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Elise Build Guide by SheepyHall

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SheepyHall

Elise - Master of The Jungle - Updated For New Jungling

SheepyHall Last updated on November 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi and welcome to my first mobafire guide,The guide will be about one of my favourite champions Elise, She is an extremely good champion for early,mid and late game as she scales so well if you build her full AP or go AP Offtank as either way she does a crazy amount of damage especially if you get your core items.

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Pros / Cons

Pros =
Crazy Burst
Great Utility
Execute on low cooldown
Many different builds
Percentage health damage
Long range CC
High damage poke

Cons =

long cooldowns
Difficult if new to her
Not the best early game
High skilcap
Skillshot for her CC
Slow push

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Human Form Q is Neurotoxin and this is on quite a short cool down for the amount of damage it does as it does percent damage of the enemy's current health so this is good to poke but not too much as the mana cost is high for you to spam early levels and Neurotoxin partnered with Liandry's Torment is extremely good as the burn effect will do even more damage to them and this means elise is very good at poking down tanks as if they have around 3000-4000 health one of your Q's at max rank will do 200 base damage and the percent damage on top so your looking at atleast 400 damage poke which is very good and this is very good to use against jungle creeps straight away as it will chunk the creep and also the Spider Form Q is Venomous Bite which does execute damage so it's good to take kills with and to finish off jungle creeps.

Spider Form Q is Venomous Bite and this spell is very good for finishing off enemys and also jungle creeps as the execute damage is very good for this and partnered with spell vamp items like Spirit of The Spectral Wraith you will gain a lot of health back, Spider Form Q is basically the reverse of Human Form Neurotoxin and this ability is good to make an escape as you do a short leap towards a target champion or creep so you will gain an advantage as you will get further away from anyone pursuing you.

Human Form W is called Volatile Spiderling and this lets you launch out a spider that does a lot of damage and it apply's burn procs from items like Liandry's Torment so this is another good poke ability from and it will go in the direction that you cast it,this makes it good for scouting brushes if the brush isn't warded as it gives vision which makes it very useful. And when jungling you send out your W first then make the Spider Form W which is Skittering Frenzy tank the jungle creeps as this is vital in the new patch as jungle buffs and monsters scale to average levels so they do more damage and have more health so it's important not to take any unnecessary damage.

Spider Form W is called Skittering Frenzy and this ability increases your attack speed greatly and it can tank buffs and jungle creeps for you so early game for instance this ability is vital in the new patch (3.14) as the jungle monsters have been buffed greatly and have more health and do a great deal more damage to you so this is vital for you to tank buffs as you will lose a lot of health which you dont need to if you dont make the spiders tank for you and it's quite simple how to do it, all you have to do is activate Skittering Frenzy then step back so its just your spiders attacking the monster then you can go to one side and attack it from there and the buff or monster will still be aggroe'd towards the spiders and this ability is really good sustain for you and this means you can stay in the jungle for longer and surprise the enemys when you do your first gank and you are level 4+ as your burst will be high and should most definatley lead to a kill and another great perk with this skill is the ability to dodge skill shots like Rocket Grab as the spiders will block it for you.

Human Form E is the Cocoon and this is a vital part of Elise's ability kit as it allows you to stun your target for 1.5 seconds and it will reveal them if they are in a bush and this ability is great for ganking and when chasing people or if you are being chased you can use it on them to make a swift getaway.

Spider Form E is the Rappel and this is a extremely good part of Elise's kit as it allows you to go up in to the air and then drop down on any enemy creep or a jungle monster and an enemy champ so this good for ganking or you can start a gank with Cocoon as then you can release your Volatile Spiderling and Neurotoxin to get the most damage output as the percent damage plus the spiderling will chunk the enemy then you can quickly change to spider form then Rappel on to the enemy then finish them off with your execute with the Venomous Bite all while your laner is attacking them with there abilitys and this makes Elise an extremely good jungler and ganker.

Elise's R is her ability change form and this is what makes Elise such a good champion as each of her forms offers her great utility and damage and this is what makes her such a fun champion to play and it makes her quite difficult to play at first but after a few games you should feel comfortable with her kit and then you can really start to enjoy what she has to offer.

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Creeping / Jungling

For the jungling part of the guide I recommend starting blue buff and doing it smiteless then quickly heading straight to your red and either farming some more e.g. your wraith and golem camp if your lanes are being push against or if you can get a gank in anywhere head to that lane and be patient and wait for the right time to either rappel on to them or attempt to Cocoon them to stun them then if you're in Human Form I personally Neurotoxin them first then release my Volatile Spiderling then quickly switch to spider from then at this time you should be right next to them so its the perfect time to use your Skittering Frenzy and if they are low enough and your laner isn't able to take the kill you should Venomous Bite them to take the kill but you should always let the laner get the kill so they get a big advantage so they can dominate there lane so then you can focus on other lanes or you could farm more to get a level advantage on your enemy jungler so you can begin to counter jungle which I feel is a big part of Elises domination as if you get ahead you can become Unstoppable Force

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Summoner Spells.

Flash is a vital summoner spell as it allows you to escape or to get closer to an enemy to either land a Cocoon or to finish them off with your Venomous Bite so I recommend you to take this summoner spell 9 times out of ten unless you're playing ranked and can see the enemy champions and if they don't have any gap closers you can either take or and Exhaust will help you chase people and lower there attack speed so you should use this on ADC's in team fights and Ignite will help you finish people off or lower the healing effects for champions like and Volibear's passive Chosen of the Storm and any other healing effects.

As this is a jungle guide Smite is a must have as it lets you clear your buffs faster early game and with the new patch you can smite blue and red as the cooldown has been lowered so it's more efficient for you to take one buff then either clear wolves or wraiths then go to the other buff you haven't done yet as Smite will be off cooldown and this will make you get level 3 as just doing 2 buffs now doesn't make you level 3 so this is what I've found to be the most efficient way to get level 3 and either continue farming or go for a gank and Smite is also vital late game if you are contesting over Baron and Dragon and if you miss your Smite late game and the enemy team manages to take it,it can sway the game in there favour and this will be down to you not taking smite or you just being outsmited and this will cause you to lose a teamfight which may lead to you losing.

I personally wouldn't take any other summoner spells as these two are vital and I don't think any of the other summoner spells are on par with these especially when you're jungling although I suppose you could take to slow down people when you're chasing and to slow the carry's attack speed.

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Team Work

If your team lacks engage and has literally no engage at all you are what your team needs as your cocoon is brilliant if you hit a squishy with it and your team can leap on them to burst them down or if your team is being engaged upon and you need to peel off you can cocoon them or rappel away to a jungle camp or to enemy creeps to make a swift getaway.

If you go tank Elise you need to peel for your carry as this is your main goal in team fights or if you are very tanky you can dive on to there carry's and start damaging them while your top lane peels for your carry or you could both do the peeling for extra safety for your team or you could both in turn dive on to there team but this could be bad for your team as it only leaves your support peeling for both of your squishys.

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Unique Skills

Is extremely agile as she can keep you slowed if she has a Rylais and if she can make it to a jungle camp she can use her Spider Form and rapell jump to a camp to get away and if there are no camps up she can Cocoon the people chasing her which is in my opinion makes her so fun to play and she has the ability to burst people with around 3000 health instantly and makes for a really good support as she has the Cocoon which is a 1.5 second stun and she does a lot of damage without any ability power items although with the new meta and supports getting a lot more income with the 3.14 patch she can get a lot more gold so she can spend it on ability power items to do even more damage and she can also make a good top and mid laner as she has a great kit to suit all roles except marksman unless you're feeling it and want to go ADC Elise but this is a bad idea as she isn't designed for it.

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Dueling potential

Has great dueling potential as in her Spider Form her Skittering Frenzy will heal her and if you have Spirit Visage will heal you 20% more and this will help and heal you a great deal and as elise's Q's both do percent damage you can quite often chunk a squishy enemy with a Human Form Neurotoxin and if you have a Liandry's Torment it will burn the enemy with damage over time which will help you win a duel and also team fights if you spam your Volatile Spiderling you can lower them very fast as it does a lot of damage and also her Spider Form Venomous Bite will be able to execute the enemy and this makes extremely good for short fights with 1 to 2 enemys as she can quite easily 1v2.

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Thank you

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope it will help you improve your ! :) best of luck in your games and as this is my first guide if you can leave me any feedback for the guide i'd greatly appreciate it as i'd love to do more guides and if I have done anything wrong i'd like to improve on it in any future guides that I do.