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Gangplank Build Guide by The Vulgar

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Vulgar

Ap GangPlank 1 Ulti = PentaKill

The Vulgar Last updated on July 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ap GangPlank 1 Ulti = PentaKill ~

Welcome to my first Guide in Mobafire
I would like to show you this amazing build
as u know GP Cannon Barragedeals magic damage , also Remove Scurvy heals much more if u play abilitypower

thats why I think playing AP Gangplank is really cool

u deal alot of dmg esp in teamfights

screenshots soon ^.^

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Why Ap Gangplank ..? ~

I think Ap Gangplank is Much fun than Ad Gangplank

With Cannon Barrage Gangplank is Unstopable.

and with Remove Scurvy u cant die.

It heals you like 700+ late game its really cool while u can heal like that.

Dont forget Ur Grog Soaked Blade still deals that dmg as Ad Gangplank, Also Slow them , so thats why you dont need exhaust, finish them with ur Ignite
and when u start attacking someone, start with

Deathfire Grasp removes 30% of the target max health and 1% for every 100 ap u have, it's a great item to start ur attacks with

also Lichbane will deal nearly 700 or 800 late game with ur Parrrley

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Runes ~

With runes.

I Choose Greater Mark of Magic Penetration to help u with ur Cannon Barrage

and Greater Seal of Replenishment so u can harras them so hard with ur Parrrley specially with ur Sheen

and Cooldowns Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction glyphs Just 2 let u get ur Cannon Barrage

also spamming ur Parrrley

For Quins i go with Greater Quint of Potency or Greater Quint of Insight

choose one of those 2

i prefer Greater Quint of Potency for late game

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Masteries ~

I go with Masteries 9/0/21

U'll need the Magic Pentration + the cooldowns

u'll get 9 cooldown + 15% magic pentration and some mana regen

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Skill Sequence ~

Keep focusing on ur Parrrley

then ur Remove Scurvy

with this heal + mana regen u dont need to go back base so fast, and u'll farm so easily

and make sure that u'll win every teamfight with Cannon Barrage if u put it in the right position

And dont forget, ur Melee attacks will deal a great dmg with Grog Soaked Blade

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I go first with Sapphire Crystal it gives u mana

As u know Gangplank needs mana to harras

Then i go with Sheen it deals a good dmg with ur Parrrley

After the sheen u'll need some movment speed and u reach lvl 6
get Sorcerer's Shoes it works with ur ultimate

After this u'll need a second Spell to deal a good dmg

but first get Kage's lucky pick it will helps u with farm and get more extra 5 gold every 10 gold

Go for Deathfire Grasp Deathfire grasp and dont forget to Active it!

then Get ur Lichbane

its time for ur Parrrley to Deal The Best Dmg

Void Staff : i dont need to tell u about it Magic Pen + Ap

Hextech Gunblade : Gives u quite ammount of Ap and Ad also spell vamp + lifesteal

Rabadon's Deathcap : All Ap u need also increase ur Ap by 30%

u can change or sell items in late game like Deathfire Grasp and get Zhonya's Hourglass
its up to your decision

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Other Recomanded Items ~

Other Recomanded items

Malady Just for early game

Nashor's Tooth Its a great item specially with Grog Soaked Blade

Zhonya's Hourglass Great item if ur against a heavy Ad team, also got a good Active and important

Guinsoo's Rageblade is good just for early game, u'll have to sell it late game

Rylai's Crystal Scepter Really great item, It gives u 80 Ap and 500 health also slow their movment speed with ur Spells

Banshee's Veil If ur against heavy ap team also health + mana

Rod of Ages Gives u enough ap + mana + health , if u want to get it get it fastest u can for it passive

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Summoner Spells ~

Flash : i think this is the best spell for Gp , to escape or to engage

Ignite : this spell will help u to finish ur enemies while spamming ur Parrrley

Other spells that u can use :

Exhaust : slow + reduced the def + dmg taken increased

Ghost : Gives u a crazy movment speed for a shot delay

Teleport : to teleport to ur minions + turrets.

Clairvoyance : u can use it with 2 ways 1- to see the gankers whos trying to gank u from mid or other lanes. 2- use it before using ur ulti to make sure u'll get the kill better than wasting the ulti.

Spells u never pick :

Clarity : u have greater seal of replenishment AND Deathfire Grasp AND Lichbane

Heal : u have ur Remove Scurvy so u dont need it

Cleanse : u got ur Remove Scurvy too

Rally : not a good idea.

Smite : leave it for junglers.

Fortify : Leave it for tanks.

Revive : nope.

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Farming ~

Remember that ur Parrrley gives u extra Gold that really helps u in farm
thats why Gangplank is one of the best farmers in LoL

So Thats Why i used Mana Regen Seal's Greater Seal of replenishment to farm with Parrrley

Its really great spell to farm with.

and u wont face mana + farming problems if u start with Sapphire Crystal

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Creeping / Jungling ~

Always try to get Blue Buff

Its gives u cooldown for u to keep spamming Ur Cannon Barrage + Parrrley
and u can use ur Remove Scurvy faster
Also it gives u great Mana regen

its all u need for Gp

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Team Work ~

Ur Cannon Barrage is the best Teamwork spell

u can help ur Teammates u escape from enemy also u can help them to catch the enemies

and u can gives Some Movment speed By using ur Raise Morale

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Summary ~

Good luck and have fun

and dont forget to vote if u like it

and leave comment