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Darius Build Guide by DucksAreMagical

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DucksAreMagical

Darius | Solo Top Tank | A.K.A DarBear

DucksAreMagical Last updated on July 28, 2015
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Garen Meh, if he goes Full AD its a bit harder but other than that you deal more damage whilst being as tanky as you
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About Me

Hey, Im DucksAreMagical you probably havn't seen me much, this is my first guide on MOBAFire, but I am open to feed back.

I main Darius Top, I have a pretty good win rate with Darius I don't know how to find out exactly.

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Introduction to DarBear!

Darius or "The DarBear" as I call him, He is a great top laner, one of the best in my opinion, in this Meta he is used as a AD carry (So far I've seen) but this is a bad build. He can deal a **** ton of damage to a single target. And in team fights he zones out their ADC or any out of position champ and dunks them.

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Early Game

Darius in the laning stage is easy if they are Melee, but a little harder if they are ranged.

If they are Melee use your Q Decimate, make sure that you hit them with the edge so that it deals more damage, if they are ranged just wait until the jungler ganks or if they are stupid and go out of position or push your lane start running after them and then Apprehend them, then Crippling Strike them so that they can't run and afterwards DUNK.

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Mid Game

This is where DarBear gets really strong, your Dunk with full stacks should deal around 600 true damage which is more than half the health of most ADC's, and your E is really good at starting team fights because at mid lane hide in the right side (bot side) brush and stand really close to the wall of the enemy and place a ward, wait until an enemy is in range to pull them over the wall.

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Late Game

This isn't the best time for DarBear, most champs deal alot of damage too much for Darius to handle unless he gets the jump on them.

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[Q] - Decimate

This is your main damage dealer, it scales with your AD try to hit them with the out side of the skill because it deals more damage.

[W] - Crippling Strike

This is your only CC It deals alot of damage combined with the Sheen and has a HUGE slow for a couple seconds use this when you can, TIP: use this after you use a basic attack because it resets it.

[E] - Apprehend

This is your gap closer, so use it wisely it also has a LONG *** COOLDOWN, it is amazing if you use it right, TIP: If you flash then E it catchs people off guard.

[R] - Noxian Guillotine This is why Darius is famous and why he has the 2nd best skin in the game, it deals a **** ton of damage and resets for 12 seconds at lvls 1-2 but at lvl 3 it completely resets this includes the mana cost. TIP: Try to kill them with it, also ult when they have 5 stacks of Hemo.

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Why Build Tank?

Well, Darius is spost to deal alot of Damage, he also is goal to finish people off the only way he can do this* is by adding Hemo stacks on to the enemy team so thathe can get maximum Dunk damage.

With AD Darius he is quite squishy and being Melee you can't really survive long enough to deal alot of damage to the TEAM not a single target.

*Without dying