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Ezreal Build Guide by TheOnlyDevil

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheOnlyDevil

Easy Hybrid Ezreal

TheOnlyDevil Last updated on March 29, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I know hybrid Ezreal is not new but i hated the fact that most people used trinity force. It adds a measly 30 ap and Ezreal output would mostly be ad still. Or when they add a Lich Bane, they go full AP! With a Lich Bane his output is fairly even to force the other side to either build armor and magic resist or focus Ezreal. Arcane and Flux will actually do damage now too! Instead of being an escape or to proc a trin force. I did not do the math since I did not go to math college but it really seems to do more damage in crucial times.

This build makes Ezreal squishy like an adc Ezreal, but the goal of this build is to contribute to team fights with teleport and Morellonomicon. Also Most Ezreal players know how to stay back and Mystic away. ARCANE SHIFT, FLUX ENEMY AND TRY TO HIT TEAMMATES WITH IT. << Unexpectly expected.

The only issue I have for this build is that I have never completed a full build. Maybe it means this build is so good my enemies can not handle it!

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Item build

I never gotten that far into a game to use a full build. Umm the item build is pretty straight forward but not the Morellonomicon. I picked it because of team fights mostly, if you get to hit Trueshot before or mid fight then the enemy has 4 seconds of reduced health regain and that will help a lot especially if you go in with Arcane and hit a few more with Flux.

Aim for squishies... or replace the defensive item and get some pen item you would like.

It is to add more life steal and some extra damage that is needed for AD.

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Why did I max mystic shot instead of Flux or Arcane?
Well that is because of Lich Bane and Life Stealing his Q in case things get sour and you need to keep your self alive.

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Which lane can this build be for!

I played hybrid Ezreal on top and mid. Top lane Ezreal will be a bit dishearting to some but as long as you do not feed and can keep up with farm you will do fairly well in team fights. Mid lane Ezreal is only an issue if you are facing ummm, a champion with a stun and or high burst. Bot lane is fairly standard for Ezreal, just build BT and then Hex or lich. I would not use infinity edge because it does not add as much as a Morellonomicon in team fights and in a 1v1 with the other adc.

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Why teleport?
Well I prefer teleport to help other lanes or junglers in fights to get some extra kills.
Barrier is not for me since I tend to stay back and be mobile and such.
A well used teleport can beat a barrier any day! Is what i say.
Ignite seems okay but it is a hassle to use since you would have to get in range and Morellonomicon does the reduced regen for you, the extra damage ignite does can be done by a mystic shot but whatever floats your boat.

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Personal Results

15 7 6 top lane vs shen

In this match, I could not kill shen, and eve would successfully gank me. I used teleport to help my team in fights and shen would join too but I would do it near the fight and just clean up basically if my team were all dead or running away.
10 5 12 mid lane vs nid
In this match, I just outpoked nid and teleport to bot to pick off kills.
4 4 3 top lane vs nasu
This was a pretty hard lane, nasu Q got pretty stacked, I did not kill him but I was able to teleport bot and mid to pick off kills. Nasu had teleport too but he could not chase as well as Ezreal.
12 3 14 mid lane with ziggs
This was a easy lane, avoid ziggs q and shift > mystic > flux when his q and e was down. Teleport was useful to trueshot from base and use the animation from teleport to make the enemies run towards the direction of trueshot if I missed.
9 8 11 top lane vs pant
This was a hard lane, pant got fed from me and mid in the beginning, and just became unstoppable because my team decided to all go yolo and did a all adc match.

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First Build
Will go under a lot of revisions.
Please leave comments of any kind so I can learn to make guides.
I will add fancy pictures when I have time. College is not easy.