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Warwick Build Guide by Asten J

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Asten J

Attention! This INDEED is guide for Warwick.

Asten J Last updated on January 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Summoners walking into the dark forest, with silent and careful steps, searching for Asten, when they finally come up upon an old, weird looking house, standing into the forest

(Asten) Asten, while in the scary house, studying some forgotten knowledge, suddenly senses a strange sound into his ears

-Who stands there? *He says with a steady voice, after noticing approaching shadows*

*The summoners show up*

-You're late... ahhh, welcome! Let's make our way into the house.
*The man suddenly stops*
*He notices the fellow summoners bleeding. Before he makes a move, a wild rawr echoes into the forest*

-You heard that? It's the wolf
That wolf seems to have managed to catch your scent.Hmmmm...quickly, I know someone that can help.

*Soraka appears from within the house, with a calming and soft sound suddenly spreading out, as rays of magnificent light cover the summoners*

-You shall feel no pain

- That shall do the job for now. That...BEAST can really smell blood. Little is known about him...his name...the rumor is that the beast is probably named Warwick. Legend says that he used to be a man...but through his greedy nature a curse has been cast upon him, for him to turn into a werewolf, loosing his logic and slowly being master of himself no more.


(Asten) -Don't you worry, my knowledge..the knowledge I spent a lifetime in order to acquire, will aid you...shall we?

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Important Notice

Up to date(Season 3) guide is to be edited soon

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-Your attention, summoners!
There is a chance, you young summoners may have heard of...some items...OLD items...powerful items, that are known as "runes", throughout the world. *The man demonstrates some of the runes he owns*

Greater Seal of Endurance

-Runes are HARD to takes a wise man to combine their potential correctly. Don't forget that summoners.

So, as about Warwick, I hear he is using magic penetration quints, glyphs AND marks.

- Wha...? *He reaches for a Null-Magic Mantle

-THAT is NOT going to help you, young man. Magic pen runes allows him to sensibly lower the effectiveness of any magic resistance you may get your hands on.

- --.--

- Some rumors said that he was preferring lifesteal/spellvamp runes, Asten. I also had heard flat AD runes could boost his potential.

-If sustain through lifesteal/spellvamp is what you're searching for, allow me to announce you that Warwick's spells deal MAGIC damage and have nice healing capabilities on their own(Q-->Heals for 80% of damage dealt/Ulti heals for 35% of damage dealt), so since that wolf aims to make that MAGIC damage matter(Through magic pen), his healing effects are also high(The more damage Q and ulti deals, the more the healing you receive). Also, about any AD, I hear that most of the possible victims Warwick encounters, seem to be able and stack armor with a lot more confidence and ease, rather than magic resistance. Since penetrating magic resistance is easier than penetrating armor, boosting his physical damage, is something that does not work well for him.

After he gave it some thought, he also decided flat armor seals are the best for him. Since he is melee and can't keep safe distance from dangerous hunters (Melee champs), he decided that some extre armor would allow him to endure the hunter's hits and quickly counterattack.

(Asten) -That should be it about the runes the beast uses, summoners. It's something really important to know.

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-At his journeys around the dark forests of this world, warwick came upon many artifacts.Legend has it that once, he came upon huge tooth-the size of a small blade- which once he acquired, he instantly felt stronger, more agile at his attacks, his claws got sharper,he was getting stronger as time passed, whenever his claws would aim an enemy's vital spot, he would be even more deadly, his claws got longer, he felt higher thirst for his enemy's blood and he found himself killing hurt preys into the forest, sensibly easier than before.


-Some days later, while into the forest, he found himself getting hunted by MANY hunters. The wolf...tricky as always, decided to pick his battle, so for the moment, he ran away. During his attempt though, he crushed against a tree, with small pieces of the tree hurting his shoulder, other pieces finding their way INTO his flesh. The wolf, slightly hurt and during the crush, he dropped the toothblade. Being hunted so interminably, he had no other choice but vanish into the mist and darkness into the forest, forever abandoning the toothblade before him.
- Though...the pieces of that tree, slightly infected him. In the process, he found out he has gained some unique capabilities. He was now more healthy than ever before, his was slightly more resilient to damage, had better reflexes, his mind felt expanded to react faster than ever as well as resist more efficiently any mind effects he was thrown upon. He also found himself able to affect his preys with magic more efficiently.

- I guess he probably regreted loosing his toothblade, right? With the blade, he would probably be able to execute his prey easier...

- NO! The beast realised that any damage he would cause, was almost being caused periodically (Dps) and that taking down his prey without the toothblade, only needed him to devote milisecs more. Through that infection though, he was able to endure more damage from any hunters, that would provide him with more time, to apply his dps.
(The offensive tree enables his physical damage-portion of his auto attacks boosted, while terminates his skills, which deal magic damage. In case you focus physical damage, you are going to need deadly auto attacks, since you have skills with no good AD ratios, but skills that deal magic damage. So, in order to reach the "Deadly auto attacks" level, you are going to turn into an "AD carry". In that case, your lack of range(You're melee) will get you killed in milisecs in teamfights, before you EVEN can apply any deadly damage)

There was a period, that Warwick decided to join a pack of wolves, as the alpha male. During that time, he co operated greatly with the other wolves, in order to take down their enemies. Many times, he would end up NOT being the one to give the killing blow on the enemy, though he realised, rewards were still AMAZING. That's why, through time and experience, he earned a unique skill.

Through that skill, he learnt ways to maximize his rewards in any situation, whether he was alone or working with others as a pack.

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(Summoners) -Are we done yet?
Didn't we had enough of that MUCH valuable knowledge of yours?

(Asten)-Stay right there, summoners!

(Asten)-Warwick's potential, comes by the skills and abilities he had gained during all the time he had been wandering around the dark forests, but also greatly comes from the many artifacts he had managed to locate from various places.

(Summoners) *Surprised*

(Asten) -Hehe, and of course ONLY ME,through research that I have done, I can present to you summoners, the unique artifacts that wolf has managed to get his claws on.

1st Artifact

Sorcerer's Shoes

-->This artifact, allowed Warwick's feet to adapt into
those shoes, allowing him to move along the ground,
less worrying about the hardness of the surface.As
a result, he was able to move faster. As he had
less worries, his mind was allowed to expand,
allowing him to evolve his mind abilities.As a
result, in battle, he is able to confuse and
penetrate the enemy's mind (Magic pen), allowing
his magic to be more effecient.

- I hear there are similar artifacts, that seem to provide increased agility during fights ( Berserker's Greaves), others, that can provide increased resistance to magic damage and resistance to mind effect ( Mercury's Treads) and another one that seems to provide SENSIBLY increased resistance to physical damage ( Ninja Tabi). Why didn't he seeked one of them?

(Asten)-!!! The beast, when he would hunt with a pack, one of the skills he acquired through that, was to increase his own AND his pack's attack speed with a loud and inspiring rawr during the battle ( Hunters Call). The effectiveness of Berserker's Greaves is less appreciated, so there was no need for him to seek for the artifact.

As about the resistance against physical and magic damage, since his early time of transformation (Early game) Warwick seeked for artifacts, that rumor had it to grant the owner resistance to damage, along with his powerful runes. ( Wit's End, Madred's Bloodrazor).

2nd and 3rd Artifact
Wit's End and Madred's Bloodrazor

(Asten)- Once Warwick, managed to get his claws on those two artifacts, all hope was truly lost for his targets in the forest. After acquiring them, he noticed he can attack with EXTREMELY INCREASED ATTACK SPEED in fights. Those two artifacts, also gave him better chances on blocking enemy attacks (Nice armor and magic resist buff through the items). But the most important is that, he noticed his auto attacks would literally tear his targets apart, no matter the amount of armor they had (On hit-magic damage-->Benefits from magic pen). That way he was able to have both EFFECIENT skills (Magic damage/burst damage) AND auto attacks (Passive's/Wit's/Madred's on hit MAGIC DAMAGE--> DPS).

(Summoners) -->

(Asten)- Relax!...You're safe in here...I think.

(Summoners)--> Really? ^ _ ^ Thank god...

(Asten)--> Just relax. (Those young summoners...)

(Summoner) - If I was Warwick, I would definately try to search for that legendary soulsword. Legend has it that The Bloodthirster, unique in this land, once located and retrieved, it can provide it's owner with limitless power, sensibly boosting their physical attacks and granting them the ability to steal some of the enemy's life essence.(Lifesteal) Since I would depend on auto attacks to kill my targets, why not make them to hurt a bit more?

(Asten) - Did you JUST said...'Bloodthirster'?!

(Summoner) -->

(Asten)-FIRST of ALL, that...SOULSWORD damages physically the enemy(Physical damage). There was NO reason for the wolf, to go seeking for such a legendary artifact. The wolf's advantage against his foes was that he was able to damage them BADLY, no matter their armor (Physical damage reduction). There was no reason for him to expand into techniques that deal PHYSICAL damage, when he couldn't really suport that damage (No armor penetration). And that, because he could deal tons of MAGIC damage instead (Through magic pen). As about stealing his enemy's life essence, Warwick had developed other methods to achieve that. He had no need for the soulsword.

(Summoner) - Asten? Since he depends on his magic skills to hurt his enemies, I hear of a magnificent invention, the modern miracle of alchemy and engineering, an artifact that is known as the ' Hextech Gunblade'. Scientists say that, it can boost one's magic skill potency along as slightly improving their physical attacks, while granting them the ability to steal tremendous ammounts of the enemie's life essence. I would definately want that to be part of my equipment.

(Asten)-Hmmmm... that is not a bad idea. But you see, Warwick had troubled himself with that matter slightly already. Rumor says that Warwick craved for the artifact, since the first moment a word was spoken about it. He was meant to steal it from the institute it was kept.
It was a cold winter morning, that time I was living
in the tundra, for some experiments I was testing.
Suddenly, I hear a wild rawr. When I look out my window,
I saw the wolf.

He was standing there, staring at my place, like if it
was familiar to him. I walked out, certain he was no
threat to me.

The wolf just stood there, with a steady look, certain
of himself.

(Asten)-"You're late", I said to him.
I know why you're want my help to steal an artifact
well guarded. Am I right?

*The wolf nodded*

(Summoner) - Wow...what happened next?

(Summoner)- Unfortunately, I was not able to help him, really busy myself, working on some experiments with Zilean, the friend chronokeeper of mine.

I though introduced him, to another friend of mine, one that knew MUCH about weapons and arms.
One that could help him. I sent the wolf to Jax, known as the Grandmaster at Arms.

A few days later, I got told that the Hextech Gunblade was stolen.

(Asten)- When warwick got the artifact...and used it, he realised a few things.

-The boosted physical attacks of him had low effectiveness, since he didn't use techinques to penetrate his enemy's armor.(Low effectiveness with no armor pen)

-The increased potency of his magic skills was rather minor, since his magic skills were already powerful and the extra potency granter low effectiveness, that got to be even lower, since he couldn't really depend on the extra potency of his magic skills to kill his enemies.
(Stacking AP for warwick, allows only his Hungering Strike to benefit, though the skill has amazing base damage, which increasing furthermore through AP is not effecient)

-Warwick's magic skills always had the ability to consume his enemy's life essence ( Hungering Strike 80% spellvamp - Infinite Duress 35% of damage done received as healing) and the extra ammounts of life essence the artifact allowed him to steal were rather small, compared to the one's he already had. (20% more spellvamp when you already have 80% with your Q is not amazing- 35% spellvamp the ulti has is just fine. Increasing that furthermore is not adviced, since you don't expect HUGE healing effects through your ulti. (Large cooldown for ulti to be a skill you depend to heal you))

So, Warwick decided to keep the artifact no more. He gave the Hextech Gunblade to Jax instead, which turned out to be way more effective for him.

(Summoner) - I'm freezing in here...what's wrong? (Feels like--> Absolute Zero temperature)

(Summoner) -Asten... what's that frozen...thing? (Points out towards a Frozen Heart that is located at the corner of the room.)

4th-5th-6th Artifacts

(Asten)- That of course is...the legendary shield that goes by the name "Frozen Heart".

Warwick managed to find a similar shield with this one, for himself, when hunting around the tundra.

(Summoner) - Looks nice...

(Asten)- Don't even THINK of touching the shield.

-The shield, along with another deathly artifact named Abyssal Mask and a special armor, made off enterily of broken pieces from a special tree, known around the world as Warmog's Armor, are the 3 final artifacts the wolf found for himself.

The wolf, being wise now, after all this time of wandering and hunting around the forests of the world, had realised that, if he want to survive, he will have to have both amazing Offense, but DEFENSE as well.
After noticing that with his 3 first artifacts, he was already omnipotent in terms of offense, he now had to aim on armoring himself.

- Frozen Heart The shield allowed him to develop EXTREMELY HIGH resistance to physical damage, allowing him to endure MANY physical hits. (Extreme durability against melee and ranged damage)
The wolf also realised that, since the shield was frozen, his enemies were slightly freezed during battle. As a result, they were attacking in sensibly reduced sequency (Aura that reduces enemy's attack speed). Suprised, the wolf realised he could feel no frost, for his skin has adapted to the harsh weather conditions he had to endure the period he was hunting at the tundra, allowing him to maintain his attack speed in battle.

When carrying the shield, Warwick realised he has to worry no more for deadly physical attacks. With less worries, his mind was allowed to focus in the battle and his skills, allowing him cast them faster and sooner.(20% valuable cooldown reduction the shield grants, allowing you to spam your Hungering Strike more as well as your Infinite Duress, so that you can ulti on your enemies more frequently, securing kills more efficiently.)

The shield and the feeling of safety against devasting attacks, boosted the wolf's courage, allowing him to perform many skills during battle, without getting exhausted. (Huge mana boost is nice addition to your low mana pool against your High mana cost skills.. That will allow you to cast your skills with comfort in battle, without finding yourself lacking mana to cast your skills in critical moments.)

- Warmog's Armor

After wearing this specific armor, Warwick fitnessed something quite unnatural.

His muscle's gained great mass and his body was stregthened. As a result, his size was sensibly increased.(TREMENDOUS buff on maximum health)

As an addition to that, another unnatural thing occured. After a battle, the wolf's injuries were cured in just a few secs, right before his surprised eyes.(Huge boost on hp regeneration)

Upon obtaining this armor, Warwick was capable of scary things. He could oppose against a group of hunters, tear them apart and run away with light to medium only injuries. The armor, allowed him to apply his amazing dps for extended periods of time, while enduring vicious attacks by many enemies, when without the armor, he would have died.
(The huge health buff Warmog's Armor provide to you, allows you to apply your DPS damage in teamfights without being afraid of dying within a few hits due to medium maximum health.
The extra health, combined with tremendous defences your other items grant you, shall allow you endure danrerous bursts of damage-tremendous DPS in fights)

- Abyssal Mask

During one of Warwick's many journies around the dark forests of the world, he once came upon a young woman. That woman was beautiful and seemed helpless. Along in the forest, she asked Warwick's for him to maybe guide her out of the dangerous forest. She looked innocent...

...yet something in her look seemed unnatural.

As he reached for the girl, he sensed some cracking sounds...the girl faced him, stared into his eyes for a few seconds with a steady look, when suddenly the cracking sounds echoed again.

For his surprise, Warwick noticed the girl's small fingers, suddenly turning into big blade-like nails. Fangs grew off her mouth and seemingly moving on their own, some giant...spider legs shown up from behind the girl, followed by a loud and shrill sound.

Yes, it was true...legend had it that there is a young woman named Elise, that wanders around the forests into human form, transforming into a giant spider, upon locating and getting close enough to any being, unlucky enough to be there.

(Summoners) -->

(Asten)-So, shall the beast fight the insect...the wolf fight the spider...after a long, harsh fight, they both were hurt. In a last effort to kill, the spider queen jumped against the wolf. That moment, wolf's excelent reflexes, allowed him to move fast and followed by a wild roar, the beast strikes the spider, making her bleed, also noticing something dropping down the ground. Unable to keep fighting, they both fall back. Warwick though, less hurt (due to Warmog's Armor :p), had the chance to give a look on the ground the battle took place. There, he noticed a skull lying on the ground. With no fears, he grabbed hold of the skull. Yes, the Abyssal Mask was his now. Uncertain of it's powers, the beast goes for another battle. There, the wolf realised that the scepter, was somehow interferring with his enemy's minds, destroying their resistance to his magic damage. (Amazing aura that reduces nearby enemy's magic resistance, BOOSTING your magic damage that way EVEN MORE as well as any other ally's magic damage against your enemies.)

He also noticed that, when carrying the scepter, his enemies seemed to be unable to hurt him with magic.(Magic resistance the item provides is amazing addition to your magic resist, making you extremely durable to magic damage)

(Asten)- Along with this item, Warwick
is able on dealing MASSIVE magic damage (Through both his skills and on-hit magic damage), is extremely durable to both physical and magic damage(Really high armor and magic resist), can cast his spell so frequently (~33% cool down reduction along with masteries), can endure MUCH damage( extremely high maximum health) and has enough courage to cast his spells in fight many times (High maximum mana).

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Skill Sequence

(Summoners) - Asten, how do you know so much things about Warwick, anyway?

(Asten)(icon=fury of the sands size=40]-I have met him...ages ago. And know him for a long time.

(Summoners) -When did you first met?

(Asten)- Ahhhh...*The man remembers when he first met Warwick*

It was lots of years ago, at the darkest corners of earth. I was in foreign lands, rumour had it that at this lands, centuries ago, Rabadon's Deathcap was buried.
It was me, at my early years, searching for abandoned power. One night, after gathering evidence the artifact probably lies there, I entered a dark, dark forest. After searching for many hours, some wild, yet young roars echoed from around me.

Soon, I found myself sourounded by a pack of wolves...

Then, the wolves appeared ready to attack...

(Asten) -"You will regret opposing me", I said with a steady voice.

And there goes the battle... Warwick was the first wolf that jumped close to me, the first to try to attack me.




(Asten)-I was hurt, bleeding...yet, Warwick was hurt badly.
As the other wolves took Warwick for dead, the decided this is a battle maybe not worth fighting.

Young myself and not really eager to let the wolf die, I decided to take the wolf with me and give him shelter.

-Back home, fortunately for us, my friend Soraka was able to heal us both, yet cast a magic spell that would prevent any agressive attitude by the wild wolf.


-After the wolf felt safety, we spent a few months together. I didn't want to leave the hurt wolf alone, that's why I decided to train him.

(Asten)- What kind of skills do you currently have developed, Warwick?

Warwick- Living in the wild has allowed me to develop varius, unique skills. Let me talk to you about them.

-Eternal Thirst

Warwick-That skill, boosts my auto attacks with additional magic damage, also allowing me to steal my targets life essence by a small amount.
(This skill is your passive, it's a really nice passive, since it makes your auto attacks deal additional magic damage, which scales with your level, healing you for the same ammount. This on-hit damage stacked with Wit's End and Madred's Bloodrazor shall make your auto attacks devastating)

-Hungering Strike

Warwick-This skill, allows me to deal to viciously strike my target from a medium distance, dealing MAGIC damage that scales with my enemy's maximum health. During that strike, I also steal generous ammount of my enemy's life essence.(80% of magic damage done is the healing warwick receives)

-Hunters Call
[{Warwick]]-During battle, I can roar loudly, inspiring myself and allies. As a result, I can see my attack speed during the battle increasing drastically.

-Blood Scent
Warwick-Since the early days of my transformation, I felt something about blood. Something strong and unbeatable. In fights, whenever I catch the scent of blood, I go crazy, able to locate ANY hurt enemy into the forest, that stands within a great area around me. My killing instincts max out that moment, allowing me to move with tremendous speed, in order to lock down and execute the hurt enemy.
(You gain increased movement speed by a percentage, when an enemy with health lower than 50% of his max health is within a specific radius around you)

-Infinite Duress

Warwick-I have developed the ability to jump on an single enemy from a distance, supress them and attack 5 fast times.
(This is your ulti. It's really REALLY good, since you can supress a distant enemy, apply medium base damage to him plus all the on-hit effects you proc 5 TIMES)

Warwick- I must train my skills in a priority, first the ones that are going to help me survive out then and then any others.

(Asten)-That's right, wise...werewolf. That's why...:

Hungering strike-From all the skills you have, this is the one you shall train the most. The more you train, the more damage you will be able to do and each time, you will be able to re do the skill faster.

(This is the skill that is going to keep you alive, while damaging your enemies badly. You MUST learn this skill at level 1 and max it by level 9. In fights, it would rather be prefered to use this skill after you receive some damage and not in the beggining, so that you will regain some health. Also the skill can be cast by a distance, which comes in handy, since you are melee and your enemies will be working on keeping their distance from you, most of times).

Hunters Call-
This skill is the last you are going to train more, Warwick. Enemies in the forest, are going to try and run away from your high damage output, so focusing your attack's frequency will be useless for now...upon activating the skill, you will notice that you will be hunting them most of the time than attacking them.
(This skill is really good, but shall not be focused a lot early game. You NEED to learn the skill at level 2, but not upgrade it anymore till level 14 and max it last. The first rank of this skill grants you 40% increased attack speed while any additional rank only increases that ammount by 10%. Also, since you have high base attack speed and you buy items that increase your attack speed sensibly, early game, you are capable of having tremendous attack speed without needing to improve this skill anymore.)

Blood Scent

Warwick, you shall focus on your insticts more, let them take over from time to time, so that you can sense and smell blood within a larger area.

(This skill you shall learn by level 4, upgrade it whenever Hungering Strike is not available for ugrade and max it by level 13. This skill is the one who will enable you to lock onto your target in fights and will increase the effectiveness of all your attack speed items and skills, but MAINLY, this skill is going to allow you kill any fleeing enemy your team can't see.)

Infinite Duress

This skill is the one you shall train the most. Hunting in the forest will most of the times end up us a fight-hunt between you and a single enemy. Since that skill allows you to supress the enemy, preventing him from moving and dealing high damage, this is your best skill.
(This is your ultimate skill. Learn it at level 6 and upgrade it whenever possible. Since it procs on-hit effects five times and has moderate base damage, this skill shall allow you either finish off fleeing enemies, lock down and hurt badly valuable enemies in teamfights or as a great damaging ability at dueals. Additionally the increased cast range makes it a perfect spell for youKeep in mind that any enemy with a skill that can either stun/silence/supress you or knock you up/push you back can cancel your ulti. So, it might be wise to ulti in times of confussion-when the enemy has not his attention on you during fights or when you have many choices, try to ulti on the enemy that is more likely to received good damage by your ulti, but also has disables(That way, neither him nor his close alies can cancel your ulti).

(Asten)- Ahhhh...those times...the training...were nice times.

(Summoner) -Duh! We must had chosen the short version of how you two met.

(Summoners) - Totally!

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Summoner Spells

(Asten)- You summoners gotten bored with my story? Ahhh...okay, let me show you one artifact I was searching for a long time, that will surely fascinate you.

*Reaches for Infinity Edge, a shiny sword up on the wall*

-See this sword? It's magnificent...

*As he holds the sword's handle in one hand, with the blade resting on his other hand, the man accidentially slightly cuts his palm* bad. Hmmmm

(Summoners) -You're bleeding!

(Asten)instanity potion-Hmmm, let me see... (Bright light covers the man for a sec as he casts Heal, with the cut instantly dissapearing). Ha ha!

(Summoners) - What was that?!

(Asten)-That, my friends...was a forgoten spell named Heal.
It's a spell among many spells the ancient world used to cast. Unfortunately, nowdays this is forgotten and abandoned sorcery, known only among very few.

(Summoners) - Have you ever taught any those spells? Can you teach us?

(Asten)-I remember I had taught Warwick a couple.

Two spells actually:
- Ignite When this spell is cast on an enemy, the enemy bursts into flames, suffering moderate damage, that ignores ALL the enemy's defences though.

(This spell, when combines with your ulti and a previous Hungering Strike, it can bring death when focused on a squishy enemy. It's really good for taking out valuable enemies, as well as enemies with HIGH healing capabilities. (Ignite reduces healing received by the enemy, by 50%)

- Flash This spell allows the caster to instantly appear in a location within a small area you, summoners.

(This spell is a must, as it can allow you get out of an unfornutate situation. Since you're melee and have to get close to the enemy to deal damage, if for some reason you have to escape, you're not ranged to consider you 'Already have some distance from the enemy team' so things are easier, you are melee and go RIGHT into the enemy's team, that's why, in case you need to escape, flash can aid you. Also, you will notice your squishy, ranged enemies can most of the times tell, whenever they are in range for your ulti or not, so they will try to keep off your range. A quick cast of Flash and your ulti, will allow you to lock them down and destroy them)


-Using Exhaust instead of Flash, will slightly boost your early game, allowing you to slow effectively any enemy that keeps on running away from you and maybe score a kill. Though, a rank at your Blood Scent should be enough to lock down a fleeing enemy early game.

(Asten)-As about teaching you a spell, I think I can do that. But, we better meet for that some other day, preparations need to be made.

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Pros / Cons

(Summoners) - Are we done yet? I think we are ready to go by now.

(Asten)- HEY! We're not done yet.

Let's test what you summoners understood, so that I will be sure you will remain safe, when walking around the forest out there when the wolf wanders out there too.

Okay, you, summoner...tell me what is to be careful of, when encountering Warwick.


(Summoner) -Ehmmm, let's see.

-High and dangerous DPS
-Can execute high burst damage though combo of his spells.
-Really high ammount of health.
-Extremely durable to both physical and magic damage.
-High cooldown reduction-->High sustain through his spells-->Always ready to supress an enemy.
-Not a blue buff reliant

(Asten)-Very good. I see you know what you're up against to.
Now, you, summoner...tell me what you should aim to do against him.


(Summoner) -

-Since he has no other flaws, with many disables and receiving TONS of spells and attacks from his enemies, might get Warwick killed.(Big deal, disables can bring death to anyone)

If that doesn't work, since he has really HIGH health and is really durable to BOTH physical and magic damage, the best to do is...RUN!(So that he'll have some fun(It's only fun when they run))

(Asten)- That's right. You got the idea

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(Summoners) -Asten, now that we assured you, we know how to take care of ourselves out there, are we ready to go?

(Asten)- Yes, summoners, you are all ready to go.
It's been a pleasure to have you here, today.

(Summoners) -Oh, whatever Asten
*The summoners leave walk out the door*

- Byee!

(Asten)- Farewell, summoners.

(Now as the young summoners left the man's house, walking out of the forest, he was finally allowed to besides his beloved Soraka.)


Thank you, jhoi jhoi for your guide on "Coding for beginners", it was such an aid.


I do not own any of the pics I used.

The End