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Master Yi Build Guide by Blades From Hell

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blades From Hell

Carrying Knows No Meta - The Only Yi Build You'll Ever Need

Blades From Hell Last updated on February 20, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 12

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Cunning: 18

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Master Yi This guide is superior to whatever boring ass meta shit they're building.
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I'll bet you just clicked on this because it looked weird. I mean, you saw Cleanse so this has to be either brilliant or stupid. Though I am bad, this build is guaranteed to carry any (reasonable) game. Master Yi was my first real main, and when I got back to him recently I tried out my old build to see how it would stand in the current meta. Needless to say, it still works like a charm, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this. I hope you enjoy reading this guide, and that you will find a place for this build in your games.

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Pros / Cons


-Great cooldowns
-So easy to pick up a gecko could do it
-Can solo Baron when built right *cough* this build *cough*
-Can always come back late game
-Doesn't seem to acknowledge enemy armor, just shreds them apart anyways
-Hard to catch or run from, depending on what you need to do

-Weak early game
-Common ban in low elo
-Shut down very easily by hard CC
-Ganks are weak pre-6, hardly any better post-6, needs a lot of setup tbh
-Carry too hard and you'll be focused the whole game

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Smite Smite is essential for all junglers, enough said.

Cleanse Cleanse is my go-to secondary spell if the enemy team has more than 1 reasonable hard cc (a Singed's Fling into Mega Adhesive wouldn't count as one), especially if multiple enemy champions have a hard CC spell. The only two things that can stop a Yi are immediate deletion by a fed mid/ADC, or hard cc (we don't speak of knockups here). Taking Cleanse gives you some comfort knowing something like a Braum's Concussive Blows won't stop you from getting you and your ADC ahead.

Ignite Ignite, it's extra true damage that helps secure early kills and is kinda useless in the late game, since no enemy will last more than 3 seconds near you, if they're lucky.

Teleport Teleport is the spell I would take as a secondary if the enemy team doesn't meet my Cleanse standards. You have global pressure and become even more of a splitpushing monster than you already are. Also useful for getting to Dragon and Baron's pits quickly, cutting people off, etc.

Flash Flash is what most will take second and I get why: wall hopping, clutching a kill and you forgot to click the dang lantern, gap closer, etc. This is the recommended secondary spell for inexperienced Yi players.

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Skill Sequence

Double Strike The first spell we'll look at is Double Strike, your passive. Every 4th auto strikes twice, the second dealing 50% damage. This synergizes well with devourer, which is one of the reasons we'll be building it.

Alpha Strike Alpha Strike is a very important spell in multiple ways. In fact, it is the most important spell of your kit (maybe Highlander but you'll build enough attack speed to not really NEED it, plus Youmuu's Ghostblade gets you in range to close the gap). Alpha Strike is a point-and-click spell that hits up to 4 targets while making you invulnerable. It deals 25 (+100% of your AD) in physical damage, scaling 35 per point put into it. This spell also deals bonus damage to minions and monsters and can crit for 60% of your AD in physical damage. Alpha Strike's CD is lowered by 1 second per AA. Aside from being a gap closer, this spell is useful for juking skillshots, like Morgana and Lux bindings. When you pull these off you also save your Cleanse for more dangerous CC, such as a Malzahar Nether Grasp. This ability will be maxed first.

Meditate Meditate is the only reason you're useful early. This is your sustain spell that heals you over 4 seconds for 30 HP per second, scaling 20 per second per point put into it plus 15% of your AP. This healing is increased by 1% for every 1% of health you're missing and gives you 50% reduced damage done to you while channeling, scaling +5% per point put into it. This spell is used in high elo as an early AA resetter, but the long CD means you must be sure you can escape the fight alive. This spell will be maxed last.

Wuju Style Wuju Style is this glorious spell that gives you 10% bonus AD passively and 10 (+10% of AD) true damage when active, scaling 5 (+2.5% bonus AD) per point put in. The passive AD of this spell is lost while it's on CD, but that doesn't matter since you'll have already killed everyone you needed to by the time the active is over. This ability will be maxed second.

Highlander Highlander, or the "Sanic Panic" as it has unfortunately gotten the nickname over here, is pretty simple: it passively reduces the CD's of your basic abilities by 70% when you kill or help kill someone, and when active it gives 25% movespeed and 30% attack speed, scaling 10% movespeed and 25% attack speed for point put into it. You also gain immunity to slows while Highlander is active and can extend the duration of it for 4 seconds per each champion kill or assist you get while it's active. There isn't much to say about this spell, it keeps you on the enemy's tail (with the help of Cleanse in some situations) and helps you cut them down faster. You put a point into this whenever you can.

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Now I was still a newbie to runes back in the day, so I can't give a decent explanation for this, but I'll try. You get 3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage because AD is very tasty and we love it. Your 9 Greater Seal of Armor and 9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist are essential because without resistances of some sort you won't last a second out there. Now we toss in 6 Greater Mark of Attack Damage into the marks because you can never have enough, and the 3 Greater Mark Of Armor Penetration to help the AD marks and quints do their job.

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Lemme start with the keystone since that's the most confusing part. Stormraider's Surge is the best choice of keystone in my opinion since the goal of this build is to melt people late game, and the bonus movespeed is gonna make hunting the uncoordinated enemies quicker and easier. I would have chosen Warlord's Bloodlust, but Youmuu's got the crit taken off of it by the time I made the mastery page, so now our earliest crit is all the way down at the Infinity Edge, which is a lot of gold we have to farm up before we get there.
For the Cunning branch I start with Wanderer for the bonus movespeed that gets us to our ganks faster, essential for most any jungler. Runic Affinity is also an essential jungler mastery since we're the main recipients of the buffs for our team, so let's make the most out of them. Merciless beats Meditation because Yi isn't very mana hungry except a little bit early game, and the increased damage is always a good thing to have. Dangerous Game comes next since this build is made to melt anything in your path and carry your team, meaning you'll get a lot of kills. This sustain will come in handy during teamfights. Precision is great for melting whoever opposes you, especially in the late game.

Now for the Ferocity branch. You'll take Fury because you're an AA based champion, Double-Edged Sword since it's more damage and you don't need the sustain from Feast, Natural Talent for scaling damage, and Bounty Hunter because you're a carry who will kill everybody on the enemy team.

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Creeping / Jungling + Farming

The path I prefer to go for my first clear is Gromp into Blue Buff, followed by Wolves, Raptors, then Red Buff or Krugs in either order (Note: Wolves are very risky, sometimes within one AA of death. Have your pinkie ready on Alpha Strike). Sometimes if I come out of my Blue side clear a bit worse than usual I'll pause and take a Scuttlecrab, and I always take the Red side Scuttlecrab after I clear that side, since you should smite the Krugs over Red Buff. You should only have used two potions by the end of your first clear usually, but it can be one if your leash is perfect or all three if you had an early gank or jungler encounter/counterjungling.

Now remember, you are a Devourer Jungler, meaning you will gank less frequently than other junglers. Ganking will likely happen when you have 2 or less camps to take or if a lane is/will soon feed. Yi is also a post-6 ganker, so you should make it clear to your laners that if they're having a hard time farming or trading that they need to play defensively (you'd be surprised how many need you to walk them through it). There is an exception to this ganking rule where the enemy laner keeps leaving themselves open to consecutive ganks that can get you and that ally lane ahead. Capitalize on these opportunities whenever you can.

It's highly encouraged to take Rift Herald at least once for the 5 stack boost he offers, so try and rally top or mid for him when you finish a gank for them, or if the solo lanes are already winning so hard they can leave long enough to grab Herald without major consequence. We know how important dragons are, and moreso for you since you want those tasty 5 stacks. The same conditions for taking Rift Herald apply to Dragon, but with bot lane (and vision is more important, so always take a Scuttlecrab at the very least prior to starting a Dragon). Scuttlecrabs offer 2 stacks, which is why I advise taking them after your first clear to get the timers, but the amount of time this takes can be inefficient, so don't always go for it.

The latest you should sate on any decent game is 21:00-21:30, and the earliest is typically around 17:00-18:00

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Playing As

-Look around before you Q, you might end it in the middle of some hard CC or some unholy burst
-Use Meditate in early fights as an AA reset

Playing Against
-Target him early, the longer it takes for him to get his items the better your odds of winning (even the worst Yi can carry once they hit full build)
-Play a heavy counterjungling champion such as Shaco or Lee Sin if you can, you'll keep him from sating his devourer while also getting kills and hopefully tilting him
-Play hard CC champions, especially knockup champions. A Yi's only nightmare is hard CC, and knockups can't be cleansed or mercurial'd

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But Wait, There's More!

This is nowhere near complete and I'll be sure to update it every so often so stay tuned, folks!