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Anivia Build Guide by ThePieBeam

Middle And Her Casual Day Off

Middle And Her Casual Day Off

Updated on December 15, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThePieBeam Build Guide By ThePieBeam 6,683 Views 0 Comments
6,683 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ThePieBeam Anivia Build Guide By ThePieBeam Updated on December 15, 2021
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Runes: Fuck You In Particular

1 2 3 4 5 6
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Anivia's Blackout Drunk and About to Start a Bar Fight
The Flavors of First Backing

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

And Her Casual Day Off

By ThePieBeam
I'm ThePieBeam, about 275 mastery silver Anivia player. I don't really play much ranked but that's not really the point, I mostly just like to play Anivia so I have a pretty broad knowledge about the champ that I'de like to share.

That is to say, don't take what I say as gospial, but don't throw it away either. I'm not amazing at Leauge but I tend to win games as Anivia so I like to think I know what I'm doing on that front.
The Good the Bad and the Birb
Anivia could easily be one of the best champs in the game if not for a few glaring flaws.

Huge amounts of CC
Huge damage output
Great peel
The ability to bully half the champs in the game
Incredible team fight
The potential to win a game with a single Q

Zero effective mobility
Insanely squishy
Counter picks counter hard
Bad mana issues
Classic Anivia
So here's the deal about the birb. This champ is really quite easy at her base level but has a decently high skill ceiling, moreso than a lot of other mages. This is mostly due to how powerful her abilities are, and how easy it is to **** up. Her burst is insane throughout the game and if you're laning into somebody who underestimates you, it can be very easy to win. This is only the case when you're going against a champ that isn't good against you, being controlled by a person who doesn't know what all Anivia can do. In a lane against fair matchup into a player who knows what to do into you, the match is all about how well you can use your abilities and bait people out. See, Anivia is one squishy **********er, and you're almost entirely immobile. Your only counterplay to champs with dashes and rushdown is to use your environment. Thankfully, the environment is Anivia's entire kit. Other than tiny micro-tricks like knocking Trist out of the air with your W, most of your skill expression comes from picking the right time to do everything you do. This is why I love this champ, she's incredibly satisfying to use, is deceptively strong, and can **** over a lot of champs very hard.
Anivia Technology
Your best piece of mechanical tech is your wall. It is a very small area of displacement knockup that does 0 true damage to whatever it hits, and it leaves behind a piece of solid terrain that can't be walked through. This, combined with its considerable range, means you can do a lot of really doofy stuff with it. There's obvious things, like making a Sion suddenly realize there's terrain in front of him, and less obvious things like procing Electrocute and Phase Rush. If you really want a comprehensive list of wall tricks I can make one but my advise is to **** around with it and find out. If you think 'man it sure would be funny if I could do this with the wall' it can probably be done. Oh and for the record, I believe I've specified almost zero mobility for Aniiva. Well I say it like that mostly as a joke, because techinally you can use your wall displacement to move yourself ever so slightly. Behold, a mobility option!

Other than that, there's a few small tricks that can be useful. Firstly, your Q can actually hit twice. If you let it pass through something it does damage for hitting it, then recasting it deals the detonation damage. Similarly, when you recast your R it sends a final tick of damage as it disappears, meaning you can do two ticks of damage instantly. This is usually only useful for csing if you're out of range for an auto, but it can be handy if you're on the cusp of getting a kill but they're just about to step out of your ult.

Finally Anivia's 'combos'. Really none of these are particularly difficult to pull off but they are very rewarding to do. W/Q is one that I mention frequently in the matchups, so I'll start there. This is by far the most difficult combo since it's pretty precise but basically if you W somebody in such a way that they get knocked towards you, it cces them for just long enough that a previously cast Q will almost guarantee to hit them. This is harder than it sounds to do but I would advise practicing this one in the training tool until you get the gist. A weaker version of the same combo is to just put the wall behind them while they're at somewhat low health then throw the Q at the whatever corner of the wall they try to round. This version is far less certain but is less risky to pull off since you're not putting your two best abilities on cooldown within 1s of each other.

Other combos include very, very simple things like Q/E/AA or R/E/AA. Your combos of this type are essentially your bread and butter, and are usually very simple to pull off. Put somebody in R, Wall behind them, Q the slowed target with limited pathing options, E them to deal doubled damage, auto for flavor. Some very standard but very strong Anivia combos include;
Q/E/AA (easy Electrocute procs)
Q/AA/AA (potential Electrocute at lvl 1)
E/AA/AA (easiest possible Electrocute proc early)
W/Q/E/AA (Strong all in combo lvl 3-5)
R/W/E/Q/AA/E (highest damage output possible over a few seconds)
Throw in ignite for flavor and these combos can kill a lot of champs very quickly, while keeping them cced the entire time. Also, don't forget to auto all the time. Anivia's auto attacks don't do a lot of damage but you should be running the attack speed rune shard and they have a very long range so they're usually very free to hit. This will supplement your ability cooldowns and enough autos can easily be 1/3rd your damage pre-6
Welcome to the Lanes
Anivia's laning phase can be your angel or your devel. There are really only two types of Anivia lanes, winning or in pain. Anivia scales rather well and has a strong early so the only types of champs that can really win into Anivia are her counters, of which there are many.

A basic Anvia counter champ would be somebody like Lux. Very high range, high damage, and easy cc make for the nastiest possible combo for an 'Anivia bad day'(tm). That's the hardest type of counter to Anivia but another type of champ that can be very hard to play against would be the dive assassins.

Zed is the primer example of an assassin and for exactly those reasons he is good into Anivia. His poke, while very possible to avoid, does a deceptively large amount of damage for it's range. However, the real kicker is his all in potential. Because Anivia is one of the weakest champs as far as tank stats are concerned, all it takes is one good combo to egg an Anivia. Unless you're playing safe and keeping your resources the entire lane it can be very hard to even survive into a good assassin player.

The easiest way to play into high range champs (like Xerath or Varus) as Anivia is to pray. Really it's to flash an all in them as soon as they make even the slightest mistake. You'll suffer in these lanes for a long time, and never truly recover, but eventually it gets manageable. You'll learn the flow and, in time, gain a kind of zen into these lanes. Then you'll get one shot from out of the fog of war and consider the benefits of eugenics.

The easiest way to play into assassins is much the same way as one would into a high range lane, but for completely different reasons. If you can bait an assassin to do a bad dive, and get their movement abilities out of them, you can run one down and watch it burn. You'll understand true satisfaction once you get your first truly locked down Zed, just sitting in your ult and waiting for the ignite tick to take his life.

Losing lane as Anivia is simple, you just never, ever fight. You save all your abilities and accept the fact you're going to be behind. Endure the pain of pacifism and you'll find that an Anivia that's behind makes for a rather effective support. You can still do a decent amount of damage and dish out almost the same amount of cc. Pick up lucidity boots and consider taking Cosmic Drive. Then try your best to emphasize the control portion of control mage.
End of the World
In conclusion, Blackfrost is the best skin, Anivia is fun, and you get to torture your friends by trolling with wall. Even if she doesn't sound amazing to you give it a shot and you might be plesantly suprised.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ThePieBeam
ThePieBeam Anivia Guide
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And Her Casual Day Off

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