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League of Legends Build Guide Author Monora

AS/AP Yi, How I get by (Includes a Jungling build!)

Monora Last updated on June 4, 2011
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Why Im making this guide.

I thought I should share the way I play Master Yi when I want to have fun, although it has started to become a habbit to play him like this...Always, unless I jungle.

So anyway, please if you wish to downvote, explain why and don't do so unless you test it yourself first. There might be some builds really similar to mine, but I don't care. Really, I don't. This is how -I- play him.

This guide isn't made to make you pro, and own the nuts out of every team you play against..Nor is it made by a pro player. It is made by a relatively bad (atleast in my opinion) player, and should be treated as an incoming proper build, as I will most likely update this with many changes over time.

I hope some of you find this..Item-Mastery etc guide useful to starting out Yi. Or rather, starting out with experimenting on possible AP builds.

There is also a build for jungling.

Also please, RATE AND COMMENT!

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Pros and Cons.

- High Early damage
- HUUGE burst Early
- Fast attack and movement speed
- Your Meditate heals for quite a huge amount making you a potent turret tanker late game;)
- 100% AP ratio for Alpha Strike and Meditate

- Your not so useful Late game, damage wise
- Your squishy, not as squishy as AD but squishy never the less
- Your really Feed/Farm addicted, if you don't get feeded early, and you can't farm...Your useless
- Meditate can be rendered nearly useless with Executioner's Callingor Ignite, or if Silenced, Stunned, Feared etc..

- Your constantly SS.
- Master Yi Can gank relatively effectively, and you should do it alot.
- More global experience with two Solo lanes.
- Control over Dragon and Buffs.
- Fast jungler
- Insane DPS late game, can wreck squishies in seconds

- Hes abit squishy in the jungle, but he is fast. Really fast.
- Squishy late game.
- Vulnerable to CC

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The build shown on the items sequence is the one preferable to obtain, atleast in my opinion. It works bloody well, since you get a nice amount of AP, AS and CDR. However, if you run into a team with high amounts of AD or AP, you should get a defensive item or two. Banshee's Veil should do the trick for AP.

For AD...Get more armor. Warden's Mail is an awesome item against AD, and it can be upgraded to Randuin's Omen. It has a unique passive that has a chance to reduce the attack speed of enemies when struck. It is really useful. Getting Thornmail is also a nice idea. Since you can make them kill themselves while hitting you with Meditate up and running.

You should always start out with the standard Cloth Armor+5 Health Potions, and work your way up to Madred's Razors. After that, your jungling will be really easy and fast and you should be ganking actively. Get Berserker's Greaves before Wriggle's Lantern just for the increased movement and attack speed.

When you reach End game, and your inventory is full, drop Wriggle's Lantern And build a Youmuu's Ghostblade..Or atleast thats what I do. Same defensive items go for this build as with AS/AP, if you feel that they are needed.

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Summoner Spells

I'll list out the possible Summoner Spells and why -I- think they are useful or useless.

The ones I prefer:
Flash, Enough said. Seriously, this little spell will save you so many times if your being bombarded by ranged champs and your R wouldn't get you to safety in time.
Ignite I just can't get enough of this spell on this build. It is what enables you to get that first blood and render for example, Tryndamere useless.

Optional ones:
Ghost This would make you a beast in chasing with R up, or even when it is down. However, you won't need it since your not that much of an autoattacker, even if your hits will hurt with this build. I wouldn't take it myself.
Clarity Master Yi Suffers from a lack of mana, and this spell could give you alot more time on the lane to farm. Do not underestimate the power behind this ability for our little swordsman.
Exhaust This could be a nice choice, however not the best one. Stopping them fast hitting AD champs from devastating your whole team is a nice thing.

Not to get:
Smite..Well, you don't jungle with this build. Thats about it. Master Yi Is an awesome jungler, but this build is not meant for it.
Clairvoyance Leave this to your supports and tanks. Please.
Teleport You shouldn't be the one going to save a turret against multiple enemies, you will die.
Heal No.
Revive No.
Cleanse Even if this one could save you quite a few times, it's not really worth it.
Rally No.
Fortify Leave this to your tanks and supports. Please.

-I will only include the two that should be taken without question. Those are:
Smite and Ghost.....Do not question it, these two will be the ones that make you a fast and deadly ganker. Moving fast from the jungle to the gankable lane is a really awesome thing, and Smite Is a must for any jungler.

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AS/AP Yi, what does he do and how

This section was requested, and I will therefore throw it in here.

Generally I play AS/AP Master Yi as a DPS. Building more into AS early, and leveling Alpha gives out some nice DPS and burst. I have succesfully wrecked a squishy with a Alpha and 2-3 Melee attacks thanks to Maladys added dmg.

Your role:
Is mainly Bursting down the team with a one Alpha Strike. Target their Carry with it and wreck him with your Lich Bane proc+Melee attacks. They die relatively fast. So essentially, your more or less an Assassin, but after using Alpha, your a DPS. Popping Wuju Style gives you another proc for Lich Bane while also increasing your DPS overall for some time.

Late game your Alphas will strike fear into their squishies with an insane 600+ damage, and your team will be encouraged to burst the ones who took the most out of the blow (Usually your target since he will take a hit from Lich Bane aswell).

AS/AP Yi isn't so common, and I thought I would try it out after playing AS/AP Teemo, and it works really well. You can build a Wit's End aswell if you want to, since it adds more AS and Magic resist on hit..While also adding damage to your auto attacks.

You are a DPS, and you play him pretty close to a AD Yi, with the exception of spamming Alpha Strike as much as possible for maximum damage output. This is a spam build, so therefore you should go for Blue buff as much as possible.

And yes, he CAN be played in middle. I do that sometimes, he is rather good at it. Nice harass and survivability with Alpha Strike and Meditate.

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Okay, here is the part for Jungling as Master Yi.
The second build is for Jungle Yi, the first one for AS/AP. DO NOT mix them up as both being meant to jungle.

I will explain my route here, the Golems to Golem route. If you don't know it, then you should read the route part.

Golems to Golem route:
1. Grab your Cloth Armor and Health Potions and head down to the double golems near red buff. Wait for most champs to go to their lane and start with your Alpha Strike, if no proc happens use Smite on your target and finish it off. You should use a Health Potion here since they hit hard and your squishy.

2. Go to the wraiths, and use another Health Potionif you feel like your health is too low. You should be level 2 now and should have put your point on Wuju Style. Start with a Alpha Strike on the big wraith, and pop Wuju Style Right after you spawn on the big one. Finish them off with melee attacks. Focus on the big one.

3. Go to the wolves, you shouldnt have to use a Potion here though..Depending on your luck with procs. If you got a level, take another rank of Alpha Strike and use it to start ont he big wolf. Melee them down, do not use Smite.

4. After your done here, recall back to base and buy a Long Sword and maybe a Health Potion and wait for the golems to respawn. During this time you should check the lanes if you can gank, if so, do it. If not, repeat this cycle and buy a Madred's Razor, head down to Blue buff and just use Alpha Strike when it is available and Smite the golem at around 500 health. You should now be around level 5-6 or so, and should start ganking even more. Continue jungling if you need alittle farm.

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- Added a "How to" section, and cleaned the guide up abit.