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Ezreal Build Guide by XI Buizel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XI Buizel

Ezreal Sheen Proc at its Finest (Detailed)

XI Buizel Last updated on December 14, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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My First Guide ever but dont be afraid to tell me what you thought it will only help me improve on this build and furture guides as i do plan on doing guide for other champions i main. One will be coming after the next patch i hope to put a guide up for Jungle Warwick but we'll see.
For now we are talking about Ezreal so lets get to it.

Anyways Please enjoy this Guide and leave any comments on what you think i could improve. Also leave a comment if you found this helpful.

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Build 1 Vs Build 2

Use Build 1 if their team doesn't have alot of CC (Crowd Control) Use Build 2 if they do.

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Ad Ezreal Vs Ap Ezreal

I get asked this alot and really it opinion based really ive tried both (and hybrid) and i found Ad to be the Funnest for me. With Ap Ezreal you will be strong Later in the game relying on Essence Flux Arcane Shift which are on longer cooldowns, and Trueshot Barrage

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Pros / Cons


    Good damage throughout the game
    Easy to kite enemies
    Double Flash
    Enemy teams normally underestimate Ezreal.(Because not alot of people play him correctly)
    Hard to master
    Completely skillshot based
    Ultimate can be hard to time on moving targets
    Easily bursted if not positioned right.
    Damage output can be reduced if they hide behind creeps.

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Skill Sequence

Ezreal's passive you can throw some auto attacks in when your skills are on cooldown but makes sure you dont just auto-attack and throw your abilities in there also.

Max this ASAP its your best damaging Ability.

Good for your team increases attack speed by a bit and Lowers any enemies Attack speed if it hits them good for taking out Dragon and Baron. But isn't all that important unless you want to keep stacks on you passive.

Good escape ability i max it second for the reduced cooldown which is more helpful then people think.

Overall a Badass ultimate does alot of damage close up and is good for iniataions on fights or clean up if your in another lane or at base. Shooting this from one lane to another is no cakewalk as you have to time where the enemy team (or the person your targeting) will be this requires you to have either vision Via Sight Ward or just outright Guessing.

Not much to say here maxes the Damage on Mystic Shot as early as possible and lowers the cooldown on Arcane Shift Dramamtically.

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The reason i changed the masteries for Ezreal is because with the new masteries you dont really need anything beyond mana regen for Ezreal's early game sustain. The 23 in offence is for maximum damage and cooldown reduction.

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The Rune setup is quite simple and works extreamly well for ezreal. 9 Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation allows to penatrate the armor of squishy and somewhat tanky champs early game doing more damage then Greater Mark of Attack Damage would.
The Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist allow you to take a but more damage and sustain in lane longer.

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Opponents And how to deal with them (Mid)


I Absolutely hate laning against her she can zone you with her Yordle Snap Trap or auto attacks with Headshot and destroy your creep waves with Piltover Peacemaker shes just annoying to deal with all around try to farm when possible and hope your jungle can gank for you.

Ashe will be annoying until you get your sheen then you will outdamage her if you play right you should be able to outlane her from that point on.

Only laned against 1 teemo and i dominated him he would blind me which doesn't effect Mystic Shot so i would just send damage his way and once i got my Sheen it felt like teemo wasnt even in the lane he backed soo much.

Ive only laned against a few of them and the lane was pretty even.. As Long as i dodged Light Binding and Lucent Singularity i could win an exchange but she normally always hit one and Finales Funkeln well lets just leave it as move out of the way or its gonna hurt..


Outright outranges you and he will hide behind creeps because he's freakin kogmaw.. pretty much farm if you can and hope you can get some damage on him because hes really squishy and if he doesn't get some survivability hes gonna stay that way.


I Hate morgana with a passion but since shes ALWAYS banned in ranked or Draft picks she's not an issue but if your playing normals know that her Black Sheild will negate damage from Mystic Shot regardless of your build. Also you'll be forced to farm under tower when all she has is 2 Doran's Rings just because of Tormented Soil Oh and did i forget to mention she wont have to leave lane because of the spell vamp that Tormented Soil gives her? Also you can't harass her because of her creeps. If you Arcane Shift Past her creeps shes gonna Dark Binding Into Tormented Soil into Soul Shackles and your pretty much dead at that point..


If brand lands a full skill sequence on you its gonna hurt but his q Sear is a skillshot and about the only way he can land Pillar of Flame without leading it. He will do this Harass with Conflagration then go for Sear then Pillar of Flame then he will most likely try to Ignite you but if he doesn't hit Sear you should be fine unless he has some serious ap..


Yeah he can use Ambush to cloak himself but if he's not cloaked then he's dead once you get your sheen and hit him once that half his health guaranteed. Just dont get harassed by him too much so he cant use Expunge and your fine. Just keep in mind you outrange him and can outdamage him completely if you play smart. Oh and get a Vision Ward Or Oracle's Elixir and he's nothing to you..

Hated going mid against her all she will do is Distortion which completely counters you Mystic Shot and then she will Sigil Of Silence and then Mimic if your alive after that your lucky..

Note: I'll add more Champions in as i encounter them ( I try to encounter each champ more then twice because player skill doesn't mean that the campion cant outlane you player skill does..)

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Team Work (When to Pick Ezreal)

Teamwork is Key with Ezreal as it is with any Ad Carry You need some tanks like Maplhite Cho'Gath a tank that can offer some type of cc and a support like Sona that can get you a really nice line up for Trueshot Barrage. Also you need to use Trueshot Barrage Before the fight starts if their lined up properly because the damage you do to each person will be pretty nice and will either force them to fight or run unless someone on your team engages which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Picking Ezreal when the other team has ranged Cc or an assassin can be risky but its not necessarily out of question just keep your map awareness up and take note of where everyone is at.

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Bottom lane Who should be your support?

she can give your Health, Armor, Magic Resist and Mana Yeah lets just say i never had to leave my lane except to buy items. Only problem is she offers no cc but a silence which is not going to save your life often.


Crescendo can set you up for a perfect Trueshot Barrage and she offers a good amount of lane sustain and damage with Power Chord and extra damage for you with Hymn of Valor

Not good as Soraka or Sona but he's got his own set of perks like Dazzle and Radiance and Imbue is a pretty solid heal..

he's a strong support tank and has Headbutt and Pulverize Which can set you up for kills and extraordinary ganks form your jungle. Alistar is usually pick for an agressive bottom lane.


Depends on if your Blitz can land his hooks if he lands about 70%-90% of his hooks then you got a good blitz on your hands.

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Farming will depend on the lane your in and what your opponent does. I generally try to find i balance between farming and harassing but i will lean towards one or the other depending on what my opponent(s) do. If i take Ezreal mid and see that the champion im up against has a Doran's Ring or Doran's Blade i will harass them out of the lane forcing them to back. If they bought Health Potion's i tend to focus more on farming harassing when possible. If you go bottom with a support champion and the opposing team has no support in that lane then you can do either or harass or farm but you should try to balance both trying to miss minimal Creep score. If your support is beastly they wont steal your Cs unless your not in lane.

If your being zoned dont be afraid to last hit with your Mystic Shot a little but dont get overzealous with it because you will run out of mana quickly if you over spam it too much.

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Ill go in depth with each item that i used in this build and color code them based on how well or poorly they effect Ezreals Damage and sustainability.

Very Strong
Somewhat Strong
Dont Even

Sheen is extreamly powerful on ezreal and some people leave me wondering why they dont buy it on him its pretty much doubling your attack damage on your Mystic Shot thats never a bad thing. Dont get me started on the Trinity Force i used to think it was a waste of money on Ezreal and i was surely wrong Movement Speed Sheen proc and a slow all for 4070 is surely worth it.

The Brutalizer/Youmuu's Ghostblade
The reason this is only yellow is because of how quick it can fall off. If the team starts stacking too much armor your going to have to eat the loss on CDR and get something to shred that armor..

Vampiric Scepter/The Bloodthirster
This will increase your survivablity all around as long as you can keep its stacks up thats why i have it Orange if you cant keep it stacked its useless (just like other snowball items.)

Madred's Bloodrazor
Is the enemy team stacking health to stop your team instead of getting Armor or Magic resist? Make them regret it with a Madred's Bloodrazor this combined with your Mystic Shot will shred health.

Banshee's Veil

I've never really needed this with Ezreal ive never really been cced down or been in range of any cc that could put me in real harm due to my placement but i do occasionally wish i had one because not having one has gotten me killed once or twice and once i got one problem solved.

Infinity Edge
If i see one more Ezreal buy this my head just might Explode.. His Mystic Shot DOES NOT stack with crit it never has and it never will So DONT BUY IT. If you really want an ad carry that can use a Infinity Edge Play Tristana Ashe Tryndamere Or Master Yi NOT EZ.

Note!: Madred's Bloodrazor, The Bloodthirster, and The Black Cleaver stack with Ezreal's so they are good buys when bought under the right circumstances.

Situational Items

Guardian Angel
Good to keep your The Bloodthirster stacks and provides some Mr and Armor and the revive every 5 mins.

Warmog's Armor
Only got one once and it really didnt help.. So i cant say if this is worth it or not.. Of course it was a 100% crit ashe so i probably should of gotten a Thornmail Which sound stupid i know but i didnt have many options..

Black CLeaver
I dont normally get this item unless their stacking armor and its under about 140ish anything more then that ide get the alternative.

Last Whisper
This is somehting i usually get when the Youmuu's Ghostblade is no longer enough i just deal with the longer cd on my ult.


Ionian Boots Of Lucidity
Your standard boots the cooldown reduction is key.

Mercury's Treads
I dont normally get these boots unless they have some kind of ranged cc. For example Ryze Morgana Sion the list goes on but just to name a few.

Berserker's Greaves
I never got them on Ezreal so i dont really know what to say about them except i dont feel like they belong on him at all.

Boots Of Swiftness
Your not Garen or Akali so no.. You have tons of movement speed with Trinity Force

Boots Of Mobility
Your not Twitch Or Shaco so once again no..

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Summoner Spells

There are a few viable summoner spell combinations for Ezreal

I would definitely choose one of these two if not both of course this is my personal Preference but ill list the other useful Summoner Spells if anyone is curious.

good For Tryndamere or Master Yi assuming you get them to use their ultimates in fear of you or if the team doesn't have any champion that rely on attack speed then take this over Exhaust...

You could definitely use this its not out of the question for Ezreal But ive never needed it but if you feel like you do then feel free to pick it up.

Not my personal favorite over the 2x flash but its not out of the question if you want to chase or just run faster.

What? if your dying alot in lane then i guess but you wont have Flash or you wont be getting kills due to the lack of Exhaust Or Ignite so i dont recommend it.

Ide only reccomend it until you get comfortable with Ezreal Then dump it for Ignite or Exhaust

If you have this then either your team has no support or theres something wrong with your support you should never have to pick up Clairvoyance BUT if no one will i guess you'll have to or just live without it..

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Didnt get the full build but you ge tthe idea.
Had to switch some items for surviveability because i was getting focused and we still wound up loosing but i did relatively well before everything went down hill and we gave them 2 barons..
Their Ashe went mid against me and rage quit after i Arcane Shift juked her ult and killed her. then they surrendered after i gave their Fiddlesticks a beating.

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So Thats my Ezreal Please leave constructive comments as this was my first guide and i would love to do more of them.. Feel free to leave anything that you think i left out of this build and i will make changes accordingly.. Also Feel free to send me any screenshots you have of the stats you got while using this guide and ill put them up with the proper credit.

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Change Log


Revamped Items layout making it easier to read and added a color coded system to show the strength of the item.

Added Pros and Cons Section.

Changed Title to Ezreal Sheen Proc at its Finest.

Added Opponents Mid Section and "Who should be your support?" section.

Made some changes to "Who should be your support" and changed Sorak and Sona ranks.

Edited Masteries

Added Team Work (When to Pick Ezreal) Section.


Changed Items to Better Early Game Damage (after testing it starting Dorans Blades on Ezreal is NOT a bad thing in fact it was better then getting the early Sheen Thanks I Rox You Sox for bringing this to my attention.


Added Another Build for Ezreal and added Build 1 Vs Build 2 section.


Changed Alistars rating in "who should be your support?" section.


Added Blitzcrank to "who should be your support?" section