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Graves Build Guide by 0riginalGankster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 0riginalGankster

Dead Man Walking | Graves Jungle

0riginalGankster Last updated on February 28, 2017
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Threats to Graves with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Rek'Sai If Lee Sin and Rengar are easy, then Rek`Sai is even easier. She doesn't have an instant gap closer like the two champions mentioned and when she E it's extremely obvious and easy to predict, so you can E away from her and then W her as she ends her tunnel path.
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I am xBalkanlord17
I am createing this guide cuz graves is in the META and many people want to know how to play him.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

1. Flat Attack Damage(x9): There really is no alternative if you want to jungle Graves, you need to have attack damage reds. These will increase the damage your auto attacks, End of the Line and Collateral Damage

1. Flat Armor(x9): Again no alternatives here, you need to have armor yellows so you can survive the jungle when you get hit and for skirmishing/team fighting later in the game.


1. Flat Magic Resistance(x9): If you don't have any cooldown blues yet then here is what you're probably left with. Don't worry flat magic resistance blues aren't bad by any means and early game if you're trying to invade an AP jungler like we discussed before they could actually be better.
2. Flat Cooldown Reduction(x6): 6 Flat cooldown blues will give you 5% cooldown reduction at level 1 which will help you with your early game clear, and allows you to use your quick draw more often in skirmishes and team fights.
Flat Magic Resistance(x3): 3 Flat magic resistance blues will help when you're fighting against any sort of magic damage and currently there are quite a few popular magic heavy junglers (Elise,Nidalee,Zac)
3. Scaling Cooldown Reduction(x6): 6 Scaling cooldown blues will give you 10% cooldown reduction at level 18 which is nice because you can't fit 40% cooldown reduction into graves' item build very easily. Scaling cooldown blues surpass flat cooldown blues at level 9 in terms of usefulness, and since Graves is a fast clearing jungler it makes these a decent choice if you don't own flat!
Scaling Magic Resistance(x3): 3 scaling magic resistance blues won't help you much early game against Elise, Nidalee, or Zac. However, once you get a few levels under your belt it'll make fighting against them and team fighting much easier than flat blues would. Scaling MR blues catch up to flat MR blues in effectiveness at level 8.

1. Flat Attack Speed(x3): Graves is a very unique champion especially by Marksman standards because he doesn't auto attack any faster with attack speed. Graves instead reloads faster when he gets attack speed(0.4% faster for every 1% of attack speed). Attack speed quintessences will help you reload your shotgun quicker so you can blast jungle camps backwards and kite them around with ease. These will also help later on when you're trying to get that last shot to finish off an enemy.

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Keystone - Thunderlord's Decree
When coming up with any mastery page you want to determine what keystone/tree would be the best for your champion and the best keystone we've found for Graves is Thunderlord's Decree by a large margin. Thunderlord's fits right in line with Graves' bursty playstyle and it's quite easy to proc since he has ranged auto attacks and 3 damaging abilities that can all be shot quickly. To access Thunderlord's we'll have to spend 17 points in the Cunning tree.


Wanderer vs Savagery
3% movement speed out of combat could be nice when we're starting a gank but beyond that it's not too useful. We're constantly in combat when we're clearing the jungle and since we're going to be auto attacking a lot Savagery is the clear winner here.

Runic Affinity vs Secret Stash
vs Assassin

All of these sound pretty good on paper for a jungler especially since we're starting with a refillable potion to abuse Secret Stash's 10% potion duration increase. However, Runic Affinity is just too strong for junglers since we're constantly getting red or blue or both buffs throughout the game(especially if we're greedy and don't give them to our laners).

Merciless vs Meditation
Merciless is the clear victor here since mana regeneration isn't an issue for junglers early game. We get blue buff during our first clear and later on we'll have talisman/upgraded jungle items to help us get mana back. Merciless' 5% damage increase is HUGE especially on Graves.
Dangerous Game vs Bandit
Another obvious choice Bandit is worthless to us since we aren't sitting in a lane soaking up gold and Dangerous Game is a life saver at times.

Precision vs Intelligence
Both are very good for Graves, however one of these is already covered by our runes. Armor penetration is an extremely valuable stat and you just can't get it very easily from runes unless you sacrifice our other extremely important stats so it's important to pick precision over intelligence here and grab cooldown reduction from our glyphs.


Fury vs Sorcery
Fury is the clear favorite here because attack speed allows us to reload faster which increases our clear time and increases our damage in fights.

vs Feast cunning
We really don't need the minimal sustain from Feast so we're okay with taking the extra 1.5% damage to dish out an extra 1.5% damage ourselves.

Vampirism vs Natural Talent
Natural Talent is an okay mastery for Graves since has has both AD and AP scaling however we don't benefit much from the AP scaling, and it'll take around ~8 or 9 levels for the AD scaling alone to make up for the lack of AP scaling. The spell vamp and life steal from Vampirism will help us sustain up in the jungle so it's the obvious choice here.

Bounty Hunter vs Oppressor cunning
Bounty Hunter can give up to 5% increased damage once you've killed every enemy champion once which is twice as good as Oppressor. However, you still need to kill each enemy champion once and until you've killed 3 Oppressor is better by far. Since you'll be slowing people constantly with red buff and your smoke screen oppressor gives you that early game edge. Oppressor is almost always the choice to go when up against Bounty Hunter. If you're planning on killing each opponent once, then you might as well do it with 2.5% increased damage and then snowball your lead for the win.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Collateral Damage

As with most ultimate abilities we level up Collateral Damage any time we can, it's by far the most powerful ability Graves has.

End of the Line

We prioritize maxing Q before everything else because of its insane burst damage. The Q damage increases our clear speed significantly and obviously increases our fighting effectiveness. There is no circumstance where we wouldn't max Q first.


While Quickdraw doesn't increase our burst potential any what leveling it up does do is bolsters our tankiness. Every time you use you reload a single shotgun shell and you gain True Grit. True Grit increases your armor and magic resistance for 4 seconds which can stack up to 4 times. At max rank of Quickdraw True Grit can give up to 120 armor/magic resistance. Make sure you keep auto attacking champions in order to keep your True Grit bonus up.

Smoke Screen

We max Smoke Screen last because it is a wonderful ability at rank 1. What makes Smoke Screen powerful is the vision denial which doesn't get any better when you rank it up (apart from reducing the cooldown).

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-Better for aggressive players
-Better for dueling
-Reduces damage of high damage threats in skirmishes/team fights
-True damage burn is helpful against champions that might barely live


-Better for strategic/safe players
-Better for vision control/warding for your team
-Can't purchase green wards anymore so Stalker's is very valuable
-Offers nothing in terms of raw damage/damage reduction

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Starting items

We start with Hunter's Machete over Hunter's Talisman because we don't need the mana
regeneration on Graves and we auto attack a lot to clear. You can start with refillable potion if you don't have optimal runes or if you're not very good at kiting jungle minions, although I don't recommend it. Your clear is extremely healthy especially if you're good at kiting minions with Graves' range and knock back auto attacks.

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Boots of Swiftness
Should be getting these every game
High movement speed along with your red buff allows you to gank and chase people down with ease
Even though Graves is a Marksman he benefits from getting into melee range and the increased movement speed helps achieve that
Your auto attacks can be blocked by minions, champions, etc. so you need to be able to maneuver and reposition yourself

Sterak's Gage

Should be purchasing this almost every game
It's a big health item and health items work VERY well with Graves since he gets free armor and magic resistance from Quickdraw, the synergy between this item and Quickdraw is INSANE
Sterak's Gage is an awesome item for marksman in general because it's a great "anti one shot" item since you get a big shield when you take a lot of damage which can be all you need to save your life in a pinch
In order to get up close and personal as Graves wants to do you're going to need tankiness which Sterak's gives you
Gives you attack damage which is always nice

Maw of Malmortius

Probably going to get this a little bit less than Hexdrinker simply because games will end/you'll want to start building other items instead of getting an upgraded Hexdrinker
The offense you get from Maw of Malmortius is great, especially if you're ahead. Like we said in the masteries section, armor penetration is a really great stat, it's just hard to come by. Luckily Malmortius has it
The shield is bigger than Hexdrinker's and it scales with your magic resistance so if you have multiple True Grit stacks when your shield pops it could be HUGE
Maw of Malmortius combined with Sterak's Gage makes you deceptively tanky and you'll still output lots of damage

Youmuu's Ghostblade

Will likely get this in more than half of your games
Fantastic offensive item that gives you all the stats you want, lots of attack damage, armor penetration, cooldown reduction, and the active gives you movement speed for reloading your shotgun
Make sure you pop your Youmuu's active when stuff is about to go down the reload speeds could save your life not to mention the movement speed is also vital for getting into range to finish people off/disengaging when you get low
The build path for Youmuu's is also great since both of the components give stats you want and they're cheap

Rapid Firecannon

Going to get this in half or more than half of your games
Nice offensive item that will increase our reload speed, increase our short auto attack range(while giving a small amount of added burst), and gives us the ability to crit
The increased range of Rapid Firecannon is really nice when someone is trying to escape from us and we can't quite get into auto range

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Viable Choices

-Won't get this very often, but it's a good pick up depending on the enemy team
-Mercurial is a great pick up when you're running into debuffs/long hard CC
-This is another item that you could pick up if you're running into a magic heavy composition however make sure you have a health item before you consider purchasing this if you're getting it for tankiness
-The attack damage of mercurial scimitar is HUGE it's great for an offensive pick up

-You'll be getting this if you're an AD heavy composition or if your opponents are stacking armor against you
-You'll most likely be getting this for the armor shred from the item however it has fantastic stats for graves, health, attack damage, 20% cooldown reduction, and movement speed when doing physical damage
-The build path is very solid and cheap which makes this an okay mid game item

-Will rarely get this item
-This is pretty much only going to be picked up if the other team has a couple of extremely high health tanks that don't have a ton of self healing
Consider getting this if the other team has some 3,500+ health targets with lots of armor

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Mortal Reminder AND Death`s Dance

-Will rarely get this item
-This is nice if the other team has high armor targets with lots of healing
-You're more likely to get Mortal Reminder instead of Lord Dominik's because of how much health you should be building on Graves
-Very good pick up against champions like
-Don't forget you can pick up Executioner's Calling early game for cheap to get the grievous wounds and worry about the last whisper component later
-DON'T FORGET grievous wounds ONLY affects SELF HEALING

-Won't get this item often
-High amount of attack damage and 10% cooldown reduction is nice
-Death's Dance makes you heal for 15% of all physical damage dealt, reduced to 5% for AoE damage
-It also makes you even more deceptively tanky because all damage(excluding true) you take you'll store 15% of it and take one third of it over time instead of as up front damage

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Thanks to:

Thanks to that one guy that voted :D and special thanks to jhoijhoi whos guide createing guide help me to make my guide.