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Fiora Build Guide by Cratez

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cratez

Fiora the Blade(Guide to a tanky Fiora)

Cratez Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, welcome to my Fiora guide. This guide focuses on a tankier view on Fiora, so this isn't the place for glass cannon builds - yet! I'm actively working on breaks from homework and school to fill this out. Darn classes! Anyway I hope you enjoy this guide as much as I am enjoying making it. Feel free to comment below!

***This build is a continuing work in progress, hope you all continue to enjoy!****
Note: Added quick cheat sheet for some different options.(More to come in the future hopefully)

*Note: This is meant to be a Tanky Dps build, this isn't meant to be a tank. With such being said -- if you build HP on a tanky dps and then don't build an atmas, you are wasting a cheap the shot at a cheap, high quality stat gain that you get with atmas. The Frozen mallet rush was intended to make people stop focusing her, as well as allowing her to gank. One might say "But she gets all that speed from her E!", but that is only for you, not for your team.

**Note: MR might be low, 100 ish with this build, however the goal was mostly damage/attack speed/hp, and some armor just happened to find its way in. I will update as time goes on with options against Heavy AP. However as of yet I haven't had enough time to experiment.

***Note: Planning to add a more in-depth guide to items.

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The Random Response Box

***Here I will post responses to questions and comments that are made below***

***Due to the feedback on Wit's end, there is now an alternate build to counter AP heavy teams, enjoy

***I believe a little math should be done on the topic of Infinity edge vs Madreds comparison***
A lot of people have been saying to drop it - so lets do the math.
Madred's Bloodrazor and Infinity Edge Madreds has 40 damage, IE has 80. So "Technically" that's 40 less damage, but how much hp does someone have to have in order for madreds to match that 40? Well 4% of 1000 is 40, so anyone over 1k hp is a wash for damage per hit...But her abilities scale off ad! True, but are you really going to notice that 40 damage from the extra ad on your Lunges? I think not. "But her ult scales off ad!" aaanndd her ult procs items as well, so each of those hits will be in the 40-200 damage range, well matched with the extra 60 or so you will get from IE. So in terms of damage per hit, madreds wins for Fiora. How about the rest of the stats? Well the Crit and Attack speed are almost a wash - the crit does net more than the attack speed, but this all depends on how much hp people have, and their armor. Overall I would say almost everyone will have more armor that Magic resist on a given game. So you are far more likely to have madreds winning by far. So just in terms of Dps, madreds really is the best, this is because Fiora has no on next attack abilities that scale off AD(Lunge DOES not count for obvious reasons). "But madreds costs soooo much!" yah -- so does Infinity Edge, and yet almost every carry in the game gets on of those, so whats your point?

***Time for some math on Atma's impaler***
There is an awful lot of feedback from people saying "Don't get the atma" So I'm going to quickly point out how cost effective it is to get if you are already getting a Frozen Mallet. Atma's Impaler converts 2% of their max hp to AD, that may seem "small" but that's actually quite a bit. 2% of 1000 hp is 20 damage, so if you make it to around 2800(Thats close to where this build will end) then that is 56 damage. 56 damage is about a BF Sword, so lets mark say this is at least worth 1650. Next is the crit, we get 18% crit which is essentially a agility cloak for 830. Last is the armor, at 700. So all that added up is is 3180. That means you are getting all those stats for about 74% of the cost of buying them individually. If you take the armor out, it is still a better deal then buying a BF sword+Cloak of Agility. It may not upgrade into a advanced item, but atmas is a very cheap, strong, and very effective item. It allows us to be a little tankier so we can dive towers, survive team fights, etc...

*First, I tried going W>E for a bit, and you guys were right, it was stronger. But it was stronger for a different reason in my opinion. My experience was that the E allowed me to have strong harass with my Q, allowing me to hold lane against stronger opponents. However late game, her E is still the main source of her damage.

**Second, There have been a few questions with how to handle Tryndamere. The solution is pretty simple -- If you can take him on to the point were he uses his ult, what you are going to want to do is save your ult so you can use to counter his. The reason for this is that you yourself can't be targeted while flying around. Hope that helps.

***Third, comment about jungling...I removed the comment, but I still feel that her ganking power is somewhat lacking. I haven't really been playing anything except Fiora though, and in all the matches where I saw Fiora jungling, they really couldn't even hit me. I may just have seen noobs though, so I removed my comment.

****Forth, Vlad question. I just played against a Vlad, personally I didn't have much of an issue, we still lost the game -- but that was because of a bunch of D/cs! Remember your ult is basically a pool of blood.

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The Cheat Sheet

The build above not working for you? Well here are a few similar builds for different purposes. They may have less dps, but alive is almost better than dead!

AP Heavy For those games with dat fed castah!(Sell Wriggles for BT, and pick a MR item!)
> > > > / / > > >

Strong AD For the games where 200 armor just isn't enough.
> > > > > >

Fed true damage Counter This is for the games where that Olaf or vayne may be owning you. Since more HP is really the only way to counter it.

> / > > > > >

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells right and left...With all these choices, what should one pick? Lets take a look at our different options.

***Good Options***

This is always a good option. It doesn't matter who you are - a flash is the perfect balance of offense and defense.

This is another great option, like flash it can be used offensively or defensively - which makes this a great choice.

This choice is also a fair choice. The damage it offers is useful, especially if you know you're going against a support.

***Acceptable options***

is always a decent pick, the only downside here is that if you follow this build, being CC'ed should make or break your gameplay.(You can always ult to avoid damage for a few seconds)

Ghost is another spell that has a lot of merit, however in our case mobility in combat isn't that much of an issue. That means this will only find use when we are far from our team, or losing the game.

Teleport is great, especially if you are solo top. However this won't help us towards our late game as much as others will. So this finds it's way onto the Decent list.

Heal is never a "great" choice, but if you are new and struggling - then this can be a lifesaver(Literally).

***Bad choices***

This spell should be left to supports to use. While knowing where the enemy is is useful -- it just offers no real dps gain for us.

Same as above, this is a very poor choice for Fiora.

Yet again this ability should be left for supports...And that still doesn't mean this is a great pick for them either.

No...Just no...If you pick this, Mundo will hunt you down and fax you to Mars.

This is a laning guide, not a jungle guide. Thus this falls to the bad options list.

Don't chose this...Ever..."But it gives her attack speed and ap!!!" While this is true -- the attack speed gain would put this build over the AS cap, and the ap is worthless.

Guide Top


Don't have the ones above? Well here we will take a quick look at which marks, seals, glyphs, and Quints work for Fiora. The choices should descend from best to acceptable in each category.


greater mark of desolation These are pretty much a staple for any AD champ, armor pen is one of the few stats that compounds off itself due to increased returns the more you have.(Almost an inverse relationship to armor)

Greater Mark of Attack Speed Another great choice -- the only downside here is that too many of them may push you over the attack speed cap, so be sure to pay attention to that.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage/ Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage This is decent in my opinion, the only reason I tend to shy away from damage marks is that the math just seems to say it will be less useful late game.

Greater Mark of Critical Damage This certainly isn't the best choice, but if it's all you got it's better than nothing. The reason it's a weak pick is that this build doesn't focus on crit.


Greater Seal of Armor/ greater seal of defense This is definitely my top pick -- the goal of this build is to be tanky, and these are a fair choice no matter who you are playing.

greater seal of vitality The are a fair pick, they may not be the best option, but 180 hp isn't negligible either.

greater seal of endurance This is worse than the option above, but if it's all you got then it will work.

greater seal of replenishment/ Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration Neither of these are very good, but if you are finding yourself with a lot of mana issues, or just don't have the IP to get the others, then these are acceptable.


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist/ Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist These are my top pick for most of my champs - I mean who likes being one shot by mages? I don't.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction/ Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction These are almost always a good pick, the only reason the fall second is that Fiora really doesn't have cooldown challenges. But they are still a good pick.


greater quintessence of desolation These like the marks are almost always my preference for AD champs, but that's because I'm a firm believer in the fact that armor pen offers the greatest possible gain.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed These would be my second pick, but I probably wouldn't grab these if I already had the Attack speed marks.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage/ Greater Quintessence of Scaling Attack Damage Attack damage is never a bad choice, I've just never been a fan. Still these find their way to my third pick for quintessence.

Greater Quintessence of Armor/ Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist/ Greater Quintessence of Life Steal/ Greater quintessence of endurance All find their way to the acceptable, but not preferable list. Take 'em if you have 'em, otherwise don't.

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Skill Usage

Fiora's skills are pretty straight forward, however here I will post a quick know how on what to do, and what to not do.

--Fiora's Passive-- Regenerates X hp over 6 seconds upon attacking a target.

-Not much to say here. Overall it is fairly weak, all it is good for is some lane sustain.

--Fiora's Q-- is a gap closing ability, as of such a rank should be grabbed early for harass, but left until later levels to max.

**What to use lunge for**
-Close gaps to harass or pursue(Strong early game with high E)
--Dodge Skill shots and or retreat.

***What to be careful of***
-Using both charges to pursue, without a clear path of retreat if you can't win the exchange.

--Fiora's W-- Grants passive damage, and upon activation will block the next physical single target attack.(Can anyone say Parley?) The flat damage here allows for strong harass early game before we have our gear.

**What to use Riposte for**
-Blocking physical single target attacks. For anyone who has played Sivir, this should be a breeze.
--Extra damage in duels.

***What to be careful of***
-Be careful to use this ability at the right time, assuming you are not winning by a landslide. If you are going against a strong AD, this ability can be a life saver if used correctly.
--Use caution if you use it before running into a fight, this may lead to it simply expiring without ever blocking anything. Wait until you see damage coming your way.

--Fiora's E-- This is ability grants Fiora a staggering 120% attack speed at max rank, as well as up to 45% movement increase. This ability is by far Fiora's strongest late game, but due to lower dps early game it is our second priority.

**What to use Burst of speed for**
-Generic DPS, use it to farm, use it to kill, use it to win.
--Not much else to say here.

***What to be careful of***
-Casting it too early. BoS has a fairly short cooldown, but it can still wear off leaving you with a much lower dps output.
--This ability has reduced cooldown from kills and assists, be sure to activate it again whenever you get a kill.(Sounds like everyone's favorite backdooring Yi)

--Fiora's R-- This is Fiora's ultimate, and as such should be used correctly. The ability itself makes Fiora become untargetable while she flys around hitting people.(Kinda like Yi's Alpha Strike)

**What to use Blade Waltz for**
-Use Blade Waltz as a finisher move, your goal in most cases should be to get the person to point where they will die when you use your ult.
--Towards the late game use this ability to break the focus off you. During the duration you become untargetable, and many times people will forget to start focusing you again after you're done flying around.

***What to be careful of***
-If you don't follow the advice above and use it to initiate on a unguaranteed kill, then you may end up dying from being pulled to far towards their turret or team when it ends.
--Be careful to not activate this while exhausted. This ability deals physical damage, and is therefore reduced by exhaust.

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Thought behind the items.

The goal for the items in the basic build were to first achieve lane sustain, then grab ourselves some damage - after that the goals are to beef out, so she isn't so easy to focus as a melee. After we get pretty tanky, it's all damage from there.

Why open with cloth five? Well surprisingly Phreak was right there -- opening cloth 5 is a great way of sustaining until you can get your Wriggle's Lantern, you can also open Vampiric Scepter if you desire.

Next up is our boots, now above I said mercury treds, but your choice of boots should always be based of what you are going against. So feel free to get Ninja Tabi if they are AD heavy, or almost anything else if you see fit.

The next thing I decided to work towards was a B. F. Sword, this was because I felt that the damage lulled a bit after getting getting the Wriggle's Lantern, and it didn't pick back up until atmas. So this fixes that, although feel free to go Frozen Mallet here if you want. I still do it in a few of my games.

The Frozen Mallet is meant to supplement her poor hp and survivability, while at the same time allowing her to be able to stay on her target no matter what. I tried this with Warmog's Armor but the overall result wasn't as good as FM

The Atma's Impaler was for the obvious reason -- now that I have more hp from Frozen Mallet, the atma is going to add over 40 damage, not to mention the armor and crit are a nice touch.

Next is the The Black Cleaver Now that we have plenty of hp and armor, it's time to focus on getting ourselves right up to that Attack speed cap without crossing over. The black cleave does the perfect job of giving us everything we need: armor pen, attack speed, and damage. This "Could" be supplemented with an Last Whisper However looking to the future of our build, I think the attack speed will be better.

Now we are at the end of our build Madred's Bloodrazor, This is literally the perfect capping stone of our build. The reason it is so good has to do with the fact that Fiora has no "On next hit" abilities that scale of AD. The result is that stacking AD has no extra effect other than more damage on auto attacks. And since the cost of Infinity Edge and Madreds are the same, I opted for the madreds due to its superior performance on Fiora.

Last choice that can be made is to swap your Wriggle's Lantern for The Bloodthirster I found myself as the games progressed wanting to squeeze that last bit of damage out, and Wriggles was the one weak spot. So at the end I chose to substitute the wriggles for BT.

You do not "need" to get a BT, if your team needs the wards for baron then keep your wriggles. However if your support or tank have it under control, then the BT is a nice upgrade.

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Thought behind the Runes

*Note: Will be experimenting here.

The rune choices are for a specific reason...

The Seals and Glyphs are to allow Fiora to be little tankier, which is what I was going for with this build.

But the main ones that may come into question are the Marks and Quints.
The two best marks for AD are attack speed, and armor pen. However with this build Fiora is at about 2.3 attack speed while her E is going, so Just thinking in terms of hopeful math--If people don't build armor, then that armor pen would increase your overall dps by 10-15%. While around 10% extra attack speed (Assuming you're at about 200% bonus attack speed) is only about 3% damage increase.

The math isn't that hard, if you are at 100% attack speed and you add 10%, then you are at 110% which is a 10% increase on what you had.
However if you are 300%, then 310% is only 3% more then that.

While the "Dps increase" per attack speed is still the same for the first 10% as it is for the last 10%, attack speed doesn't scale off itself. So if instead you got 20% increased damage from armor pen, then that would be a true 20% increase in your total output.

This is why Balancing Attack speed, damage, crit, and lifesteal is so important for AD carries.(in most cases)

Guide Top


Yet again I will say that this build is not complete. If there is anything in particular that you want to see, then please ask.

Thanks for reading,