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Ziggs Build Guide by Dzopilant

Middle Fallout S9 Ziggs guide

Middle Fallout S9 Ziggs guide

Updated on September 20, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dzopilant Build Guide By Dzopilant 228 15 842,382 Views 48 Comments
228 15 842,382 Views 48 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dzopilant Ziggs Build Guide By Dzopilant Updated on September 20, 2019
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From a galaxy far far away from enemies vision comes the bouncing death of BOOM ! If they dare try to see you, they will encounter minefields, stunning explosions and deadly comets. Shall they call for help ? you can even destroy alone an entire team with a single massive fallout MEGA-BOOM !

Did they REALLY think they had seen the end of the BOOM MaDnEsS ?


Light the fuse

I am a famous anonymous midlaner (PowerOfDevil from Op Teecmo Gaming) able to provide you dark secrets about a mysterious InsAnE yordle who will either Boom or Doom the world one day.

This guide shall provide you an easy build fitting any match-up in the Mid lane (or eventually Sup) for the only champion of League Of Legends able to harass and get kills while never seen even once by the opponent : Ziggs.


Now it is time for you to benefit from this wisdom but BEWARE :
This is powerful knowledge encrypted with the summoner's code only meant for the greatest.

If you are not ready yet, I advise you this excellent Beginners guide to start.

Do not read any further if you are not ready !

Welcome into Zigsmo guide

Ziggs is a funny CrAzY deadly yordle bomberman loving AOE explosions.
"Bouncing BOOM first, questions later ! MEGA-BOOM is Yeee-Haaa !"

+ Best low CD Q range of all LOL champions
+ A kit with 4 AOE spells (5 with comet)
+ Fast wave clear and tower destruction
+ Strong damage from early until late game
+ Almost anywhere on the map MEGA-BOOM

- Squishy and slow with little legs
- OOM = useless or dead
- Needs vision of enemy (ward, minions, team)
- 4 of his 5 abilities are skillshots
- Positioning is key especially during teamfights

Ziggs new runes are the main novelty with many new interesting powers and mechanics to play with. Here are my current choices after very looooooong aeons of thinking and testing :


Sorcery will provide very high damage from the lvl 1 with lots of mana.


The Aery controversy : Aery is a great 1 vs 1 Rune fitting most builds but it have some downsides too (less team orientated, various delays for Aery to come back, indicates much more precisely where you are, lower AP scaling, aso.)

Arcane Comet adds a great AOE effect which hardly miss thanks to the strong slow of Hexplosive Minefield and anyway it is a freaking fallout AOE ! NEED ! The downside is it may indicate your current location so move once triggered to avoid any risk.

Phase Rush is not that great for Ziggs and the 2 other choices are way better.


Nullifying Orb is interesting but is not the best choice for this build.

Manaflow Band is very good and will synergize with Tear of the Goddess. Still don't forget to also get a blue buff when feasible.

Nimbus Cloak is not that useful for Ziggs.


Transcendence is not that great, better get or steal a blue buff, it's free and available long before the level 10.

Celerity is interesting and can be a decent alternative to choose.

Absolute Focus gives you extra damage if your life is above 70% which should be the case 99% of the time being never seen by opponents or out of their reach even if they manage to place wards


Scorch to have an additional automatic damage from lvl 1 every 20s for the first ability hit, it is slightly weak but always usable.

Waterwalking looks interesting but very situational and orientated towards full control of the river.

Gathering Storm is better from mid /late game and is really interesting but it's gambling on game length, up to you.


Precision will provide attack speed and extra damage for kills.

Triumph grant some gold and restore a decent % of missing health for each takedown (kill OR assist which you should have a lot) working also well with Absolute Focus.
Alternative : Legend: Alacrity to farm and split-push faster with 18% max extra AS.

Coup de Grace to improve the probability to kill low-life opponents especially fleeing opponents thinking they are not in reach of your bouncing BOOM. The AP boost in case of kill participation is especially good for teamfights.

Inspiration rune with Minion Dematerializer bringing an interesting extra wave clear tool and Cosmic Insight bringing some extra CDR.

Ziggs is a fire element champion so he benefits a lot from wind and fire elements summoner's spells.
Harmony and equilibrium, one fire spell for kill potential and one wind spell for survival and plays.

Teleport can be an alternative to Ignite if you prefer this global map mobility spell for strategic game impact and fast back to lane.

If you feel both these summoner's spells are too much "fun" orientated and want a solid serious choice, pick Heal instead.

Fire element
Ignite adding a fire DOT damage also reducing opponents heals and regeneration by 40% mainly for early 1 Vs. 1 kill or to retaliate all-in against you.

Wind element
Flash will help to escape death, finish fleeing opponent or even unexpected moves like Satchel Charge jump / flash / bouncing BOOM to escape a gank with retaliation.

Wind element
Teleport will help Ziggs to farm a maximum early game, create surprise split push mid game and opens backdoor victory option late game.

Short Fuse
Great passive allowing combo burst (with the ability CDR) both against champions and structures.
Short Fuse is great for last hit (especially early game to secure cannon minions), harass your opponent and put heavier damage on towers. This great passive benefiting from CDR for each ability use, don't forget to use as much abilities as you can, following wisely your mana pool increase rythm as you must avoid like hell to be totally oom.
short fuse video
Aka bouncing BOOM, essential spell with low CD, high damage (65% of AP) and crazy range.
This ability is great both for wave clearing and for poke with good AP scaling and short cooldown. This will be your main poke weapon with bounce mechanic allowing such a long range that it even exceed opponent's fog of war vision range (Target as far as yourself as you can to reach max bouncing range before explosion). With some practice, this bounce mechanic allows even to bump over minions and champions to hit a specific target behind them.
bouncing bomb video
Main escape tool with bump also used for quick map movement, stun enemies or finish towers.
Very versatile ability which can be used to rocket yourself defensively or aggressively, finish a low life tower with a final fast burst, to knock an enemy away the direction you want, to split up grouped opponents especially useful in teamfights, to close gaps or paths, to farm or even just use it for the damage. Considering it is our only fast repositionning ability for escapes, keep it preciously and use it wisely.
satchel charge video
A control tool trapping a large area with infamous slow and strong damage until late game.
A great ability for zoning, farming, poking, kiting and closing gaps or paths. The large area it covers for a long time is especially great to deny opponent farming (hello Yasuo ^^) placing them within your minions and watching relax your opponent kindly going into them. This ability is key as it will be our main weapon to trigger Comet allowing many plays from there (opponent being slowed and having just lost some HP).
hexplosive minefield video
Aka Fallout armageddon MEGA-BOOM ! a near global AOE Ultimate with crazy high damage.
Mega Inferno Bomb is a powerful fall-out ultimate especially great to bring unexpected help to far-away fights or team-fights. The range is slightly less than half map size and the time between cast and impact takes longer the farther it is thrown. Also keep in mind opponent(s) will be warn of it incoming by a ground indicator similar to Galio or Pantheon so it may need some sense of anticipation to target efficiently. Using it after a team-fight started and spells are already flying everywhere may allow you to launch it almost "unnoticed".
mega inferno bomb video


>>> >>> >>>

Max first Bouncing Bomb (except lvl 2 for Hexplosive Minefield, lvl 4 for Satchel Charge and lvl 6 for Mega Inferno Bomb) as it will be both our main damage spell and most abused "away from vision" ranged spell.

Then max Hexplosive Minefield (except lvl 11 for Mega Inferno Bomb) as it provides a strong poke weapon bringing a great slow helping Comet to hit in addition. Can also be an extra farming tool to finish a low life minions wave after a bouncing BOOM.

Finally complete Satchel Charge in last (except lvl 16 for Mega Inferno Bomb), the single point put lvl 4 is most needed to escape chasing enemies and destroy towers faster but will be sufficient until late game.

Pick this level 6, 11 and 16 of course as this build is about fallout MEGA-BOOM ! It has insane AP ratio but an awful looong delay (count 1 to 2s minimum depending distance) between cast and impact to take in account.

Considering all your spells scale on AP, it is highly beneficial for Ziggs to build items bringing :

Very good

More precisely here is a standard base but always adapt it to the opponent team composition :

- Start -
Very classic and probably best start, try to farm at least enough gold for Tear of the Goddess before making your first back.

We take 2 Health Potion as we will need some sustain to farm enough gold for Tear of the Goddess and to stay above 70% life to optimize Absolute Focus.

It will help a lot to have vision over enemy while he can't see you, you will use it more in the open field area than against ganks which won't really concern you as they won't see you.

- Early game -
Item to get ASAP for mana stacks in order to become an unlimited bouncing BOOM launcher and to reach quickly the transformation conditions into Seraph's Embrace.

Grants mobility useful to position yourself and dodge skill-shots. Alternatively you can buy before a defensive item like Null-Magic Mantle vs AP champ or Cloth Armor vs AD champ.

A great item granting a good AP boost and 10% CDR especially good for Bouncing Bomb and the powerful Mega Inferno Bomb.

- Mid game -
It is a key item which will add AP and increase even more your mana and mana regeneration but also the most needed 20% CDR for MOAR bouncing BOOM.

It is the best boots choice improving the Magic Penetration especially for Bouncing Bomb and bringing enough speed for better positioning, dodges, run away and chase.

This item working especially well with Hexplosive Minefield will improve greatly your damage even against tanks with extra AP and damage based on health %.

- Late game -
It is a great item which improves greatly AP, magic penetration and a great passive working well with Coup de Grace.

This item improves greatly your overall damage with extra AP + AP bonus for Archangel's Staff, Morellonomicon and Liandry's Torment.

Finally to have almost true damage with huge Magic Penetration for all our destruction spells and making everything BOOM even more than ever !

- Defensive option -

If game is hard, instead of Void Staff you may prefer to complete Banshee's Veil against strong AP enemies composition or Iceborn Gauntlet against strong AD enemies composition.

- Playing Sup option -

Despite Ziggs shines the most playing Mid, he has a kit making him a very decent Sup. Start with this item instead of the Doran's Ring, get adapted defense faster, train bumping bouncing BOOM over minions to hit the opponent ADC and try to place wards occasionnaly ;)

- In-game adaptation -

Ⅰ) Adaptation to your direct opponent(s) : How can he kill you ? how can you kill him ?
If you don't remember his abilities, rush on a Mobafire guide and check very quickly.

Ⅱ) Adaptation to the items of your opponents : Check often (Tab) what they bought and focus enemies with the lowest MR (0 > Easy > 50 > Normal > 100 > Hard > 150 > Extreme > 150+)

Ⅲ) Adaptation to the most feed opponent : Simply try to avoid him as much as you can.

Ⅳ) Adaptation to the 5 opponents composition : Full AD comp ? Full AP comp ? Full tank ? ...

Ⅴ) Adaptation to the main damage source of a death : Was it mainly AP or AD damage ?

Concerning the game :

First, every plan, as good as it can be, will be confronted with reality where various problems will appear :

Now you are ready for anything, remember the goal of the game and how it will work to reach it :

Destroy within a lane the first tower
to destroy the second tower
to destroy the inhibitor tower
to destroy the inhibitor
to destroy the 2 nexus towers
to destroy the nexus, WP GG !

It is very nice and fun to rush after kill and revenge (check the reward is worth at least) but it won't make you win a game for sure while getting and defending these objectives will make you reach victory.

To help you there are several minor bonus (Jungle plants), 2 bonus (Blue buff and Red buff), 3 major bonus (Rift Herald, Dragon and Nashor) and finally a mini-map you should check super regularly (like every 2s).
More details in the great PsiGuard's jungle Rek'Sai guide.

Beyond, aim the higher ranks of this match-ups scale, accept the up & down cycle but avoid Level 0 at all costs !
Level 0 = Hell ! You die ! you lose farm, XP and free objectives for opponents.
Level 1 = You turtle as hell ! you lose some farm and XP and maybe objectives after some resistance.
Level 2 = You defend ! you may lose some farm but you get the XP and defend objectives well.
Level 3 = You dominate ! You get all farm, all XP and maybe objectives.
Level 4 = You help ! you get an assist during a fight. This is where Ziggs shine the best.
Level 5 = You secure a kill ! Aka KS for many, don't overdo it but don't hesitate either.
Level 6 = You make a perfect kill ! You are just too good and get a legit kill with your skills.
Level 7 = Heaven ! TRIPLE KILL ! QUADRAKILL !! PENTAKILL !!! Waouh WP ! take a screenshot !

Concerning Zigsmo :

General advices :

Become the shadow of destruction of your opponents with bouncing BOOM coming from the darkness until they completely tilt not being able to do anything against your mad strategy !

- Be invisible : Stay at max range of your bouncing BOOM and punctually Hexplosive Minefield. Use also walls as vision cover to launch unexpected Bouncing Bomb above them.
- Be accurate : Launch your bouncing BOOM and MEGA-BOOM straight on the head of opponent or anticipating his moves. Most usually when low life he will try to go : 1) Away from you 2) Towards a turret or allies to seek protection 3) Toward walls to flash or jump over 4) Towards minions or wards for champions with special dash like Lee-sin, Katarina, Jax, Akali, Braum, aso. 5) Towards wall corners, brushes and bonus plants especially the bouncing one.
- Be careful : Keep Satchel Charge available at all times unless to save someone (especially yourself), secure a kill, destroy a tower or interrupt a major channeling power (like Katarina, Karthus, Pantheon, Fiddlestick, Nunu or Vel'koz ultimate, Sion Q, aso.). Also never face-check a bush but use your Bouncing Bomb, ideally when comet is ready, to check it safely (I know you are there Teemo !).

Bouncing BOOM range : (as big as my ...)

Memory tip : little more than half lateral screen size or little less than full vertical screen size.

Advices Lvl 1 to 5 :

Be fast at beginning to place a ward at mid allowing early poke and cover your jungler against invade.

- Farm decently to get Tear of the Goddess asap and items most needed for strong damage. Optimize by getting low life as much minions as you can before last hit bouncing BOOM all of them.
- Don't greed ! reaching lvl 6 to get Mega Inferno Bomb and stacking mana is more important.
- Poke opponent and force him to choose between miss minions or take damage. Use the bump effect of bouncing BOOM to impact opponent even behind minions and try to launch Hexplosive Minefield so both opponent and minions are impacted. You may also take the risk to use Satchel Charge to make him miss the cannon minion as it's really fun.

Advices Lvl 6 and beyond :

Follow team moves when you have vision to help and KS with your MEGA-BOOM and become a ninja of tower destruction with objectives express salvage (like solo inhibitor tower + inhibitor in 12,34s).

Bouncing BOOM MaDnEsS time ! Launch them on anyone you see, anyone you guess, above every walls, into any suspicious bush (they are all suspicious), EVERYWHERE ! ALL THE TIME ! BOOM !
Create BOOM or DOOM situation where opponent has to choose between taking one damage spell or the other he can't avoid if he try to avoid the first one. Most often use Hexplosive Minefield to force movement away from it allowing you to guess precisely where to launch a bouncing BOOM.
All your abilities can be launched while mid-air which add range and may surprise your opponent.
Launch abilities (especially bouncing BOOM) to recharge Short Fuse faster.
Ziggs has a good kiting kit more efficient with orb-walking. If not familiar you can find clear advices about Orb-walking and Attack-Move within the "How to ADC" chapter of Vapora guide to Tristana.
Always keep in mind your "escape route" with at least 1 ability available between Satchel Charge and Hexplosive Minefield which may save your life in case of emergency.
Don't forget to use the powerful Seraph's Embrace shield once available. This shield can compensate both AP or AD damage and is your main defensive tool against fast burst (I watch ya Zed !)
Don't be afraid to use fallout MEGA-BOOM or to try a BOOM combo especially if opponent goes within the cannon minion wave creating a safe farm, poke and wave-push simultaneously.

Combos :

Despite you are not supposed to get too close to opponents, opponent(s) may try some rush on you or even dive you. Here are the most efficient combo to farm, attack, destroy towers and defend yourself if anyone dare to come too close to you ( Short Fuse stands for AA and combos are the Q >> E school version)

The Q >> E school

If Q miss, don't launch E (cancel combo)
Harder Q landing but keep E in reserve
Choice orientated to not die
The E >> Q school

Even if E miss try launch Q (continue combo)
Easier Q landing but comit the E
Choice orientated to get kills

>> >>

>> >>

>> >> >> >>

>> >> >> >>

>> >> >> >>

>> >> >> >> >>

>> >> >> >> >> >>

Positioning :

- - - - - -

Below are the 3 main positioning making circular and lateral moves around your bouncing BOOM max range.

Use the offensive positioning when all others opponents are under vision or when your direct opponent has back and use the defensive positioning mainly against tower dives.

Once fight reach the inhibitor towers, team-up as much as you can and avoid being solo (unless for a backdoor).

- Standard positioning -

Close to your tower and making lateral moves behind the side walls.

- Offensive positioning -

Between your tower and mid, pushing lane with punctual rush onto enemy tower.

- Defensive positioning -

Under or even slightly behind your tower freezing lane just outside tower range.

Champions with complementary abilities when teaming with Ziggs :

Any champion able to provide vision without dying and if possible CC will be absolute gold allowing you to launch safely with great precision your bouncing BOOM and MEGA-BOOM. Extra AOE slow champions can be good too.

Champions with AOE CC.

- - - - - - - ...

Champions with AOE slow.

- - - - - - - ...

Champions with stun or cage

- - - - - - - ...

Champions with taunt or charm.

- - - - - - ...

Champions with grab.

- - - - - ...

Champions which can Aggro tank.

- - - - - - - - ...

love your Satchel Charge bumping enemies and triggering his ultimate.

can become your living trap ward for vision and easy kills


💣 Tower destruction synergies 💣

This list is not exhaustive and you see there are many champions going well with Ziggs.

Playing Ziggs is often welcome by your team but you need to explain them, especially the jungler, the safe strategy you will be using meaning a slow start with moderate early damage.

The main issue will be the team itself, especially when making solo games, and the appropriate actions adapting your team-playstyle to how good (or how bad) they are.


Considering team-fights shall be your main source of kills, try to follow your team moves every time you can and become a devastating back-lane BOOM and MEGA-BOOM launcher.

The ideal scenario is when opponents group up close enough so your Satchel Charge, Hexplosive Minefield and Mega Inferno Bomb can impact three or more of them and launching the All-in combo within then.

WHEN TEAM IS BAD and feeding like hell

Don't listen to calls for help, pings and chat but only follow the best safe choice focusing on objectives and farm. When you have vision of all opponents, consider trying express split push if you are ready to take some useful risks.

Positioning will be absolutely key during team-fights ! Avoid being too close from your team and try to find hidden remote spots from where you can launch discreetly your bouncing BOOM and MEGA-BOOM to help them safely.

Despite this build is meant to cover most situations, there are some champions more annoying than others :

The WORSE : Champions with invisibility or camouflage able to get close to you unnoticed.

- - - - - - - ...

What to do then ? Get some defense and boots fast, stay closer to your tower and team-mates than usual. You may also consider to get a Control Ward even if it only reveals stealth and not invisible champions.

Champions having strong early wave clear.

- - - - - - - - ...

What to do then ? Burst your mana to get as much farm as you can, stay away from minions, back more often and occasionally let your jungler farm mid.

Champions having instant blink (gap closer which ignore your Hexplosive Minefield in the way)

- - - - - ...

What to do then ? Stay the **** away from them, get boots and some defense, keep Satchel Charge available and focus on farming.

Champions with autoshield needing a "lost attack" to break it before being able to really attack.

- - - - ...

What to do then ? Try to get close enough to AA if your Satchel Charge and Flash are available or use Bouncing Bomb despite the mana waste.

Champions with fast dash making complicate to touch them.

- - - - - - - - ...

What to do then ? Focus on farming, get some defense and try to bait their dash before attacking.

Champion which is your reflection in the mirror.

- - - - - -

What to do then ? : Change lane or toss a coin (small hint, focus farm early)

BOOM ! The enemies and their nexus have made BOOM and MEGA-BOOM ! Congratulations.
Whatever the result, don't let small things tilt you and just play again or have a break IRL if needed.

Hope you will find in this guide a funny way to play Ziggs and to enjoy good games. If something is not clear, read the guide again, then read it a third time, everything should be clear now.

Even if this is clearly the 2d* best guide EU world galaxy of all times written in the marble of divine laws, I am still very open to comments for improvements and will try my best to answer any questions.


Dzopilant (Because laugh can save the world !)

* : the 1st best guide being of course the famous yet not well-known Revelations Teemo guide.


First a big thanks to YOU ! Writing is meaningless without a reader. He will say it better than me :

Then I am proud to say I was able to do everything without the help of Jhoijhoi's Making a Guide guide (because I did use it so much to help me for my previous guide ^^, thanks again JhoiJhoi)

Special thank to Jovy and PsiGuard for their support, kindness and helpful review of this guide.

There are 5 other authors guides links to enjoy beyond this one, an upvote to them would be kind.

Big thanks to all the Mobafire team, nothing here would even exist without them.

Finally, I own none of the artwork, huge thanks and all the credits goes to these gifted artists :
- All officials LOL splash art and wallpapers artists.
- The official Resident Evil "City of the dead" artcover artist.
- Gabriela-Birchai on Deviant art for the "Mega Inferno Bomb" Ziggs.
- JoshBurns on Deviant Art for "Candy burglar" Ziggs in the Skills banner.
- Red-Sinestra on Deviant art for the "Mad Cheshire" Ziggs in the Conclusion banner.
- RenzGabriel on Deviant art for the "Real Ziggs" picture.
- Vesner on Deviant art for the "Sweet tooth gift" in the Credits banner.
- All the others if I forgot any (let me know about it ... mmm ... maybe me in fact ?)

Special kiss and hugs from Jinx and/or Ziggs for the people who did let me a +1 and/or +rep very kindly, you are happy lights within the shadows of tilt !

2018 Change log :
13 Jan : V 1.0 First version named "Fallout Zigsmo" released.
25 Jan : 8.2 Update
06 Mar : V 1.1 First design upgrade and update to 8.4 patch
09 Mar : V 1.2 Second design upgrade
05 May : 300 000 views and everyone happy apparently, thanks you all :)
16 June : 400 000 views, Ziggs is on fire !
10 July : 500 000 views and a big motivation to quit smoking :)
17 Sep : 600 000 views and Ziggs is fighting into Odyssey !
25 Dec : 700 000 views for christmas time

2019 Change log :
22 Aou : OMG "Most fabulous guide" mid-season 2019 ! Biiiig <3
28 Aou : 800 000 views you sweet players, thanks :)

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Dzopilant Ziggs Guide
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