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Kassadin Build Guide by Yasukeh

Middle Challenger Kassadin Guide by Yasukeh

Middle Challenger Kassadin Guide by Yasukeh

Updated on June 10, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yasukeh Build Guide By Yasukeh 670 160 2,571,851 Views 15 Comments
670 160 2,571,851 Views 15 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Yasukeh Kassadin Build Guide By Yasukeh Updated on June 10, 2021
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Runes: Snowballing Rune page

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Taste of Blood
Ghost Poro
Ravenous Hunter

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2
Aggressive Summoners
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Challenger Kassadin Guide by Yasukeh

By Yasukeh
Hello everyone! I am Yasukeh. Kassadin has been a pick that I have played consistently since season 3. At the end of Season 3, I stayed up for 36 hours and drank 20+ 8 oz. Redbulls to hit plat at the end while spamming Kassadin, and I did it with just a couple hours to spare..

Kassadin is a champion that greatly rewards game knowledge, your skill on the champion will rapidly increase with more time spent into the champion. Knowing the amount of damage you can put out, and when you can hop into teamfights will make or break your success on this champion.

I'm creating this guide to help you all have as many tools as possible to help you become successful on one of the most rewarding champions in the game to play!

I have reached Challenger in May 2021.

If you would like to check me out elsewhere, You can find me at:


I will be continually updating this guide to add more information, such as Matchups/Mid game/Late game/other builds/etc. soon, along with making the guide nicer to look at in general. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions about anything in the guide, don't hesitate to hop by my stream and ask! If I'm not streaming, I can answer any question on my discord!
Preseason thoughts
This is one of the worst times for Kassadin. The removal of Rod of Ages and the lack of shield on Seraph's Embrace effectively remove over 1000 health from your build, and there isn't anything to replace it. He is one of the lowest winrate Midlaners in this season so far, sitting around 40% winrate or lower, depending on the elo. This was made worse by the constant unneeded nerfs Kassadin received in Season 10. None of the Mythics are particularly good for him, and other champions got exactly what they wanted, especially AD Assassins.

Perhaps there is some unknown build that makes Kassadin busted, and I will be updating this throughout the preseason as new builds are found. Kassadin will likely be receiving buffs soon to make up for how weak he is currently. As it stands, I would recommend playing other champions in the meantime until Riot does a pass on Kassadin.

Kassadin is significantly weaker early, his item spikes come in later, his item spikes aren't as strong relative to others, and he is much squishier even after spiking, especially with all the extra damage everyone does.


This change greatly increases his beefiness, and somewhat makes up for Rod of Ages being removed.

Making the ult cost less mana somewhat solves the issue of there being fewer viable mana options to buy. Kassadin is still weaker than he was last season, but he is definitely playable in the right situation now, as opposed to never being good.

This change makes stacking tear much easier, and allows you to complete it at roughly the same time as S10. Starting Tear is still bad, and this makes getting it on your first or second back much safer, since it takes less time to stack.

Overall, I think Kassadin has developed into a strong champion this season, especially if you pick him into good matchups. There have been many changes to address his items, and he is more than okay to pick this season, given you have a decent matchup.


+1v9 Potential
+Incredible mobility
+Easy backline priority in teamfights
+High single target and AoE damage
+Can evade wards well with Riftwalk while roaming
+Strong against AP champions
+Splitpushes well

+Hard snowball potential
+Rewarding to put time into
+Insanely high burst damage
+Can melt even tanks later on
+Can both dive, and protect AD in teamfights well


-Weak into AD matchups
-Prone to ganks pre 6
-Very low skirmish/invade pressure
-Easy to fall behind
-Hard to get back into game once behind
-Can take too long to scale
-Easy to run out of mana if ult isn't used properly
-High banrate
-Low waveclear early

Fleet Footwork is the keystone that synergizes with Kassadin the best. He has a rough time actually getting into the game, and the sustain gives you time to scale up and be able to survive laning phase. The keystone works particularly well with Kassadin, since he is a ranged AP champion. The AP scaling on the rune is very generous, and melee champions don't have the penalty where healing on minions is only 20% effective. You can easily end up healing 300-400 per proc with Fleet late game, which is a very nice boost to your survivability. The Movement speed is also very useful for you to be able to grab a CS, and speed into safety before you can be harassed.

Presence of Mind keeps you topped off on mana, which is really important if you want to continuously use Max stack ults.

Legend: Tenacity is simply the best option in this tree, since you don't benefit from lifesteal or attack speed. Since Kassadin is so vulnerable to CC, this tenacity does end up being very useful.

Coup De Grace is universally the best rune in this set for virtually every champion, and will give you the most damage. It lets you burst people down, and helps you finish off kills.

Taste of Blood is simply another source of sustain to keep you healthy enough to farm safely. This also incentivizes you to poke and trade, especially when they are trying to trade with you, to make use of the shield.

Ravenous Hunter gives you a very healthy amount of sustain from damage, especially when paired with Rod of Ages. The stacking mechanic also heavily gives you the incentive to roam, since it impacts your sustain. When you don't have stacks, try to show up to as many fights as you can to get those stacks started.

Electrocute is a page you would take if you don't need to worry too much about surviving, and instead think you can play aggressively. This page paired with Ignite and the Nether Blade buffs make the amount of damage you can do in early trades come within lethal range. If you aren't against someone who can push you out of lane, I would highly recommend taking this page.

Taste of Blood gives you extra sustain when you trade, and this page trades frequently. This bit of sustain comes in handy especially when you aren't opting into Fleet Footwork. If you want to fully spec into aggression, consider taking Sudden Impact, as this rune gives you pen whenever you flash and ult, which gives your more damage on your full rotation, making it more likely you will one shot someone.

Eyeball Collection is simply the better damage rune, and doesn't require any specific mini games for you to have damage.

Ravenous Hunter gives you spell vamp, which is incredibly good on a champion who does a lot of damage. You can be very healthy late into the game if you get low in a fight just by attacking a wave or some jungle. Don't consider Ultimate Hunter, as it doesn't give you nearly enough benefit, especially since your ult is already on such a low CD.

Option 1

Bone Plating will give you extra safety in lane, and ability to win trades. very useful when using electrocute,

Overgrowth gives you a good chunk of extra health, which is very useful since your passive gives you reduced damage from magic, making the health more effective. It also makes any armor you get more effective, and in general makes you harder to burst when you go in, which is very important to killing carries.

Option 2

Presence of mind is the main reason you might want to go precision secondary. It ensures you will always be topped off on mana in fights, which is incredibly important for being able to continue using your ult at max stacks in fights.

Coup De Grace gives you extra damage when finishing people off, which provides a very healthy amount of damage during every part of the game.
This will be updated soon for preseason. Items are shown above, with explanations aswell.

Starting items

Dark Seal is a much more effective start for you compared to other champions. We have much more of a need for mana compared to other champions, and this item gives flat mana. This start also allows you to start Refill Pot, which is great for consistently keeping up sustain, without having to sink so much money into Health Potions.

Doran's Shield received a fairly significant buff in Preseason, as you gain much more regen from it when being attacked. It makes this much more attractive into ranged poke matchups, and Paired with Fleet Footwork should allow your health pool to outlast most champions mana pool, giving you a much safer laning experience.

Take this if you need more sustain, it still provides a bit of damage, and keeps a low profile in your inventory. If you are behind, consider getting a Dark Seal, which will increase the amount of sustain you get from this item.
This guide will be continually updated to add more information. The next sections will go in depth on laning, mid game, and late game.

Anything else you want out of the guide? Comment and let me know! Make sure to vote on the guide if you liked it!

If you would like to check me out elsewhere, You can find me at:

League of Legends Build Guide Author Yasukeh
Yasukeh Kassadin Guide
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Challenger Kassadin Guide by Yasukeh

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