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Trundle Build Guide by Syncretic

Die faster; Get beat less

By Syncretic | Updated on November 22, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Trundle is one of the most fun, useful champions, I have ever played. He is, and has for a long time been, my main hero. Through the many, many, wonderful games I have played with Trundle, I've continued to learn more about (and how to play) this awesome troll, and while I'm sure I can get better, I think I'm ready to share my knowledge of Trundle.

Trundle is a tier 1 jungler, and his jungling speed is amazing, almost Udyr-like. Every single one of his skills is his "bread and butter", but we will get to that in just a bit.

You don't have to play troll like I do, but this is the way I find him best.

I think this is gonna be a long guide, though at the moment, that's not really my mood. But who knows, we'll see when it's done.
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Pros / Cons


+ Is a utility box
+ Has major damage
+ Has major survivability
+ Has one of the fastest jungle clears in the game
+ Is annoying as F***
+ Is a freaking troll!!!!


- Has no gap closer
- Relies ALOT on good positioning
- Falls of a small bit lategame
- Doesn't have any totally awesome skin
- Has a sad story
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My runes are very offensive, and that is just about how I like playing any jungler. Not the exact same runes, but similar, fx. I go Greater Mark of Attack Speed on most junglers like Noc, GP etc etc, for the greatest effect on passives, but Trundle doesn't exactly need Attack Speed, since his Rabid Bite resets his attack animation, therefore making the attack damage from both Greater Mark of Attack Damage and Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage more effective than Attack Speed. I also like Attack Damage more in ganks, than Attack Speed.

I go standard jungling seals ( Greater Seal of Armor) and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist for lategame protection against Magic Damage. The glyphs are pretty optional, you can also go for Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, if you feel like Malzahar is killing you, when you're ganking him or Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction for a greater cooldown on his Rabid Bite.
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Once again, I like having very offensive masteries. Breezing through the jungle is a delight, with 21 points into the offense tree.

I take 4 points into Sorcery, simply to get a lower cooldown on Rabid Bite for a faster jungle. I avoid Lethality , simply because the only crit chance you will get will be from Atma's Impaler and Trinity Force, and everything else on the offensive tree is much more useful for Trundle, since it will give him a faster jungle and better early game ganks, which are already totally amazing.

The 9 points into the utility tree are pretty standard, since all junglers are going to need the 4 points into Awareness , and a point into Utility Mastery is going to be very nice for both Red Buff and Blue Buff.
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Summoner Spells

Smite is NECESSARY on ANY jungler. I don't care about anyone being ABLE to jungle without it, Smite is NEEDED! It gives you a faster jungle, gives you the ability to steal Baron and Dragon, and makes the possibility of an enemy Baron steal less likely.
Flash let's you blink away from or closer to your enemy. Ghost has less survivability than Flash, but it still works. Exhaust is okay, I guess, if you feel like you don't need Ghost or Flash
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Decompose (Passive): Trundle's passive ability. It heals Trundle for a percentage of a nearby dieing enemy unit. This is an amazing passive, great for jungling. It gives you amazing sustain in the jungle. And think of how much a Cho'Gath or Baron will heal you, when it dies.

How to Use
  • Using Smite on a minion (preferably a minion with the highest hp possible, like the big wraith) might help you escape, since it will heal you.

Rabid Bite: One of Trundle's many utility skills, although it should mostly be used as an offensive tool. It deals extra damage, steals some of the opponent's Attack Damage and gives Trundle half of it. It has an extremely low cooldown and mana cost, so don't hesitate to spam this, unless chasing someone with your team, in that case try and save mana for Pillar of Filth

How to Use
  • Use this on an AD champion, in order to lower their Attack Damage, making them less useful in teamfights.
  • Rabid Bite resets Trundle's attack animation, so always aim to swing club (auto attack) and then immediately use Rabid Bite, thus gaining the highest DPS possible.
  • Rabid Bite can be used as a chasing tool, since it first of all has a longer range than a normal autoattack, and second of all makes Trundle charge a small distance when used.

Contaminate: Another one of Trundle's amazing utility skills! Contaminate infects an area with Trundle's curse, giving him Attack Speed, Movement Speed and reduced crowd control effects.

How to Use
  • Placing of Contaminate can be vital, and should be thought through.
  • Try placing it, where there is most possible ways for you to go. This does not ONLY include placing it directly below Trundle.
  • If you have ground to close, place it on the edge of the target "ring", thus giving you the longest affected ground to run on.

Pillar of Filth: ANOTHER one of Trundle's utility skills! Trundle summons a pillar from the ground, functioning like Anivia's Crystallize while also significantly slowing surrounding enemys. This is my favourite aspect of Trundle, it's so great for chasing, escaping and closing off escapeways.

How to Use
  • If you place it correctly, right upon an opponent (or ally, for that sake), it will slightly push and disable them for a splitsecond. Try using this to your advantage, closing a gap or creating a gap.
  • Pillar of Filth is most useful amongst other impassable terrain, therefore you should avoid river fights when playing Trundle, and focus more on fighting in the jungle.

Agony (Ultimate): "I can't believe it! Another utility tool?!" Yes, my ladies, Trundle's ultimate is also a utility ability. It instantly steals a (small) amount of the opponents health, as well as stealing a percentage of target opponent's Armor and MR. Over the next 6 seconds, the same amount of hp, Armor and MR is stolen. This is a very underestimated skill, which can easily turn the terms of a fight, if used corectly, as well as save you from a fatal destiny. As well as any other of Trundle's skills, I very much love this one, and while others might find it underpowered, I feel like it has a very balanced effect, maybe even overpowered.

How to Use
  • The target on which Agony is applied, is a very important aspect of playing Trundle. Trundle is most useful against a team with just one, very tanky champion. If there is a tanky champion (ie. Cho'Gath, Rammus or Amumu), Agony should be used on this champion. Trundle, as well as his team, will gain the most from this, since it steals a percentage of their Armor and MR. If there is no tanky champion, try applying Agony to your main target (usually the most fed champion on their team).
  • Agony can be used as an "escape tool", along with almost every other skill of Trundle's: You simply Agony the most tanky champion chasing you while you Smite a minion. Putting down Contaminate and summoning Pillar of Filth can also help you escape.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I max out Rabid Bite first, since it grants the fastest jungling, as well as the highest DPS. I grab Contaminate at level two, and usually I like getting another rank in level eight, although you can rank up his Pillar of Filth too. Besides that, our priority looks like this:
> > >
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  • : This is pretty standard on any jungler. Some people like getting Vampiric Scepter when they first b, but on Trundle, who already has alot of sustain, I would always build out Madred's Razors first.
  • : They have amazing synergy with your Contaminate. If you feel like they're unnecessary (less than 3 CC's on enemy team), get Berserker's Greaves or Ionian Boots of Lucidity instead.
  • : When you have been ganking, getting some kills or just basically trolled around, the next thing you want to get is survivability, and with Agony, all you need (kinda) is HP.
  • : This will give you the damage you need to troll your way right through the carries (with a little help from Sheen).
  • : The bread and butter of pretty much any off-tank. This has anything, Trundle needs: Movement speed, double damage on almost every skill, HP, extra damage, a 20% chance of slowing a hit enemy along with varies of other aspects. Noone will escape you with this item.

Above is the core build, but the sixth and missing item is pretty situational. I have a few suggestions for what you can pick for a last item:
  • : If the opposing team has mostly magic damage, or you are simply getting focused by their ap carry, get this item. It also grants an amazing deal of health regeneration and movement speed.
  • : If their team has alot of magic damage, and you need some more damage, get Wit's End.
  • : This is an amazing item, although it is not as good late game, as it is in any other state of the game. Having an extra life early game can really help you out, while it doesn't grant as much health or mana late game.
  • : This item will give you an amazing lot of damage. Usually you shouldn't pick this over Last Whisper, but if they don't have that much armor, the black cleaver will usually be more effective.
  • : Last Whisper let's you focus whoever you want. It isn't needed though, since you have Agony, but it's still useful, if they have 2 tanks, or just 2 tanky champions.
  • : If you need some armor and HP. Randuin's Omen also has a nice active.
  • : This is more of an early game item, but it could work.
  • : A great, teambased item.
  • : Get this instead of Trinity Force, if you like this more. It's a great item for chasing, but I like getting the utility from Trinity Force more. Your decision.
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This is the route I use. For this route, you need a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions. It is the most genuine route, and can be used by many more junglers (usually not including wolves as the first camp to be cleared, but instead Ancient Golem, or Blue buff). With this route, you will be level 4 with both buffs by 3:40 (as well as having cleared all camps).

This is a route, that I don't support. It's a route that gets you to level 6 as fast as possible (6:40), although I don't at all feel as though Trundle needs Agony to gank, and usually laners will also be stronger past level 5, therefore ganks will be harder to succeed. For this route, you start with Vampiric Scepter.

Please note, that these videos do not belong to me, all credit goes to Stonewall and Avelice0
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When entering the lane where you are ganking as Trundle, there are a few factors to take notice of. Usually, you want to wait until you are behind them, if you want to even hit them. Wait for them to go for a last hit or harrass, then rush out of the brush, lay down Contaminate BEHIND THEM. Make sure to lay it down behind them, orelse you won't be able to get near them. Take note, that going in behind them is not smart against someone with a charge, like Jax.

The next vital aspect of ganking, is landing a good Pillar of Filth. There are two ways of doing this: Either put it down right away, forcing a flash, orelse bait out the flash, and put it down right behind them.

You should also keep in mind, that when someone in the lane uses Flash or Ghost or any other long cooldown escape-tool, the gank is worth it IF you return to punish them for this, and kill them.
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Late game

Soak up farm, get buffs for your team or for yourself, ward the map, control the jungle. Not just yours, but also the enemy jungle. Trundle is exceptinally good at this, since he can easily rush in, steal a buff and be out in less than 10 seconds, although you should try and take your time, when killing the red buff, by killing the small creeps around it and then pulling the red buff to the brush in the back of the terrain. This will also be demonstrated in the Summary section.

Note: I had some trouble taking screenshots in LoL and LOLReplay, so I took this screenshot from Stonewall's video. Please take note of the ward positioning, letting Stonewall know, if the enemy jungler was to come, just so he could be more aware.

You are one of the 5 most important players of the team in late game! Trololol, but for real, you are usually the one to catch their players out of position with your Pillar of Filth, unless your team has an Ashe.
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In the beginning of a teamfight, you are the offtank version of Anivia. Split their team with your Pillar of Filth and deal as much damage as possible with your Rabid Bite combined with Sheen. Do not commit too long though, you want to try and disable every single opponent with your Rabid Bite, Pillar of Filth and Agony.

Agony should be used on the tank, as long as your team understands, it is not a call for a target. It is a tool to make you an AMAZING tank, who is also SUPER scary, as Zenon would say. My message here is: Don't waste your tankiness. Let your AD Carry take care of the tank (or whoever they can get to) and let your club strike upon your damagedealing enemies.

If you get the chance of diving onto their AD carry, TAKE IT, throw down Contaminate, put a Pillar of Filth behind them, and beat them up. If you haven't yet used Agony (big mistake, but whatever), use it on whoever you're diving. If you don't kill them, return to beat the **** out of whoever is available, but be careful about just letting the carry return and kill you and your team.

Of course, this is only the general stuff, alot of teamfighting has to do with team compositions, how fed the opponent is, how fed your team is, how far into the game you are, the area in which the fight is going on and the positioning of both teams, amongst other things.
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I hope I have been able to help you out in playing Trundle, the Cursed Troll, and while I still hope you will use this knowledge, feel free to add your own knowledge when playing the troll, and please, PLEASE comment on this guide. I'll definitely read them, count on that, and maybe I'll also take criticism, that will help me improve this guide as well as my knowledge on League of Legends and Mobafire.

In closing, I'd like to thank jhoijhoi for his guide on writing a guide and formatting. I'd like to also leave you with a Trundle commentary, including the promised pull of the red buff.
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Changes log

29-10-2011 - Made this awesome guide on trolling!
29-10-2011 - Made a few changes, 10 seconds after publishing. OOPS!!
22-11-2011 - ATTENTION! Updates and changes, to things like masteries, will be made, as soon as I get my laptop back (Borrowing my brothers computer atm, not very good). Sorry!
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