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Jax General Guide by EatFlesh

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EatFlesh

Epic Jax Guy

EatFlesh Last updated on December 23, 2012
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Hello. I'm EatFlesh, and I'll be giving you guys a guide on Jax. This is also my first guide on mobafire, so hope you guys would give me tips how to make my next guide better. And my first language isn't English, so if I have some grammatical mistakes, try to ignore them.
Without a further ado, let's get on with the guide!

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Who is Jax and why play him?

In the lore, Jax is THE champ.When he joined the league, he got a special rule; he had to use a lamppost as a weapon! But in the game, Jax is a offtank who uses physical and ability power damage, and he is a strong anti-carry but he is not the best initiator in league of legends, so i'd recommend waiting for someone else in your team to initiate.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage
I'd pick these runes for some nice early attack damage, and simply it is gonna help your match a bit.

Greater Seal of Armor
This is a great pick for probably everyone, probably every champion finds use of armor in league of legends.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
It helps. With your armor seals and mr glyphs, you can take some dmg from ability power AND attack damage. Nothing to much to tell about.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
Since your abilities deal physical and ability damage, you'll deal more damage with this. Helpful!

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Pros / Cons

+ Has a built-in gapcloser/escape
+ Uses ap and ad for damage
+ Free attack speed from passive
+ Strong duelist

- [counter strike] is his only cc
- Long cooldowns earlygame
- Might get focused
- Can manastarve if you spam abilities

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There are three kind of starting items I usually use.
First one is Boots of Speed and three Health Potions. It's a solid pick, though not recommended if against a champion that can deal alot of damage on you, like Garen and Jayce

Another solid pick for starting would be a Doran's Shield

And the third one probably is Cloth Armor and three Health Potions. Very good against a champion who can do bad things to you, champions like Garen and Jayce.

First back i'd take ninja tabi (if against ad) or merc treads (if against ap). If you can afford it, buy two Doran's Blades. I picked these, because they are just a great item. 80 health and 10 attack damage can do stuff.
Guinsoo's rageblade on Jax is a must-buy item. For those who don't know, Guinsoo's has a passive that gives attack speed and ability power every autoattack you do, up to eight stacks! And Jax's passive, Relentless Assault gives attack speed for every autoattack, so you'll get alot attack speed from them!
Sheen.. A pretty nice item for Jax, get your stun and jump on an enemy for some extra damage. Nothing that special about this item, expect we're using it to build trinity force.
STOP, HAMMER TIME! Nothing much to say about this item, still used just to build trinity force.
Tons of damage. Literally. Ability power, attack damage, attack speed, health, mana, movement speed and a few passives in a one item? Just great!
Alright. This item is just PERFECT for Jax, just like Guinsoo's Rageblade. Gunblade gives ability power, attack damage, lifesteal and spell vamp. So, everything that Jax needs. And it has a cool passive too.
In short, this item is Amumus ability Despair and if you don't know what it does, it deals a percentage of the enemys health as damage. And that's what this item does. But in my opinion, it's a bit better.
If the enemy has strong ad, pick this item. You'll make your enemies hit themselves. Not much to say, this is just a situational item.
If it seems like the enemies are focusing you, use this. If you die, you'll rebirth and make the enemies annoyed if you kill some of them after reviving.
If enemy has heavy AP, get this item. You get some nice defense against their spells and you'll get some ad and a amazing passive that has saved me many times.
If enemies have alot of cc, get this. Not much to say, it just helps alot.
Converts health to armor, pretty good.

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My preferred summoner spells for jax
This is a pretty good pick, you have two escapes/gap closers and that's pretty sweet. This is a basic pick for anyone, I'd recommend.

This spell is great if you are solotop, if you are manastarving or low hp, or just need to visit base; recall and teleport back! Or if your team is in a teamfight, just teleport in a ward/minion and you are in the party!

Another basic pick, pretty good if a enemy is escaping low hp; just ignite the enemy and soon, you might get a kill. Though this is countered by supports with healing and Heal summoner spell.

Good summoner spell, if you don't use flash that much. It will help you escape pretty well from any enemy, though you can't go past walls like you could with FlashOther viable summoner spells

Smite If you are jungling, this is the number one spell to take. Faster jungling, and 10 extra gold when you kill a monster with it.

Heal Good against enemies that might kill you, again, for example Garen and Jayce.
And it's fun to make the enemy believe he will beat you in the 1v1, and then you just heal and kill your enemy.
Don't even think taking these.

Your team's support should take this. You are solotop or jungle, you don't need this!

I don't usually take this for Jax since he doesn't manastarve unless you spam your abilities. Even heal can be more useful than this one,

Why would you get this, it's basically Quicksilver Sash, with a longer cooldown. I just think that most of the summoner spells are more useful than this one. So, i'd never get this for solotop or jungle.

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This is Jax's passive. It gives Jax attack speed for every autoattack he does. It might not sound that useful, but it is amazing when dueling and pushing turrets! His passive gets it's true power at level 6, when Jax gets his ultimate ability.

It's not the strongest ability that Jax has, but it's a great escape and a gap closer! If a enemy flashes away, just jump on him.Or if you go dive an enemy and kill him, just jump to a ally or a minion to escape.

This ability is a another example why Jax is a great duelist. This boosts his next autoattack to deal more damage. Too bad this doesn't work on turrets. At max level, you can basically spam this ability with the three second cooldown.

This is Jax's only cc, a area of effect stun. It works for escaping and for dueling, if your [leap strike] is not off cd, just stun the enemy and run. You might escape from the enemy.

This is Jax's ultimate. It has a amazing passive, every third attack you deal 100/160/220 bonus magic damage. This is a another proof that Jax is a amazing duelist, and pretty much nobody can duel you. When you activate the ability, you gain 25/35/45 and 30% of his attack damage as armor, and 25/35/45 and 20% of your ability power as magic resist. So, this works very well for some sustain.

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Times when you shouldn't pick Jax.

Sometimes, it's not smart to pick Jax. Some champions just counter him, and if you are second last pick, try to guess who is solo and think if Jax can beat the enemy. I'll be giving you guys some champions that might be hard to lane against.

Olaf might be a hard lane to be against. With his q,e and w he might win you in a duel. I'd recommend getting Ninja Tabi against him. If Olaf is giving you trouble, just try to farm at tower till level 6 and then Jax will beat Olaf.

A good Yorick might be a problem, since he can use his abilities from a far, and you need to get in melee range. But if Yorick spams his abilities, he might lose all his mana and you'll get a chance of killing him.

Jayce can be a real challenge against Jax, but if you know how to play Jax you'll send Jayce back to piltover. Just try to watch out for his e and q combo, and if you wanna go aggresive try to make him use his knockback before going to fight a jayce.

Garen is a hard champion to fight against with Jax, but if you deny his farm in earlygame, you do your team a favor. But if he still gets farm and is aggresive, farm at your tower and sometimes jump on Garen for example, so if your jungler comes for a gank he thinks you are just doing another harass.
Remember, these are only a few enemies that might counter Jax, and it all depends of the player. If the player is bad you are playing against, you might win the lane.

Remember that these are just a few of the champions that might make a Jax's life harder. So, there's many more champions but these are the ones I try to avoid in solotop.

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It's season 3, with new, fresh masteries! I get usually 21-9 for solotop Jax.

21-9-0 is a basic setup for Jax masteries, since you get some nice armor, magic resistance and health from the defensive tree, and some nice attack damage, attack speed, ability power, armor penetration from the offensive tree. Jax doesn't need the utility masteries that are mostly for support (in my opinion). You can switch to 9-21 if you want more defensive play, but I prefer 21-9.
Alternative masteries setup.

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What do I do in teamfights?

If you see a teamfight occur, your job is to take down the biggest damage dealers, for example if the enemy has Katarina and Vayne, your job is to try taking them down, and increase your teams chances of winning the game. This does not mean that you are the one to initiate. If your team has [shen], [malphite] or [amumu], let them start it. Shen shadow dashes enemies, Malphite uses his ultimate and Amumu uses his Bandage Toss and uses his ultimate ability. For example, if your teams support uses clairvoyance at baron, and enemies are there, that's a good start for a teamfight.

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Hey, you got to the end of the guide! Thanks for reading, and remember to give me feedback on the guide. I wanna thank JhoiJhoi for the making a guide- guide. You can find it here.

Hope you have good luck in your matches, and have fun!


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