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Brand Build Guide by MikeFP

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MikeFP

Brand - Catching Fire (Item Build Focused)

MikeFP Last updated on December 19, 2013
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Hi, summoners! ^^' This is my first guide on Mobafire. I chose Brand because I like so much playing with him and...

Spoiler: Click to view

This is a build I created by reading each Ability Power Item's Description and choosing the coolest ones \o/. It worked. So I'm posting it to spread the fire of my idea by other people.

Enjoy it.

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About Champion and Skills

The Champion

Brand is an AP Carry champion, and usually he goes top or middle lane, but I choose bottom sometimes and he's nice too :). His skills are ranged with a difficult aim, so, you can fight alone, but in team you will be more sure at least three of four of your skills will hit e_e'. He has a nice damage-over-time too *-*.


Blaze (Passive) - This passive skill allows you to apply the Blaze state on each enemy hitted by your skills, assuring additional effects to them. And also, it has a funny effect: deals 8% of target's maximum health by 4 seconds. Brand's abilities gain additional effects if Blaze is activated on the target.


  • Blaze grants you to stun your enemy when Sear is casted.
  • Try to activate Blaze's effect on as many people as you can, so you can enjoy better your skills' secondary effects.
  • Pillar of Flame takes out more health (25% more) off a Blazed target(s).
  • Blaze also spreads Conflagration to nearby enemies as long as the targets are with the said state.
  • Blaze's effect lasts 4 seconds, be sure you'll hit your skills within this time.

Sear (Q) -


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Skill Combos

General Situations

Alright, I'll be direct and clear: due to Brand's Blaze and its secondary effects on the other spells, the skill sequence I recommend to use is :

You should use Conflagration first because it's the unique skill that has target before you unlock your ultimate Pyroclasm. Even with the additional effect with Blaze passive, it's not much useful on a fight against champions, since Pillar of Flame - if hitted right - already let the target(s) on fire and do more damage than Conflagration would do.

Sear requires a good aim and sense of where-my-enemy-will-be-considering-the-time-my-searing-ball-will-spend-to-reach-him, but if you hit it right, your combo will become more powerful, since the target will get stunned and you will be sure your Pillar of Flame will hit him with its 25% damage bonus from Blaze's additional effect on this skill.

In the end, your most damage dealer skill is Pillar of Flame, since it deals 25% more damage when Blaze is activated on target. If you did the entire combo, this skill will make your enemy sunshine. Literally.


After using this combo, use Pyroclasm on your enemy to take away more health from him, praying to your Blaze's effect still be on targets arround to make your pyro-ball jump this way on the targets:

1-> main target ->2->minion or second champion ->3-> another champion arround (since when the target is Blaze-ing, the next target will be a champion) - luckly the main one ->4->minion or the another champion ->5->miraculously the main again, probably finishing he off.


  • I recommend you to hit your Pillar of Flame right on near enemy(ies) of your target, because if he(them) is(are) surrounded by non-blazed minions or champions, your ult skill Pyroclasm may not hurt him(t...well, you get it) more than one or two times.
  • If you feel your enemy will try to flee, cast your Ignite spell.
  • If even after all you know your target won't die and will flee before you can reach him, use my Items Chapter's Fleeing Enemy Session to learn how to try to get him closer.

Other Situations

Minions crowd

Well, I don't know if it just happens to my team, but, sometimes, when the game is going good, a message is heard: "Your tower has been destroyed". I look at the map and see a big crowd of minions walking to the next tower. Me, as the good person I am, go there and try to counter the minion revolution .-. While my teammates are scoring pentakills and being legendaries, I use this skill sequence to quickly counter the crowd of minions:

When you reach them, use Pillar of Flame on the crowd center to turn the minions into street fires walking by the ground.

After turning them into little flaming balls, use Conflagration to steal the tower's and allies minions' kills, and also spread your fire by non-hitted lucky minions arround.


  • Try to hit as many minions as you can with the "big"circle the Pillar of Flame provides you e_e, this way Conflagration will hit so much more minions - and probably kill them, assuring to you some gold xD - than it would with a bad aim on Pillar of Flame.

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Fleeing Enemies

When you are fighting against a single enemy, your items may help you. Use your abilities and - obviously - try to kill him. If he try to flee, cast your Flash (or Ghost) spell and follow him.

If you don't want to spend them, -what is very common- use the item -if you have it- Twin Shadows. It will send two spirits to search a near enemy, usually they will target the one you are following. If they get him, he will gain 40% of Movement Speed Reduction and will be revealed, so it won't get out of view on the map or your screen, and you can get closer and kill him.

If you can use this item wisdomly you can combine it with Liandry's Torment if you want, since if the target is slow, it will deal more damage (together with your Blaze passive effect).

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So, that's it :).

Feel free to comment and give more tips or changes I would do to have a better game, because that's what we summoners are looking for: the best way to build characters and have a nice play ^-^.

Grammar corrections are appreciated too, since I'm brazilian o/!

P.S.: I'm still going to add more thing to give more help and clear some doubts, this is temporary.