river, that includes Dragon pit and Baron Nashor pit, which leads to you having a lot more dueling power and agency on the game while in the river.
After 12 minutes gain +8 Armor and +8 Magic Resist and increase your Armor and Magic Resist by 3%. Good scaling rune.
You get 5% Tenacity and Slow Resist, scaling up to 25% at 30% HP. Usfeul if the enemy team has a lot of CC.
You permanently gain 3 max HP for every 8 monsters or enemy minions that die near you. At 120 minion and monster deaths you also gain additional +3.5% max HP. Pretty useful scaling rune if you dont need tenacity.
Summoner Spells
Ignite gives you a lot more kill pressure and dueling power, which helps you get a strong lead.
Flash gives you a lot of offensive and defensive possibilities, but i find the Ignite and Nimbus Cloak combo far more effective in the Jungle. There isnt much I can say about the Flash.
I dont usually take Ghost, but it isnt exactly unviable. You can take it when the enemy can easily outrun you, or getting towards the enemy is really hard, for example Caitlyn and Morgana bot. I dont really recommend this spell. It doesnt match Ignite's kill pressure and doesnt match Flash's defensive capabilities.
My go to pet if the enemy doesnt have too much CC or burst. It helps greatly with chasing and just moving around the map.
Take it if enemy has a lot of CC or burst.
A MUST BUY as soon as you have enough money. Preferably after the first Recall . They give you Movement Speed and Attack Speed which in turn gives you more kill pressure, DPS and helps with clearing the Jungle by shortening your cooldowns.
Zeal does the exact same thing that the Berserker's Greaves do. Its not a problem getting more Attack Speed instead of Attack Damage so early, because whilst in lane you can stack Lethal Tempo, to lower your cooldowns, in the jungle all you have is your current Attack Speed, and thats all you have for your clear.
Galeforce gives you Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and a dash, that scales with missing HP and Attack Damage. Everything about this just works for Yone in the Jungle.
Bloodthirster gives a lot of damage, dueling power and some survivability in the form of Life Steal.
If the enemy team has a lot of burst damage and dueling isnt too much of an option choose this over Bloodthirster. A mediocre option as a late game item when you compare it to others, but not unviable.
Hands down my favorite Yone item. Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Magic Resist, On-Hit Magic Damage and Movement Speed on hit. It gives so much damage to the point in which it is often worth it to build it even when the enemy team doesnt have much, or any AP damage.
Death's Dance gives you a LOT of survivability while also providing you with some Attack Damage. Great defensive item, almost always my 4th or 3rd item.
When the enemy has 2 or 3 strong tanks and antiheal is a must.
If the enemy team has only AP damage build it after Wit's End. If you plan on building it buy Hexdrinker before Wit's End
When the enemy has a lot of CC, I believe Silvermere Dawn is superior to Mercurial Scimitar due to the Tenacity and Slow Resist. You already have enough Movement Speed as a Yone Jungle.
Good late game defensive item. It gives you a lot of security since you have 2 lifes. Build it if you can rely on your team. Otherwise other defensive items will prove more worthwhile.
If the enemy has very strong AD and you need antiheal. Not a very good item for yone but useful in some scenarios.
When the enemy has 2 or 3 strong tanks you can build this 2nd. It also can work as a last item when youre very ahead.
Raw damage. I dont recommend this item too much, since you need more survivability and it isnt good early.
Can go 3rd item when you build Blade of the Ruined King 2nd because of tanks.
An extremely defensive item. It gives so much defense on full build i rarely build anything else. Its only weakness is that the shield is kind of useless since it scales with bonus HP which you dont have, but even without that it gives you so much Armor and Magic Resist its justifiable to buy it. BUILD ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY AS THE LAST ITEM!

Swapping Boots

It may seem like an awful idea to swap your boots and lose 330 gold, but when youre at full build or 4 items Berserker's Greaves might not be as good as Plated Steelcaps or Mercury's Treads for you. If you have 1 other Attack Speed item than Galeforce (such as Wit's End), choose accordingly to whatever is the greatest threat for you.
Great boots when you need better dueling with AD champions, or just more anti-burst
Good boots for anti CC and burst AP damage.
Early Game
As Yone jungle you NEED a lead, so play agressively. You need your team and you need to help your team. Always start Red Brambleback > Krug > Raptor , get stacks for Mortal Steel on Raptor , then gank mid. If ganking mid isnt an option due to it being pushed proceed with full clear. Look for a fight on the river or a gank on bot, but be careful since youre very easy to kill on bot if you dont have a shielding support.

You want at least 1100 gold before first recall for Berserker's Greaves which give you Movement Speed so that you can easily gank lanes and catch your opponents aswell as Attack Speed which grants you lots of DPS. After your first Recall look for ganks and farm until level 6.

After level 6 your ganks become a LOT stronger. Try to gank bot or fight on the river, then get Dragon . If you have a lead you can gank top and get Rift Herald . If youre behind try to farm and gank your team until you have at least 1 item. After 1 item you become so much stronger to the point where unless your opponents are super fed theres a good chance you can solo kill them.

Try your best to stack your Mortal Steel before ganks, not always necessary but its very important regardless.
How to Efficiently clear your Jungle

Full Clear

As shown in the video the key is doing the same thing that Kayn players do, where you use your stacked Mortal Steel into a wall to give you more time to do damage to the camps aswell as hitting your Mortal Steel on multiple enemies at the same time.

Another extremely important thing is to try to have stacked Mortal Steel for a gank, thats why I try to always go mid after Raptor , and why contesting Rift Scuttler is so important.

Try not to do the same mistake I did on Murk Wolf where you just fly through the wall.
Mid/Late Game and Teamfights
In the mid game just focus on getting gold, invading(if possible), picks and securing objectives with your team. After 3 items you are already a complete beast, even if you are losing you can turn the whole game around singlehandedly.

Late try to clear Vision with your team and secure Baron Nashor or Elder Dragon to close off the game. In teamfights play very patiently, stack your Mortal Steel, hit your Fate Sealed on an important carry, or followup a CC with your Fate Sealed.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ezikko
Ezikko Yone Guide
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An In-Depth Yone Jungle Guide

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