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Lulu Build Guide by Gott der 7 Meere

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gott der 7 Meere

-`^´- .... Crowd Control Monsta [Jungle] .... -`^´-

Gott der 7 Meere Last updated on September 21, 2012
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Lulu can Jungle

Greetings Summoners!

Recently, a build for Jungle Lulu was released and I had a lot of fun with it.
But there were several things about it, I didn't like; inefficient use of Lifesteal, Frozen Mallet and Crit Chance. I changed that build and it turned out to be truly amazing. Better use of her abilities turns her into a little monster that can not only carry her team with damage, but also CC the enemy into oblivion while providing incredible sustain. Essentially she can unite the tank, support and carry role in one little AS-beast.
Please feel free to contact me with questions and feedback,

my IGN is "Gott der 7 Meere" on EUW

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Short summary for those that don't want to read a lot...

Why no ?
HHH The reason is that you don't want to spent gold on a stat that you don't need. Help, Pix! and Wild Growth give you enough sustain, use Health Potions if you need even more. Don't ever cover an important item slot with something that you will regret later. Also keep in mind that we don't get much AD anyway for consistent lifesteal. Spellvamp doesn't work for On-Hit effects, so it's not really an option either.
Why no ?
HHH The slow effect from this item is incredibly expensive and your inherent slows, especially Glitterlance's are that much stronger... Should you need an On-Hit slow in spite, red buff should suffice. HP is easy to get from other items, too.
Why this ?
HHH The only purpose of this item is to make you indepedent from blue buff. If your mates don't need blue, this is perfect for you, replace this item with Wit's End, Banshee's Veil or anything that suits you.

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Where does this build stand ?

Support (Bot) Lulu is perfectly viable and works decently with some AD carries. Her high Mana costs make her difficult to play.

Shurelya's Reverie Zeke's Herald Sight Ward

AP (Mid) Lulu is difficult to play since the last nerf to her q, but she can still farm easily and wither down opponents with her long ranged poke from e-q. She cannot carry her team this way, since she only got two damage abilities and therefore lacks the damage to kill enemies late game, where she turns into a powerfull but squishy support.

AS-Bruiser (Top/Jungle) Optimal use of her passive and cc since she can clear camps quickly and gank early and without buffs. Late game, she plays to her strengths, winning fights wih her cc, On-Hit damage and sustain.

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How does it evolve ?

Take AS and Armor runes and 9/12/9 masteries. I advise MR/lvl glyphs. MPen Marks or AP Quints work well, too. Get some defense for early jungle and increased buff duration from utility, the rest is up to you.

Summoner Spells are obviously - .

Start with Cloth Armor and Health Potions. Sadly there is no other truly viable starting alternative as you need the health to gank and jungle.

Your early game items have to give you damage and speed above all, to improve your clear time and to make you a decent thread in ganks. AS and MS are vital early. The additional Ruby Crystal helps you to tank some burst.

Sight Ward

In mid game you finish your first On-Hit item, get a Heart of Gold for some income and additional HP and you start working on your big Blue-Buff-Independence-Plan. Mercury's Treads are the boots of my choice, Ninja Tabi or Sorcerer's Shoes work well, too. Don't get additional MS, let Whimsy provide that.

Late mid game you Should finish Randuin's Omen or at least Warden's Mail, to prevent anyone from closing the gap to you. This item together with your ult and q allows you to take away enemy mobility. All of it. Geth whatever CDR and MReg you can, since your skills are vital, you cannot just rely on AA alone, Lulu is nothing if she can't use her Shield or Slows. Most games will end at this stage.

Get Madred's Bloodrazor and Nashor's Tooth in late game for some terrifying On-Hit (and overall) damage, or turn around to increase your AP with Rabadon's Deathcap and Void Staff.

Remember in all stages of the game, your team to take advantage of your CC. You can kill anyone 1v1, but you should not venture into the unknown or solo more enemies. If your AD/AP carry dies, you did something wrong.

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Nothing is set in stone...

Your build needs to be consistent in giving you what you need, resonateing with your team and your enemies and lastly it has to be effective in giving you what you need cheap and quick. Therefore I will discuss some of my item choices and alternatives, since it can be hard to understand their purpose else.

They are your only viable source of Tenacity but their MR is weak, their cost is high and there are many other options. Essentially all boots are possible on Lulu and only Boots of Mobility and Boots of Swiftness are a bit redundant with Whimsy in my opionion. You have to realize that your build can change a lot with your boot choice makeing other items unneccessary or opening a need for something else.

There is no better armor item for lulu. Frozen Heart may be a decent replacement, but the passive from Randuin's is too powerfull to pass up. Heart of Gold is also important for a jungler. So even though there are no replacements, if a team lacks AA champs, you would be well advised to skip this item for something like Banshee's Veil for more spell-resistance.
This is purely a source of CDR and AS. So it is very much replaceable. Allthough Lulu benefits very much from AP (People claiming otherwise should ponder the game mechanics) she benefits even more from AS and CDR. Stinger is an early must have-item, but lacks the proper upgrade to be truly amazeing. If you get another CDR item like Frozen Heart, you need AS and HP somewhere else...
Provides you with MReg, CDR and a decent amount of MR. I would suggest MReg/lvl runes and some early MR item like Wit's End.

I think it is obvious that the cheat sheet is just one possible item build for the Lulu play I think works best. Get the following stats and you will do fine:
AS > On-Hit > HP > Resist > CDR > MReg/Mana

The standard On-Hit build like you would build it on Teemo obviously wokrs on Lulu too. It is just very expensive for a jungler to get.

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How does it work ?

HHH Pix, Faerie Companion (Passive): Yes, her passive is the reason that AS-On-Hit builds work. Like Teemos Toxic Shot she gets a sizable amount of damage for every hit. This is also the reason that we wait with finishing our On-Hit items and purchase AS first.

HHH Glitterlance (Q): This is one of the best ganking CC's in game. Easy to hit, great range and decent damage. And since its spammable, you don't need a Frozen Mallet. The true power of this skill comes into play when you can use the Aoe Slow in teamfights every 4 seconds and don't even have to be close to do so.

HHH Whimsy (W): Allthough only maxed last, some CDR allows you to perma Ghost someone plus gain a small amount of free AP. The disable can also save your life or provide even more cc when ganking. This is a very powerfull cc late game when someone can be removed for 2.5 seconds. Champions like Vladimir or Mordekaiser really love this together with your ult to wreak havoc.

HHH Help, Pix! (E): Wait till you get some points into this and you will never need lifesteal or health regeneration. This is your sustain. The fact that you can also shield allies and damage opponents is just the iceing on the cake. Generally you want Pix yourself. And btw, with 40% CDR you can perma-shield.

HHH Wild Growth (R): This is insanely strong at late ranks when an 60% AOE slow aura and +600 HP can turn anyone into an annoying tank. And it has a knock-up.

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General Advice

  • For sustained AA damage, don't use Help, Pix! on anything but yourself as those 100 On-Hit damage will go to something else.
  • Try to stay full mana, as you can fight anyone with your skills ready. Oom, you die.
  • Gank early, gank often, take the first blue buffs for yourself.

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You can be flexible and add more AP or AS to this build but what I show here gets nice results.
Credits to Awyzuu for putting up the idea of Jungle Lulu, and to Jhoijhoi of course for her awesome Coding guides.

Discussion and feedback are appreciated!