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Ezreal Build Guide by ItsDavam

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ItsDavam

Ezreal's Opinion on Dominion

ItsDavam Last updated on September 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my guide to Ezreal, more specifically my guide to playing Dominion with him. Before I start the introduction to my guide I would like to thank Ezrea1, who made the Hare Hare Ezreal guide. If you haven't seen their guide I highly recommend looking at it, especially if you are new to Ezreal.

While their guide focuses very in-depth into Ezreal as a champion, I chose to focus more on how each of his abilities and attributes benefit him in Dominion.
Without further ado, Ezreal's Dominion Opinion.

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Why Ezreal? Pros / Cons

Why pick Ezreal?

In Dominion, or any game type for that matter, Ezreal is one of the most versatile champions in the game. He can be effectively built AD, AP, or a Hybrid depending on the situation you are in, and what your team may need you to do. His set of abilities give him a good damaging skill shot Mystic Shot, a de-buff Essence Flux, a flash time escape and positioning mechanism Arcane Shift, and a global ultimate Trueshot Barrage very similar to that of Ashe. But I am getting ahead of myself, I will explain each of there more in-depth later in this guide.


  • Very versatile champion
  • Can deal both steady damage, and combo abilities for a great burst
  • Arcane Shift and Flash give you some of the best escape tools in the game
  • Trueshot Barrage is especially helpful in dominion
  • Build provides decent speed, good for map control
  • Great for last hits and farming


  • Squishy
  • Somewhat item dependent
  • Requires you to land skill shots consistently (not necessarily a con if you are good with them)
  • Lacks crowd control

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Masteries as you all know provide small but useful increases to various stats in the game. In Ezreal's case it is best to build towards his offense and supplement it with utility masteries. For AD Ezreal, which is what this guide focuses on, I have selected the following masteries because they provide me with damage, armor penetration, spell penetration and cooldown reduction. I then add the utilities masteries to enhance my Ghost, and give me additional experience and gold.

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Rune are a great tool to help increase stats to maximize your effectiveness with any champion. That being said, they really are not necessary. If you do not have the runes I suggest, or are a low level and may not have any at all that is fine. You can still play Ezreal, or any champion for that matter, very well without the bonuses runes provide.

For marks and quintessence I haven gone with greater mark of desolation and greater quintessence of desolation for armor penetration to help both his normal attack and Mystic Shot hit the enemy harder. My glyphs, Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction give me additional cooldown reduction to help me spam my Mystic Shot and to make sure my ultimate is there when I need it. As for seals an defensive seal would work, health, armor and magic resist are always useful. If you want to stay focused on your offensive ability then go with Greater Seal of Attack Speed to give you additional attack speed.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

In my opinion Flash is a must for any champion in any game type. It gives you an escape tool and a way to chase down enemies. Combined with Ezreal's Arcane Shift you can get out of most unfavorable situations, or cover enough ground in an instant that escaping you is nearly impossible. ..... While Flash is an all around great spell, Ghost becomes the second best spell for Dominion. Dominion is all about map control, you need to hold at least three of the five points in order to be damaging the enemy nexus. But what happens when you are on one side and need to defend a point all the way across the map? You NEED to get their quickly and at the very least be able to start recapturing the point shortly after they do.

Other viable options

This summoner spell is often forgotten or regarded as useless, yet it will likely save you at least once or twice a game. ..... Very effective to finishing champions who would otherwise have escaped, or to counter Tryndamere's Undying Rage. ..... Can be used to escape or slow to make sure you get the final hit. .....

Dominion Specific Spells

It can be a useful way to push towards a point and/or help you get gold by giving you the money for the kills the minion would get. However, it will likely never save your life or get you a champion kill; Its benefits do not outweigh those of the more traditional summoner spells. ..... Essentially the dominion version of fortify. Could be very helpful for one person on the team to have this, but it would be better in the hands of a tank or support champion. If no one else on you team has it you may want to consider it, but again I don't think it will be better than one of the above options.

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Abilities and how to use them


An interesting passive that gives you attack speed every time you use an ability. You may not notice it, but it is nice to have.

An AD Ezreal's go to ability. It has low mana cost, short cooldown, good range, and a 1 TO 1 ATTACK DAMAGE RATIO. You can spam a skill shot doing upwards of 400 damage to harass and enemy and then as part of a combo to finish them off. Additionally, its passive reduces the cooldown of all abilities by 1 second every time you hit an enemy.

If you were to take a quick glance at Ezreal you would likely assume this is his best ability. If you build an AP or Hybrid Ezreal that might be the case, but for an AD Ezreal like the one I feature in this guide it is not. The high mana cost and longer cooldown make it a less effective damaging ability than Mystic Shot, and its buff/de-buff is not enough to make up for it all the time. It is however a very good situational ability and one always worth having a point in early.

Imagine Flash with an 11 second cooldown. Now imagine that doing over 275 damage to a nearby enemy. It is just an all around amazing ability, escape, chase, position, combo. One of the most useful abilities any champion has.

My favorite ultimate in the game to use! You can kill an enemy anywhere on the map... if you can hit them that is. This will take some getting used to, but the rewards are definitely worth it. In Dominion you can defend a point from anywhere on the map, or use it as part of one of the best damaging ability combos in the game.

How to use them

At this point I hope you know Ezreal is all about the skillshots, if not I am clearly doing something wrong. Like all skillshots they are only useful if you hit people with them, so if you are not confident you can do that try playing a game or two against bots to practice; don't worry I will be waiting here for you to get back.

WELCOME BACK! Well I see you know how to use skillshots now, all that is left for me to do in the section of the guide is to teach you how to combo them effectively. Ezreal is great at poking enemies over time to get them to half health or less. Once they are at half health or so, you can move in for the kill. If you have all of your abilities ready start off with Arcane Shift to position yourself so no minions can block any of your abilities, and try to hit their champion with the arrow. Then Mystic Shot, Essence Flux, and Mystic Shot again. If you have all of your abilities at level five, even with no items that would do over 800 damage, with a finished build it would do around 1400 damage in just a matter of seconds. If this is not enough, fire your ult to do the last bit of damage you need (Up to another 900 damage with a full build!)

Just to recap, or for quick reference:
Arcane Shift > Mystic Shot > Essence Flux > Mystic Shot >> Trueshot Barrage

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Core Items

Core Items

Or whichever boots best suit the opposing team.

Now some of you may notice somethings about this core that you might find unconventional for an Ezreal build. The two things that may stand out are The Black Cleaver and Youmuu's Ghostblade, but let me explain why these items make sense for dominion. A lot of Ezreal players, myself included, would take a Last Whisper instead of The Black Cleaver in a normal game, it gives you more armor penetration for your attacks and physical abilities. For dominion I found The Black Cleaver to make more sense because of how sanguines blade works. It is the Dominion version of The Bloodthirster with one major difference: it gets better each time you attack (with up to 7 stacks.) To maximize its damage you need a higher attack speed to maintain the additional bonuses its passive can give.

Now onto the Ghostblade, and don't worry the explanation is not nearly as long as the last one. I nfact, I can simplify the reasoning behind it to just one word: TIME
Unlike normal games which can last 60-70 minutes, Dominion tends to last between 20-35 minutes to finish a game. In a normal game you would buy The Brutalizer for its damage and CDR early game, then sell it later on. In Dominions case you will not have time to sell it and replace it with an Infinity Edge or another large item. Instead, for another small cost of just 1350 you can add to The Brutalizer and get Youmuu's Ghostblade.

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Situational Items

Situational Items[/h2][/center]

Keep in mind, you will most likely not have time to complete these items, so make sure you can afford your core before trying to add one of these items.

If a game has taken this long, the objective boost may be just what you need. Because of the cost and very effective objective bonuses I tend to buy this at least until I can afford another item.

Great for the additional damage

Similar to Banshee's Veil

This could take the place of Sanguine Blade
Both provide health and a slowing effect. In a normal game Frozen Mallet would be my choice, but without it Rylai's Crystal Scepter might be the best option because if gives more health and a more reliable slow. Depends if you value the damage or the other bonuses.

Attack speed and bonus damage.

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Guide Status

I put this here at the end because this guide is not yet done, I still have a few sections in mind that I planon adding; but I wanted to get what I have finished now out there for you to see.
I am currently working and hope to finish soon:

  • A Summary
  • A section for how to play dominion in general, and how Ezreal can excel at it
  • Adding pictures to help illustrate some of my points, and discuss map control
In the future I also plan to work an AP/Hybrid Ezreal section. If anyone wants to help me with that I would love to have your input.

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Special Thanks

I made this section to thank all the people who helped me with this guide in one way or another!

First, I would like to thank once again, Ezrea1, for the amazing Ezreal guide Hare Hare Ezreal. It made figuring Ezreal out for the first time so much easier.

Second, I would like to thank jhoijhoi. He had many very good guides, including Making a Guide. Without that this would not be nearly as organized and detailed as I made it,

Last but not least, thank you to anyone who has or will take the time to read this guide and comment with your complements or criticism!
I hope this helped you learn to play Ezreal in Dominion, and maybe even in normal games. I am not going to ask for up votes or down votes, just that you voice your honest opinion so I can know how I did and what I can improve on for my next guide!