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Ezreal Build Guide by Devilsbane

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Devilsbane

Ezreal (AP) - Skill Shot Nuke

Devilsbane Last updated on March 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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Food for thought - Read and considor before voting/commenting on guide

Now before I begin, I noticed that my last guide and all guides, as a matter of fact, are attacked by trolls (even though the troll has terrible guides with around 50 words consisting of 'OP CHAMP RIOT NOOBS', I don't mind CONSTRUCTIVE criticise, I love it as a matter of fact and I take all thoughts & feedback into consideration, but please try out the guide and don't just look at it and say things like:
'Not enough ability power'
'To squishy'
'Useless don't use clarity with Ezreal!'

I would really prefer something like
'Not bad, I disagree with you item "Lich Bane", and getting it so early' - We are not monkeys people please use some brains and lets act like civilized players, looking for an competitive edge =)

"I have this desire to keep improving, so I find fault."
Heston Blumenthal

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Now that this is over I'd like to thank you for reading my guide and i hope you gain insight and tips on how to play Ezreal. Of course, I'm not the most perfect Ezreal player but I do in general shock a large proportion of players who believe this champ is 'squishy' or has 'No damage', or even better,and my personal favourite 'a free kill'. Now the fact of the matter is, this is not true at all and i have destroyed people who haven't even had the chance to touch me once.

Ezreals lore
Ezreal was born with the gift of magic flowing through his veins. Ezreal, however, was also born with a much stronger sense of wanderlust. Put into school to become a skilled techmaturgist, Ezreal quickly became bored with magical studies. By the time the boy genius was eight years old, he had fully mapped out the underground tunnels of Piltover. The quality of his work was so great that the government of Piltover purchased his maps and salaried his services as Piltover's Grandmaster Explorer. This sealed the deal on Ezreal's path in life - he would eschew the arcane arts in favor of archaeology. Since then, countless of Ezreal's adventures have been written about as romanticized stories.

One of Ezreal's latest adventures, however, has brought him face-to-face with his other legacy - his latent magical power. While exploring the pyramids of Shurima Desert, Ezreal uncovered an amulet of incredible power. Aside from the sheer size of the amulet (it was made for a being easily twice Ezreal's size), it allows the wielder to control and shape magical energy - provided a source of magic is in the vicinity. This allowed Ezreal to tap into his natural talent for magic without having to put any serious effort into it - a big win for the Prodigal Explorer. The drawback is that for some unknown reason, the amulet is attuned with summoning magic. Without warning, Ezreal may find himself acting as a champion for, as he puts it, ''a summoner hell-bent on resolving some irrelevant world-shattering League conflict.'' Still, Ezreal feels being summoned into a Field of Justice on occasion is a small price to pay.

"There's little time to study musty tomes when you're busy crawling around where the musty tomes originally came from." Such is Ezreal's credo.

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Why not AD Ezreal?

I know nearly everyone out there believes that AD Ezreal is better, well im here to break your heart and tell you that he clearly isen't. The reason for this is i outdamage a AD Ezreal, i'm more useful in team fights if I cut everyone with my Trueshoot barrage and the fact with my lichbane late game I can kill a AD ezreal with 1 burst. Any time I have every fought an AD Ezreal he wins until level 3 where I can go over his minion waves and cut him down with . The only thing a AD Ezreal has over an AP one is the lane stability as his mana costs are not that bad and the fact he may simply auto attack. If you want to stick to AD Ezreal like everyone else, be my guest, but if you really want to own some peeps then play him AP, its all i can say.

I am here to urge you to play AP Ezreal AFEW GAMES and not one and say, this is useless, he really takes practise. I am nowhere near a pro on him but i play ranked with the complaints of my team-mates end game stomped out by my amazing damage and little deaths.

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To play Ezreal...

You will need the following.
+Good map awareness.
+Good reflex's.
+Good situational awareness.
+Good placement skills in fights.
+A decent team, a tank is a must.
+A little skill, hence the name 'Skill shots'.

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+Good grinder start game.
+Has great escape mechanism.
+Unbelievable damage mid/end game.
+Ultimate can pick off running enemies.
+Can take down anyone even at towers with a quick combo.
+Can own lane at lvl 3 with &

- Usually focused and brought down simply.
-When on cool downs can do pretty much nothing. (Only a problem start game)
-CC Rapes him.
- Squishy (It doesn't matter and I will tell you why later in this guide.
-Insane mana problems start game.
-Needs ALOT OF practise to get used to.
-Terrible farmer.

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Ok now for items I will tell you what I have chosen and why, this is important so that you may change this guide a little if you wish and once I have told you what you need at this point in the game you will then be able to provide a suitable substitute. Overall as you can see from my items I focus less on defence and more on offensive, this means AP goes over HP any day. Again i will be explaining this later in the build.

First item i start with

Ok as for my first item I start off with . The reason for this is, with this additional AP start game you can take 1/4 of a squishy health with 1 shot. This is why we have clarity in this build, as you will be harassing like crazy and this item will give you that much need pack to your punch you will need.

Second item

Ok after my tome i go for and the reason for this is that mobility and potions are KEY in ensuring that you are a good ezreal, this extra speed will assist you in out running your oppnants as well at out positioning them.

Third item

Ok for my third item i get Rylai's, this is due to the face no-one can avoid as Ezreal which is that Ezreal is squishy and a little 13itch if caught in the open, so to avoid this I get alot more HP and damage.

Forth item

This is Ezreals bread and butter, with this if you land a complete burst on anyone they will be saying bye bye to half their hp. As soon as you have this item, your game will start changing. Lich bane is perfect for taking towers and increasing your damage to insane levels. In addition as some people may not know, it works by allowing your next physical attack to do your current AP, this is great right? All i have to do is an autoattack =)

Wrong, did you know your ability will add on any on hit effects (eg sheen double damage,manderades etc), so when your is charged and your enemy is hit by your AP damage aswell as your normal damage from that shot will be brought togther leaving a chunk of hp off an enemy. So imagine end game with 715 ability power when your is hitting 700 and your is hitting 715 + the 300 damage form the shot, so that's... well you do the maths and im not even counting your ultimate or your which can hit well over 400 at that time aswell. If your playing AP you NEED THIS ITEM NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

As for the next items they are pretty obvious and simple, so im going to add some situational items so that you may rectify any problems that may occur with a well timed item.

Situational items

Banshees viel if a great item on Karthus if the enemy team is very AP heavy. This will give more survivability as well as helping you do some damage to a team that has a large amount of CC.

I would only recommend this to experienced players who basicly know they are going to get kills. A good item that stacks very nicely, with the additional cooldown on the 20 stacks, a very nice looking item.

For those people who would like to have the ability to stop a certain kind of cc without their banshee getting poped and being left vulnerable again you should get the QuickSilver Sash, this will allow you to remove all CC effects upon you every 105 seconds.

Many people laugh at getting armour on a Karthus, but if the enemy team is very AD heavy, why leave your weak to being allowed to get life stole upon or cleaned up? For a sexy 2k gold, make that Trnd think twice about focusing you.

Will of the ancients is the perfect item if a large portion of your team are AP based, the spell vamp will also help you lane aswell as giving you that much pack to your teams punch. Don't be selfish, getting items for all your team will help your team rise to greatness.

The reason i may change to these boots is if the enemy team are packing alot of magic resistance. This will help you deal the additional damage by cutting through there resist.

Good item for those all-rounder team as the resistance's are great aswell as it's active when you die. Remember if you die you can always flash and Arcane Shift away. Saved me many times.

This item can be used to kick the *** of those tanks and smart-***s getting warmogs, this gives you a passive 10 mana regain per 5 secs and 60 ability power aswell as a 15% cooldown reduction! Great huh? But this i'sent even the good apart, its active can be used to:
Deal magic damage to target champion equal to 30% of their current health (+3.5% per 100 Ability Power) with a miminum of 200 damage. And with only a 1 minute cooldown. Fantastic item!.

This elixir will increase your ability power by 20-40 depending on your level, if you are having a problem with having to little butter to your toast then i suggest getting this quick solution, it will increase all damage you deal, perfect just before a team fight giving you that small edge. Don't underestimate potions, they can be a great help.

Again, another great item to get the edge of that brief mid game squishiness, with my build you are not, but if you are having a small problem and just not getting away I suggest getting this item once until you are maxed.

"Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right."
Ani DiFranco

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OK for how to play Ezreal, i'm going to start with mastarys. Pretty basic 9 - 0 - 21 focusing on utility and on cool downs and Mana regain. Pretty basic stuff.

Guide Top


For runes I start of with full ability power, this will help provide that much needed pack to your punch for your start game farming and harassment.

Same for the glyph, more damage start game.

And alas the same yet again, we want as much ability power start game as possible.

And finally full maigic pen marks to allow your ultimate to hit its maximum start game as all enemies will have natural magic resist, we want to ignore this as much as possible to make maximum damage.

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Summoner Spells

There is ALOT of talk about what spells are best placed on Ezreal, well to tell you exactly what is perfect for you I would have to see you play, and since that isen't possible i can only give you the spells i think are the best but by all means play the way you think is best, my guide isn't perfect for all players, its just an outline of what I believe from a mass amount of experience is the best way to approach laning with Ezreal.

The Good

Ok why flash with Ezreal he already has one, well the fact is that that ability can be on cooldown or start game when your mana pool is basicly gone, a nice flash can get you out of their. I know many people prefer ghost but hey whatever is your cup of tea, i prefer a quick getaway.

Very good spell for getting away and/or finishing an enemy. Removes all snare's, silent's,stun's etc. Can get your out of a tight spot quite easily.

Ghost is useful besides what I think, it just isn't my preference. Can be used to get away of caucth up on enmies, no-ones getting away with Arcane & .

This is the big one, and to me is a simple choice for any Ap ezreal, the reason is simple. Without this spell you can't harass at all start game, in other words you wont get any kills and potentially no farm as you may be pushed back to far, clarity allows you to harass and ensure that enemies either go back or die. This is key in your lane sustainability and that your enemies can farm or are having a big problem at it. Remember you want to see an amazing dancing performance off your enemies.
*Tip*Try to lane with someone else who has mana problems, ensure you get the max use out of this spell as end game i know it is useless but its better than you being useless start/mid game.
*Note* Please do not bomb this guide for this, if you don't like it dont take it, your mana problems are to high to be ignored and thats the truth, this is THE only AP player I get Claity with.

Clairvoyance is a good spell for Ezreal as a hiding enemy CAN and WILL be picked off by you. Pick of start game enemies at towers for quick and easy kills. Clairvoyance will allow you to ensure that..
1/ You can kill them.
2/ That they haven't moved.
*Tip* If someone is hanging at a tower at low hp, tell your team to back off and allow them to start teleporting,you don't want that rushing the tower and you missing completely.

Teleport is good for nearly any charcter, if you tend to need to go back alot when your just starting out with Ezreal you can swap either spell for teleport as you can get your mana back and get max items of your level with the knowledge you can go right back and not worry about losing out on XP.

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little." Edmund Burke

The Bad

Exhaust isen't very usefuul at all with Ezreal and i don't recommend taking it, leave it for the AD Ezreal. The main reason for this is the fact that you are a nuke, you flash in and get out, you aren't there to slow and chase an enemy.

Well ok the extra damage is nice, but for me i would rather my flash, you can nuke people behind a tower with your Arcane & Essence combo so you don't need it to finish people off, if worse comes to worst then you can always ultimate people behind the tower. Still a viable spell for those who wish to take it.

The ugly

It may be useful start game but endgame you are sure as hell gonna regret it. A better spell could be chosen.

Don't get me wrong, it is a useful spell, but let another team mate take it, such as the tank of support as they won't need the spell slots as much as you do.

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How to combo with Ezreal

Before i move into the abilitys im going to talk about how to combo with Ezreal.

When you see someone you wish to attack you must go through these steps.

How to use abilitys/sequence
1/First of all you must to the appropriate postion that will give you the best advantage over your enemy. Remember use your surronding to your advantage, if you are side laning into a bush and follow up with.
2/ Your enemy, this will damage them massively and reduce their attack speed.
3/Follow up with , this will active your Lichbane and reduce all of your cooldowns by one, if the enemy isen't even half hp and we are in laning phase, just go back and wait on cooldowns of all abilitys go be refreshed, after this go and attack again using the same sequence.
4/If you do this sequence perfect, you will have little true grinding an enemy down, if this happens and they have a small amount of health shot your ultimate on where they are going on onto them if they are recalling and pick up the kill.

Base sequence for lowering an enemys hp.
button of use:E
button of use:W
button of use:Q

Chasing squence.
button of use:E
button of use:W
button of use:Q
button of use:W
button of use:Q
button of use:E
button of use:W
button of use:Q
(Do as many times as needed.)

Running away sequence
Arcane shift in front of you.
Shoot both spells behind you.
Shoot both spells behind you.
Repeat if needed.

*If on low hp*
button of use:R - Trueshot barrage

"Think before you act and act on what you believe."
Bo Bennett

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Ezreal's Abilities

For this section i will be explaining what all of Ezreals ability's do and HOW to use them correctly.

This ability gives Ezreal extra attack speed by 10% for every enemy it hits and can stack 5 times, this is what makes an AD Ezreal even more tasty to some but since we are AP this skill is sadly wasted. But in saying that start game is can be extremely useful as your AD isn't that laughable start game, after a fight a few auto attacks could finish off an enemy.
Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his attack speed by 10% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.
*Tip Read* Every time you strike an enemy you will receive at 'Stack' at the bottom right of your screen. The main way i use this method is to check the bush but placing a well aimed Mystic shot into where you believe the enemy is, if it hits someone you will receive a stack and let you know if someone is in their. Make sure you get the whole side of the bush or you may miss and walk unto expecting foes.

In addition always remember a into a bush will go through more than one enemy so you will receive more than one stack, good when about to baron and other team is missing, shot a few shots into bush and you may find your enemies lurking.

Mystic shot is an skill shot that allows you to shot a bolt of energy at the enemy at a good speed. This will be any on hit effects aswell at damage the enemy. It IS better AD based so we won't be leveling it as much as our other spells, but we will need it later on in the game. The mains uses of this ability is as follows:

+To damage a enemy which is pretty obvious.
+To help you farm as you suck at it (Mid game with enough mana).
+To check hedges for hidden enemies.
+To hit people behind towers, we want to mind f@!k them, they aren't safe anywhere and to go back.
+To reduce the cooldowns of all abilitys by 1 second if a target is hit.
+To allow you to use the on hit effect of your Lichbane ensure that you are attacking in the right sequence (See below)
+To scare enemies away, no-one likes chasing an enemy with bolts of lighting being shot at them, it turns around about 40-60% of people.
+To poke enemy team just before team fight as it has a good range and decent damage.

What not to do with
-Do not use it to increase attack speed start game to help you farm.
-Do not SPAM this ability, a well placed over some minions does ALOT more damage.
-Only use to last hit big/boss minions not with smaller ones.
-Do not singly use this ability, it works with with your combo. (Combo Section)

Thisa ability will do
Magic damage
Level 1 damage:35
Level 2 damage:55
Level 3 damage:75
Level 4 damage:95
Level 5 damage:115
(+1.0 per attack damage)
(+20% of ability power)

This is why people play AD Ezreal, "LOOK HOW MUCH IS GOES UP +1.0 PER ATTACK DAMAGE!". Lol and yeah, look at the 20% of ability power, just image you with 700 ability power which will add an additional 140 damage aswell as the base damage which is 115, this overall makes 255 damage in addion to your 700 ability power.. Now its nice huh?

Ezreal talks
AP Ezreal:It looks the same as yours, i bet you we hit the same =)
AD Ezreal:Mine hits so much more! What are you talking about.
AP Ezreal:Oh your right, wait you didn't add my Lich bane...
AD Ezreal:*Laughs* You didn't add my sheen.
AP Ezreal: Your right, im just gonna have to attack you with my Essence flux which hits 800 damage in combination with my arcane shift to hit another 400 damage, im sure you can keep up with that ? Wait you hit nothing like that with your other ability's? So what you rely on 1 spell to hurt people when all of our spells are AP based, that is ******ed...

Now for your main ability, Essence Flux, this ability allows you to shot a projeile of energy that will damage enemys and increase the attack speed of all allies in its path while reducing the attack speed of all enemies hit for 5 seconds.
*Tip*This spell will not damage minions and will run over them, use this to attack people who believe they are safe behind a minion wave. In addition it can hit 2 enemy champs at once if it is well placed enough.

Essence flux will do -
Magic Damage:
Level 1 damage:80
Level 1 damage:130
Level 1 damage:180
Level 1 damage:230
Level 1 damage:280
+70% of ability power
Attack speed reduction/increase
Level 1 reduction/increase:20%
Level 1 reduction/increase:25%
Level 1 reduction/increase:30%
Level 1 reduction/increase:35%
Level 1 reduction/increase:40%
*5 second timer of effect for all*

+To damage the enemies, remember it can go OVER minions.
+Use it to charge up your
+To increase the speed of a AD carry in any fight.
+To reduce the attack speed of their carry.
+To allow your team to kill baron quick, a shot across the whole team will give them a massive boast.
+In team fights use this ability to reduce the attack speed of all of their carries! DO NOT underestimate the power of this, 40% attack speed lost for 5 seconds is MASSIVE when you look at someone who can only survive on life steal, in 5 seconds of a reduced life steal leaves them basicly raging at you in ways that are not legal.
+If you can try and hit their carrys and speed yours up in the team fight, this can be hard to do, but if possible hit everyone with this ability. The passive of this is great in a fight.
+When mentioning these uses of the ability im not even telling you about the fantastic damage that this ability does, mid game with say 370 ability power, you are hitting 539 damage on all enmies it passes through, a AD Ezreal can only hurt one. Imagine this damage hitting any squishy on the field, a TF with 1.5k hp has around 1/3 of his hp gone in 1 strike, even a beefy enemy will notice this 539 damage easily. You are not weak remember this you hits are insane and your cool downs are mad, this is 1 ability i'm describing imagine the whole lot.

What not to do with
-DO NOT SPAM - Yes spam if you are hitting them constantly, but if you use it to much they will dance so much you won't be able to hit them.
-Do not use on people rather than enemies, it does alot of damage, i know the bonus is cool for you own people but remember if you hit the enemy with it they lost what your team-mate would have gained, they are still on the up.
-Do not save to last hit and get the kill on.
-Wait for the perfect shot try and get 2 enemies with it, either this or focus one with low lane stability.
- Remember to focus carries! Not mages in team fights, this ability will do allot of damage to one yes, but a carry that is crippled is useless.

Who dosent love this ability with Ezreal? Ill tell you who his enemies in the other team. Arcane Shift is an ability that will teleport Ezreal to the target location and fire a homing arrow to the nearest enemy (Creep or champ). This is basicly a 12 second cool down flash, this is what makes Ezreal even a viable champ. The ability to catch up run away and destroy your enemies is very important aswell as that positional importance that goes with playing Ezreal, if you can master this ability you can master Ezreal.

will do
Magic Damage:
Level 1 damage: 75
Level 2 damage: 125
Level 3 damage: 175
Level 4 damage: 225
Level 5 damage: 275
+75% of ability power

*UNKNOWN TIP READ!* This Homing shot can be used for those that lurk in the shadows and can't be seen, i am talking about your Twitch,Eve,Shaco etc. The best way to flush out one of these guys is to first use and look where the arrow went and where it ended and first EVERYTHING in that direction to finish them off! This works very well if you know you are being stalked and has gotten me a fair amount of kills and escapes if I didn't know they were their.

+To get away from fights/ganks, teleport over a way problem solved.
+To repostion yourself in a teamfight, this is massively important when playing Ezreal, you must remember you are squishy and the only reason you can remain that way is to stay out of the main action and to be in the right place at the right time, into the side of a teamfight and use all of your abilitys, remember if you are being focused, you can use this to get behind a tank or most of your team, it isen,t your job to take damage.
+To charge your
+My personal favourite, when laning I into my enemy who will be just in reach and burst them with and then . Remember most players when they see you do this are just going to run back, after you hit them retreat, only use this method if they are hiding behind their tower and far out of your reach, if you in they can get hit hard and be even more careful, this is essential if you are winning a lane that you zone out their xp/gold. Most people will be think headed and think "I can stay here its only 1/3 of my ho a burst", well my friend you shouldn't do that, most people will refuse to move from their minion waves, this is where you come in, a in an burst always works, remember to do it every 45 seconds or so, let them think you are having problems.Start game with this tactic you are taking potentially half of their hp if all ability hit, this is massive!.
+Use this blink to scare opponents and save a team-mate, no-one likes seeing flash's and half their HP gone, believe me I use this in front of my team-mate being chased by ONE person to scare them off.
+Another great use is to avoid certain spells from dangerous skill shot champs such as:
Anivia - Help avoid that stun
Brand - Help to destory his combo.
Cassiopeia - Avoid alot of her skills or get out of her reach.
Ezreal - Avoid his skill shots and bring them right back at him.
Karthus -Avoid wall at all costs! Do not use for one bomb.
Morgana - Avoid her stun and your are fine.
Lux - Ezreal can ruin lux's day, all her shots are about placement, and you can teleport to her with ease and avoid all of her skill shots.
Nidalee -Can help you avoid the spear of death.
Orianna - She ss again all skill shots, avoid 'Command: Attack' and you are fine.
Rumble - Get off his ultimate and avoid this taser shot thing.
Gragas - Avoid his barrels with ease =)

What not to do with
-Do not use it to start of a team fight. Use it to poke enemies, shift just into your teach burst and run back, i use this countless times but dont shift into their whole team please, i've seen it done before, an AD Ezreal who had no brains, he should have let me play him.
-If your running away don't use it to jump over baron/dragon wall, this could end up wrong for you as the baron/dragon can finish you off as you WILL attack them with your homing arrow, there is no way to stop this, keep in mind your hp.
-Do not use to jump over a small distance when you can jump over a wall!

You see that awesomeness up there? Well yeah, that could be you, im talking about Ezreal's ultimate...

This is Ezreal's ultimate and is (if used correctly) a complete game changer. His ultimate works after a 1 second channel period a massive missile will be struck from Ezreal's now doing damage to all enemies it passes through, although you must note it will deal 8% less damage for each unit it has hit. (30% minimum damage)

This will do -
Magic damage:
Level 1 damage: 350
Level 2 damage: 500
Level 3 damage: 650
+1.0 per bonus attack damage
+90% of ability power - Yes that isn't a typo. So 700 ability power is, WTF?
at 700 ability that is 630 extra damage, and include your 650 from the ability, its quite abit I will let you add it up. Now image that hitting every single member of the enemy team =O.

+Ok the main use of this ability is to (as shown below) to change the odds in a team fight, a massive chunk of damage of all the enemies will change any fight straight off. Try and hit as many as possible.
+To help your team get away, if your team is running away with low hp, you can beat the enemy are follow in the same path as you, so i usually shot down that alley and when they see a big chunk go missing most people will hesitate on going on.
+It can be used as apart of your combo (Read below)
+Sniping can also be a useful tool but don't do it to often, a sure shot is alot better than a lucky one. Remember, only do if you have a decent/good chance of success, this will take alot of practise to get used to so be patience until you brush up this skill.
+You can save towers with this ultimate, simply shot at the champs attacking any tower and scare them away with 1/3 of thier hp gone =).
+It can also be used to clear minion waves that can prevent anyone even attacking a tower. Again, only use if you have to. Both this point and the previous point go hand in hand.

What not to do with
-I could ramble on for days about how not to use his ultimate because i see alot of people using them foolishly. First off do not i repeat do not steal kills of people in other lanes with it.
"Desperation is like stealing from the Mafia: you stand a good chance of attracting the wrong attention."- Douglas Horton
-Do not use it to only Snipe kills, ensure success rather than just shooting with hope alone.
-Don't be selfish with this ability, it has a moderate cooldown so don't use it just to damage an enemy you have no chance to kill.
-Do not use it right infront of an enemy if you can help it, only do if they are right on you and can't avoid it.
-Don't use it to steal baron, its very hard to do if the enemy team are all attacking it. It's a waste and can help the enemy, only even think about trying it if you are very close.

Thinks to consider
+The most important thing to consider is the fact that your ultimate CAN be stopped by any stun fear etc. So do it out of the range of any enemies with any sort of CC
+Give yourself a fair portion of success when readying an ultimate, here is the calculation i use.
>Current damage of ultimate
>> Check magic resist and take it away from damage
>>> Take away end damage from enemies current hp.
>>>> Use/Dont use ultimate

"Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous when the margin of error is small."
Donald Rumsfeld

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Now i have went over all of your abilities, ill now explaing how to farm with Ezreal, this i will not lie is difficult as your auto attacks have little effect on the minions so you must be good at last hitting creeps.

Start game
Be very careful start game and just last hit when you can, use all mana on damaging enemies and keeping them back not on using your mana to farm, this will leave you oom sooner than you know. AP Ezreal relies on a kill or two start/mid game so try and help him out as much as possible. Remember you are only built for destroying enemies. Only use your if you are lacking in gold, but only use this on the boss creeps as you can't burn all your mana on normal creeps.

Mid game
Now that you have gotten past most of your mana problems you can farm alot better with , last hit all creeps you can with it ensuring your gold keeps at a nice level. Again i must urge that you must constantly gank and kill the enemy, you aren't like a carry and thus you can farm very well, its a problem mana mages go up agaist,but don't worry you should be able to get kills with ease, you destroy champs not minions.

End game
Leave the minion waves for your carries or others who need it, its just your job to start killing some people, constantly push towers and look for ganks.

"Action makes more fortune than caution."
Charlotte Whitton

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This is basicly your combo section in one, start off with to cut enemies off, then attack as many as possible with and Mystic shot, their hp will be extremly low at this point, if possible shot off a into the fleeing enemies picking up the kill =).

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Possible jump spots

Remember when looking for ganks, you can be ganked, so here is a map of the possible jump spots on a 5 v 5 game.
Apparently some of these spots cant be jumped, obviously a really intelligent person in my comments assumed i check each and every one and didn't steal the image of google ... basicly this is just a VERY basic example of where you can jump, use your own comment sense/distance assessment to get the best results.

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Team work

Team work is so important in any mutliplayer game you play, let it be WOW, Army of 2, Call of duty, whatever your cup of tea is, teamwork can win the game right ? So its no different in LoL. First things first don't ks with your . This will annoy your team and they may leave you without any help later game, be nice to them and they will be nice to you. Make sure you help in any gank that you can aswell as calling (SS,MIA,GONE,Missing) no matter what you are doing, your team will thank you. Ensure you are not creditable for any deaths in your team, ping if they don't seem to be reading the chat.

"Teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision, even if that vision becomes extremely blurry."
Author Unknown

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Team fights and your role.

Your role in team fights is poke the enemy before the fight as much as possible, use your basic combo to shift in (if they can't get you after you have) and use your superior damage and range to cut down enemies.

Method 1
When the team fight starts get behind your tank / team-mates, you will be focused down! Get to the back and wait around 1 - 3 seconds until all the enemies are togther than use your normal combo in the middle of them all but focusing on their carries if you can, then WALK BACK and use that nuke your into them all.

Method 2
Alternatively you can wait and start off with, then your basic combo, this will make the enemies team panic and run away. I use this method more than one but ive seen both work well, id rather shock and awe than the overall damage output. Remember if you can shock them into running, well you can pick up all the kills with

It isen't your role to die, if a carry starts to focus you back off, you can die in 2 seconds flat, tactical retreat is different that running away, wait until the carry goes back to the fight and run in again with either method 1 or 2.

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Who you may lane against

Orange = Potentially difficult
Red = Hard

These are all potential match ups, I will be including all enemies in general you have to look out for, not just ones that are good mid lane, as I lane bot/top sometimes with Ezreal, he doesn't really need to be in the mid as many believe.

These are all potential match ups, some may not be that likely but all can possibly mid lane.
Leblanc - This girl is very difficult, play safe and just farm, remember her blink can nuke you down, stay behind your creeps.
Ashe - Can be difficult, avoid her volley and keep her dancing, be wary at level 6 she can stun and kill you.
Caitlyn - Very difficult to be against, alot more range and damage and you have, play very very safe and just use your combos and get out of their.
Zilean - Can be difficult, massive damage start game but just keep your distance and harass him.
Karthus - Can be difficult but he relies on landing his bombs, stick between minions when attacking him reducing how effective his bombs are then just burst him down.
Lux - Can be difficult, just avoid her skill shots and you will be fine. Your damage is alot higher than hers just nuke her down, she can't hide against you like she can other champs.
Mordekaiser - Who da f@!k made this champ ? Harass when he has his shield down and just farm away.
Katarina - Depends completely of skill level of the Kat, avoid her dagger throws by keeping to the left/right of minion wave. Harass her as much as possible until level 6 where she will try to out, just flash our of it and continue to harass her. But remember until level 6 she has little or nothing on you, harass her hard.
Swain - This guy completly relies on his skill shots, don'get get caught by his snare or you will be forced back to port, avoid this and you should be able to out harass him, you can also outfarm this guy greatly force him back to tower to limit his mana regain ability of his passive.
Lee sin - Can be impossible to kill, dont underestimate this guy with his so called "Limited range" He CAN and WILL nuke you down if he lands his . THis will mark you and let him get in close to do massive damage, it will also make it hard for you to hit him with your skill shots.
Kassadin - Very easy to lane against, Harass massively and again, enjoy that free farm baby until level 6 then start playing a little more careful, but until then rape him with all you have, you outclass this guy until his 6 comes into play.
Brand - A hard enemy indeed, keep clear of his skill shots, he will beat you start game without a problem, wait till level 3 and use your combos to hurt him, remember he will miss if you blink wait until he attacks flash over it and give him hell.
Anivia - Very Very hard to lane agaist, you have to kill the 13itch twice and you simply dont have that kind of damage start game, once she reaches level 6 start clear, until then harass and annoying her as much as possible while farming.
Fiddlesticks - Has the potential to be impossible to lane against, depending on their skill level, try and harass a small amount but if he is just draining up just focus on your farm and avoid his .
Corki - Don't get caught slugging it out with him, just out manoeuvre him, combo him down, his range is limited and he has very little burst damage.
Ezreal - Mirror matchs can be very hard, depending on who has the greater skill level more games, AP or AD. Just wait until he trys to burst you then blink and burst him, be patience, you will win if you just wait for that perfect moment.
VanyneVanyne- Very hard to lane agaist, play defensive completely with a small amount of harass if she singles herself out.
Orianna - Another hard enemy, she has alot more range than you and farm better than you, but don't let it worry you, she requires you to have little mobility so she can hit you, luckly we dont have that so she will have alot of trouble landing any shot.
Sivir - Could be difficult to defeat if you cant avoid some of her techniques. In addition she has a shield that can mess up your combo, try to catch her by surprise before she can shield up.
Tristana - Very hard to lane agaist due to range and damage output, as well as the ability to jump near you, farm and keep your distance.
Vladimir - Start game this guy makes me think he has AIDS or something, nuke him back start game, when he hits 6 and starts grining you down be careful!Keep on him, he can't heep on healing start game so grind him hard and no give him a second rest, when he jumps in to drain, shift over to him and burst him down.
Veigar - Can be very difficult, his ultimate can reck you end game, you can beat him in lane though, play aggressive and combo him down.
Urgot - I need a knife playing this guy, he is such a melt start game i could cry, avoid his shots as much as you can and just farm, without kills this guy fails hard. Just out combo him.
Malzahar - You can outlane until 6, then he owns your *** buddy. Farm until then and just keep it safeish.
Kog'Maw - Start game it is pretty easy to beat him, he i'sent really a problem until late game when he out ranges you hard, harass and farm.
Annie - Simple until level 6 when she owns you with tibbers, counter with flash if you can, be semi aggressive but keep out of her stun radius. She will kill ou with ease.
Heimerdinger - Ignore turrets and try to flash in and attack him, to damage you he requires you to be near the turrets, that isent going to happen, flash in combo and go back, he will eventually have to port.
Kennen - Very hard to Lane against, he spins around like mad and throws his little f@!king starts. Harass till level 6 and start playing careful, his ultimate can mess you up.
Ryze - This guy can grind and burst you down with ease, very hard to lane against. Farm and keep your distance.
Cassiopeia - Avoid her skill shots and you will be fine, she requires very hard skill shots, so just combo her out and keep that distance.
Miss Fortune - Moderate to lane against, just don't get caught slugging it out with her, harass and slowly grind that HO down.

*Refer to color codes on champs above and play against accordingly*
"Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy."
Lao Tzu

Oranges - How to defeat / play against

To play against the oranges you must be semi aggressive depending on how they play, remember they are only a problem if they catch you without an/or on cool downs, you should be able to burst them down easily enough, remember keep them at arms length the whole time, don't give them the opening they need to kill you.
"Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy."
Lao Tzu

Reds - How to defeat / play against

For the reds, play safe, they will almost always outlane you with damage and or farm, just concentrate on your farm and avoid their abilities, but remember, being a ***** won't get you anywhere, if they start getting cocky in the open, make them pay for it a well placed combo and retreat, you don't want them to have free farm, playing safe means don't take any risks, only attack if you have a wave behind you and they are in the open with no way of catching up.
*Tip* If against a red, ensure your jungler (if you have one) or other lane mates know that the enemy in your lane is top priority for a gank! Them getting killed will pull in their reins and not f@!k with you anymore.

"I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders."
Jewish Proverb

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In a public match, ill be honest, it's hard to find people playing support putting wards on the map, if no-body is, YOU SHOULD. I know this is meant to be the support/tanks job but what's 150 gold to ward both sides of your map so you cant be ganked by the jungler, if you have spare cash any time in the game, invest it into wards, it will get your team kills and leave the other team with the inability to gank you and all your team mates. Its your role aswell as all others to discuss who is buying the wards or deciding that it will be a team effort!

Wards win games, they can:
Give map visibility on key pointers in the game EG Dragon attempt/ Baron, where the enemy may be low on hp leaving you the time to strike and pick up those 5 kills for your team and the buff/gold.
+Counter gank some-one looking to jump your lane, cut them off with a ping from your team and their is a free kill.
+People getting away with the skin of their teeth? I can see you! You don't always need a twisted fate to find people running around in junlge, a well placed ward can tell you exactly where they are.
+A well placed ward in the enemy's base if deep in there jungle or lane can allow you to teleport to them and cut certain people off or back-door your enemies, don't underestimate this method ive gotten countless kill because of it.

This isen't my video but I think it explains perfectly where to put wards and is hopefully helpful to you.
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Thanks for taking the time to read my build, I hope have give you some information/tactics on Ezreal that you diden't know before. And for all my wise cracks at AD Ezreal im sorry, he is well played but just not for me, if you enjoy him, but all means my friend, go ahead but if your looking for a new way to play this champ test out this guide. Please don't go bombing me if you think he is to squishy with this guide or if you think clarity is nooby, read the whole built and comment on it as a whole not on 1 think you disagree on. Thank you very much for considoring this =)

And remember guys practise makes perfect! Don't give on
"Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat."
Ann Landers

Peace out guys have fun playing this fantastic champ.

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
Bill Cosby