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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnusBlaster5000

Ashe: The Ice Queen

AnusBlaster5000 Last updated on January 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello there and welcome to my Ashe build. I have looked at all of the guides here on mobafire pertaining to Ashe and yet I feel that none have done her justice. So I present to you my guide to playing Ashe.

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ranged carry w/ cc
good farmer
excellent utility
tier 1 for a reason
easy to play but has a high skill ceiling

has bad match ups early game
item dependent
too slow

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Summoner Skills

I choose to take this on Ashe because she is inherently too slow at times and needs a good escape spell. Flash is also in my opinion the best summoner spell available and until it gets reworked it is good on just about anyone.

I choose to take this on Ashe because it has so many uses. Need to slow someone down even further than your Frost Shot can, slap this on them. Need to get away from a chamion baring down on you, ehaust them. Are you scared there's a real possibility you're going to lose this 1v1 against another AD champion, ehaust them and dps them into the ground while they can't fight back.

Other Possible Choices
I have recently tried this spell out and I found that I really enjoy it. When I'm facing enemy Taric support and Amumu jungler or something similar I pick this up over exhaust.

Now our girl Ashe is pretty frustratingly slow until we pick up our Phantom Dancer so I couldn't blame you if you picked this up to compensate.

Are you really gunning for first blood this hard? If so go for it but it's just not my cup of tea on Ashe
Note If you find the enemy team looking like this: Vladimir, Dr. Mundo, Volibear you may just want to reconsider how much Ignite could do for you and pick it up.

Are you rockin the pre-made 5 man tele gank tank team? All 5 men randomly coming out of the bush top that the opponents didn't realize was warded, stupid but fun. The enemy solo tops reaction, priceless.

Anything Else
Just don't, you aren't going to impress anyone bringing Heal to your lane. And while Promote is trolly fun your other choices are much more viable.

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Masteries and Runes

For my masteries I choose to take a standard 21/0/9 breakdown emphasizing on critical stikes and all around damage in the offensive tree and choosing to take increased movement speed and buff duration in the utility tree.


For runes I choose to take standard AD carry marks and quints in greater mark of desolation and greater quintessence of desolation while taking Greater Seal of Armor seals for early game armor and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist glyphs for scaling mr.

My rune choices are simple. greater mark of desolation and greater quintessence of desolation for good early game harass and easier last hits. Greater Seal of Armor because you are most likely going to be in bottom lane with a support character facing another AD carry/support combo and the armor will help shunt early game harass. And Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because by the time the real team fights start you should be roughly level 10 and by then these bad boys will be kicked in enough to give you the edge against the enemy AP carry who is likely to try and focus burst you down.
Note: Now I have tried both mp5 seals and cdr glyphs on Ashe to try and compensate for her lack of mana for harass with Volley and long cooldown Enchanted Crystal Arrow but these rune choices will either leave you without early armor or mid game mr that will be necessary to give our squishy Ashe the advantage she craves to come out on top either of her lane or in a team fight.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

For Ashe we start out with Volley and get a point in both Frost Shot and Hawkshot before level 4. After this max out Volley first, then Frost Shot then Hawkshot while leveling Enchanted Crystal Arrow at levels 6,11, and 16 respectively.

Volley Now Ashe is an auto attacker but her skills will make all the difference between a good and a bad Ashe player. Don't simply spam Volley whenever you think you can land it. This is what gets new Ashe players into trouble and causes them to think that mp5 seals are necessary. Volley is to be used either when retreating to slow enemies or in a combo AA- Volley-AA to get good early damage on someone.

Frost Shot Do not forget to toggle Frost Shot when you intend to chase someone. The slow is invaluable but be sure not to leave this skill on all the time as you will soon find yourself going oom when you need it most.Pro Tip: When kiting an enemy or even just retreating from a single enemy, sometimes it is better to stop incrementally and fire a frosty arrow your opponents way. The slow applied will not allow them to catch you and it is essentially dealing free damage.

Hawkshot Ah yes the skill most commonly forgotten of Ashe's. This skill is truly invaluable. A launchable ward with exceptional range is nothing to scoff at and new Ashe players tend to underutilize this skill. Map vision is everything in LoL and it is a welcomed addition to a squishy like Ashe's kit. Use this skill to check on buffs/dragon/baron to check the river when your wards go out or even to simply to avoid face checking an ominious bush. The passive extra gold gain never hurt anyone either btw.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow The ultimate. This arrow is one bad *** piece of weaponry. A powerful stun that also acts as a decent sized nuke in the early game this ult is something for the enemy to fear for sure. Use this arrow nearly as soon as you get it to land a massive chunk of damage onto your lane opponent or better yet call for a gank and unleash this beast as your jungler enters the lane. The sudden damage and stun should secure the gank. Please remember however that certain champions have built in counters to this like Gangplank, Olaf, and anyone with Cleanse or Quicksilver Sash. Firing your arrow at these monsters before they've blown their get out of jail free cards is not very wise. Also remember that it is best to catch an enemy carry with this at the beginning of a team fight to nullify their damage potentials completely for the duration of the stun. Now this arrow is global but will take some time to get the hang of sniping enemies cross map.

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Early Game

Now you are Ashe a tier 1 AD carry and in the current meta game your place is down in bot lane with a support character giving you all the farm. Now there is absolutely no excuse to miss any of this farm. Your lane mate is crippling their ability to get early gold by allowing you the chance to get nice and fed so please don't be rude and fill up on every creep you can possibly get.

Reminder: Remember to only last hit the minions, not only does this make it easier to farm them but you won't end up pushing your lane and getting ganked to death by the enemy jungler.

Just because I advise you to focus primarily on last hitting creeps I do not by any means want you to simply afk farm. You still have lane opponents and if you can harass them to the point where you can either kill them or zone them out please do so. Crippling your lane opponent is just as important as getting your farm up. I see too many people these days going bot lane and not able to balance these two things. Only harass when you are positive you aren't going to miss a last hit for doing so.

Remember: 11 creeps = 1 kill in gold

Note: If you aren't doing so hot in the early game you can stack up to three Doran's Blades to try and dig your way out of it.

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Who to Lane With

The cow is a powerful ally just from the start. His repositioning skills early will do good damage and his constant stream of heals will keep you healthy. Alistar is a worthy lane mate indeed.

Sona is everything you could want in a support. She buffs you, heals you, and with her passive power chords she can augment your lanes early lack of damage.

Despite the hate she got in the comments below Soraka is a good lane mate. The claim was that the lane lacks damage however this is not entirely true, her constant stream of mana flowing to you with Infuse will allow you to harass with Volley much more often. This combo is legit.

A stun and a heal, need I say more?

Her spears hit like a truck early and her heals while lackluster compared to some other supports are enough to keep you in it.

Now she doesn't have a heal but a good Janna will keep the opposing lane at bay with her Howling Gales. Also her ult can be combo'd with yours to lock an enemy up in quite the over extended position.

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Match Ups

Keep in mind this is aimed at the current meta style of play with the AD Carry/Support combo going bot. I realize that other match ups are possible but I chose to focus only on the current meta matchups.

The Damage Threats

I can't lie she is your worst nightmare in bottom lane. After you loose your lv 1 crit arrow of doom she will out damage you. Her passive Headshot will hurt you. Her Yordle Snap Traps will stop ganks if placed properly. Her 90 Caliber Net will help her evade/catch you. And her Ace in the Hole can easily kill you. Just farm quietly and don't lose the lane, late game you will beat her.

Another menacing figure to face. He's strong and a little less fragile than you are but if you play smart and dodge his Buckshot you can beat him and even zone him out entirely. Also if you're low health and running away from him be ready to juke his Collateral Damage.

Who does this girl think she is? This is your lane and she can't beat you here. Out farm her and counter harass her hard, your time will come and your Enchanted Crystal Arrow/jungler gank combo will be the death of her.

Until recently I would have laughed and asked how an Ashe could have problems with a Tristana. She's mean her Rocket Jump is a pain and she can farm as well as you can. This will come down to skill of the players. Late game however you will be better utility for your team.

He is going to quietly farm for the first 25 minutes of the game and then come out terrorizing your team with great AoE damage and armor shred. Do what it takes to deny his farm. If he farms up he will scale better than you will. All Corki players know his early game is his voulnerability and thats when you hit him hard.

His early game is stronger than yours so be careful. As long as you can avoid his skill shots and farm like a mad man you will beat him. His Trueshot Barrage will kill you if you pop your blue pill in an obvious location at low health.

Now I don't know if I only play against bad Kog'Maw's or what but I have never had a problem with one. (Needs testing, feel free to hit me up for a custom AnusBlaster5000 is my name)

She will probably out farm you by the late game. Her farm is absolutely insane so just try to keep up and remember her Spell Shield will block both your Volley and Enchanted Crystal Arrow so please make sure its on cooldown before you go for it. Also if you get hit by the backlash of her Boomerang Blade you deserve to die at her hands, it's not hard to dodge the backlash.

So you decided to go pub stomping in normal blind pick. Let the better Ashe win!

The "I Got Gold for Your Death too" Crew

He's going to try to bully you around and heal himself and his mate, but early game as he's in the support role he won't have the defense to shut your damage down. Poke him to get him away from you. If he has Flash then god help you because he is going to reposition you. Stay at a distance.

She has amazing heals and her Power Chord actually hurts a bit and she brings excellent utility and buffs to her lane. Oh yea and Crescendo holds the potential to get your lane whiped out if timed right.

You will not be able to kill her lane mate without exceptional effort. Farm away and counter harass as you will but it is unlikely that you will get an early kill if your opponents are somewhat competant.

He's tanky he has a heal in Imbue a stun in Dazzle and a buff in Radiance. And he doubles as a tank, which means that again its going to be tough to pull off a kill early and he can get you killed with that stun pretty easily. Be careful.

She can actually kill you unlike most supports. Her Javelin Toss does godly damage early her Primal Surge is a great heal and her Bushwhack traps can kill ganks before they even happen. Stay behind your minions and farm all day.

Her Howling Gales will hurt in the beginning and the knockups can get you killed. She unlike most other supports does not have a non ult heal, that being said Monsoon heals an absurd amount of health and the blow back is game changing in itself. A good Janna can ruin your day. Just dodge the tornadoes.

WTF Time Bomb does too much damage and is too easy to get onto an opponent. His passive will let the enemy gain levels on you, he can speed up his ally or slow you down with Time Warp and his ult oh his damned ult. Chronoshift is one of the most agonizingly annoying skills in the game. Just remember once hes cast it to not kill the person its cast on until the spell has ended. They will just get back up with a stupid % of their health back. He has no heal, harass away.

Does anyone really play her? Haven't had much testing at all against her.

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The Team Fight

Warning A Big Block of Text is Approaching! Bear with me now.

So as the teams AD carry you gave been told time and time again to stay behind your tanks and this is no different with our girl Ashe. You are the dps machine but a glass cannon of sorts, you can't just rush into the fray and bruise with the front line. Stay back and anihilate the enemy carries, this is your main job. If you can not reach the enemy carries because they are too far away or being well guarded take out the next highest threat, whether that may be the support or a somewhat squishy tanky dps character. Never and I mean never focus the tank at the beginning of the fight, you are simply doing his job for him if you do this. Now Ashe is unique as an AD carry in that she alone among the AD carries can reliably initiate team fights at the right time. If your two teams are pacing back and forth trying to see who's going to make the first move and an enemy carry steps a little bit too far forward do not hesitate to send an Enchanted Crystal Arrow their way. The stun will most likely get that carry killed as your team jumps on the free kill. Now even after you stun lock the carry you do not rush to finish the job first. You may have initiated but it is still the dps soaks on your teams job to go in first and take the first round of cooldowns. Other than this you are an AD carry, know your place, your positioning will be tantamount to your teams success.

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Start the game off with this to ensure that your early game goes smoothly. The health will surely benefit our squishy, the attack damage will make last hitting easier and harass better and the small amount of life steal will be stacked on the life steal that our masteries give us so we will get some lane sustain to go with it.

Go back and pick up these boots for the movement speed bonus we crave.

Now it's time for some decision making. Did you stay in lane long enough to come out with 1650g? Pick up the damage of the B. F. Sword. Are you hurting for cash and can't get it yet, well then either you need to continue saving (if you intend to buy Mercury's Treads) or pick up a pair of Berserker's Greaves. Now boot choice is critical. Does the enemy team have 3 or more forms of hard cc? If yes pick up the merks, if not pick up the zerks!

After your boots of choice and your B. F. Sword pick this bad boy up for the increased AS, MS, and crit chance.

By the time you get this you should be hitting like a truck. A truck that hits you over and over for crits that is.

Not fast enough? Not hitting people fast enough either? Want to ensure that every other hit is a crit for 250% damage? This is your item.

Semi-core Situational Items
Now that we have finished off the core part of our build it is time to assess our situation.

Are you doing pretty well and other dps'ers are having a hard time keeping up? Stack the damage and lifesteal and really tear them apart with this.

Is the enemy AP carry messing up your fun? Do you need to stop a wombo combo character like LeBlanc or Annie in their tracks? The Banshee's Veil is an excellent item to protect any AD carry from these dangers.

Are you taking way too much damage from the other AD carry? Are you being focused down faster than you can focus the enemy carries down? A healthy dose of armor some magic resist and a revive should remedy that.

Now we need to talk about armor penetration vs armor shredding. Last Whisper gives you % armor piercing which means that it will truly shines against targets stacking alot of armor (150+). Get this if 2-3 enemies are really putting on the armor to shut you down.

Armor shredding. Now this item is more effective than the Last Whisper under these conditions. A) There are 3 people on your team putting out attack damage and therefore they too will capitalize on the lack of armor that you shred. B) The enemies have stacked armor but have not passed the 130 armor threshold. At this point the 45 armor shred is stronger than 40% penetration. C) You have decided to personal mission that enemy off-tank down and you know that his armor hasn't passed 130.

More attack speed, more movement speed, and we're going to crit dam near every time we load and loose an arrow. (Only stack a second PD if you do not find yourself in need of a defensive item for some reason and have already purchased another damage item after your first PD.)

Items I have seen Ashe players build and can't comprehend

Uhh what? We're getting all the crit chance and attack damage we need elsewhere. And we prefer for our attack and movement speed to be permanent not a short lived active ability. I also understand that it gives some cdr and armor pen but the cdr is not essential and we are going to get better armor penetration later on anyway.

We're playing an AD carry not a tanky dps This combo costs too much, takes up too much space, and does not allow us to reach our true damage potentials. Leave this combo to the bruisers.

And here comes the swath of downvotes. But seriously boots of swiftness are nice. Ashe is slow and the movement speed will help to kite opponents, but honestly this is no replacement for tenacity or attack speed. Once we get our Phantom Dancer we will be as fast as we need to be already and wasting our precious boots on such a small amount of bonus speed seems like a waste to me.

A good item but its simply not for us. We are getting all of the stats it offers and more from other places. Maybe you can find someone else on your team to pick this up for you.

Ideal Final Build for Ideal Game
Build For When Tank and Tanky dps are Inadequate at Drawing Aggro Off of You
Dealing with Heavy Armored Team
For When You're Just Dominating the Enemy Team

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Thank you for reading through my guide for playing Ashe. I hope it was helpful and please don't hesitate to leave comments.

P.S. Constructive criticism is always welcomed =]