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Lulu Build Guide by youpiwaza

Other [Another LoL] LuLu jungle

By youpiwaza | Updated on August 27, 2013
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Another League of Legend

Hey there !

They are plenty of guides in Mobafire & most of them are intend to be as close as possible from the actual meta. I like to find other roles/items sets for LoL champs and after more than two years playing hard, i want to share some of my experience with you.

Those guides won't follow the meta. Definitely not. Still, the creation process is based on logic & experience, and I've done some serious work (and tests) to make them as viable as possible (see the Hall of fame chapter).

However, those guides are written to people who already know basic LoL mechanics, the role, and the basics about the champion. If you have never played the champion and want the "bread and butter champion guide" or want to know absolutely everything just go get one ranked 90+ on Mobafire.
I'll explain mostly the mechanics that seems relevant to my guide; the goal is not to add some duplicate content.
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- Meh I'm so bored of jungling Hecarim / Jax..
- Why don't you pick a random champ & give it a try, like the times you were Heimerdinger or Zyra jungle?
- Yeah, lets do this.

~Later still~

- Lulu? I've played her a couple of time when she was out, mostly transforming people in cupcakes for fun. She's a decent support, a fun mid.
I don't really remember what else she can do.

~Mobafire thing~

- A shield? A slow. Good start but still seems a little weak for a jungler.. Wait, a passive that scales with attack speed? Seems more legit already. Movement speed boost, tons of utility? Deal.
- Mana dependent ranged champ, let’s try a mix between V2 Karma jungle & AS Bruiser Diana.
We'll need the Chalice of Harmony pretty soon though, and a decent end game. Let’s work this.
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Why Lulu Jungle ? / Abilities


As said in the introduction, Lulu as a pretty decent skills kit for jungling:

  • Pix, Faerie Companion
    • Passive that grant some more damage and scales with attack speed (exotic jungler best friend)
  • Glitterlance
    • A pretty hardcore slow (80% & decaying over 2 seconds)..
    • .. that can be maxed first, as primary damage output
    • Use Help, Pix! before for a mandatory slow and insane range
    • Goes through units, massive damage to small jungle creeps, helps clear the jungle faster
  • Whimsy
    • Bonus movement speed between jungle camps, for an insane cleaning time
    • Great disable during ganks (no silence/cc from support, adc can't jump out)
    • Piss off people turning them into cupcakes
  • Help, Pix!
    • A great shield, provide the sustain in early jungle
    • Can save an ally, or let your adc land a couple more AA and turn over a fight
    • Grant vision during ganks, prevents escape in brush or invisibility skills ( Twitch / Akali / Rengar / Kha'Zix)
  • Wild Growth
    • AoE Slow for ganks, nasty one (60% !)
    • Can save an ally by giving him a massive amount of hp, or let your adc land a couple more AA and turn over a fight (can combine with Help, Pix!, Barrier and/or Heal to help a low adc keeps fighting forever
    • Can help mates fleeing, giving them knockback & some seconds for CD
    • Can make the enemy team hesitate to focus you when cast on self

Mid game

The proposed item set grants a great jungle presence and some decent help in team fight ; not to mention the great team fights & controls provided by a dual support like team.

Late game

The mid item build fits perfectly into a late game build, granting at the same time massive damage thanks to the Blade of the Ruined King / Runaan's Hurricane combo, but also built-in controls through Frozen Mallet / Runaan's Hurricane.

Watch the tank/bruiser get in, getting melted through 2AA per second, procing 10% of current hp per second up to 3 targets (also fun vs solo tank, 30%hp/second ?), then trying to flee [as a cupcake] & getting glued. It’s really funny & effective :]
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Pros / Cons


+ Tons of utility skills
+ Can either damage enemy team or protect allies depending on situation
+ Insane jungle speed & map presence thanks to Whimsy
+ Ranged champion, allow to grind several seconds at each jungle camp
+ Very good mid & end game
+ Great chaser thanks to Whimsy & Glitterlance


- Can be denied early, triggering some mana problems
- No 'jump over the wall" skill, sometimes it lacks when counter-jungling
- Need a good experience of jungling
- First route can be hard depending on runes & ancient golem pull
- Unorthodox, haters gonna hate
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Experimented jungler


Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Arcane Comet
Phase Rush
  • This allow to start with flat 20% CDR thanks to the 10% from masteries.
  • With blue buff, you jump straight to the max 40% for hardcore spamming time.
  • However, the mana depletion is so deep that this is viable on the first jungle path only if we had some flat mana. With the lack of flat AP we just can't afford to be mana depleted.
  • Scales better into late game, especially if you don't have blue buff : 10% CDR from runes, 10% CDR from masteries, 10% from zephyr, 10% from Elixir of Brilliance allow you to still have top CDR.
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Summoners spells

Smite is mandatory for jungling: it allow to secure and steal important jungle monsters, such as Ancient golem / Elder lizard / dragon / baron

Lulu has no skill that allows jumping over some walls; It's needed to avoid very bad situation (invading enemy jungle & going 1vs3+). Even if Ghost is tempting with Whimsy, it's just too easy to deny with some crowd control.
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Early levels

  1. Help, Pix! First if you're sure to get a good pull. Saves some more hp (2x ~80hp, not bad). Consider taking Glitterlance if you really fear an enemy invade (3+ Ignite, Blitzcrank, etc.)
  2. Glitterlance Second, main damage tool.
  3. Help, Pix! Third, kinda mandatory on exotic junglers, to save the most hp early on & save some money on pots. Consider getting Whimsy third if you fear to be counter-jungled by a duelist.
  4. Whimsy Forth, the utiliy spell needed before ganking

Then max..

  1. Wild Growth Ultimate, mandatory
  2. Glitterlance Main damage spell, & increase the slow duration
  3. Help, Pix! Sustain, & second damage spell. Consider giving a 3rd point early on if you really loose to much hp (late, denied, ..)
  4. Whimsy The utility spell, maxed last

Xp denial

If you start Help, Pix! have a good warn to your pullers, you must get your second level on the first camp, or you'll do barely no damage on next camps & will lose 1 to 2 potions on wolves .
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Hunter's Machete is mandatory since jungle V3, especially for exotic junglers. Add 5x Health Potion too.

First back

Spirit Stone Hp regen, saves gold on pots ; Mana regen, can cast more spells ; Jungle minions damage, faster clean time & sustain
sight ward

sight ward can allow to deny enemy blue Ancient golem , can prevent a second blue denial (ward your own golem, pretend to flee & Smite over the wall)

Boots of Speed allows to move faster ; Faster jungle clean time, ganks more efficient

Early/mid game goal

Chalice of Harmony No more mana problems, allow to give blue to your mid. Also grant some magic resistance, help the lack of Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Boots of Mobility grants a huge mobility, combine with Whimsy it gets insane. Great ganking potential. Can be used to dodge skill shots while chasing.

sight ward

sight ward Same thing


Blade of the Ruined King adds some sustain (life leech) & some attack speed. Also helps wrecking tanky champions. The active also grants some great chasing power.

Runaan's Hurricane grants a huge attack speed steroid to help your utility kit procs more.. up to 3 targets !

Frozen Mallet adds some durability to your build, and add the permaslow effect to your kit.


Zephyr gives pretty much anything you ever dreamed of : Movement speed (10% !), Cooldown reduction, mass Attack speed, some attack damage and the precious tenacity (crowd control resistance).

Infinity Edge grants tons of damage a huge burst to your auto attacks. Sell Chalice of Harmony

Phantom Dancer grants the "no more path fails" hack. And makes your attack speed skyrocket. Also gives some great critical strikes chance, which synergize pretty well with infinity edge. Sell your Boots of Mobility to get this item.
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Situational Items

Runaan's Hurricane still procs on-hit effects ? Let’s abuse them !
Note : Trade your last Phantom Dancer for those items, not the Infinity Edge, or you won't be doing much damage..

Black Cleaver // Stacking Armor & 3+ AD in team

Wit's End // Stacking Mres & 3+ AP in team

Usual stuff

Fed ad carry ? Buy a Chain Vest before Frozen Mallet, then evolves it into a Thornmail.
Fed ap carry ? Buy a Negatron Cloak before Frozen Mallet, then evolves it into a Banshee's Veil.
Focused hard, or no tank ? Consider the classic Warmog's Armor / Atma's Impaler
Associated with Frozen Mallet's hp, you should be fine.
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Classic jungle path

Ask for a smiteless, Start at ancient golem with Help, Pix!
Get Glitterlance & go to Wolves , Smite the big one
Then go to Wraiths , get Help, Pix! level 2, or Whimsy if you fear a counter jungle
Do the Elder lizard , Secure Smite him
Head to Golems , get your level 4 & take Whimsy / Help, Pix! level 2

Got at least 80% hp?

~gank~ or wraiths > wolves if all the lanes are pushed.

Less than 50%?

Go for your first back.

Jungle skill order

When going to a jungle camp Glitterlance through the wall to save a couple of second CD.
Shield yourself with Alt + E Help, Pix!, keep auto attacking the big creep while walking toward the next jungle camp.
When the last monster is dead, speed up yourself with Alt + W Whimsy toward the next jungle camp. Try using Glitterlance & self Help, Pix! before the Whimsy buff ends, as it grant some bonus AP.

After Blade of the Ruined King

As BTRK provides some life leech, you don't need to shield yourself anymore. You can use your Help, Pix! offensively on the bigger monster to save some more time.
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Ally good on hp, more than 80%

If the champion ganked as some great escape or crowd control, save Whimsy to cupcake him. Otherwise cast on self to get a quicker gap closer.
Try to land Glitterlance (wait for the ally champion to land a slow/root/stun if he has one), if not land Help, Pix! first as it is ridiculously easy to use Glitterlance after, even if the enemy champion used Flash.

Once you got close to the enemy champion, don't hesitate to Alt + R Wild Growth yourself to knock the enemy champion back & perma-slow him, securing the kill.

Ally low on hp, less than 50%

Let the enemy champion engage your ally, if possible wait for him to use his gape closer/escape tool ( Fizz braindead Playful / Trickster).
Rush in, shield your ally with Help, Pix! and Wild Growth, then crossfire slow the enemy champion with Glitterlance, and deny the enemy champion kill/escape by cupcaking him thanks to Whimsy.

Don't hesitate to adapt skill distribution, especially when ganking bot. Its usually a good choice to shield Help, Pix! the AD carry, while Wild Growth the support who's generally closer to the enemy team (the slow will be more effective).

Good gank

Remember that a good gank can simply be an enemy waste of Flash, allowing your ally to land his burst way more easily, or allowing you to gank again with greater chances of success. Babysit works !

If a lane is been bullied & has a good enemy support warding 24/7, don't hesitate to buy a Vision Ward & gank once per minute for some times. Ask mid lane to give a hand if he/them is/are really fed. Give your lane an advantage, allowing you to focus on other lanes.


Stay behind (if possible in a brush) & spam Glitterlance and auto attacks to do massive damages, especially with Blade of the Ruined King & Runaan's Hurricane.


Shield Help, Pix! and help endangered allies with Wild Growth, you can deny an Ignite kill if an ally successfully escapes. You can also Whimsy your allies to help them flee / gap closer.


If the fight is doing well, don't hesitate to use your skills offensively: Whimsy yourself & get in, land Help, Pix! on an enemy & slow them with Glitterlance, preventing them from running.
Remember that if 2 enemy champions are fleeing, you can cast Help, Pix! on the closest to reach the second thanks to the extra range added to Glitterlance.

As soon as you get your Frozen Mallet you gain some tankyness & can take more risks.
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Mana issues

As an AP caster, Lulu's skills have high mana costs that can lead to mana problems, especially early. Some mid players are mana hungry too and will require you to give them all blues ancient golem buffs. You still can have your own by stealing the enemy buff (see counter jungling part).

If you are not confident with stealing, know that simply having a Chalice of Harmony resolves all your problems, as long as you spam your spells. Like the blue buff, the more your mana pool is depleted, the faster it will replenish : 0% mana grants 100% more mana regen!

Otherwise, Masteries' Meditation grants 3 mana regen per 5 seconds, and jungling Spirit Stone 7 per 5. Without a chalice & without spamming they allow a decent jungling.

Add a Chalice of Harmony to gain an additional 7 per 5, as long as your mana pool is full.

Spam some spells to empty your mana pool, Chalice of Harmony double your mana regen >> 17 x 2 = 34 mana per 5 ! It can also faint the enemy team thinking you don't have any mana & engage you, leading you to free kills.

If you still have mana problems, consider adding a philosopher's stone for 9 more mana regen per 5, x2 Chalice of Harmony 18, total 52 per 5.
You can also evolve into Eleisa's Miracle for 6 more, x2 Chalice of Harmony 12, total 64 per 5 without taking any room in item set.

And don't forget you can still add a blue buff on top of that ;)

Counter jungling

Its 6:00, your smite is up? Do a quick little camp, recall , buy a ward and some items.
Go to the enemy blue ancient golem , ward it properly.

  • Enemy jungler elsewhere ganking or died less than 10 seconds ago
    • If died more than 20 seconds skip wait in the opposite brush to Smite over the wall, junglers usually go back to the classic jungle path if they fail & the respawn timer is around 10 seconds at this point, + 10 more seconds to come straight to blue
  • Smite up, or at least a good mana pool.
  • Adjacent lanes are not missing in action/ss
    • If mid ss, Whimsy towards top.
    • If top ss, Flash over the wall towards mid.
  • Enemy jungler started blue (most manaless junglers starts red Elder lizard
Then go for it, otherwise go clear your own wraiths or enemy wolves (if the enemy mid isn't ss & enemy jungler isn't a duelist). Otherwise Smite it over the wall.

If the enemy mid has just get killed, consider bringing your own mid to give him the enemy blue buff ; but i usually don't recommend it in case the enemy jungler Smite it.

If you manage to steal the enemy blue Ancient golem thanks to the 7:00 timer, clean it completely to know he usual respawn, at ~12:30.

If so you can even give your second blue to the greedy raging mid or save it for you for later.

Spamming counter jungle

Be careful if you bully the enemy jungler, if he's smart enough (or one of their ally) they will eventually get ward at their own golems. When you enter the first brush of the enemy jungle and see both mid & top ss, just go back. Don't give a free kill. Remember that even if you successfully kill the Ancient golem , you will give the buff back if you get killed.

Just come back at ~17:30 with a pink ward like a total *insert insult here*, or go straight stealing the enemy red buff elder lizard while the enemy team is been paranoid about the blue 8]

I feel generous, here's some screenshots about denying red.
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Been denied

Is not a fatality.
Just run away, do the big path around your jungle & go straight to their blue (mostly if you spotted the five of them &/or an ally is dead). Ask for some help from top/mid, you'll need it.

During 0:00 to 1:00, talk to your mates & prepare them to this eventuality, this will increase your chances.

If top doesn't want to help, just rush to your red, Smite it right away & kill it using 3 potions or more if needed, don’t forget to leach him a minimum to allow your passive to hit the largest monster. If possible, do the golems. Then go back for some heal & buy some new pots, then go to your blue (might not be stolen, or need some clean (if so, note respawn timer) & continue the game.

During the back, talk to your mates; tell them you'll gank a little later, but still gank. If some lane is been bullied they can be pretty pissed of ^^'
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Hall of fame

Here's some screenshots of scores playing as Lulu jungle.
Yay, I’m not trolling, told you.

First blue denied, start red & must back just after.
Counter jungled at red, barely got killed at second blue. Ended with ~2500g not spend.
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Notes / FAQ

Some free space to get this guide open to constructive community returns.
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Updates / Changelog

  1. 25/08/2013 : Guide creation
  2. 28/08/2013 : Guide published
  3. ??/08/2013 : First insult recorded in comments 8]
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Thanks to mzunguu & his magnificient V2 Akali guide who game me lots of wins, and mostly the inspiration to play the way i like, & share with the others.

Thanks to SivHD who seems to do random trolling most of the time, but still manage to get things working through epic gameplay.
- "Yeah yeah I assure you, this is clever !"
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  • Writing, structuring, images rework / Myself / Masamune
  • Most of the stuff used here is from Mobafire (image/texts for champs, items, etc.).
  • Some images used here are from Riot League of Legend game.
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  1. Da guide himself
    1. Creating a decent structure
    2. Fill all da chapters
    3. Words/mispelled check
    4. Add some columns
    5. Add some colors & images
    6. Replace numbered lists who just.. doesn't.. work.. --"
    7. Find a gentle american/english people to correct eventual mispelled stuff / I'm still not english.
    8. Try an AP version of this jungler, todo after testing runes/masteries deeper.
  2. Runes / Masteries
    1. 20% CDR
      • Mana problems ont 1st jungle path.
      • Tried with yellow flat mana > wrecked
      • 1 quint flat mana, 1 blue flat mana (+50), yellow armor > Really fun to play with :) Needs some more testing
    2. Blue / scaling ap // Feel the lack of flat early, don't feel the extra AP late.
    3. Quints / Attack speed // Shield & Q Useless early
    4. Quints / Life leech // Much more confortable to jungle with, extra sustain early
      • Counter jungled easier (no more steroid on spells)
    5. Quints / Movement speed + 4/3/2X masteries (cdr movement speed)
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