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Thresh Build Guide by LiL Bunnie FuFuu

Middle Climbing to Challenger with AP Thresh Mid [10.11]

By LiL Bunnie FuFuu | Updated on May 29, 2020
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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+10 Adaptive (6 AD or 10 AP)
+6 Magic Resist


LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Support Role
Ranked #21 in
Support Role
Win 50%
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Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Have you ever just wanted to lose? Have you ever just wanted to play something so abjectly terrible that you can't win more than 30% of your games even if you've mastered the champion? Hi I'm Bunnie FuFuu, support for L9 and I'm here to help. I am here to help you, summoner, take your memes to the next level. I am here to take you to the promised land - also known as Bronze 5.

The build? AP Thresh. But not just any AP Thresh, AP Thresh Mid. Now you might have seen some AP Thresh Mid guides in the past saying stuff like "omgzz AP Thresh Mid is BROKEN. SO MUCH DAMAGE POGGERS!!!". These people don't know what they're talking about. AP Thresh Mid is just about the worst thing you can ever play - other than Janna ADC ;) ;) :)

But why is it so terrible? your Bronze mind might be wondering. After all, Thresh has AP ratios on all his abilities! Ah yes, the AP ratios. What a meme. Let's go through them real quick shall we?

50% AP on your hook with a base damage about as high as tyler1's height (5'6 LOOOOL)
40% AP on your flay with a base damage even lower than tyler1's height (XDDDDDD)
100% AP on your box which you have every 160 seconds and doesn't do anything unless some degenerate is stupid enough to walk into it

And that is the secret to this build. Sure AP Thresh Mid may be the second most ******ed thing you can do with Thresh other than Thresh Jungle but League is all about hoping the other team is dumber than you are. And in those moments where you happen to be against someone with no brain (Silver 4 and below) you can land your hook, you can poke with your flay, and you can land your box.

So without further ado lets get roiiiiiight into the build!
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Early Game

Early game with AP Thresh Mid is a lot like going to the DMV. You stand around in roughly the same place the whole time doing absolutely nothing. That my friends, is early game with AP Thresh Mid - you trade with no one because you can't trade with anyone. Not that you can trade later on but we'll get to that later

So if you aren't trading in the early game what are you doing? Jerkin it under tower of course. You jerk it until the wave pushes right under your tower (like right under your tower) and whip that sh*t with your E. You gotta whip it - give it a big ol' smack under the tower. You might miss half the wave but hey time is money. And if you're wasting time you're wasting money. So Flay with your E and get that money before Zoe pokes you with her Q again because my god, there is nothing more annoying than laning against a Zoe. F*CKIN B*TCH!!!

Now the other thing you do in the early game is mute people. Because there's always going to be that one guy in Silver 5 who thinks he knows something about anything (hint: he doesn't) and freaks out when you lock in AP Thresh Mid. That's understandable because you probably aren't going to win, but if he's Silver 5 he's not winning much anyway

PRO TIP:Be sure to play this Glorious Build while listening to 'Legends Never Die' because if you're a Legend, you won't die
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Midgame (sort of)

It's 20 minutes in and you've finally got your first item in my Amazing Build (TM) aka the Lich Bane. Now you can start doing the damages ok? You can start doing. the. damages.

Why? Because Lich Bane has this great passive that does 75% AD + 50% AP on hit. So when you whip a peasant with your charged Flay and Lich Bane you can feel really good about yourself until you get out-traded 2 seconds later

This is the part of the game the entire enemy team comes mid after your botlane loses - this will happen - and harasses the sh*t out of you. I mean you're AP Thresh Mid, it wasn't like the game was hard enough right??? Oh and as an Additional Challenge your 1-4 ADC will come take all the farm you could have had and will flame at you for trying to stop them

So uh yeah, there's that.

But there are positives to every situation. For example, in this situation you can access the /ff command, which is so powerful it can automatically end every game after 15 minutes. Unless you're in silver and NO ONE EVER F*CKING FF'S

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Doesn't happen because you've already lost
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Build Paths

Listed above. If you don't want to build it then why did you click on the guide? It says in the title 'Build Guide'. That means you build what's in the guide.

C'mon people
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This is an AP Build (TM) so you need to take stuff that gives you AP. We're not going electrocute, dark harvest, press the attack, nah none of that. You can't go full AP without getting all the AP. It's like driving a car. You want to drive with 5 gallons or 10? 10 gallons of course!

Take the SORCERY tree for 20 free AP.

Arcane Comet doesn't work with Thresh therefore you should use it. It will miss every time you throw your hook but poking with your Flay is the most annoying thing except for all the abilities that do way more damage

The Ultimate Hat because your ult's cooldown lasts ******* forever and its the only ability that does damage. So instead of almost being able to 1 shot people every 160 seconds you can do it every 155!

Transcendence now the one thing AP Thresh Mid needs - other than an amazing team to carry the sh*t out of you - is CDR. All your cooldowns are really long and your autos do less damage than ricegum did to idubbz's reputation. So you need CDR, but not just 10 or 20% CDR. You need 40% CDR.

Gathering Storm Riot may have nerfed this rune into the ground (somehow without touching Vladimir or Aftershock LUL) but what's a worthless build without a worthless rune? Plus Gathering Storm does literally nothing in the early game, which is exactly what you'll be doing too. It's perfect!

Now in order to MAXIMIZE your AP you need to be inspired.How do you get inspired? By taking the INSPIRATION tree!

This tree will inspire you so much you'll not only get that juicy 20 AP start but you'll also get discount biscuits and another useless rune that no one takes except in meme builds like this.

Biscuit Delivery gives you so little food you might as well be on welfare. And considering how little gold you'll be getting you probably are on welfare - and we all know what that's like. F*ckin government

Cosmic Insight biscuits suck and as strong independent young Threshmains we don't want to be stuck on welfare for the rest of lane do we? Get that JUICY 45% CDR to make your extremely long cooldowns only really long cooldowns instead.


Time Warp Tonic formerly a bonus ability for building anything + INSPIRATION, Riot made this into a rune because the INSPIRATION tree didn't have enough useless runes already. I'm telling you, nobody builds this. I've looked all over the uncharted Mobafire and I still haven't found one guide that recommends Time Warp Tonic. Please PM me if you do. It's like looking for a good Adam Sandler movie - it doesn't exist

Perfect Timing used to be what made League tick before Riot nerfed it into the ground. Free zhonyas that you don't get until you don't need it anymore. Unless you're against a Zed because he's more broken than a used Stopwatch
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Skill Order

Thresh may have a hook but that doesn't mean you have to use it. It's just like how baseball players have a bat but they don't have to swing it (unless they want to stay in the minor leagues but yknow). Although baseball players also don't have a high mana cost for every ability or the risk of going oom attempting to land 1 hook for minimal damage for the additional risk of instantly dying should it miss.

I know this because I am a Threshmain. And as a Threshmain, I am Highly Experianced in doing a lot of dumb sh*t with this champion. But sometimes you just gotta try things - like this guide. And hey if it doesn't work out just do whatever Vapora DARK says because he knows how to play everything (seriously, just look at his profile - he has guides for everything).

Now if you are reading this guide you are either 1) a Threshmain, 2) someone aspiring to be a Threshmain, or 3) one of my hundreds of adoring fans - jk I don't have any

And if you want to truly understand how to play AP Thresh Mid you need to learn some Advanced Techniques and Tactical Moves. Fortunately, I am very learned in both areas.

One of my favorite Advanced Techniques is called "f*ck you Zoe" where you level the sh*t out of Flay and wait for your jungler to come so you can 2 shot her in a gank. This technique is particularly effective after purchasing Lich Bane

I was just joking about the Tactical Moves but I like saying "your abilities were no match for my Tactical Moves" after securing a kill.
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I know there's already 50 pages for information on Thresh's abilities but apparently people get really impressed when you spell it out in a guide. I dunno why but it made Kilo Khaos and Vapora DARK pretty successful so I'll do it too

Death Sentence yeah it's a Death Sentence. Usually for you because you're squishy as hell. That's why you play with Maokai top, Hecarim jungle, Blitzcrank support, and Urgot adc. Then you can actually use this ability without dying instantly.

Who knows, maybe if you land it enough times you'll almost do damage.

Flay meme ability that's useless for everything except one-shotting people. But being highly sophisticated people we do not opt for such cheap, exploitative tactics. Part of being a Master Tactician is understanding that to bait the enemy you must appear defenseless before your Maokai Hecarim Blitzcrank and Urgot cc them into the next dimension

Dark Passage ability that no one calls by its actual name. It gives this tiny shield that will absorb just enough damage for you to live while still getting constantly out-traded.

TACTICAL MOVE: Some people will try to help their teammates by throwing the lantern. Do not do this. Remember what I said earlier about people being stupid? Well that goes for your teammates too. They will never click on the lantern. Trust me. There is an entire subcategory on for this

The Box only ability with a decent AP ratio (100%!!!). Excellent in low elo because people will always walk into it.
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To give you a better idea of how stupid this build is let us examine the damage charts. This is also a time for me to give some personal information about myself. After all I think it's fair that if you get nothing else from this guide, you should know that I really like bagels.

You know why I like bagels? Because of the little hole in the middle. It kind of looks like a 0, which is about how much health your enemies will have after you oneshot them.


note - all damage values assume approx. 100 AP from souls, 25 stacks on Mejai's Soulstealer, Elixir of Sorcery, fully leveled abilities, and a game long enough for you to actually get every item in the build

max AP: 973. does not include Gathering Storm or Baron, Infernal, or Elder dragon buffs

Death Sentence: 726.5 damage per hook

Flay: 574.2 damage per flay

The Box: 1523 damage oneshot POGGERS

Full Combo:: 2,823.7 damage
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Skins & Closing

Have you ever wanted to be a Champion? Then get Championship Thresh. It's the skin that you can suck with and feel good about. You know why? Because you look so F*CKING COOL!

Once I have access to more reliable internet I will post videos of me playing AP Thresh Mid with this skin. As the saying goes, look like a Champion and people will think you are one when you have a Veteran medal for "100 games in Silver"

I'd also like to take this moment to remind @RiotGames to remove Zoe
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after extensive testing and multiple reports I have decided to replace Lich Bane with Hextech Protobelt-01 as the first item.
replaced Time Warp Tonic with Cosmic Insight for that AP HOOK MACHINE GUN POGGERS


replaced Archangel's Staff and Seraph's Embrace with Luden's Echo after Seraphs nerfs.
replaced Arcane Comet with Electrocute. Also removed Transcendence


remember when I replaced the sorcery runes with domination? lol get trolled


replaced Luden's Echo with Rod of Ages because thicc Thresh is best Thresh


-Bunnie FuFuu
League of Legends Build Guide Author LiL Bunnie FuFuu
LiL Bunnie FuFuu Thresh Guide
Climbing to Challenger with AP Thresh Mid [10.11]