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Kha'Zix Build Guide by potatoe751

Other AP Kha - King of Heals

Other AP Kha - King of Heals

Updated on March 29, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author potatoe751 Build Guide By potatoe751 3 3 74,622 Views 0 Comments
3 3 74,622 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author potatoe751 Kha'Zix Build Guide By potatoe751 Updated on March 29, 2013
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Why AP Kha works

So you're probably thinking "Wtf is this guy thinking?" well just hear me out. First off I thought (was wrong) that Kha'Zix's Void Spikes had AP scaling on its heal, which I was wrong about BUT there IS AP scaling on his heal. With his W fully upgraded and alot of abilitiy power he can heal for around 600 every time he uses void spikes, which I would say is a pretty decent amount, also his passive does a good amount of damage and doesn't have a cooldown so you can just go in and out of bushes and harass.
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When and where to use AP Kha

Here are a few times that you should use AP Kha:
- Enemies dish out alot of damage but are squishy
- Enemies are mostly melee
- The enemies don't have alot of stealth
- Your team has a poke comp or little sustain

When to not use AP Kha:
- Enemies are extremely tanky and you aren't comfortable enough with AP Kha to lane against them
- Your laning enemy is ranged
- The enemies team contains a veigar

Where to use AP Kha (order from best to worst):
- Solo top
- Jungle (replace ignite with smite)
- Mid (great amounts of sustain after getting a tear)
- Bottom kill lane (not enough ranged damage output)
- Support (Only support move is a skill shot slow)
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Early Game/Laning Phase

This can be either Kha'Zix's weakest point of the game or strongest, depending on your play style. Start with an amplifying tome for some passive damage and to get your heal started, you want to take your W first but use it very sparingly until you get your tear of the goddess. You're going to want to sit back and farm, possibly isolate your lane in front of your turret, and occasionally harass/heal with your W. If you like to harass alot at low levels (1-4) without any extra items, you're going to go OOM and not be able to do anything until you go back.
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Mid Game/Roaming

This is Kha'Zix's strongest point without a doubt. Around this time your W should be maxed and evolved so that you can use it to poke and get good healing from it. Your Q should be getting up there and will deal decent damage to enemies and will stack your tear insanely fast. Even thought Kha'Zix's Void Spikes don't scale in AP they still do decent damage (especially when there's three of them) when harassing from afar.
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Late Game/Lane Dancing

This is when Kha'Zix gets his easiest pokes in. When everyone is dancing around mid before the team fight starts out he can easily toss in some Void Spikes here and there and bring the enemy down a moderate amount. Before your team engages make sure your ULT and passive are up so that you can autoattack with your passive up, Void Spike, Ult, AA, Ult, AA, Void Spikes, Ult, AA (throw in your E whenever possible) this is probably the best way to stay alive while dishing out large sums of damage.
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Pros / Cons

- Great sustain
- Great poke
- Short cool-downs
- Great in team fights
- Good use of passive

- Hard to survive the first few minutes
- Hard to dish out massive damage
- Challenging to use properly
- Not alot of AP scaling
- Hard to stay alive while your abilities are on cooldown
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Use your Q to farm.
Isolate your lane when possible.
Try not to push hard before your first back.

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