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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bloodyarrow8

Ba8's Shen - Pure Tank build

bloodyarrow8 Last updated on April 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Here is a guide where i'll show you how to maximize your support and tank your team to victory. Shen is a great champ, which is why he is basically perma-blocked in ranked games. I warn you however that to be good with shen, you MUST be MAP AWARE AT ALL TIMES for when a teammate needs help.

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Ki Strike is where Shen's damage comes from. The strength of this is based on your maximum health and recharges quicker as you get attacked by enemy champions. Save up for Ki Strike when going in to harass an enemy or last-hit a minion.

Vorpal Blade is your best friend in the laning process. It is a nice harasser, extremely low cooldown, and allows you and allies to sap health every time they attack the target. For this purpose, vorpal blade must be mastered first.

**Remember to use Vorpal Blade as much as possible to harass enemy champions.

Feint is a very underestimated ability. I cannot say how many times it has saved my life as even a small amount of health makes a huge difference. Master it last only because Vorpal Blade and Shadow Dash are more important, however you must level it at level 3.

** Feint is the ability to spam in team fights as long as your being targeted.

Shadow Dash will make picking off enemy champs a sinch. It is an AoE skillshot taunt but unfortunately very energy-consuming. ALWAYS initiate with this for the energy refund and of course to get your opponents to target you and not your teammate(s).

**Use Shadow Dash when an ally is being focused to prevent them from dying. Use Feint immediately after to reduce some damage you take.

Stand United is why Shen is perma-banned in ranked games. Its surprising to the enemy and will save your teammates lives numerous times. ALWAYS be map-aware and watch for conflicts so you can prepare to ult an allied champion. Make sure you have sustainable health as you will be taking some damage after teleporting to your ally.

**Watch the markers on your minimap - when an allied champ is near an enemy champ, go to that section of the map to make sure your ally is fine and be prepared to ultimate.

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The runes i use

Greater Mark of Insight - Shen's damage mostly comes from Ki Strike which is magic based, plus his Vorpal Blade so magic penetration increases the damage of these.

Greater Seal of Vitality - Some of the best Seals in the game which will make a good difference towards mid and late game.

Greater Glyph of Shielding - This tank rune increases your MR by 2.7 at lvl 18 which is around 20 altogether

Greater Quint. of Fortitude - I usually get flat HP which is awesome for early game survival and laning and they do help a fair bit in late game as well.

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0/21/9 giare my masteries. The basic Defence masteries are necessary for all tanks, and in utility i decided totake increase of monster buffs. As shen, you need plenty of CC so Red Buff is very important and the longer you have it, the better.

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I tend to level Vorpal Bladeas much as possible in the beginning making sure by level 4 i have all abilities leveled to at least 1. Vorpal blade will deal extra damage which is a great harasser and it will heal you and allies for more health from a tapped enemy allowing for more survivability. Level Stand United whenever possible, and once Vorpal Blade is mastered, level Shadow Dash and Feint.

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Summoner Spells

There is no ESSENTIAL summoner spell for Shen. he is good with most, it just comes down to personal preference.

Ghost - Shen has a good flash ability but it is an energy drainer so Ghost will save your life from time to time as well as give you and allies more kills. As you have an immediate CC, ghosting to catch escaping enemies and taunting them with allies nearby will add to your kills list.

Exhaust - My all time favourite summoner spell on every champ i use. It will slow and reduce the damage output of your opponent. Exhaust gives me kills all the time and it is great for helping allies, taking out enemy carries and escaping in some situations.

Some Other Decent Spells

Ignite - Shen should not be taking the kills, your carries should be, so i dont use this spell. It is however very useful for healing champions like Dr Mundo and anyone using a health pot as it will reduce healing by 50%.

Fortify - Can sometimes be useful when saving turrets, and adding the splash effect on your masteries makes it much more efficient. I do sometimes get it however i dont find it as useful as most other spells.

Teleport - Good for getting back into the game quickly which is important for Shen. You will be able to save turrets and it does help with ganking as well.

When placing wards, remember they can be teleported to. Try to place them at neutral moster buffs and dragon so if you see an enemmy low on health, you can easily pick them off.

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force of

Doran's Shield is great early game for staying in you lane. It allows you to be more aggressive and later on you can sell it if you like.

Another Option - Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions for constant healing. Only get this if you think you will be up against a really tough lane.

Ninja Tabi is great as it gives you 25 armor and is the only item to give you dodge. It is important when versing DPS champs as generally physically damage is the most damage you will receive.

Another Option - Mercury's Treads is good as it gives 25 magic resist but is only really useful if you are facing a lot of hard CC. Think carefully before deciding to choose this.

Aegis of the Legion is an item for you an your allies. The aura increases attack damage, armor and magic resistance, whilst you still get an additional amount of health. It is really one of the best tank items.

Force of Nature is what makes Shen a real Ninja. You get awesome health regen, heaps of magic resistance and a nice movement speed boost. You annot go wrong with Force of Nature, or as i like to call it, the FoN(z)

Thornmail is your huge defence against physical damage. You not only get 100 armor, but you return damage brought to you. If you are not facing much physical damage, skip this item, but most of the time it is a must.

Another Option - Sunfire Cape gives you armor, health and an offensive aura so it is very useful as a replacement for Thornmail.


You can grab these items based o personal preference, and your enemies. If for example you have an enemy Karthus, you will want a to try to repel his ultimate. For a more offensive late game, grab a , otherwise it is really up to you.

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Start with aCLOTH ARMOR and 5HEALTH POTSShen is awesome early game. Always stand behind your minions and last hit with auto attack or vorpal blade. Always be prepared to throw a vorpal blade at the enemy champs when they come in range. Only use shadow dash when an enemy is escaping, you need to escape or to save teammates. Always use feint after shadow dash to slightly reduce damage taken. Try to remain in the lane until you have at least 1175 + 350 gold so you can buyHEART OF GOLD and BOOTS OF SPEED.

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Mid Game

By now you should haveMERCURY TREADS,Heart of Gold and buildingSUNFIRE CAPE. You need to have a lot of map awareness. Watch out for teammates in case of ganks and team battles so you can use your ultimate to grab some kills. Push your lane but be careful of mias by hiding in grass and staying away from the jungle area. Be quick when escaping making sure you activate ghost immediately and shadow dash without hitting enemy champs (so they dont attack you). *Remember shadow dash goes through walls as well so use this wisely.

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Late Game

You should have yourSUNFIRE CAPE,FORCE OF NATURE and buildingFROZEN MALLET. You are extremely tanky so use this well. Initiate team fights making sure your team is fighting with you not running away.

If the game goes long enough, getATMA's IMPALER. This will give you an armor boost, and use your HP to create AD. After this,try to build aRANDUIN's OMEN. It will take time but it is worth it.

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Team Work

Shen is a team player. As leading tank, you need to be in front of your team scare your opponents. Expect to take damage and always be ready to shadow dash an enemy if they get too close. ALWAYS make sure your team is ready to fight. If they back out you might not make it back.

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Ability Combos

You are a ninja so your abilities can be devastating to opponents. Start with vorpal blade so you can sap hp then shadow dash to taunt. If you have feint, use it now because you are being attacked. Continue attacking. Frozen mallet will slow them down so you can afford to spam vorpal blade, but if you dont have frozen mallet, save energy for shadow dash

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When to use your ult
- You see a fight which can be won
- A teammate is fleeing from an enemy
- You think someone might be ganked or you need to teleport somewhere to save a turret, etc.

REMEMBER! Only use ult on champs who wont die b4 you get there otherwise it is a waste and you might die too.

Ask more Questions so I can fill this section up!!