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Cho'Gath Build Guide by LostTRoll

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LostTRoll

cho the off-tank nuker

LostTRoll Last updated on November 9, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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"initiate irelia only with low hp that way she cant stun you"
^^from ^^

Since this is my first guide that i have made.... I'll try to go as much in-dept to cho'gath as much as possible

this guide is based upon.....cho'gath solo lane

OK to start off listen to the next chapter while reading the guide =D
and for people who are TLDR at least you had fun from the video (...not really a video)

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wanna have a break from this LONG guide???

how to become the #1 troll


if you want to see more of her videos click on the link below


-Listen to these after every long chapter or so that way you wont be so bored u turn into a TLDR
-don't listen to it too much or it wont b funny anymore =/
P.S. i broke rule #2 it isn't funny for me anymore

want to see more? click on the link below

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what is an off-tank/nuker???

someone that's off a tank ...that throws a nuke??


well in MMORPG like World of Warcraft off-tanks are people who take a small amout of agro for the tank while still doing ok damage..which means they dont exel at anything but are proficient in most categories

-in league of Legends people call them bruiser (tanky DPS)
-Bruiser ten to have 1 offenseive( The Brutalizer) item and the rest tanky items ( Force of Nature) and/or offensive/tanky item such as Atma's Impaler
-since cho'gath isn't someone who relies on DPS i wouldn't categorize him as a bruiser
-YES "tanky DPS", "off-tank", "Bruiser" practically means the same thing

how is this build an "off-tank" build exactly?? well because he has 1 pure defensive item ( Mercury's Treads), 3offensive/defensive hybrid item ( Rod of Ages, Abyssal Mask, Zhonya's Hourglass)and 1 offensive item ( Rabadon's Deathcap)
i should add another pure defensive item but the situational item can cover that


nukers are usually "glass-cannons" as they refer in MMORPG they tend to do a lot of damage but gets killed after 2hits... here nukers are AP casters that have are extremely well at burst damage

-cho'gath is considered a nuker if he has the right item because of his high AP ratios
-cho'gath can obliterate any squishy in seconds

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First off is the masteries

-->I chose the basic 9/0/21
-- 9 offense for:
-"ability power"
-"cool-down reduction"

-- 21 in Utility for:
- "mana regen"
- "cool-down reduction"
- "extra experience"
- "extra movement"

-->So what do we get in all???
- 0.6 Ability Power per Level
- 9% Cool-Down Reduction for Skills
- 15% Cool-Down Reduction for summoner spells
- 3 Mana Regeneration per 5seconds
- 15 seconds off Flash
- 5% more Experience
- 30% longer Buffs
- 3% more movement speed
- 6.66% less time dead
- 0.66% more Critical Chance??? (totally useless -.-'...)

if I'm missing one please tell me =/

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why spend ip on runes....getting champs are much more profitable

-->9 (reds---0.95 magic penetration per runes---8.55 in total)

early game...this is hella a lot
3/4 of your skills are based off magic attacks
there are a lot of people who don't take magic resist runes
so they are stuck with 30 magic resist UNTIL they get magic resist armor
stacking with your 15% armor penetration...
so to you -ONLY to you- they have 18magic resist
that's 15.2% magic reduction...that is not a lot

WAIT what if i want to go really tanky?? how will this benefit me?
well in team fights....if they don't target tanks...aren't tanks useless...???
this will increase your damage
thus increasing your threat and/or utility to the team

Personally... - imo - i look stupid here

-->9 (yellow--1.41armor per rune--12.7armor in total)

this is a lot of armor early game
(for those who don't know...early game=lane phase)
----lane phase tests out how well you can sustain/farm/harass in your lane
always prioritize staying in your lane as long as possible over farming
and always prioritize farming over harassing
in short your priority should be like this sustain>farm>harass----
so these runes help against AD champs...specially if you are against Caitlyn...who kites and pokes so easily

this should be more simpler to understand than the red runes

-->9 (blue---0.15magic resist per level (2.7 at level 18))
(total---1.35magic resist per level (24.3 at level 18))

this is OK much of magic resist and DOES help against ap caster such as Karthus
same explanation as above--helps you sustain longer in a lane against ap casters

-->3 (brown--26health per rune--78health in total

78hp isn't much.....
That is partially true
in early game champs have about 400 to 500health (i think---without runes or item) with this and the doran's ring Cho'Gath will have about 700health at level 1...
yes that's right...700health at level 1 that is GOD-like

--wait wouldn't i be squishy??? that's like taking warmogs instead of armor as your first item

flat health runes benefits the most at level 1 most champ skills don't hit over 100 at level 1... you know what that means?? if you somehow got in a level 1 team fight....and if all 5 uses their ability on you....YOU WILL LIVE that means your teammate can now burst down champs like Soraka who has about 400 health and barely any armor unless she has health runes like this and flat armor runes she MIGHT live though the chance are low sine your teammates will most likely have armor/magic penetration runes which will make the armor/magic armor runes useless much

in short this rune makes u g-g-g-godlike at level 1
recommended to watch video now

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My build isn't the best but at least it is good

so for the starting item i recommend dorans ring

-->this item helps in many way:

-gives extra damage to your all your abilities
"extra 6attacks only this is nothing" ummm...this 6 attack times 3=18 more damage..there has been a lot of times where i have only lived by 10health..that means that 18more damage can KILL YOU

-100 health
helps you stay in lane longer

-1 mana regen per sec
this may be useless to very good experience farmer... because of cho'gath's passive
but for those who do have trouble farming...this is a must


-1 - 2 - 1 sight ward

This is recommended if you are very good at sustain and know when to run back...salvage you mana....make incredible use of your passive...etc.

- 1 - 1 - 1 sight ward
this is if you are going to be really aggressive and want to zone out your opponent

If you have any suggestion for any other starting item(s) please comment


-you should always have 3 core should always try to rush all 3 core items before you get anything else....this does not mean you have to rush core items
-if you are getting killed or if your opponents fed always get armor or magic resist depending on who your opponent is
-that way while they are concentrating on you...they wont kill you as fast and wont get to farm or have to go use a "blue pill" to get their mana back...all of this while you are farming

so the 3 core items are
another core item instead of is
you only get rylais if you cannot rush rod of ages b4 25min mark

Why are these the core items???

you need and always get mercury's treads first for:
-MAX tenacity (35%)--(excluding irelias passive which adds 40% more tenacity)
-movement speed---movement speed is for catching other players and/or running away...if you have these and the enemy can catch up to them with no problem
-25 magic resist--decent amount

next up is Rod of ages--this item has multi purposes--
-passive acts like a potion when you level up
-more mana
-more health
-more abillity power
so this increases your sustain power and your attack output

last but not least rabadon's deathcap this numero uno(is number one) this item's passive is god-like even tho it only has 1 good thing about it...that 1 good thing rips apart bars of health in a second

the situational item--only get if you are zoned out...
-grants health
-passive slows opponents down (if u miss your rupture...-.-')
-ability power
the reason you get this if you cant get rod of ages before 25min because rod of ages is not "Really Great" unless you have it for 20min+(for it's passive)


it isnt wise whatsoever stacking any item (getting more than 1 of any item)
so these item serve as a "substitute item" for the "core items"
there is alot of options but i recommend 2

before you even get 1 of this you should already be have teamfights. These teamfight tells you which one of these u should get first.
-if ap users causes more threat take the abyssal scepter for more Magic resist
-if ad poses more threat pick zhonyas hourglass for more armor
#1-if you are not sure or they both pose the same amount of threat and they are targeting you pick zhonyas hourglass for it's active
#2-if you are not sure or they both pose the same amount of threat and they are not targeting you pick abyssal scepter for it's aura

if they didn't target you at all and you have no other ap users pick this item to shred your opponents to pieces
-not recommended since abbyssal scepter reduces their magic resist while void staff is penetration
-penetration only effects your damage while reducing helps you and your teamates


you guys may notice that there already is a 6th item in my guide... your starting item (doran's ring) does not really count as an item you need late game as it doesnt really benefit you that much after level sell it when you are impatiently waiting for enough gold to buy a core item...or a part of the core item. If you are patient enough sell it once you can get a recipe of your LAST item

the 6th item may also be called the "situational item" it doesn't necessarily mean it has to be your last item...the 6th item can be made any time AFTER your boots
-i wont show all the situational items...but if you want me to tell you what item you should get in your "fantasy situation" then feel free to comment

you get this if they target you as their first priority..this will make you a tank...and gives you an extra life every 5min(passive)

you get this when you are up against hard CC( Amumu) or DoT losers( Mordekaiser)--ult+ignite.....-.-' really?) or suppress ( Malzahar)

you get this when you are getting OWNED badly by ad champs ( Caitlyn)

Guide Top

Skill Sequence

OH MY GOD are we done yet??

LVL1 -the first skill i take is Rupture. I get rupture first just in case we encounter level 1 team fights. rupture provides an "Area of Effect" knock-up (WAY better than stun...because you cant disable it with anything...if you are stunned and have cleanse then you can disable the stun right away and tenacity also reduces stun. tenacity cannot reduce knock-up and cleanse cant disable knock-ups) which will help in team fights a lot. rupture is also anti gank... so if they 2v1 you at level 1 use rupture and start running

LVL2 -next i take Vorpal Spikes for free harassing and better farming

LVL3 -you now take and max Feral Scream for more time on the "silence"
LVL4 -^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
LVL5 -^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

LVL6 -now i get Feast. feast grants "xx"number of"maximum health" per stack(6stacks max)
this skill also does true damage upon a champion...and will OBLITERATE any champ that's low health because it does "TRUE DAMAGE" (true damage cannot be effected by armor or magic resist)

LVL7 -you now take and max Feral Scream for more time on the "silence"

LVL8 -now that you cant take feast nor feral scream you grab Vorpal Spikes for better farming/harassing

LVL9 -you now take and max Feral Scream for more time on the "silence"
(feral scream is now maxed)

LVL10 -because you cant take feast you grab Vorpal Spikes for better farming and harassing

LVL11 -you grab Feast for more health per stack and more true damage against champions

LVL12 -because you cant take feast you grab Vorpal Spikes for better farming and harassing
LVL13 -^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
(vorpal spikes is now maxed)

LVL14 -because you cant take feast you grab Rupture for more damage
LVL15 -^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

LVL16 -you grab Feast for more health per stack and more true damage against champions
(feast is now maxed)

LVL17 -as the only skill left you pick Rupture for more damage
LVL18 -^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
(rupture is now maxed)


1. Q: why is rupture picked first but feral scream is maxed first????
---A: because rupture at level 1 adds a knock-up if you add anymore rank to will only add damage--feral scream adds damage AND longer silence which adds better utility to the team

2. Q: Why is vorpal spikes maxed before rupture?
---A: vorpal spike helps you farm better and have a better dps without the use of mana. So whenever you kill a creep you get more mana than using rupture to 1hit them all. So if you have no mana and a champ is almost dead...vorpal will help you kill him and none other skill will

recommended to watch video now

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Summoner Spells

TLDR later scrubs


i take flash for plenty of reasons
-flash away so they cant kill me
-flash in to get the finishing moves
-flash in to make them target me first and not my carries(for tanks)
-flash into enemy fountain to troll???

this skill kills people with 1-3bars of health depending on your level
very useful for killing them without tower diving


well this has many uses
-their whole team pushing top?? tell your team to hold the tower while you teleport to go split push bottom and take the tower
-to counter that use^^^^ teleport to bottom and bring back laning phase
-teammates about to get tower dove against? teleport and save their lives

i still think flash is better cause it brings you out of their range...instantly
-running away from some one
-catching up to some one
-countering the slow of exhaust

alternative to ghost
-slows them down
-lowers all types of their damage (item, ability,auto attacks)
-can be cancelled with Quicksilver Sash
and the last option is why i dont like that


-acts like a GA except you choose when to use it
-gives other team a chance to get legendary kill -to give them false hope before you own them
-makes people look down on you-that way you can live in your cave without any1 disturbing you
-gives you more speed than Ghost and gives health with the mastery

--aww yeah
-can hold minions for about until they do 200-600damage to the beacon for 6sec
-may distract champions
-grants 10-35 attack damage to everyone
-makes people look down on you-that way you can live in your cave without any1 disturbing you

--for when you are laning
-push lanes better
-+10gold if you kill a minion with this
-kill dragon/blue golem/lizard/baron faster
-makes enemy team think you are jungling and/or starting at blue golem and waste their time there

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jungling makes a lane fail -.-

well i am whatsoever NOT a pro is stonewall008 guide on cho'gath jungling paths

he has much more guides than this one....go on his channel and search his uploads for "cho'gath"

here is the link to his channel

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Team Work

*insta-lock cho'gath* "top solo or i feed"

-well... in team-fights always concentrate on their most dangerous carry(ad or ap) by doing this try to land a rupture then Flash> Feral Scream> Feast>auto attacks(basic attacks) this guaranteed a kill if you did this against a squishy
-if you are up against a team that has invisible champ then you MUST get oracle you are not a carry...carry need their gold for their item so they can "carry" their team
-if you have 6 stacks of feast and is level 16 try to block you enemies vision of you carry so they target you instead of them (AKA make them mis-click)
-if you have the choice of either only silencing their ad carry or their ap carry choose ap because then he will be useless for 3sec which will render the teamfight 4v5
-like Mordekaiser if there are minions around you while you are almost dead KILL them so you gain more health

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b-b-b-b-but don't i need the gold so i can get items faster??

since there is a whole guide based on this i don't think i should waste my time spamming guides of the same thing -.-

well here is the link

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short chapters now?? really??

not much to say here...
time to somehow tell you guys how to farm in text -.-


-auto attack(basic attack) the melee once and see how much damage you do
-then left click on left corner of screen now once the minion's hp goes lower than your damage ATTACK HIM!
-REPEAT till all melee minion is gone
-now once your minions attack the caster minions, you attack them once and repeat step 2
-REPEAT if you want to farm more


this is for when your opponent "blue pills" back to their base or goes ganking or they push too much

-walk to the melee minion...when you have behind the caster minion use Rupture then use Feral Scream to kill all the minions...this should be a guaranteed kill but mana wasting early game
-do not grab the blue buff...leave it for your ap carry they need it more...unless they're feeding then don't give it to them they'll just give it to the enemy -.-'

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FINALLY you are done...I was about to fall asleep -.- should've went TLDR like those other guys

ok guys hope you like my first guide EVER
it may suck but at least it can help you a way
i did this for you guys...even tho this isn't gonna get popular...for those who read hope it helps you
( ^^i will change that if it does get popular (highly doubt it -.-)^^)

If you guys want me to add a section (must be on-topic. (don't troll me. trundle is enough)

- i WILL be adding a Q&A section if i get enough questions that i can answer and deleting this note when i do

special thank to

Lily for that entertaining video (to me it was entertaining)
MacLaren on how to TRULY play anivia
stonewall008 for the jungle route video guide
panglot for the guide on warding
jhoijhoi on showing me bbcoding and how to create guides (link below if you want to create 1)

recommended to watch video now

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i thought u said it was done wtf?? (isn't that what "Conclusion mean?")

-my first guide
-BB coding doesn't seem to work for the runes -.- so i had to write them out sorry guys

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nobody is gonna read this why make it -.-

Keeping Up To Date With The Guide

-August 31 :
-October 28 :
-edit mastery and mastery chapter
-added ghost+ exhaust for option in Summoner Spells chapter