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Anivia Build Guide by Perrlin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Perrlin

Death From Above

Perrlin Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone and welcome to my first build! Anivia was the first champion I bought and I have yet to see any good build on her. First I would like to say that my build does not start off with a lot of AP. So just wait when you try it out till mid to late game.

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Pros / Cons

-Great late game
-People underestimate your late game potential
-Good surviablity with good damage output
-Great escape abilties (wall, slows and stuns)
-Great crowd control
-Great Farming

-Slow early game with low AP
-Slow movement speed with the champion
-You must have the ability to land skill shots
-Often targeted first in team fights

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-> Seems pretty clear to me, magic pen. is a nukes best friend
-> Anivia is fairly mana starved. I personally like the scale Mana Regen ones, but you can also go with Greater Seal of Replenishment. So if you want a bit more mana help in the start then go with flat mana regen, but if you like to stay in you lane longer and have more mana regen in those late game team fights then I suggest the scale mana regen.
-> With Anivia Flash Frost and Crystallize are the spells with the longest cooldown, and the best tools for escapeing or preventing foes from fleeing. So I get these runes so I don't need any CDR. However if your looking for some other options you can also go with Greater Glyph of Ability Power for some early game damage!

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So my Masteries are pretty standard for nukes. Although I am sure that some of you guys are looking at greedand are thinking its's not worth it. Personally I get it for just that little gold advantage to help push me along. However if you really hate it you can put the point in Perservance or Expanded Mind. I wouldn't put points in Utility Mastery just because it only helps me with barron or dragon (3v3), if we ever get it, so i would rather use it for regen or that extra gold.

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Summoner Spells

-> Although Anivia is a bird, she is made of ice and is not going to fly very quickly, this will help you catch up to people running, team fights, or flee. However, I would only get this for 3v3
-> This will help you get away from the really fast moving characters by flashing over Crystallize or other walls.

Other choices for Anivia
-> I would suggest this for 5v5 over ghost. This will help you get back to your lane, and move faster around the larger map.
-> If you really have a hard time manageing your mana, or just want to stay in your lane longer (and farm!) then go ahead and get this. I would still suggest keeping Flash, and replacing Ghost.
Ignite -> This spell doesnt work for me, just because my play style doesnt work well with it for Anivia, but if you can rock it then go ahead

Things NOT to get:

Exhaust -> This is better used by close combat champions, you shouldn't be close enough to use this effectivly
Fortify -> Let the tanks get this
Rally -> Not for Anivia, not sure its really good for anyone
Clairvoyance -> Let the support get this
Cleanse -> Never tried it on Anivia, but flash should get you away/let you dodge these things
Revive -> You have Rebirth
Smite -> Well if you can jungle with Anivia you let me know
Heal -> again you have Rebirth and there are better skills to get

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: Anivia's passive is great. It has gotten me first blood so many times, when people over extend because you are 'one shottable" and then your an egg and minions kill them, a tower or an ally. It will help you in team fights if your burned down right away, because people do tend to overlook the egg for another big damager. Just keep in mind it does have a slight debuff.

: A lot of people say that this is not Anivia's main source of damage, but at low levels thats not entirly true. True: the spell does not do a lot of damage. However, its your main source of damage because it chills the target meaning Frostbite can hit a heck of a lot harder. This is a skill shot you have to learn to use well, but do not use it at low levels to farm it is very mana costly, only use it to go for the kill, set up ganks or getting into a good possition for Crystallize. If you can make it go through your target and then explode behind them (instead of in their face) you will do double damage :D

: This is a great skill for stopping people from running, seperating your enemies, or scouting brush. If you draw a stright line from you to where your wall will be it will be stright accros from that line, like a T. Hopefully that helps you picture it in your mind.

: Anivia's main source of damage for the entire game. Only use this if your target is "chilled". It will help you push out a lot of damage. It works with Nunu and Ashe abilites that chill the target, however I am not sure if it works with items like Frozen Mallet.

: This is the best way to slow targets in team fights and make sure they are all ready for some Frostbite. Try not to leave it on for the whole team fight or you might find yourself low on mana rather quickly. Also great for farming minions. And make sure you use it on 1v1 fights, not just group fights.

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So I just want to start this by saying that this is not a "if you don't build this exactly you will die" set up. I am simply saying this is a standard that I use, and that you have to be able to adapt!. If you have a tanky team then rush Void Staff. So just be aware of who you are fighting. I will cover alternatives later on in this section.

The Core:

-> This is a fairly solid item to start with. You have more mana, and it will let you grab catalyst the protector. It also lets you start off with some potions which will really help with your ability to stay in the lane.

-> I just want to make a note for people. Use your potion earlier then normal. You are squishy, and if you get forced into your egg it won’t work.

catalyst the protector -> This is where you start to start to get some more health, this will help you take some harassment, as well as the mana from the level up effect will really help you stay in your lane. As long as you don’t spam abilities this is a much better item to grab first then tears of the goddess

-> Hmm, wonder what this would be useful for...

-> You get more health, more mana ( for Archangel's Staff) and AP! This is a great item to start building some AP and damage.

-> This will give you some more speed to get around, as well as let you basicly reduce anyones MR to none/very little if they are not purchasing MR items.

-> This will start to help with that mana starvation by giving you some regen, and increasing your mana pool. However! You will still have mana problems if your running around throwing walls just because! So still keep track of your mana!

-> This is for those darn tanks! This will make your spell pen 49% (the cap). You also get some AP as a little extra.

-> Get this regardless of if you have maxed the stacks on tears of the goddess. The effect won't stack so the extra 1000 mana will carry over to this item. Plus your not Ryze, you don't rely on mana for your damage. The key idea about this item is for the magic regen, and the AP. Now with your runes and this you should be able to lane, and take down opponents without large mana issues, just don't leave your Glacial Storm on for 5 mins and you should be fine!

-> A must have for any nuke. 30% more AP, WHOOT!

-> Spell Vamp seems to be underrated, or at least under used. This will help support you in those team fights and with your Frostbite is hitting for over 1000 you will really enjoy your heal.

I know people like to have options so here are a few, but try to keep in mind this is just a basic build, change it if you need to!

No tanks? Not stacking MR for some unknown reason?

-> OMG! You can move the same speed as other people! MADNESS! Also not a bad idea for teams that catch you easily, a good alternative to Sorcerer's Shoes

Getting Fed on a Golden Platter?

-> Personally I hate snowball items, they are basicly a double or nothing. But if you are doing super well, go for it!

Other things to get:
Deathfire Grasp -> For those pesky high HP people like Mundo
Zhonya's Hourglass -> If your getting targeted right away, or they have tons of burst
Moonflair Spellblade -> For those teams with lots of control
Quicksilver Sash -> Handy for poison and slows!

These are just some of the choices you have. Again my build is based on an average team, make your own adaption’s and changes if something’s doesn't work for you! Keep in mind my build is mid-late game!

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Team Work

Team Work is super important on Anivia! When your ganking makeing a good placement of your wall and stunning people is super important! Making sure to really maximize the slow from Glacial Storm by placing in so they walk through it for as long as possible! This will also let you get max damage from Frostbite. In team fights, hold back and let the tanks start the fight. Use Crystallize to make it a 4v5 (for you) or stop them from fleeing if you have the advantage.

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Hope you liked my build! Just keep in mind its just a guildline, and you can make your own changes! I love Anivia and I wish all you summoners the best of luck learning her! Hope to see you on the Fields of Justice!

Suggestions? Feel free to comment!

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Change Log

8/7/11: -Moved ignite to a possible choice
-Changed item order