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Fizz General Guide by davidcam95

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author davidcam95

Fizz - A fishy Surprise - AP Fizz Mid

davidcam95 Last updated on February 13, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my first attempt at making a lol guide, so i chose fizz a relatively hard to play champion to try and teach other how to play. Fizz is an AP assassin who is strong in mid lane a has high burst damage if built right. He excels in picking off one target at a time and bursting people down.

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Fizz's main roll in mid

Fizz's main roll in mid is to zone the other mid champ out as fast as possible. All though he can be quite squishy if you play passive until level 3 you should be able to over come this. At level 3 Fizz can zone the enemy AP carry very well just through his pokes and the debuff on his w.

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Fizz's Skills

Urchin Strike
Dash a set distance towards or through target dealing significant burst damage This spell has several uses. When target draws near use it to escape or stay out of range. This can be followed by Playful/Trickster as a basic combo. Used as a gap closer to land a few auto attacks and harrass or sse to dash to minions or jungle creeps to escape.

Seastone Trident
Fizz passively gets auto attacks that 'rend' people - a DoT based on missing health. Active gives auto attacks bonus magic damage Perfect mage spell because it does not need AD or ArPen to help it scale. Perfect assassin spell because helps you burst down low health targets even more easily. I use it a lot in lane for cheap easy harass.

Fizz can use his trident as a pole-vault making him untargetable while in the air then slowing nearby enemies as the slams back down. If you double tap E he does a double jump and goes further but loses his slow. Hardest skill to master but also the most useful. Use it in a lane to dodge harass then counter with your own. This serves as your main burst. It is also great for chasing and escaping but remember - it only works on small walls.

Chum the Waters
Throws a fish that sticks to its target and slows them. A shark will then come eat the fish and knock up any nearby enemies dealing damage as well. This spell means certain death to anyone it hits in a teamfight. Also use it to follow up on your Urchin and Trickster combo to CC/burst your opponent till your other spells come off cooldown. Take your time and make sure to land it and dont use it to run away.

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Runes and Masteries to bring with Fizz

As The rune page shows i like to bring a full AP rune page with fizz to maximize the damage out put from fizz in early game to put my self ahead of my challenger. If you do not want to bring full AP runes you could substitute some of the Marks and seals for magic resist an Armour to negate some of the early game damage. This would mean Early game burst would be lower but you will be able to with stand more damage and you would be less likely to be zoned early game. It would also increase the chance of surviving a Gank although if you have you. It is almost the same with his Masteries just full AP to maximize the damage out put as soon as possible.

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Starting off with an Amplifying Tome and a mana pot does not seam the best of ideas but trust me if you stay passive until level 3 you should dominate. On your first recall you should aim for buying a sheen which should increase the damage done by your q by a significant amount. Then turning this sheen in to a Lich Bane as fast as possible for high early game burst damage. The next item to get is a Rylais. This allows you to become tankier and it also grants you a slow which allows you to get a few auto attacks off on a target to apply your poising (w). The next item you need to get is a Rabadons for extra AP and increase the amount of Ap received from other items. This should greatly increase the damage done by you Lich Banes. For your boots you want boots of Swiftness to increase your mobility i suggest you try and get your boots before the Rylais or even just boots of speed before it. As for the enchantment any will do really but Alacrity just gives you that little bit extra speed for ganking and chasing. Depending on how the game is going and what their team comps is depends on what one of the last items you need to build first. If you seem to be getting focused i would suggest getting a Zhonya's first as you can use the passive to make your self immune for 2.5 seconds and getting the focus from you. Also it allows you to take on AD heavy champions and take less damage from them. If they are not to AD heavy and you feel you do not need to build Armour you should build a Hextech gunblade ( building hextech revolver first) this will give you more damage surviveablility. Depending on their team comp you might want to switch out on of the last two items out e.g. Hextech and Zhonyas. If you find that their team is quite tanky you could swap out the Hextech out for a Deathfires Grasp. This will allow you to remove 15% of their health and reduce their damage. You could also get an Liandry's Tourment this will allow you to negate part of the Magic resist and will work well with your W. On the other hand if you were wanting just straight up Magic Penitration you could Get a void staff. If you are against an ap heavy team you could swap Zhonya's out for an Abyssal Scepter to lower their damage.

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Skill Rotation

At level 1 and 2 you don't really want to be jumping in to the target with no escape. So i tend to play passive until i get E which allows me to escape. At Level 3 you want to get close to the target then activate you W and then hit them with Q which should apply you W. try to get one more Auto attack on the target before using E to escape. After this you should have force your opponent to use most of their Potions. During this period try and farm as many minions as possible to get level 6 for your ultimate and for more gold. at level 6 you want use the same combination as you did at level 3 but if they are below half hp and you can hit your ultimate it should kill if not your poison should.

The reason behind Flash and Ignite.

You bring flash so that you can close a gap if your E is on cool down or if you think you will need it for damage.

You bring ignite so that you can lower their healing by 50% ( if your w is applied 25%) and to add another dot to the target to make it impossible for them to escape.


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