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Pyke Build Guide by CarminesStar

Support Fast "Tanky" Support Pyke [updated regularly + cou

By CarminesStar | Updated on June 20, 2018
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Pyke
    Tanky but not really Tanky Boi
  • LoL Champion: Pyke
    Critical support Pyke makes th


Sudden Impact
Zombie Ward
Ultimate Hunter



LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Banner of Command is no more.. R.i.p.


So basically u get this Relic Shield first with 3 Health Potions except u think u are a proPyke and are outplay them without taking much Dmg or killing them while getting low and then backing anyway without dying. In that case and in the case u are hopeless and die anyway, u are going for the regenerating item Rejuvenation Bead, so u get the Celestial Eye faster.

Basically what u can go 4:

Okay, most people will tell u to just get Duskblade of Draktharr etc. But I actually think getting tanky items is not that bad. Not bc of the health u don't get obviously, but remember u are support even when u share money later on. I go Dead Man's Plate & Zz'Rot Portal to gain movement speed plus a bit resistency so u are not dead directly when u go in. Frozen Mallet to slow the enemy down so ur adc has it easier to follow up or get the kill when ur ult is not up yet. Zz'Rot Portal is also helpful to let the lane be a bit less fast pushed by the enemy since u want to gank other lanes and to push it passively when u are busy with teamfights somewhere else. Due to the movement speed and undercover running style u will also be able to use the Zz'Rot Portal more efficiently than other champions by putting it close to tower of enemies - who do not pay attention or are busy fighting somewhere else - to push the lane (especially effective in low elo). My first choice would have been the
Banner of Command but sadly that item got excluded from the shopping list.
Duskblade of Draktharr, etc. for Dmg even tho u already get a bit from the health items. Lethality is quite helpful tho so I see why people would go for it. While going for Lethality u have also the choice to go
Youmuu's Ghostblade instead of Duskblade which gives u the same amount of Dmg, Cooldownreduction and Lethality but gives u instead of the ward-detector an huge movementspeed-boost actively and passively. Logically speaking is the Ghostblade much more useful for Pyke since u can gank more easily and also get bonus Dmg if u use the same runes as I suggest. The problem is, .. u look less cool.
The image in the little icon is not killer-like but it is decent and at least u can connect it with a skilled fighter or something. But who the hell will get in a assassin-mood when flowers are flying around u as soon as u activate the item? Or who is even mad when he get killed by flower-running u? Maybe Taric.
But who else can take this serious?
So u will instinctively go for Duskblade whichs passive will be pretty useless since u should get Oracle Lens anyway as soon as u got the wards from ur item. The only bonus u have is that it clears wards with one hit for u. Also u know that as long it is not active there is no reason to activate Oracle Lens either. But it can get wasted for any Zombie Ward and Control Ward close by while having a relatively long cooldown. With ur Oracle Lens u can decide when to activate it and do not have to wait so long until u can use it again. Also it shows u enemies waiting for u in bushes which also can save ur butt several times.
Therefor if u choose between those 2 items ( Duskblade of Draktharr and Youmuu's Ghostblade), go for the later even when it is uncool. When u hate flowers, just leave the active alone, the passive Movementspeed u get is already plenty and makes it worth to buy.
The rest of the items are either Dmg/Lethality/Movementspeed and one item in case someone actually wants lifesteal. They are mostly Self-explanatory but if there are any questions or need for tips, feel free to ask in the comment-section, (I will answer as soon as I see it). Also there is Guardian Angel which is worth mentioning since u can go in kind of carefree at least once in a while.

Ward & Full Dmg Build Example

This is basically going in the direction of what most of the other guides will show u since they will be all about Dmg. Its not totally wrong I guess so if u want it here u go.
I also added the yellow Sup-item into it since it is a possible alternative to the other one I use in the other examples.
+ Bonus Movementspeed
+ u do not need ur adc to be close for it
- U are a collector. can be annoying or the enemy keeps u from what u want
- No heal for u nor ur adc


This is actually self-explaining. If they have a Team like idk e.g.
Top: Yasuo/ Master Yi
Jgl: Lee Sin/ Shaco
Mid: Talon/ Zed
Adc: Jinx/ Vayne
Sup: Sion/Poppy
Or whatever then it is reasonable to get at least some Amor. U cant be tanky af due to ur passive but at least u might survive more while still having Dmg.
Frostfire Gauntlet will give u a bonus slow for them while Randuin's Omen is slowing down the enemies attackspeed and reduces the critical dmg part.
Decide for urself what u see as fitting, depending on who and what they build.

Magic-Resist-Example Build

So, if it is the case that u are against alot of stuns and slows its generally preferable to take Mercury's Treads, to reduce this stuff by 3o%.
So lets say u play against (even tho the chance for it is not that high):
A Teemo at top, a Fiddlesticks jgl, an Ekko mid and an Morgana support, just take them.
(Or it since u always just wear one shoe in League)
This build has actually not many health items like the other examples but there is some magic resist plus some Dmg instead. Sounds good? Well even when it doesnt until Pyke got buffed u will probably still be able to kill alot. I mean, to support.. uhm yea Death is the best cc and as long as u share the gold noone cares right?^^'


Imagine u play against a Dr. Mundo Top an Olaf Jgl a Fiddlesticks Jgl and a Morgana, Kai'Sa Botlane.
There are many other Champions with selfheal like Nasus etc. pp. Or Heal in general, who cares about Morgana or Karma selfheal when there can be a Sona or Nami healing nonstop?
Also Dr. Mundo alone should make u worry already in his state rn. So yea, what u want is something against it. reduce the Healing-effects as much as u can otherwise u wont have that much fun.
Thornmail & Mortal Reminder are good for this because they have what u want. They have what u need. Grievous Wounds. Yes. U want it. U need it. U want ur whole team to have it. And Morellonomicon. And Ignite. GG
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-Electro-cute is basically a kawaii way to deal some nice Dmg.

-Sudden impact is also quite handy for him since he jumps AND comes out of stealth, so if u arent using it u are either doing something wrong or u are afk.

-Zombieward is pretty useful if someone is argueing with u if u are actually a Sup. (Seriously warding is an important Job. With Duskblade and Oracle Lens ur zombies will be everywhere.)

-Ultimate Hunter, this rune is pretty new and there might be some discussion about if this is better than the Speedbonus or Lifesteal but dont forget that ur ult is actually pretty neat and that ur team likes it if u give them more money sooner.




-> since this rune page is about ganking and movementspeed those are fitting runes and as bonus "waterwalk" matches to the champion pretty well. (Yea Nautilus has basically the same story but u still mostly take different runes with him.)
League of Legends Build Guide Author CarminesStar
CarminesStar Pyke Guide
Fast "Tanky" Support Pyke [updated regularly + cou
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