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Gangplank General Guide by MasterCardPlank

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MasterCardPlank

Bankplank - The cash machine [S5]

MasterCardPlank Last updated on February 3, 2015
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.............STILL ...........ALIVE!

This is the first Guide I've ever written, so show me some mercy :)

Why do I wanted to write a guide?
The main reason is that I LOVE GANGPLANK and that I want to show the ppl that BANKPLANK is still alive.
I only see ppl playing GP in one way, my intention is to present another way to play GP. Of course it was a hard nerf for Bankplank, that gold items became unique or/ and get removed...
|rip in peace - heart of gold & philosopher's stone|
But no problem there is still a viable way to play Bankplank and im gonna show it you :)

I am playing LoL since few years on the euw server and i know my english isnt the best but i dont care we're gonna talk bout BANKPLANK and not lingustics !

So i hope you gonna enjoy my guide!

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These are your standart runes and the Greater Quintessence of Gold makes you to that what you are
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$-A MONEY MACHINE-$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

May you ask me why arent we using these Greater Seal of Gold ?
So these seals would have the effect of 2,25 gold per 10 secs. Thats seems to be nice for BANKPLANK but i prefer the armor.
Coz you have to know that you're gonna do much money, but you also have to work for your money.
That means we have to farm much, and well farming needs lane sustainability.
GP is a squishy champ so lets dont be even more squishy.

{UPDATE-> Since they nerfed the armor seals you could also use these seals Seal of Scaling Health}


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Gold

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The important points for BANKPLANK are the points in Greed !

I also decided for a mix of defensiv and offensiv tree coz you have to do damage and need sustainability on your toplane to stay and farm enough.
But feel free to change your masteries if you focus more on aggressive playstyle.


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1. Back

2. Back minimum


and or


Spellthief's Edge is our standart opening and our new alternative for philosopher's stone. More money, more ap/mana reg = stronger heal+more PARRRLEY = longer lane sustainability more farm = MORE MONEY.
Why we dont start with Ancient Coin? There are two reason. 1. it doesnt gives you any gold per 10 secs and 2. it only gives you gold, when you DONT KILL a minion. Its paradox to buy this item with the intention to farm well Spellthief's Edge gives you 2 gold per 10 secs and if u basic attack a champion you earn 4 gold (every 10secs). This effect its not dat amazing but the chances are higher to basic attack a champion than missing farm :D
(I also prefer to buy Frostfang after first back for more gold reg.)

I think there is not much 2 say...2 gold per 10 sec and extra 2 gold for every last hit. Combine this effect with your lasthitting bonus of Parrrley =
wow much money very dagobert


Frozen Mallet
If you need some health and enemy team has some champions with jump, Frozen Mallet wouldnt be a bad choice..

Phantom Dancer
If you re playing long match where you just earned heavy mounts of money you could sell your Boots of Speed to buy this item. Its a oldschool Gangplank item that is still viable and became forgotten. So much crit let you burst the enemys to bankruptcy :-D

Some other items
Every play style is different and some items are optional. If you re playing in a very squishy team you could buy a Sunfire Cape (I dont really like Tankplank). If you have to splitpush you can combine your Sunfire with Ravenous Hydra. If you are not a fan of Statikk Shiv you can also build your Avarice Blade to a Youmuu's Ghostblade. Feel free to buy what you want in lategame you will have enough money to buy everything you want :-)

if you re gonna build your Avarice Blade very early into a Youmuu's Ghostblade or Statikk Shiv, just buy a second Avarice Blade coz as a Youmuus or a Statikk it lost its gold effect!

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Skill Sequence

BANKPLANK has the same skilling order like other Ganplanks.

You have to max your Parrrley first to lasthit every single minion with it!

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Pros / Cons


+ loot?!
+ strong lategame
+ heavy damage output mid to lategame
+ farming and pushing beast
+ always more money than ur opponent


- weak early
- no escape chance when W on CD
- farm dependent
- needs expensive build... just kidding u r BANKPLANK!

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How much money?

So lets sum up how much dough we are earning in 10 secs!

  • Our runes Greater Quintessence of Gold gives us 3 gold per 10 seconds.
  • Our mastery Greed gives us 1,5 gold per 10 seconds.
  • Spellthief's Edge and Avarice Blade gives us 2 and 3 gold per 10 seconds.

    That means in total we earn 9,5 gold per 10 seconds!
    With a lasthit dependent on which minion u can usually earn 17-40 gold but with the effect of Parrrley and Avarice Blade you can add a sum of 6-10 gold.

    With this build you should be able to earn in a 40- 45 min game easily like over 20k. This is possible even when you lose your lane but farm well.

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Some examples

1. Bankplank top
Here is a good example of a game where I was losing my lane. Singed was like 20-40 farm over in early game. I got ganked early and was 0/2 after ~20 mins.
But it didnt throw me out of game.
He started "proxying" and I focused on farming and helped my team mates with my ulti to get some assists. In mid-late game I just earned so much money that I reached my core build. How is that possible? Well when you farmed 150 creeps as Bankplank, it's like you farmed over ~200 creeps. And that is the effect of your 11,5 Gold per 10 s. and of the nice effect of Gangplanks Q combined with Avarice Blade.
This was like the turning point of this match. I started to burst the enemy carries down in few seconds.
Here you can see the result of the game :-)

2. Bankplank support
That is not really the standart situation, but I just want to show that it is even possible to support Bankplank and still earn so much money like a carry. And yes I really supported my adc; didnt last hit on lane and bought wards :-)
(Yes there are much better supports than Bankplank, but it is a funny alternate with an excellent Q harassment and E buff for your adc)
(These matches are from Season 4!)

Guide Top

The end

Thank you for your attention! I hope you enjoyed reading my first guide.
May this seems to be a troll build, but believe me give this guide a chance! :-)
Test it by your own!

I would be happy about some feedbacks. Thank you!

Gol D Plank - deliverer of Bankplank

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UP to date

Since Frostfang nerf our Gold per 10 sec. regeneration decreased by 2 Gold. Thats mean we are just earning 9,5 Gold per 10 sec. now. This isnt that much dramatic, but i am still hoping for a new Gold/10s Item...

Gangplank will get a rework :/ I don't really know how I should be feel about it.
Imo he isn't UP atm but a buff would be great. They could buff his global but I just hope that they don't change his Parrrley ...

ZenonTheStoic returned to the "Why do we do reworks" thread to discuss more upcoming reworks, noting that both Gangplank and Darius have reworks of some sort in the pipeline:

"Irelia - Coldish. I think we need to spend some more time thinking about what we want bruisers to be.
Akali - Cold. I feel she's in a decent place. Her dueling potential may be too high, but in team fights enemies have tools to control her. She benefited a little from the removal of oracle's, but it's not the end of the world (note that in the Voyboy game today we saw an Akali snowball crazy out of control. Any champion is going to be a problem at 11/0)
Gangplank - Hot hot hot. RiotGMang is working on a rework that has us all very excited. He very much keeps his global cannon barrage ult and gets one very cool new ability that I don't want to spoil. GMang will talk about it when he's ready. However I still think the rework needs more treasure.
Darius - Reasonably hot. We have a rework that sort of got 90% of the way there. We want to position Darius as a teamfight time bomb (get to max stacks bleed and dunk fools). One of our brilliant interns worked on this last year and RiotScruffy finished it up. It's currently mothballed as we wait for art resources (there are other reworks that are much higher on the list in terms of art). Scruffy himself can probably talk more about this. Personally I enjoyed jungling the new Darius a LOT in our internal playtests."

Riot GMang also popped up to add just a little more about Gangplank rework, replying that GP won't be losing his Remove Scurvy ability:
"Don't worry he still binges on citrus. He's still Gangplank. Maybe even more Gangplank. :)"

source: Surrender at 20


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