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Camille Build Guide by mirakuru166

Top Camille build top Season 7 (build guide S7)

Top Camille build top Season 7 (build guide S7)

Updated on August 3, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mirakuru166 Build Guide By mirakuru166 7 2 469,333 Views 12 Comments
7 2 469,333 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author mirakuru166 Camille Build Guide By mirakuru166 Updated on August 3, 2017
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Hey guys welcome to this short guide on how to play Camille. She's a new champion so i still need to test if some things are better then other. If you have any suggestions don't bother to let me know so i can update this guide! :)
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Send you best LoL plays for my new series

Hello people, here is my latest video on a top 5 plays series :) i'm looking for players who want to send their own plays for upcomming episodes! :) (or some feedback) Thank you all! :)
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You can counter camille's ult with a Zhonya's Hourglass or by picking a champion like Lee Sin, Alistar or Vayne who can knock her out of her ult. The ult disapears when camille is knocked out. A Tahm Kench can eat the target out of camille's ult. Teemo is also a strong pick with his Blinding Dart because this will cancel your Precision Protocol wich gives you most of your damage.
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some people like to go for Courage of the Colossus but i prefere to take Fervor of Battle . When you hit your stun with Courage of the Colossus you will get a nice shield but since her passive Adaptive Defenses already gives you a shield i find it better to go for the extra damage of Fervor of Battle . If you want to build her more tank and be a good front line in the teamfights you could go for Courage of the Colossus .

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I usually pick 3 damage items followed by 2 tank items but if you want to switch it up a little the choose is up to you. When you finnish your Trinity Force you will get a nice damage spike so i would always recommend to finish this item first. To help you farm with Camille I always build a Tiamat as first item.
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Skill Sequence

i prefer to max your Precision Protocol followed by Hookshot / Wall Dive and Tactical Sweep as last but you can also max your Hookshot / Wall Dive first if you prefer. this will also give you some nice stats and the shorter cooldown gives you great mobility. If you're against a champion that gives heavy poke you can take your Tactical Sweep first so you don't have to run up to every minion and it gives a little sustain.
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You can also go for Ignite or Exhaust depending on the match up but in blind pick i think Teleport is the best choose.
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Pros / Cons

  • she has alot of mobility with the Hookshot / Wall Dive
  • your ult is nice against champions with alot of escapes like a yasuo or a riven that can just dash around the map
  • she does crazy damage
  • nice damage on towers
  • great at giving ganks to other lanes
  • great engage and easy poke

  • hard to play when you're behind cause you need to go all-in
  • long cooldowns but if you go for some cooldown reduction it will be okay
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Camille doesn't has alot of wave clear that's why i prefer to build a tiamat early game. This in combination with your Tactical Sweep will give you a nice wave clear. you can also use your Hookshot / Wall Dive to kill minions but then you don't have an escape or engage so i wouldn't recommend it. :)
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Match history with this build

I played like 10 games yesterday here are a few of them where i followed this build. :)
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Team Work

Try to ult on the ADC or mid-laner (or another high priority enemie) so you and your team can finish them. Your ult is also very good against champions with alot of mobility so use it on a Yasuo or LeBlanc to prevent them from escaping or dashing to your back line.
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I hope this helped you! I will update this guide whille i play her more! Leave some feedback :)

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