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Thresh Build Guide by LiL Bunnie FuFuu

Top BunnyFuFuu's Challenger Guide to Thresh

Top BunnyFuFuu's Challenger Guide to Thresh

Updated on July 16, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LiL Bunnie FuFuu Build Guide By LiL Bunnie FuFuu 1180 71 2,033,989 Views 23 Comments
1180 71 2,033,989 Views 23 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LiL Bunnie FuFuu Thresh Build Guide By LiL Bunnie FuFuu Updated on July 16, 2022
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  • LoL Champion: Thresh
  • LoL Champion: Thresh
  • LoL Champion: Thresh
  • LoL Champion: Thresh


Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



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Champion Build Guide

BunnyFuFuu's Challenger Guide to Thresh

By LiL Bunnie FuFuu

Hi I'm Michael Kurylo also known as BunnyFuFuu, former support for Cloud 9 and full time streamer.

I am a NA Threshmain with over 4,000 games on the champion and was Master to Challenger elo in seasons 4,5, and 6. I played in the LCS for two years and originally became famous for my game-winning Thresh outplays.

My combined mastery across multiple accounts is approximately 3 million points, with a 58% winrate including normal and ranked games. I used to be a support main until I took Thresh into ADC and occasionally the toplane. After which I've played Thresh in every role with varying degrees of success with an equal degree of int. One of my more notable achievements was playing 100 ranked games (NA gold) of Thresh jungle with a 65% winrate overall.

Outside of League I stream TFT, miss hoops in basketball, and mess around with merch guy. Oh and I've got a GIRLFRIEND now kappapride. One day boys. One day. #noodlearms

This guide started as an ADC Thresh build which I made as a subscriber special. Apparently people really liked it and within a few months it was upvoted to the second highest rated Thresh build on Mobafire for a few weeks. That was really surprising but when you've got a big enough YouTube presence I guess anything can happen. Recently I decided to do a complete overhaul of the guide - with information on how to play Thresh in all roles so you can climb to challenger, with the best advice possible.

Normally I'd rely on my editors to do this sort of thing but I was like nah man, Bunny's gotta do this one himself. And that's exactly what I did. And honestly, I've learned a lot about Mobafire's formatting and BB code while trying to put this together. There's still some things I don't really know how to do but I am NOT asking Tanto to do it ok I'm going to figure this out myself. But I've definitely got a better feel for BB code and Gimp, which I used to create most of the 'fancy' text and make the images look edgier, cooler, all that good stuff. I hope you find this guide useful, and if not useful, entertaining. Enjoy!

Guys, guys,guys,

I love you guys so much that I've decided to import some of my Thresh wisdom to Mobafire. POGGERS! Just kidding, but for real, we have got so much to talk about with this champion. We got hooks, lanterns, flays, setting up plays with The Box everything. All that information and more is below. It's all part of the Secret Hook Formula, as promised, and once you're through with this guide you'll know all about the mechanics that make my plays possible.

Alrighty to start lets begin with Thresh top, which is definitely one of my favorites, and we'll go from there.

Thresh Top is what you'd call an 'off meta' pick and while it isn't the greatest it can work for a couple reasons:

Range. Thresh's autoattack range is 450 which is considerably higher than virtually every toplaner. The exceptions being Teemo, Urgot (also 450 range), Heimerdinger, Ryze, Vayne... you get the idea. Mages and ADCs are the problem here. Excepting those lanes, Thresh can avoid trading in seemingly unfavorable lanes - or win trades - due to his range advantage. There are a few bruisers who can reliably get on top of you, and in that case, build defensively and play safely.

Souls. Thresh's passive, Damnation gives him free armor and AP, both of which counter (most) toplaners who do physical damage and are susceptible to magic damage (which is what Thresh deals anyway). At around 15-20 min Thresh's soul passive will outscale most of the toplaners in terms of armor gained. By 25 minutes, if you're collecting the souls you'll outscale the tanks too.

Utility. Thresh can set up ganks better than any champion in the game with his Death Sentence, Flay, and Dark Passage (QEW) combo. This becomes even easier with The Box and Flash up. Land anything and at the very least you'll force Flash or secure a kill. Just funnel your jungler if you can't win lane. It's easy!

I haven't made any Thresh top videos personally but if you want to give my very good friend AdmiralMunson some love he's starting out on YouTube, making some good content like the video below. Check it out!

Thresh ADC is also an off meta pick that has seen some play from low to high elo since his release in season 3. It's generally regarded as a meme build due to the emphasis on oneshots Thresh's classification as a support.

It is a meme build but he can work as an ADC due to the (at max lvl) 200% AD bonus damage from his Flay passive on a fully charged autoattack. Thresh also works well with most supports (particularly Pyke, Blitzcrank, Nami, and Leona) due to the utility in his kit and can easily set up ganks with Death Sentence, Dark Passage, or Flay (if not all 3). The double hooker botlane is always a classic, and
a pretty hot one too heheh (don't kill me). Early plays can give Thresh free kills, allowing him to snowball the game pretty hard.

The biggest downside to ADC Thresh is his lack of range. Thresh, on release, had 475 range which was just good enough to allow him to be a meta ADC (this was in season 3) as well as a support. Now it's 450. Another is Thresh's really slow autoattack windup. Thresh's 1st auto windup is 25% as fast as every other champion - a nerf intended to keep ADC Thresh from being a thing. However, with the addition of Rapidfirecannon and Stormrazor (ironically it's better on Thresh than any other champion) Thresh ADC can work as a one-shotting assassin where you stack all of your damage on the 1st autoattack. Just don't expect to top the damage charts with this! (do Ezreal if you want that, his poke is insane!)

See my videos below for ADC Thresh in action, using Dark Harvest and many of the other runes listed above:

Rapid Firecannon is a great item on ADC Thresh, it's definitely one of my favorites. Of course, you don't always have to go RFC, Tanto put up the Stattik Shiv & Runaan's Hurricane technology!

Thresh's traditional role. Per, 99% of games in every elo are played with Thresh as a support. And if you are not a onetrick, or actually want to climb in ranked, that's where you should play him. I am a onetrick and because I am that means I'm allowed to do a lot of really dumb stuff with this champion and get away with it.

However, most of you are not onetricks Thresh support is where you should start - in ranked at least. Thresh is an excellent support who excels at playmaking and picks. He is also one of the hardest supports to play, and master, in the game. Thresh is very skillshot dependent, with long cooldowns on his abilities. Landing Death Sentence is particularly important to doing well with Thresh - it's the most powerful ability in his kit with Dark Passage as the runner up.

Downsides to Thresh support: long range poke mages, especially ones with sustain/mobility or crowd control. Some of Thresh's hardest counters are Zyra, Brand, and Sona for this reason. All of them have good damage ( Brand arguably has the most) with Sona and Zyra having crowd control and/or sustain.

This video gives a general overview of my thoughts on Season 10 Thresh but for the latest info on what to build, what to buy, matchups all that good stuff, check out the build paths above and the description below!

Thresh mid is probably one of the worst things you can ever play. You will be massively outranged by 9/10 matchups and usually won't be able to do anything when most mages hit 6. That said, it's Thresh and it's fun. And fun is what we're all about since most of us aren't getting out of silver anyway.

"So how do I play Thresh mid LCS god fufuu?" Ah, well there are three ways to play Thresh mid. AP caster, AD burst, or 0 damage tank. The tank build, where you stack MR ( Spirit Visage, Locket of the Iron Solari, and perhaps a Turbo Chemtank for engage) is fun because you never die. Thresh can stack a lot of MR and get away with it, too, since Damnation gives him up to 100 free armor (a Frozen Heart basically) at ~30 minutes depending on how many souls you're collecting. The downside is you lose any burst you'd get from full AP prince or AD Thresh. You're basically a tankier Thresh support with a Bami's Cinder (or a Sunfire Aegis depending on the game).

As for AP Thresh, it's been best described as squishy Thresh support with a little more damage. As I've said, it's just about the worst thing you can ever play. But that hasn't stopped me so why should it stop you? This is Mobafire after all, where Silver teaches Bronze. Now AP Thresh mid can be rather fun early where you can go Electrocute, Cheap Shot, and Scorch with double AD adaptive (with Doran's Shield or Doran's Blade) for some ridiculous lvl 1-2 damage. Problem is, some midlaners ( Irelia, Twisted Fate etc.) go Corrupting Potion - an annoyingly broken item that gives far more sustain than it should. Or if they take Doran's Ring they'll have more potions than you anyway and can sustain through your initial burst. Since Thresh has no dps and minimal poke it's hard to follow up. Alternatively you can go for a more passive AP Thresh and focus on damaging/providing utility with your Death Sentence.

AD Thresh mid abuses the awful base stats most mages have (i.e. really low armor) for some crazy early-midgame burst. Build him similar to ADC Thresh with Infinity Edge, Rapid Firecannon and maybe a Bloodthirster for huge 1st auto damage and take Relentless Hunter for roams once you've finished tormenting Lux.

Both of these videos demonstrate the proto-**** technology at its finest. The video below is also a great example of what I want you guys to be building on Thresh mid OK? You want the Hextech Rocketbelt, the Zhonya's Hourglass, and round it off with 40%+ CDR and Rabadon's Deathcap. The playmaking potential is through the ROOF

Watch and learn boys. Watch and learn.

- High base damage
- Strong lane phase anywhere
- Really OP roams
- Almost impossible to towerdive
- Tons of utility
- Plenty of gank potential ( Dark Passage from Fog of War)
- Utility
- Self peel ( Flay and The Box)
- Free armor and AP from Damnation
- Infinite scaling
- Ranged champion. Doesn't get bullied by melee's
- Can be zoned off minions and souls
- Ranged champion (higher execute threshhold for minions)
- Bad waveclear
- Bad AD scaling (93 AD at lvl 18)
- Very slow first auto windup (25% as fast as most other champions)
- Out-damaged by most champions
- Bad MR scaling (38 at lvl 18)
- Skillshot dependent ( Death Sentence)
- Weak to crowd control. Flay and The Box only escapes
- No sustain or healing

DAMNATION (Passive): Thresh gains souls from his passive, one for every three minions killed, one for every champion killed (either by Thresh or anyone else), and two per epic monster (dragons, Rift Herald, Baron Nashor etc) killed. Thresh gains 0.75 armor and AP per soul, in addition to 1 bonus magic damage per autoattack scaling infinitely. That is - if Thresh has 100 souls he gains 75 bonus armor and AP while his autoattacks deal 100 bonus magic damage every autoattack. His Dark Passage shield also shields for 100 more damage.

Thresh, unlike every other champion, does not gain armor per level. He gains armor through collecting souls. You can use Dark Passage to collect them if you're being denied (say vs. Yasuo or Teemo). Further, Thresh has one of the lowest AD scalings in the game at +2 AD/lvl (93 AD at lvl 18). His soul collection compensates for that. Suppose Thresh has 100 souls at lvl 18 - his autos will deal 100 + (93 -> 186) damage, or 193 to 286 damage, which is comparable to most toplaners. His autos also do a lot more damage, compensating for low base AD when you play Thresh ADC. That's why it's important to collect the souls!

Thresh Passive

DEATH SENTENCE (Q): Arguably the most powerful ability in Thresh's kit, Death Sentence is a long ranged stun - and hook - which can be used as any of the following:
    A gapcloser
    An escape
    A picking tool
    Playmaking tool
Thresh winds his Death Sentence for 0.5 seconds before casting it in a direction - which he does not have to be facing at the time of the cast. Landing a Death Sentence stuns the target for 1.5 seconds and drags them toward Thresh for 2 seconds (total). Thresh can reactivate Death Sentence to 'leap' to his target, possibly using Dark Passage to take an ally with him.

Death Sentence can be blocked by Yasuo's Windwall but interrupting the channel will not stop the hook. For example, Udyr's Blazing Stampede cannot stop your hook as long as you cast it before his stun.

Death Sentence is difficult to land, mainly due to the windup, and you will have to spend a lot of time practicing to land it even half the time. It is Thresh's signature ability and without it you won't be much use in teamfights - particularly as a support or toplane tank. However, Death Sentence isn't as important if you're building Thresh as an assassin or an ADC, where you'll be spending most of your time autoattacking rather than using your abilities. In fact, it's (generally) better not to spend time hooking (etc.) as ADC or assassin Thresh as Thresh is 'stunned' (he can't take any other actions) while casting Death Sentence. This isn't a problem if you're a tank, but it is if you're a squishy ADC

Use appropriately


DARK PASSAGE (W): Thresh's Dark Passage or lantern is one of the most meme'd abilities in the game, and also one of the most broken. There is no ability that gapcloses, or distances, more efficiently than Dark Passage. This stupid ability allows Thresh to rescue allies from seemingly impossible situations or certain death.

The shield is big enough to tank the damage from Ignite, minion aggro, at least one tower shot, and some enemy abilities. Allies who take Dark Passage - which you can do by RIGHT CLICKING ON IT - will travel to Thresh's current position (this can be extended with Flash). Aside from rescuing idiots or re-positioning, Thresh can use Dark Passage to gain vision in bush or fog of war and collect nearby souls.

Like Death Sentence, Dark Passage counts as a projectile and can be blocked by Yasuo Windwall. Once placed, Dark Passage is coded as terrain (although very small) and can disrupt movement or block enemies. Thresh cannot hook to his Dark Passage - but it'd be F*CKIN COOL IF HE COULD

FLAY (E): Flay is probably the most underrated ability in Thresh's kit, mainly because it does no damage. At least, the active doesn't. Flay's active is a rectangular displacement directly around Thresh, which can be cast in any direction. Enemies hit with Flay will be displaced in the direction of the cast - taking minimal damage (unless you're full AP Thresh? Taking advantage of that DANK 40% AP scaling?) and being slowed by 20-40% for 1 second.

Death Sentence is flashy but Flay is just as useful for making big plays. Flay can be used to disrupt every single dash, jump (or leap), and blink ability in the game ( Counter Strike, Rocket Jump, Lucian's dash, Shuriken Flip, and all of Riven's dashes/jumps for example). The only abilities it won't work on is that one ability Warwick has which is f*cking annoying, especially because I can't remember what it's called - and anything protected by a spell-shield (think Morgana, Malzahar, or Sivir). A good Flay can displace multiple people - the whole enemy team if that's who it hits - and can set up an easy Death Sentence. If you're really good you can pull off the

Death Sentence --> The Box --> Flay --> Ignite combo. Hook first, ult, and then flay the enemy into The Box for a bunch of magic damage. Ignite for the kill

This is one of many plays you can pull off with Flay.

Flay is also an excellent peeling tool and can be used as an escape, although not a very good one (the slow only lasts 1 second).

What Flay is better known for are oneshots. Flay's passive is an autoattack windup which deals bonus magic damage on Thresh's autos dealing + 100-200% TOTAL AD. This stupid passive makes AD Thresh and ADC Thresh viable. For example: Suppose you're playing ADC Thresh and have 350 total AD, 100% crit, and 100 souls. With Infinity Edge your critical strikes are hitting for 210% damage, or 735.

Let's do some QUICC MATHS:

350 AD * 2 + (100 this is the damage from souls) = 800
800 + 735 = 1535

TOTAL: 1,535 damage on your first autoattack. Nutty? Just add in Predator or Dark Harvest for maximum memes.

That's Flay. Good for utility. Great for memes. Use appropriately

THE BOX (Q): The Box, or the Death Circle, is an ult with a very cool sounding name but is, in reality, pretty f*ckin lame.

Back in the day, when League wasn't a 24/7 LUL ONESHOT iron 4 clown fiesta we had these things called 'teamfights'. In teamfights we would have an emphasis on skill, positioning blah blah blah. Anyway, if you were Thresh and went AP all you had to do was walk into one of said teamfights, be like 'yo w***up', drop The Box and blow everyone up because every wall collision did damage and it was ****in AWESOME.

NOW only one collision does damage, ranging from 250-550 with 100% AP scaling, also slowing for 99% for 2 seconds. The other 4 wall collisions deal no damage and only slow for 50%, for 1 second. It's so mediocre it could be the Hangover 2. Get it? Because that was a really mediocre movie...

Seriously though, this thing does less damage than Blitzcrank ult, on a MUCH LONGER COOLDOWN, and only to one target. Buff Thresh Rito pls

That said, Thresh can make some good plays with The Box. The oneshot combo, where Thresh hooks, flays or otherwise displaces an enemy into The Box and following with Ignite, securing an easy kill. The Box is also useful for peeling and re-positioning - the concurrent slows can allow Thresh, or even Thresh's entire team, to escape when chased. Thresh can also wall off narrow passages (i.e. certain parts of the jungle) with The Box, escaping that way. This can also be used to prevent enemies from escaping especially in teamfights. For example, The Box has nutty synergy with Turbo Chemtank.

Death Sentence --> Turbo Chemtank --> The Box into the enemy team and you can lock them all down long enough for your allies to follow up. This is especially good if you have AoE followup ( Zigg's ult or Lux's Final Spark). You can also

Flash --> Turbo Chemtank --> Flay --> The Box for additional lockdown.


FLASH: Like every champion, excepting Shaco, Shyvana and possibly Ezreal, Flash is essential on Thresh. Thresh has no reliable escapes or gapclosers - although his Death Sentence and Flay can serve that function in certain situations. Flash is particularly useful on Thresh as it can allow him to instantly reposition and potentially land a gamechanging Death Sentence with a Flash QER combo.

Flash can also be used with Dark Passage - i.e. Flash while an ally is traveling with you to extend the distance. This can also be used to make plays with Death Sentence and Flay. Toplane and ADC Thresh are less focused on plays than support Thresh but Flash is just as important for escaping and re-positioning regardless.

List of combos Thresh can do with Flash:
Flash --> Death Sentence --> The Box --> Flay --> Death Sentence
Flash --> Death Sentence --> Flay --> Dark Passage --> Ignite
Flash --> Flay --> Death Sentence --> The Box --> Ignite
Dark Passage --> Flash
Death Sentence --> Flash --> Dark Passage --> Death Leap --> Flay --> The Box --> Ignite
Death Sentence ( Flash while channeling Death Sentence)
--> The Box --> Flay
Flash --> The Box --> Flay --> Ignite ( Death Sentence if needed)

Check out the video below if you want to see some of the classic plays I've made with Thresh including many of the above. But we all know what you guys are here for, the bunnyhops.

IGNITE: Thresh is an aggressive playmaker so Ignite is, like Flash, an extremely good rune on him by default. Thresh can all in most champions level 2, as he has most of his displacement tools ( Flay and Death Sentence) and high base damage to chunk very hard. As a toplaner, Ignite is situational, but generally recommended.

Enemies will usually disrespect you and try to towerdive - or get way too close to your tower - early levels. Landing a Death Sentence or Flay will force their flash and Ignite will finish them off. Ignite is also extremely good in lanes where you can 1v1 - such as Jax, Tryndamere, and Riven. Poke with autoattacks and Flay + Ignite when they all in. You should win the trade every time. Ignite is also good, and practically essential, to deal with champions with a lot of sustain ( Nasus, Darius, Illaoi, Dr. Mundo)because the grievous wounds reduce all healing by 40%.

As a support, Thresh takes Ignite because Exhaust sucks. That's literally why. Thresh excels at making picks and Exhaust is lousy for that. It's a defensive summoner, Ignite is an offensive one. The only instance(s) where you'd take ignite is if there are multiple assassins on the enemy team - where Exhaust can shut them down. Another is in a lane which you'll almost certainly lose (perhaps Zilean + Lucian or Brand + Sivir) where neither side has sustain but they have considerably more damage. You'll be forced to play defense, saving Exhaust for the inevitable all in.
TELEPORT: Teleport is strictly a toplane rune for Thresh. It's pointless to take on support - unless paired with Unsealed Spellbook -and as a toplaner you'll want Teleport to avoid losing tower against hard push lanes that you cannot easily win (i.e. Heimerdinger, Yorick). Thresh top can also use Teleport to tp to fights in bot, mid, or around dragon and add his considerable amount of crowd control to the mix. Your roams are much stronger than you might think.
HEAL: Like Teleport, Heal is strictly for one role on Thresh - ADC. As the ADC you'll obviously be focused and with little built in sustain and no movement speed steroids ADC Thresh absolutely needs Heal to stick around in lane. Alternatively, ADC Thresh can take Barrier over heal - although this is only recommended if you already have a sustain support such as Soraka or Nami.

If you want to see more of my ADC Thresh gameplay check out the video below. It's not the most educational but great if you want to see big plays and even bigger damage that you guys love so much:

You can go several ways with runes. It depends on what you're playing: Thresh Top, Support, Mid or ADC. Guardian and Aftershock are my personal favorites on support. Similarly, Grasp of the Undying, Aftershock, and Dark Harvest are reasonable for toplane. Electrocute is great in the midlane and Dark Harvest is the standard for ADC.

We got you covered no matter what you want to play. Check out the descriptions below for the advantages of each rune and a detailed explanation of the Bunz way to carry yourself no matter where you're playing!

Grasp of the Undying
  • Grasp of the Undying: Grasp is a great rune for Thresh top as it gives you some good harass in trades and Thresh can stack it often enough to get 20-40 stacks per game in most matchups. This is really good against champions like Garen and Maokai who don't have much range and are kinda immobile. But it's also pretty good against Camille, Jax etc. just for the trading power. Try it out. It's fun!

  • Demolish: all of the options here kind of suck on Thresh. Font of Life is only good on support but as a toplaner you're on an island like Tom Hanks with the volleyball. When are you going to use that? Never! Shield Bash isn't great. Thresh TECHNICALLY has a shield but who uses Dark Passage for a 60 hp shield every 20 seconds? Come on guys. Don't listen to Merch Guy. Go Demolish. It's free cash if you push!

Bone Plating


Biscuit Delivery
  • Biscuit Delivery: Biscuits are great on Thresh I've been preaching this since season 7 folks! Don't sleep on these. They give you 120 bonus mana which is an extra hook or two extra flays. Pretty important to avoid going oom. They also give a bit of health sustain which is important in all lanes but especially against the EVIL POKE DEVIL Teemo and other champions who outrange or outdamage Thresh. Oh, and remember Biscuit Delivery is REALLY EASY to abuse with Time Warp Tonic. Try it out, you'll love em. That's the Bunz guarentee!

Time Warp Tonic
  • Time Warp Tonic: Ever since Cosmic Insight stopped giving ability haste (CDR) we're on the Time Warp Train. OK? That's what we're on if you aren't well it already left the station so, good thing I made this guide. Approach Velocity isn't needed since Thresh has got enough engage without an extra 10 movement speed. You can also abuse Time Warp Tonic even harder by taking Refillable Potion. Not only does it give you instant heals but movement speed too. Poggers!


Dark Harvest
  • Hail of Blades: Ok, ok, ok I know what you're thinking. BUNNY?? WHY HAIL OF BLADES? I THOUGHT DARK HARVEST WAS THE ADC THRESH RUNE? Well, it was when it proc'd on the first autoattack. But *now*, it doesn't. It's an execute rune only, sorry fellas, party's over. Riot's fixed the synergy it doesn't work anymore!

    But I'll tell you what does work is Hail of Blades. This rune is great in early 2v2's and almost any situation in the early game. Thresh can't orbwalk due to his LOOONG auto windup so being able to pump out those autos before you get some daggers is pretty great and so is this rune.

Cheap Shot
  • Cheap Shot: a no brainer for Thresh, it's easy to proc and gives free true damage in trades. That said, it's not very practical later on, when your Flay passive really starts kicking in and you're oneshotting people. Additional lethality/magic penetration may be a better option.

Ghost Poro
  • Ghost Poro: There's only two good choices in this column - Eyeball Collection or Ghost Poro. Ghost Poro will give you a bit of extra adaptive damage (AD in our case) if you're 1) in enemy territory or 2) placed your poro in enemy territory. This is nice because it's like an Absolute Focus for wards.

    The downside is you can lose the free damage from Ghost Poro if anyone steps in the bush where your poro was placed. Furthermore, it's annoying to place Ghost Poro in spots where the vision might not be useful for the sake of gaining a more AD (12 AD at lvl 18). Eyeball Collection is also okay but you won't get stats from it without kills. And if you're not in my videos with the boys, that isn't guaranteed!

Ravenous Hunter
  • Ravenous Hunter: Did you know that Ravenous Hunter procs with Thresh's empowered autoattacks (from the Flay passive)? Because it does! It's not great - the healing is minimal early levels and especially pre Galeforce. But you can get some decent healing from it, upwards of 5,000, over the course of a 30 minute game. Alternatively, you can take Relentless Hunter which is much better for assassin-style gameplay (it gives you up to 45 movement speed) but you lose that juicy sustain. Your choice!

  • Legend: Alacrity: Legend: Alacrity balances out your big damage with some nice attack speed. It's not much at first but becomes noticeable after a few stacks. This helps Thresh farm but also lets you get those autos out a bit faster for more damage. Alternatively you could take Triumph for the bonus health and gold, but prepare for your autos to be slow as **** once Hail of Blades wears off...

Coup de Grace
  • Coup de Grace: This rune is pretty great for finishing people off and for that, you're going to need all the help you can get. Both a good rune for laning and for teamfighting, take this in all situations.

  • Aftershock: Guardian is a pretty good rune to take on Thresh support. A few nice things about Guardian: the shield scales with AP and max health, both of which Thresh stacks over time - AP with his passive and health with Overgrowth or items ( Thresh base health scaling is also pretty high). Thresh can also proc the shield with his Dark Passage, although it's the only spell he can proc it with and his lantern has a 22 second cooldown rank 1. That's why we max our Dark Passage and stack some CDR for lower cooldown, more procs, and more shields. With locket it's OP!

Font of Life
  • Font of Life: not the best rune, but Font of Life can be proc'd by Thresh Death Sentence, Flay, and The Box. And, by building tank, you increase the heal allies get from it. This can be a trade-winner in certain lanes. Font of Life is particularly good with autoattack heavy teams (mage heavy teams won't really benefit from it). Demolish can also be okay but you won't proc it much if you're shoved in a lot, if the ADC is a potato (looking at you Merch Guy) or yall just ain't doing it in the jungler department. Take font.

Second Wind
  • Bone Plating isn't a great rune post 15, but very helpful in the engages Thresh loves so much. It can also block some poke, especially from auto-attacks and can also block damage if you get engaged on (maybe by Leona to give a classic example). Alternatively you can take Second Wind if you really can't go in and are getting the max poke experience.


Biscuit Delivery
  • Biscuit Delivery: Biscuits are great on Thresh I've been preaching this since season 7 folks! Don't sleep on these. They give you 120 bonus mana which is an extra hook or two extra flays. Pretty important to avoid going oom. They also give a bit of health sustain which is important in all lanes but especially against poke like the ANNOYING Ashe SUPPORT! Try em out, you'll love it. That's the Bunz guarentee.

Cosmic Insight
  • Cosmic Insight: This rune isn't as great as it used to be when it gave 5% ability CDR but it's still got the spicy summoner and trinket CDR, which is great for Thresh support. You want Ignite up more often for those spicy plays you subscribed for and you want the trinket CDR to have Oracle Lens up for the vision control and clear. That's right boys, VISION CONTROL, one of the most important functions of a support and exactly the thing ya gotta learn if you want to climb to challenger like Capn' Bunz!



Cheap Shot
  • Cheap Shot: This is a pretty strong rune on AP Thresh mid. It's very easy to proc - just crowd control someone with Death Sentence or Flay and damage them in any way and it'll do a bit of true damage. This adds to your Electrocute + Ignite combo for strong early cheese. It's better than Taste of Blood because you don't care about sustain and you can't play that way anyway (often times you'll eventually be poked out of lane). Cheap Shot is good for an aggressive playstyle and works well with Thresh overall.

Ghost Poro
  • Ghost Poro: There's only two good choices in this column - Eyeball Collection or Ghost Poro. Ghost Poro will give you a bit of extra adaptive damage (AP in our case) if you're 1) in enemy territory or 2) placed your poro in enemy territory. This is nice because it's like an Absolute Focus for wards.

    The downside is you can lose the free damage from Ghost Poro if anyone steps in the bush where your poro was placed. Furthermore, it's annoying to place Ghost Poro in spots where the vision might not be useful for the sake of gaining a more AD (12 AD at lvl 18). Eyeball Collection is also okay but you won't get stats from it without kills. That's pretty hit and miss in mid but vision isn't. Take Ghost Poro.

Ingenious Hunter


Nullifying Orb


Thresh Top is heavily focused to frontline tank and peel, so you will need to buy items that work towards that end.

Sunfire Aegis : is an excellent buy and a must have for any tank Thresh build. It gives you a lot of waveclear which you'll be lacking since you aren't building AD. Sunfire Aegis also gives approximately 10% CDR which is great on Thresh, it also gives some decent armor and mr stats (30 each) and is overall a good pick against most lanes - especially mixed damage. However it is not your only option as we'll see below.

Thornmail: In a lot of lane matchups you'll find yourself needing a Bramble Vest. This is going to be the case against most of the bruisers, who tend to use Conqueror but you'll *really* need it against uber-healing champions like Irelia, Fiora, Aatrox and maybe Darius. In fact, in those lanes it will be the item you rush 90% of the time. It's a good idea not to take up too many inventory slots with components and while Bramble Vest is an effective component you can get a lot of value out of Thornmail. Why?

Well this item has always been pretty good on Thresh both in toplane and very occasionally in support. The reflected damage scales well with Damnation and it makes you tanky with a good amount of health and armor. Now it's even better as the healing reduction increases to 60% with crowd control and also gives more health while still providing plenty of armor. This means Thresh can basically knock out Aatrox's ultimate entirely by flaying him. At least, you can for a few seconds!

Abyssal Mask: Really good item on Thresh whenever you can afford it - and don't need to buy something else. Abyssal Mask amplifies all damage taken to enemies you crowd control, which pairs nicely with the powerful heal reduction from Thornmail. This item is good in 1v1s but considerably better in teamfights. It also gives nice MR and health making it a solid choice on tank Thresh toplane.

Frozen Heart: You can go either way on this item but Frozen Heart has several good stats that Thresh likes. It gives attack speed reduction, it gives a ton of armor, is the only tank item that gives mana, and blocks damage based on your maximum health. The damage blocker scales with Thresh grasp stacks, overgrowth, and the health from your other items. The attack speed reduction is highly important against certain champions like Irelia, Master Yi, and ADCs in general, and the mana is nice so you don't go oom in fights. However Thresh does not have mana issues as much as other tanks, like Maokai, simply because he uses his abilities less often. As mentioned you can go either way, but this is a good item and great into certain compositions.

I also like taking this item on Thresh support when I'm feeling jiggy with it. The tankier Thresh is the more hooks he can throw! Especially with this item since it also gives 20 ability haste. Is that juicy or what?

Thresh ADC loves big crits and bigger burst and we want items that give us the big whips like you see in my videos. Below is what I want you guys to build every single game on ADC Thresh OK? Tanto, put em up! (editor's got my back guys dw):

Galeforce: Galeforce is a pretty cool item on Thresh. A lot of people have already talked about the interactions but I'll cover it just for you guys. Here's a few combos Thresh can do with Galeforce:

Flash + Galeforce + Death Sentence + BOP
Galeforce + Death Sentence + BOP
Death Sentence + Flash + Galeforce + Dark Passage + Flay + BOP

and the list. goes. on. It's basically the AD version of Hextech Rocketbelt how cool is that? Galeforce also gives Thresh a solid 60 AD, 20% crit, some attack speed, and bonus movement speed, which is great for getting in range for the big hits. I know, I know I haven't tried it YET but I will soon ok? You'll see a video dropping in the future where we show you just how nuts this item is.

Rapid Firecannon: One of the CLASSICS on ADC Thresh this item is not only great for oneshotting with bonus crit and 120 additional magic damage on an empowered autoattack, but RFC also gives Thresh 600 range. That's the same range as Ashe. Poggers!!! This item is MANDATORY and I want to see you guys build it every game OK? No messing around with Runaan's Hurricane you're not in my videos you're not going to have coordination ok. We're back in Africa and playing with monkeys it's just how it is. You gotta take the game in your hands and be like I got this team.

Well, you will if you build Rapid Firecannon. Check it out!

Infinity Edge: Another one of the classic ADC Thresh items, Infinity Edge has big burst and bigger crits. Thresh LOVES this item and so will you. With Rapid Firecannon and Galeforce this bad boy will give you 210% damage on your crits. No it's not the 250% we miss so much from Season 7, BUT, it's not bad boys. It's not bad. Build this every game, third item is best but if you can't afford it, Stormrazor isn't the worst substitute.

Stormrazor: Another one of my favorites, Stormrazor has always been a great item on ADC Thresh ESPECIALLY when it gave a guarenteed crit on the first autoattack. That was gamebreaking with Thresh and man was that fun. Now it's not nearly as good, but the 75% slow is still great, especially at 600 range. It's also cheap and still gives a neat 40 AD. You can also take The Collector if you're ahead and want to go big.

Support is the classic role of Thresh and we've got a lot to talk about here. I want to give you the tips and tricks to Thresh support to unlocking your elo and making the gamewinning plays I'm famous for. One of the most important aspects is knowing what to build and why, which we'll get into below...

Bulwark of the Mountain: Building out of Relic Shield this item gives you a solid amount of health and ability power. Now you're probably wondering "BUNNY? Why are you taking RELIC over SHOULDERGUARDS? Don't you NEED the bonus AD for earlygame??". That's a good point. The bonus AD from Steel Shoulderguards is pretty good for earlygame but Relic Shield is good at all points of the game. We take it because *both* its health and AP scale with Guardian which means big shields at all points in the game. That provides the protection your teammates need because if you can't keep your allies alive, why even play support? Come on guys.

Locket of the Iron Solari: This is going to be your mythic RUSH every single game. Locket is just too good right now, with a strong early game shield of at least 180, good resistances, health, and 20 haste (15% CDR) it's a really good item on a tanky support like Thresh. As an added bonus it also gives 5 armor and mr to all of your allies in an AOE, scaling with your legendary items - this includes Bulwark of the Mountain. When you think about it, 5 bonus armor and mr ain't bad especially if your allies are squishy. Remember, even 1 bonus resistances is significant if your champion doesn't have much to begin with!

Locket of the Iron Solari's health bonus also scales with your Guardian shield and is just another way you can peel for your allies. It's the bread and butter of Thresh support. Take it.

Redemption: Another one of my favorites I've been building Redemption ever since I became a Thresh main. The CDR, bonus healing and shielding, and AOE heal are too good to pass up. This item is teamfight winning if you use it properly and works great with the other tools in your kit. This is the third item in your three item support core. Take it every game. You won't regret it.

Knight's Vow: KV used to be a pretty poor item on Thresh when it only redirected 6% of damage from the ADC. That was kinda GNARLY. Buuuut, after the rework it's way better than before and if you aren't building it at SOME POINT on Thresh support what are you even doing? KV gives 15% damage redirection to keep your ADC - or any carry - alive in fights as well as plenty of health and CDR to round out your first three items. It doesn't offer the juicy AOE we'd like but it's good for what you need: peel and shield. Ok guys?

That's what we want with Thresh support. Peeling and shielding. I want you guys to drill that into your brain OK? No more messing around!

Thresh mid is a pretty fun cheese pick that can do surprising burst early and midgame and then falls off a cliff because of how bad Thresh's AP scalings are. Rito buff AP Thresh pls ;(. It also works great with most junglers and with the right items and actives you can make the big plays like in the videos linked above.

Hextech Rocketbelt: Okay boys. Backs against the WALL. We're down 2 inhibs, Baron Nashor's up, we're down on drags, down on kills, and got super's crashing on our only nexus turret. What is there to do?


No! We are not ff'ing. We are not surrendering. We are NOT losing! What we're going to do is break out the secret sauce. And that is Hextech Rocketbelt. This item is the upgraded version of season 9 Protobelt and is it bigger and better than ever. It gives more AP, more health, more CDR, and 5% magic pen as a mythic passive. Poggers!! There's so many fun combos Thresh can do with this item and we've already covered a few of 'em. One of the classics is Hextech Rocketbelt the wave, dash into Flay range, Flay under the turret and auto for a juicy Electrocute proc and multiple tower shots. Boom, you got a kill.

I'm telling you fellas it's a good time. It is a goooood time.

Zhonya's Hourglass: This item is just broken lol. It also costs 2,500 gold and that's a cheap ****in price for 5% free magic pen, an active that can save you from anything, armor, and ability power. Zhonya's Hourglass is especially good against assassins like Zed and Fizz who can dodge Death Sentence + Flay combo. It's good most games though. You can swap this with Lich Bane in the build order if you're stomping.

Lich Bane: Lich Bane empowers your next auto after using an ability with a ton of magic damage. This item is pretty powerful, especially early/mid (it falls off later) and scales both with Damnation and Thresh E passive, which is an autoattack enhancer. It's a pretty strong item for oneshotting single targets and that's what AP Thresh does best. The bonus movement speed is also really nice for moving around the map if nothing else. Take second if you don't absolutely need Zhonya's Hourglass.

Banshee's Veil: This is just a nice item to round out the first three items. It gives Thresh some badly needed MR, which you can't go wrong with, and even more CDR. This item is especially crucial against long range since that will be really hard to deal with later on (think 30 minutes or later). The AP from it isn't bad either and it's just better than other options. Alternatively you can consider a Mejai's Soulstealer if you're stomping, though that's always risky on short ranged champions like Thresh. But the AP stacking is poggers when it works out. And if you've seen my videos, you know we love those 25 stacks **bungasm**


Warmog's Armor: Warmog's is a nice finishing item for tank Thresh because it basically acts as a big stat stick. It gives you 800 health making you very hard to kill, while also having synergy with the passive of Frozen Heart. Warmog's also gives a little CDR that we love so much and the passive lets you leave and rejoin fights without having to base - the biggest bonus by far. This item is particularly good if you are the only tank on your team. But it's not the best!

Guardian Angel: very fun item on Thresh, especially ADC Thresh. It gives you some extra damage on your autos but at lategame that's not what we're buying it for. We're buying it for that spicy revive passive, making you tankier and giving you another shot if you get caught. I bought this all the time back in the day, and you can still buy it now!

Randuin's Omen: This item is pretty strong against AD compositions but is also strong against champions with a lot of mobility. Why? Because the active, which I love, is a 99% AOE slow for 0.25 seconds. That gives you a LOT of control with The Box and Flay. But like I said, don't generally buy this unless the enemy team has a LOT of AD, especially a fed ADC you need to lock down and take out.

Gargoyle Stoneplate: this item has always been really fun on Thresh because of how crazy tanky it makes you. I've actually featured this item in some of my videos! You could legit run into 3-4 people and tank all of the damage because it DOUBLED your health. That was in season 7. Now, after its rework, its super expensive but even better and more broken than before. Thresh, with full build, can get over a 2,000 health shield with this item. That's a Sett W on Thresh. Poggers!! It also gives great armor and MR stats, CDR, and a resist stacking passive which is really good if you're being focused. Try it out. You'll love it.

That's the bunz guarantee.

The Collector: This item gives Thresh 55 AD, a little lethality, and 20% crit, rounding out your crit chance for maximum boppage. But most importantly it executes any enemy 5% health or below, meaning you're guaranteed kills on any stragglers you can't kill in a single auto. This also works extremely well with Coup de Grace. It's a very fun item and I highly recommend it on ADC Thresh.

Guardian Angel: very fun item on Thresh, especially ADC Thresh. It gives you some extra damage on your autos but at lategame that's not what we're buying it for. We're buying it for that spicy revive passive, which is very useful against assassins and ranged burst alike. Downsides: you don't get 100% crit. Remember, this is a DEFENSIVE option, like Immortal Shieldbow so buy appropriately.

Warmog's Armor: Warmog's is a nice finishing item for support Thresh because it basically acts as a big stat stick. It gives you 800 health making you very hard to kill, while also having synergy with Font of Life, Knight's Vow and Guardian. Warmog's also gives a little CDR that we love so much and the passive lets you leave and rejoin fights without having to base - the biggest bonus by far. This item is particularly good if you are the only tank on your team. There's other options like Zeke's Convergence but this is what you want to go for that lategame beefiness.

Rabadon's Deathcap: Deathcap is always going to be your finishing item whenever you can afford it. It gives you 40% bonus ability power on top of the AP you already have (including the 120 it gives you outright), which scales with Damnation, which scales with Lich Bane, which scales with all of your abilities. It's too good! With Rabadon's Deathcap you should be hitting around 600-800 AP, or more, by around 30-40 minutes. This will cause The Box to hit for at least 1,000 damage every time you cast it - obliterating squishies the moment they touch it. How cool is that??


Mercury's Treads: Merc's are a solid choice for Thresh top into almost any team composition. Thresh lacks MR scaling and you want a good balance of armor and MR. Since you'll be building an armor item second it's good to take MR boots to balance out the lost MR. Mercury's Treads is a great option here plus it gives 25% tenacity which is useful in almost any situation. It's particularly good against champions like Nasus or any of the tanks. The more you can move the more you can hook!

Plated Steelcaps: Tabis are a very powerful anti-auto item as they block 12% of incoming damage and give you 20 armor. Always build these into full AD teams and maybe rush early if you have to against certain toplaners like Irelia or Fiora who are autoattack heavy. Then sell later for Mercury's Treads.

Berserker's Greaves: Berserker's are a pretty strong item on ADC Thresh. They give you a lot of attack speed to complement your burst and can help you handle tanks that are often the nemesis of ADC Thresh. They do not scale with your soul passive like Sorcer's Shoes do but they're better for scaling and better for the consistent damage you'll often need. Take these most games.

Sorcerer's Shoes: a magic pen item seems odd on an AD build. After all, you're doing physical damage right? Wrong. Thresh's E passive is bonus magic damage on your basic attack, and magic pen amplifies that damage which is more reliable than the dps offered from Sorcerer's Shoes (and so on). Optional depending on their team comp/how fed their carries are. Big pen for big bops. That's the formula boys.

Boots of Mobility: Mobi boots are always the best option for Thresh support, with the NON-CDR RUSH playstyle. They give you excellent roaming potential with 110 bonus movement speed and allow you to set up play after play after play with Dark Passage anywhere on the map. The downside to these boots is they're really weak to poke with you losing all of the bonus movement speed if you take any damage. So they may not be the best every game but they're always the most fun.

Boots of Swiftness: Swiftness boots are the cheap alternative to Mobility Boots and you should buy them if you can't afford the latter. They'll get you to 395 ms, which isn't amazing but it's consistent and good enough for both laning and roaming. They also give slow resistance which can be good into certain team compositions. That's about it. I'm not wild about em.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: These guys are one of my favorites. I've built Ionian Boots of Lucidity on Thresh most of the games I play him. I've busted them out in pro play when I played for Gravity and when I played for Cloud 9, watch my videos they're on YT you can see me take em. Why? Because the CDR is juicy and so is the summoner spell cooldown. That means more hooks, flashes, ignites etc. which means more plays, which Thresh loves so much. The downside is you lose mobility only getting to 380 ms which kinda sucks. Still, 20 haste is tough to pass up, especially with the max CDR rush! Use appropriately.

Sorcerer's Shoes: Pretty straightforward buy on Thresh mid. You're doing magic damage and with magic penetration you can do even more magic damage. Alternatively you can go Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you're feeling spicy but Sorcer's Shoes is always a good choice.

Early game with Thresh ADC is very boring. Unless someone strays too close to your tower and you can get a cheese kill you won't be doing much. You won't be doing much because you can't do much. If you try to fight you'll simply be poked into oblivion and might die in the process.

Play passive and farm under tower, Thresh can do this safely anyway. You'll be relying heavily on your support and/or jungler to carry you through the early game and secure a kill or two. Your damage is also very underwhelming pre B.F. Sword so this is another thing to keep in mind.

Midgame is arguably ADC Thresh's strongest phase of the game. Mages haven't gotten their deathcap yet so their burst lags behind yours (unless they're very fed) and the same is true for assassins. Continue farming and look for picks. Teamfighting isn't your strong suit so you want to establish the largest possible lead to set up for lategame.

If things are going well you should have your Infinity Edge and at least 20% crit by 20-25 min. If not, buy a Rapid Firecannon and a Pickaxe to sell later for a B.F. Sword. At least you'll have crit. Alternatively you can go Bloodthirster into a Rapid Firecannon for extra sustain. Purchase order depends on their team comp and how well you're able to carry.

Like Thresh support, ADC Thresh falls off late. Your burst is as strong as ever. You can destroy all squishies and (unless very fed) any adc 1 on 1. The problem is you'll almost never get that 1v1 30+ min in. And since you can only focus a single target there is only so much you can contribute to teamfights before you get locked down or burst.

How lategame goes depends heavily on team comp. If they have a lot of cc you won't be doing much, even with Mercurial Scimitar. Focus on getting picks and try to bait teamfights rather than start them. You will get focused and there's nothing you can do if you are.

To prove that this build actually does work I did some QUICC MATHS for the 1st auto damage from the build listed above.

Note: all values assume lvl 18 Thresh, 80 AD from Gathering Storm and 120 Souls, or 120 bonus damage on E passive. Infernal Drakes and Baron are not included

AD: 491
E Passive damage (max): 120 + (491*2) = 1,102 magic damage
Crit: 98 TRUE DAMAGE and 884 physical damage)

TOTAL: 2,084 damage in 1 autoattack

including Coup de Grace... damage amplified to 2,230

Thanks for reading and remember to buy the MERCH at

- BunnyFuFuu
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