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Evelynn Build Guide by DangerxRanger

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DangerxRanger

Burst their faces off

DangerxRanger Last updated on September 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my guide on Evelynn. Evelynn is an exetremely fragile stealth oriented champion who can go either ad or ap. This guide is for ap eve because everytime I go ad I get stomped. Just to let everyone know this guide is for jungle, mid or top Eve. Yeah she's versatile like that ;)

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Champion Spotlight

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Pros and Cons

High burst damage
Can go invisible
Pro ganks
Great ultimate
Spammable q
Eats squishies for breakfast
AP caster but not reliant on blue(Thanks to passive)

Very squishy
Not a lot of damage until she gets items
When the enemy team doesnt suck they will buy pinks
Very kill reliant
It's really hard to call the enemy team *****s as Eve

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The quick how to

As an AP caster Eve's job is to burst down a carry and hopefully pick up a kill for the team. I'm gonna go through her skills and basically tell you how to play Eve well.

(Passive) Shadow Walk
This is Eve's bread and butter. Without this Eve is basically just another AP caster with no range less health. You'll want to pay attention to the circle around Eve when you invisible so you don't accidentally reveal yourself. With this skill you are able to jump out at enemies and go 'SURPRISE *****!'(More on that in the ganking section.)
Another thing not to be forgotten is that while stealthed Eve gains 1% mana every second. This is huge because 1. Eve is AP 2. Spamming q cost muchos mana
So when you jungle make sure to give your blue buff to you mid, you can survive without it.

(Q) Hate Spike
This is Eve's spammable skill. When you gank or harass you want to land as many of these as possible without getting hit. As Eve mid beware that abusing this will kill your mana. You'll spend a lot of time being stealthed so you can regain your mana but you'll miss out on CS.
This skill also procs with Spirit of the Elder Lizard and Liandrys Torment, making those items very important with the build. If you are mid however you might benefit more from skipping the Spirit of the Elder Lizard.

(W) Dark Frenzy
This is a nice skill for Eve. It removes all slows and gives you a 30% movement speed buff on use. While you might want to use it to enter fights or ganking, you might benefit by waiting to use this for when the enemies use their slows. It really depends on whether the enemies have slows or not.

(E) Ravage
Another nice skill. After the use you get an attack speed buff which procs well with Spirit of the Elder Lizard Spirit of the Elder Lizard

(R) Agony's Embrace
Sw-eeet skill honestly. It does % damage which is great and gives you a shield. If you're ganking with this make sure to use this skill first because it scales on current health rather than maximum. In teamfights pop this when the fight is initiated and their whole team is bunched together it will make your shield stronger. When you have little health and a opponent is chasing you with little health you can use this on them while they aren't expecting it. You just might be able to get off a kill from an otherwise bad situation. Just another way Eve says, 'SURPRISE'

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Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks you can use while playing Eve.
1. After the first blue buff while jungling you can pop a Health Potion or two and wait invisible by their red. When the enemy jungler goes to get it they'll have less than full health and you just wait for them to almost kill red. When the time is ripe hop out of invisibility and say, 'SURPRISE *****!'
2. As mid Eve you can gank other lanes or counter jungle. You go invisible so much the opposing mid probably wont call mia. Beware of pink wards however.
3. When an opponent is chasing you with low health pop your Agony's Embrace on them and eqqqqe their butt.
4. If you find yourself running from the enemy team in their jungle sometimes if you go invisible at the right time you can run to the outside wall of their base and recall.
5. If the enemy team is buying a lot of pink wards, it might be beneficial to buy an oracles elixir.
6. If you get fed at mid then always Always ALWAYS gank for other lanes. You will become a nuisance to the other team help your own team tremendously by helping them get ahead.
7. If you go mid and grab teleport instead of ignite then you can teleport to wards or Teemo's Noxious Trap. For those of you who didn't figure, after you teleport you hop out and say, 'SURPRISE!'

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This is where you show your enemies why being invisible is the bee's knees. Typically when ganking you'll want to get behind your enemy if you can and then ult and spam q and e. Get slowed? W that mess off. Even if you don't kill the enemy you'll do considerable damage especially after you get the Liandrys.
If the action is already started by the time you get there you might as well use your w. Chances are the enemy has already use their slows on your own teammate. If you gank top or bot lane you can come up through the lane and hide in the bushes. Then you pop out and say, 'SURPISE!'
Beware of ganking at low health. Eve is VERY fragile so unless you can easily come in and pick off a kill you'll want to go home or use Agony's Embrace
Also beware of ganking at a low level. You wont be doing much damage until you build some items.
Here check out EpicGeekery's video on ganks with Eve

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Mid/Top Eve

As mid Eve you'll usually start boots plus 3 hp pots plus 1 mp pot. Use your q to get minions and harass like nobodies business. To harass you can wait behind minions until you go invisible and then pop up in their face and spray q's like an uzi. As mid Eve you are probably gonna want to skip Spirit of the Elder Lizard but maybe you want it to help your CS. Dont engage unless you have a junglers help or you have harassed the enemy to low health. Gank other lanes if you have a good amount of hp and the enemy goes home to get more mana.

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Jungle Route

Here is a typical jungling route. Whether you do golems or not is up to you but typically I find that they take a lot of health so you might benefit from waiting til after you gank to do golems.
Start blue with help from mid and bottom or top lane.When you start to gank don't forget to keep jungling, as the enemy team will continue to increase their CS while you wait in the bush for the perfect time.
On your first back you'll want to be able to buy a Spirit Stone, Boots of Speed and some pots. A Long Sword if your ambitious and another if you got fed.

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You are an assassin. Do NOT go in first. You hang back and wait for the fight to be initiated. Pop your ult. Pop your deathfire grasp active if you have it. Preferably on the adc or apc. You'll want your team to focus the adc or apc. If they aren't then somethings wrong. After you ult and use the deathfire active, you go in and attack the high priority targets(ADC and APC!) and then get out. By the time the ADC is dead you will probably be at low health. Thats when you get out and wait for the stragglers.

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Thanks for viewing my guide. I hope I provided some good information on the great champion that is Eve. Perhaps you can take what you've learned here and put it to use. Perhaps you'll upvote. Perhaps you wont. GL HF everybody!