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Evelynn Build Guide by decadeoftherion

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League of Legends Build Guide Author decadeoftherion

Eve - post stealth remake (WIP guide)

decadeoftherion Last updated on July 13, 2012
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Hello, I've been a long-time fan of Eve even though she was so deliberately overnerfed by Riot until the infamous Stealth Remake was supposed to arrive. It's been a long, long time... but it's finally here! And since Eve now has a new kit, every guide for her is now obsolete; after some PBE games I decided to create this guide to help clear up some things about the new information that's incoming. Here's a link to view updates:

Now, with everything on the PBE, nothing is ever set in stone until it's released on to the live servers. So I'll have to keep on top of what Riot's doing with Eve. Now, onto the guide!

Let me start by saying I almost always play Eve as a support at bottom, then begin roaming a bit to help out other lanes. This guide is written to reflect that.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is more important than ever on Eve. Since she breaks stealth when nearing other champions, and lacks a true-gap closer, Flash allows you to get in or get out quickly, giving you a nice boost with your element of surprise.

I like to take Exhaust because it allows you to take on enemy champions 1v1 more effectively, and when your team is uncoordinated it paints a big target on whoever you exhausted. I always take the mastery that gives Exhausted targets -10 armor and -10 MR as well, so they take increased damage from everyone. Exhaust can also help a lot in other ways - simply put, I find it more useful for my team than Ignite.

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Marks - Greater Mark of Magic Penetration or Greater Mark of Precision - you need Magic Penetration.

Seals - Greater Seal of Armor - I like to have extra early armor for a couple of reasons. You can also get HP/level runes.

Glyphs - Greater Glyph of Ability Power - Eve is a bit more AP-based than AD-based; this slips in a little extra damage. MR/level or flat MR can be good too.

Quintessences - greater Quintessence of vigor - The HP regen is great for laning, since your passive now restores mana. By using these admittedly expensive runes you basically start the game with a weak philosopher's stone. You can probably use whatever Quintessences you want, though. it's hard to go wrong with a quint.

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30/0/0 for more damage is what I tend to do.

Pretty much anything should work though.

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Items & primary build

Boots of Speed have always been a must if you're not jungling Evelynn and not much has changed about that. HP pots x3 helps you stay in lane longer, and you'll most likely need them at some point since you have to play more aggressively than before. You should NEVER run out of mana.

On your first trip back you should always get sight wards unless the enemy team isn't jungling and they don't seem to want to gank other lanes. kage's lucky pick should always be your first buy - Heart of Gold if you want to have a tank build, or philosopher's stone if you're having some extreme problems in lane. You should still have a Lucky Pick at some point regardless of what you gp/5 item you buy first.

kage's lucky pick sight ward

Boots of Swiftness are my next buy. Boots of Mobility just aren't that good any more, because someone with decent reflexes can hit you before you hit them - then your movespeed bonus drops from 5 to 2 and you can't do as much. Boots of Mobility are still good for roaming and getting to lane faster, but I prefer swifties so you can chase people more effectively and keep up with them so you can Hate Spike all day.

Sheen was essential on Eve for damage output purposes and mana. It's still good on Eve even though the mana is slightly less useful, so I tend to get Sheen quickly.

kage's lucky pick

I try for Trinity Force next, which is entirely doable unless things are going really badly for your team. This item is pretty much all you need, and now it's time for some sustainability so that you can actually teamfight. And the new Eve is certainly better for team fights than the old one, especially with the new ult and Hate Spike. All the sustain can come from Hextech Gunblade, prioritizing Hextech Revolver because you'll benefit from the AP more. Try to finish the gunblade as soon as possible.

kage's lucky pick

At this point you can easily solo dragon and, in general, contribute a lot to your team. Now you begin looking for "extra" to add to your repertoire. Recurve Bow for extra attack speed when backdooring is good. Phantom Dancer could be better if you have an Infinity Edge for whatever reason.

Your kage's lucky pick should have earned you well over 1000 gold so far. Build it into a Deathfire Grasp whenever you want; initiating with the actives on Hextech Gunblade and Deathfire Grasp, you can bring almost anyone near half health. Easy pickings from there on.

Recurve Bow will need to be built into something - if you're doing well, go for Madred's Bloodrazor. Wit's End if you're not doing as well. Your boots are also going to start sucking, and any CC will kill you. This means you should sell Boots of Swiftness for Mercury's Treads whenever it seems necessary (and it will eventually).

Giant's Belt fills the 6th slot for me. Guardian Angel could be a good buy but I feel like you'll want to extra health more. Frozen Mallet or Sunfire Cape can be built out of the belt - no, not Warmogs, because you want more damage output in addition to that health.

Since you have a full build at this point, buy elixirs. After that... you can just sell things for other things, I guess. The game should have ended a long time ago!

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And the other builds?

AP, AD, Metagolem, On-hit, and Hybrid; these item builds are listed at the top and to the right of the primary build.

You can ignore them for now. I'm going to test variations in the near future, after I feel the current/primary build functions the best it possibly can.

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Skill Sequence

Coming soon (whenever Mobafire has the new skills instead of the old ones).

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This guide is a work-in-progress but I do welcome comments, suggestions, and criticisms.