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Ezreal Build Guide by IggyJosh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IggyJosh

Ezreal - Who needs a map?!

IggyJosh Last updated on May 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys! This is my second guide, and it's on Ezreal the prodigal explorer. I have played a good amount of Ezreal over time and have felt as if I have gotten really good with him. I know my Irelia guide was like, a disaster ;( But, I hope I can gain the trust of you all with this Ezreal guide! Hope you have a Strikin' time as Ezreal! (Get it, like the skin, Striker Ezreal? Ahahahahahahaha my puns are too stronk.)

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  • Has a good early game
  • His main spell has a low cooldown and does alot of damage
  • Benefits from both poke supports and kill supports
  • Doesn't need a map
  • Global Ultimate


  • His best skin is 25$
  • Very squishy
  • Falls a bit behind in late game
  • Skill shot based
  • Need to learn to play him, not just pick him up and do good with him.
  • His dance
  • People thinks he's gay with Taric (nothing against gays)

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Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
    I take these glyphs because of, well obviously, the magic resist! Early game Ezreal is insanely squishy and can easily be killed, like really, really e-z. (Get it, like e-z as easy but ez in Ezreal?! Ahaahahahaha my puns are way too stronk, nerf Irelia)
  • Greater Seal of Armor
    I take the armor seals so I can't get automatically destroyed by the enemy adc and to help us with the squishyness. Again, Ezreal is really squishy and can get destroyed early by any champ that has an ok (at least) early game.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage
    I take the attack damage marks for that extra Umph in the game so we actually deal a good amount of damage at start and can get kills if you have a good support who knows what he is doing. Ezreal does have a good early game, he is just very squishy, but more on that later in the guide!
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
    I take attack damage quints for the extra early game damage, which let's you breeze through almost every champ in early game with your Mystic Shot. (Note: you WILL deal tons of damage ;))

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells I pick

  • Flash is needed even though he has a free flash, his Arcane Shift but normally that is used to re-position yourself in a fight.

  • Ignite is also good for use to finish someone off who is running and you don't want to get kited, or just to deal some damage if you are in a fight and prevent alot of healing

    Other Viable Spells

  • Cleanse is good if you are in a lane against people who have alot of cc. Example: Taric, Caitlyn.

  • Barrier is good only if you plan on going balls deep and never retreat.

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As Ezreal I go 21-5-4 for the damage from Brute Force the attack speed from Fury the armour pen from Weapon Expertise and from Sunder and Executioner is a must have on all adc's.
I have 5 points in the defense tree for Durability making me less squishy as the game goes on. I have the 4 points in the utility tree for Meditation because if you spam (like me) then you NEED this.

Another viable way of doing masteries for Ezreal is to go 21-9-0 picking up Veteran's Scars for the 30 health in the defense tree for the extra tankiness at start, also ruining the squishy problem and picking up all of the choices I have already made in the offence tree.

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How to farm like a boss with Ezreal

Ezreal is an extremely strong farmer. His Mystic Shot can be used to last hit, or just to stack up your Rising Spell Force so you can chunk down those little minions faster. For farming, just try to last hit like any other normal adc, but if you are getting zoned by that stupid 650 range from Caitlyn or something like that, then you can last hit from a distance with your Mystic Shot, as easy as that. You just need to know how to last hit. I would also recommend playing a custom game or 2 just you can fully understand Ezreal's auto attack animation, which is a very big part in being able to last hit.

^ If you don't know how to last hit, I recommend that you watch this video.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Mystic Shot is the main importance because it is the spell you will be using most of the time to hit either minions or champions. It does a good amount of damage, has a very long range, once it hits something, it reduces all the cooldowns of you other spells by one second, and the mana cost is very low and it has a very short cooldown.

  • Arcane Shift is the second main importance because it is a free flash and actually does alot of damage with its homing missile thing. The reason I max this second is because of the damage it does maxed out and the free flash, each level with it the cooldown goes down 2 seconds, making it 11 second cooldown when it's maxed. It's also is wonderful is you find yourself in the middle of a fight and you want to go out and do what an adc should do, which is stay outside and deal tons of damage, or if you want to re-position yourself so you can focus the enemy team's adc, or apc, and so on.

  • Essence Flux is the least of our priorities to max because it has a small range, only scales off of ap, and it just doesn't do that much damage as ad Ezreal and, I don't know if it's just my opinion, but the attack speed buff to your ally isn't too important in lane, because what? You want your support to attack super fast and steal your kill or something?

  • Trueshot Barrage and almost last but not least, our ultimate, Trueshot Barrage! A very strong global ultimate used to chunk down the enemies health during teamfights or to finish off that stupid running Miss Fortune! I take this ability whenever I can, at levels 6, 11, and 16.

  • Rising Spell Force Now this one is last but not least, our passive. In 1 v 1's in river or whatever, this is amazing. Every time you cast a spell (which should be whenever you can) you get an extra 10% attack speed, allowing you to make faster work out of your enemy. And when you spam, it stacks up to 5 times maxing out at a whooping extra 50% attack speed! This is a wonderful passive, increasing how fast you can kill the enemy, but think before you use which spell if you want to make the most of this passive, because Mystic Shot (when it hits) reduces the cooldown of all your other spells so I don't normally lead with Mystic Shot when in a 1 v 1.

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I take Doran's Blade to start with on Ezreal because it gives you extra health, attack damage, and a little bit of sustain so you can stay in lane longer.

This is another good starting items on Ezreal the Long Sword gives you some attack damage, and you can easily build it into a Vampiric Scepter. The Health Potion are for your sustain in lane so you can stay in lane longer.

This is our final viable start. The Boots of Speed are for dodging skill shot heavy champions such as yourself, and for the movement speed. And, as I said before, the Health Potion are for the extra lane sustain.

Early Game


I take these items in the early/mid game so we can more easily build our core items, The Bloodthirster and Blade of the Ruined King. I suggest you get Berserker's Greaves for your boots because the attack speed is nice, you don't want to be slow!

Mid Game

These are the mid game items you should have. The Bloodthirster is nice because of the extreme life steal and the attack damage. Also, the passive can let you get up to +100 attack damage which is very sweet :P. I take Blade of the Ruined King because of the again, insane life steal, and mainly the passive, "Deals 5% of the target's current health as extra damage per hit.". This lets us destroy all tanky opponents and squishy opponents (not as well as tanky ones) with ease. Enchantment: Furor I take this enchantment for my boots because they are essentially kiting boots. Since your Mystic Shot applies on hit affects, so you can kite with your Mystic Shot too.

Late Game

I normally take Infinity Edge then Last Whisper then Frozen Mallet in the late game items. Infinity Edge gives us massive damage and makes our critical strikes insanely op. This is why i get Infinity Edge out of these three items. Then I get Last Whisper because in the late game, your enemies should have some armor and this will allow you to tear through them very easily. Lastly, I get Frozen Mallet because of the slows, but mainly the extra health. It allows us to survive when enemies start to focus you, and lets you help your team longer if you are getting focused.


These items are the situation items, so I will explain when you should pick up these items. Trinity Force is a very good item and is quite cheap for all the stats it gives you. Trinity Force as well gives you a good amount of all the stats you need. I recommend picking Trinity Force up if you are a little behind because it is cheap for the stats it gives you. Iceborn Gauntlet is an amazing kiting item. It has the sheen passive, but it leaves an AoE circle which slows as well as doing extra damage. Iceborn Gauntlet also gives you cooldown reduction, allowing you to spam Mystic Shot more. And as we know, Mystic Shot applies on hit affects, so you can kite all day every day with Mystic Shot and Iceborn Gauntlet. Also note it gives you good mana and armor, so you can spam more and take a bit more punishment as well.

Now on to Quicksilver Sash. Quicksilver Sash is for when the enemy team has a lot of cc, because it is a free cleanse, but actually has a shorter cooldown. Quicksilver Sash also gives you 45 magic resist, but the passive is more noteworthy. Lastly, we have Zephyr. This replaces your boots. The 10% movement speed it gives means you can go fast with no boots. The 50% attack speed is useful in late game when you mainly deal damage through your auto attacks, and the tenacity is good against a team with cc. The 25 attack damage is also a nice touch.

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Lane Enemies A-Z

This chapter is all on how Ezreal is against other opponents in lane.

Difficultly : Easy
First I must say, that moment when Ezreal Arcane Shift your Enchanted Crystal Arrow D:. Yea, partly because of that this lane is easy, but also, Ashe is more of a late game champ, like Vayne and you have an insanely strong early game. You can also poke her all day with your Mystic Shot. As long as you deny some farm and get kills on her early on when she's weak, everything will be fine.

Difficulty : Hard
Dat. Range. Omfg. Ok, now you know how Ezreal has insane poke? Now compare your poke to Caitlyn's. Yea. Bad, right. She can zone you all day every day. For her q, Piltover Peacemaker it's like your Mystic Shot but can go through minions. Yea, gg wp. But don't quit now! If that Caitlyn sucks somehow, you SHOULD win lane. Yea, she's a mixture of Ezreal, Nidalee. AKA more poke than you.

Difficulty : Medium
This lane is honestly totally skill dependent. Don't try to start a trade if Corki has high health, he can Gatling Gun you in a trade and easily win as it has more damage output than you do. I suggest poking a few times with Mystic Shot then going in to trade. This match up is easily explained by this sentence, "He is a better dueler, you are better at poking.".

Difficulty : Hard
Please, just please don't pick Ezreal if the enemy team has a Draven please, please, don't. Ok, now Ezreal has a great early game and since he normally does good early on, he snowballs quite hard, but Draven, same exact thing, but more damage output in early game with his Spinning Axe. Try to be safe and capitalize on Draven's mistakes in lane and coordinate with your jungler.

Now you may be asking why I added this. It is because well, what if you are playing against an enemy Ezreal and you are Ezreal as well. Well, obviously this lane is skill dependent and as well dependent on the support and how well the jungler ganks. Yea, I honestly have no idea why I added this slide here.

Difficulty : Medium
Most people used to think that Graves was the true counter to Ezreal well, not exactly. This lane is like playing against a Corki. Don't try to start trades when Graves has a lot of health because he simply has more damage than you with Quickdraw and then Buckshot. What you need to do to win this lane is to poke Graves and then start trades when he's low. You WILL lose trades if he has the same amount of health as you, because, he has more up-front damage output than you.

Difficulty : Easy
This lane is easy because Kog'Maw's damage comes in the late game when his Bio-Arcane Barrage is maxed out because his poke at that time is insane. Just kill him early game, which should be quite easy, and snowball lane hard. Also try to deny him farm and you will be fine. This lane is just like Ashe, except just a bit harder because of his poke from Bio-Arcane Barrage

Difficulty : Hard
Yea, this match up is not very good. Miss Fortune is SO MUCH better than you in trades it's obnoxious. Also, if the Miss Fortune knows that she's doing, she'll know how to Double Up a minion and hit you as well. For this lane, just poke, farm, and coordinate with your jungler to get ganks. Miss Fortune's damage output versus yours is total madness.

Difficulty : Easy
Your Mystic Shot has longer range than her only poking tool, Blinding Assault. Also, Quinn's early game is horrible, only once she gets some items is she good, so you should get early kills on her and snowball insanely hard. Also, Quinn is a bad champion, xD.

Difficulty : Medium
This lane is somewhat hard and somewhat easy. Sivir has an amazing early with her Boomerang Blade and she is better than Ezreal early game. This is bad because in the early game is where Ezreal shines the most. But, in the mid to late game, Sivir just completely falls off and sucks. Then is when you should be able to kill her easily and snowball. Just play careful in the early game and you will dominate later.

Difficulty : Easy
Playing against a Tristana is very easy. She is, again a late game champ like Ashe or Vayne so you should, as Ezreal take advantage of your amazing early game and let Tristana get nothing done. To win this lane, just kill her early game and snowball hard in to mid and late game and you will dominate.

Difficulty : Medium
This lane against Twitch is medium only because of his Ambush and he can dodge all of your Mystic Shot's with that if he's a good Twitch. What he will do is Ambush then Venom Cask then expunge and get a lot of free damage off on you and you can't normally do anything against that, except for buying Vision Ward. Just buy a Vision Ward and put in the middle of lane and you should be able to see Twitch's every move. Then, you can easily kill him and snowball hard.

Difficulty : Medium
Playing against a Varus, you have to be careful. Any moment Varus could be charging up Piercing Arrow to get damage off on you. Also, in fights, if he gets a lot of stacks of Blighted Quiver, you need to be careful and try to dodge his next ability so he doesn't deal a lot of damage to you. This lane is about poking. Whoever can poke the best in this lane wins. This is normally Ezreal due to his low mana cost on Mystic Shot and Varus's high mana cost on Piercing Arrow. For this lane, I suggest that you start a trade with him whenever he his out of mana, this way he can't use any of his spells since they all have high mana costs.

Difficulty : Easy
Vayne has a horrible early game. Punish her then and you'll be golden. Just be careful when you have two stacks of Silver Bolts on you because when those explode, they deal a lot of damage. In this lane, kill her early and deny farm and you should be able to snowball quite easily.

Sorry, but I couldn't include Urgot in this list because sadly, I've never played as or against an Urgot I'll update when I play against one.

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Bot lane Synergies

  • With this lane bot, you can poke all day, and party all night. Sona with her Hymn of Valor and you with your Mystic Shot is so funny, you get to poke all day every day. Also, she has a heal, her Aria of Perseverance which is also nice if you yourself are getting poked down which shouldn't be happening.. This lane is just a total poke lane and is very good at it.

  • With this combo in the bot lane, you can Mystic Shot all day, every day. Soraka's Infuse can give you all the mana, allowing to spam your skills so you can poke all day. This lane together is not exactly a poke lane, since Soraka has almost no poke, but you can Mystic Shot everything. Lastly, Soraka's heal is too good, she can make the clutch heals and save you from danger.

  • GAY BUDDIES!!! jk jk.. But to be completely honest, this lane is very good because Taric can Dazzle the opponent and then you can Arcane Shift closer if you are far away and get all the kills. Your burst and Taric's burst with Shatter and Radiance it is just insane how quick you can kill your enemy.

  • This lane is really good. Leona can just jump in with Zenith Blade while you jump in with Arcane Shift and burst them down so fast, it is not even funny. This lane is like Taric and Ezreal but in my opinion, this lane is far superior because of Leona's high amount of cc.

  • If Blitzcrank can land a Rocket Grab, then it's gg for the enemy team. You with your burst paired with Blitzcrank pulling them and knocking them up and silencing them, you just kill them so fast.. This lane is only good if the friendly Blitzcrank knows how to land hooks.

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Change Log

April 19, 2013 : Guide launched!
April 20, 2013 : Changed quints of health to quints of attack damage
April 20, 2013 : Added boots enchants
April 20, 2013 : Added "Start 2" with Long Sword and 2 Health Potion
April 21, 2013 : Added Situational Items
April 21, 2013 : Added a lane enemies chapter
May 6, 2013 : Added bot lane synergies
May 10, 2013 : Added a section on farming