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Fiora Build Guide by Arwing135

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arwing135

Fiora: The Grand Duelist(Will Be Updated for Rework)

Arwing135 Last updated on August 14, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Fiora with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gangplank Gangplank is definitely the easiest matchup you could get as Fiora. Yourripiste can block his Parrrley, his main damage source. Without it, you will almost always out damage him. Take Ignite and start Long Sword 3.
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Introduction to Fiora Top [And Rework Info :( ]

Welcome to my guide regarding everything about Fiora! My name is Arwing135, a Gold III player on the NA server. Since season 4 Fiora has been my go to champ whenever I am able to get top lane ( except when I play her mid/supp/jg/adc in normals). Fiora is an especially high risk-high reward champion that needs to be played aggressively. With so much damage it must be utilized to get early kills and not fall off.But nevertheless, Fiora is a solo-queue stomper that when played correctly, can decimate entire teams on her own.

So the time has come for Fiora's full update. Riot has left no ability untouched meaning it will be necessary to relearn everything about Fiora. This guide will be in the process of adapting to the new build paths, mastery setups, runes, and matchup with the new abilities. One thing is for sure though, the new Fiora will definitely be much more mechanically demanding and will rrequire a lot of time to fully understand and utilizes to its full potential. The general Hydra build path will also likely be abandoned for a new buildpath featuring Botrk, Tri Force, and Infinity Edge. Considering the new kits basis on vitals, Fiora will definitely be much more high risk but also a much higher rewardwith efficient skirmishing.For now I will leave it at that until I am able to get a feel for this new concept and establish the best ideas to try and help you all on your journeys up the ladder :).

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As Fiora there are three general rune setups that can utilized effectively. You can take full AD runes and Quints with Flat MR and Armor Glyphs and Seals. In hard lane matchups run two life steal Quints along with the same other runes ( you can sometimes swap MR glyphs for armor if in a really hard lane). Finally you can run either armor pen marks or Quints when in extremely tanky matchups.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a Blink mobility spell, that enables Fiora to move 475 units in any direction immediately. An excellent spell to use to hop over terrain or to secure a kill that hid under tower as well as a great way to put some distance between you and the enemy CC. I absolutely recommend this spell over Ghost in most situations.

Ghost provides Fiora with an additional MS boost, which is excellent for chasing down champions with high movement speeds ( Master Yi using Highlander). It is excellent in combination with Burst of Speed and Furor making it an excellent escape mechanism. It's draw back is that it is susceptible to CC particularly strong slows like Wither or hard CC like Charm. If your a newbie and don't yet have/like Flash I recommend Ghost.

Ignite lights up an enemy opponent dealing damage over time and halving their healing factor. This spell can give you some extra damage during a lane fight or gank to kill an opponent. Use this spell when they flee under their tower to get the kill.

Teleport is a handy spell to have if you are one of these situations:
Saving a Tower - Tower is about to be over-run by a split-pusher or minions and you use Teleport to save it.
Countering the Counter-Gank - Jungler has ganked bottom only to be counter ganked by the enemy jungler. You use Teleport on a minion or ward to give back-up and make it 3v4. Opportunity to push tower usually occurs if gank successful.
Farming Advantage - You've just killed the enemy laner. You go to shop and stock up on items and now use Teleport to instantly return to lane and get ahead in CS, zoning your opponent a little more.

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As stated above in the masteries notes, you will almost always take 21/9/0 masteries with interchangeable points in Butcher , Feast , Spell Weaving , and Blade Weaving . In some occasions you may take 17-13 masteries with extra points in Hardiness and Resistance while taking out points from Havoc and Devastating Strikes .
You may even opt to take a 9/21/0 mastery page when in team comps that require you to be bulkier.

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Team Work

A Leash is whereby you assist the Jungler by diverting the aggression of the Monster temporarily and deal damage to it to weakening it to the stage where all it requires is a few auto attacks and the use of Smite. There are two types of leashes:

Soft Leash:
A soft leash is the most common form and simply requires you to do draw aggression from the jungle Monster and deal damage to it. No more than 3 auto attacks will be needed.

Hard Leash:
A Hard leash requires you to draw the aggression and deal significant damage to the Monster in order to spare your Jungler from sustaining too much damage. During a hard leash you need to damage the Monster at least past 50% health.

An invasion is a high risk, high reward tactic of leashing. If pulled off it puts the enemy Jungler behind in both experience and gold and also deprives them of the buff. An added option is to lie in wait for the enemy Jungler and catch them off guard at the second buff at 2:55 (roughly). It is important to note that if you are not participating in a leash or an invasion then you are guarding the other buff, placing a Warding Totem at 1:50 to give vision of the buff in case of an ambush or steal.

Throughout the laning phase pay attention to your opponents' positions and listen to your teammates' pings. Since Fiora has no escapes it may be beneficial for your jungler to ward the top side river whenever he/she gets the chance. Keep buffs warded at almost all times and try to be near them when fights break out(map awareness).

The New Fiora relies heavily on her team come mid or late game. Her current teamfight is rather weak so it is almost always a good idea to let your team initiate and then use your grand challenge on a dying target. Pick champs work especially well with the new fiora as well so be prepared to initiate on a sole target.

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Unique Skills

Fiora's skills are primarily set upon striking vitals to win trades. From level 1-3 it is very easy to get a a first blood cheese through spamming lunge consistently. Riposte can block everything excluding turret shots so save it for disables that could turn the tide of a fight. Bladework is a fairly binary ability as it is a 2 attack buff so use it during trades. As for Grand Challenge use it when you want yto all in your opponent. It is extremely difficult to pull off all 4 vitals against champs with mobility or squishies in team fights so it may be beneficial to use on a dying target for the AoE team heal. Fiora will be receiving buffs to her base stats and CDs and some mobility buffs so this info is tentative for now.

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Similar to old Fiora, New Fiora has no wave clear. Thus it may be beneficial to purchase(almost always) a Ravenous Hydra as it also procs on Lunge. Phage is a near must have on Fiora as it grants Movement speed upon attacking which will significantly help you when trying to proc vitals in lane or from Grand Challenge.This Phage can be interchangeably built unto either a Trinity Force or The Black Cleaver. Build Tri Force vs squishy comps and BC against tanks comps.