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Fizz Build Guide by Al Simps

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Al Simps

Fizz Jungle Season 5: The new OP meta (Testing builds after

Al Simps Last updated on January 30, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threat Champion Notes
Fizz If you get a Fizz Jungle Mirror Match, then you've hit the jackpot. Team up and swim around like fish should. If anyone opposes your unity, send your shark to devour them.
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While Fizz may be an unconventional jungler, I assure you, with some solid clear times, and extremely high damage ganks, he certainly fills the role well. With this guide you can bring your pro troll poll mechanics beyond the lanes and into the jungle, casually jumping over walls between camps, surprise shark attacking from the bush, and ultimately experience Fizz in a whole new environment. It should allow you to branch out from the normal jungle meta, and have a bit of fun :)

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Pros and Cons

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Jungling Route

With the new camps in Season 5, there is a large degree of flexibility with your jungling routes; however this is the one I find most effective.


Start Gromp or Golems, making sure to Smite them, then take Blue second, and end with Red. Recall, upgrade your Smite, and gank.

First Clear:

Blue Side:
- I will start Gromp, and with a good enough leash, I should be nearly full health, and so can easily clear the Blue Buff without needing my smite. Remember, smite Gromp immediately, so you get his passive from the start of the fight.
- Go and take your Red Buff, making sure to Smite it for the heal. Then recall and get your upgraded Smite.

Red Side:
- Start Golems, again smiting immediately for the buff. Then move to Blue, which shouldn't be a problem, even without Smite.
- Take your Red, recall, and upgrade your Smite.

After First Clear:

- Go take Chickens, and try to gank a lane. It is important you Smite the Chickens, as if the enemy has a ward, you will be able to clear it, and gank later. From here, its up to you! Don't forget to keep an eye on Dragon, and remember to use the crabs to help you out :)

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Fizz has two gap closers, two slows, and a knock up. Sounds great right? Well, it can be, but you have to make sure you use your skills in the right order, and stagger them appropriately, to pull off the perfect gank.

Step 1: You want to open up with your basic Urchin Strike + Seastone Trident combo to close the gap between you and the enemy, ideally complemented by any cc your own laner can offer to make them easier to reach.

Step 2: Now you are within melee range, you can start to apply your cc. Open up with Chum the Waters, and while they are slowed/knocked-up, try to position yourself behind the enemy, as this will make it easier to land your next slow.

Step 3: To finish off, you will want to use your Playful / Trickster, making sure you only tap E once so the slow applies. It is also important to leave this skill till last if you can, because in the event that you have to go under turret, this skill can be critical in resetting turret aggro and escaping safely, or simply minimising damage taken.

Step 4: Unless you were ganking a 500 Magic Resist Galio, the enemy laner should be dead, so Smite your lane's big minion, and walk off in style.

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Due to Fizz's great mobility, with Playful Trickster and Urchin Strike, Flash simply isn't necessary. It is important in lane to avoid ganks, but if you are not being ganked, you can afford to get something else. Because of this, I like to take Smite, and then either Barrier or Ignite. (generally ignite is what I prefer, as Fizz is an assassin afterall ^^)

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Hybrid Penetration Marks
greater mark of hybrid penetration
The reason I use hybrid penetration is because early game, when clearing your camps, a large proportion of your damage will come from auto attacks, and so the armor penetration will benefit this. The magic penetration will then become more relevant mid game.

Seals of Armour

You can't really go wrong with a bit of armour...

Scaling Ability Power Glyphs

I prefer scaling AP to flat AP because Fizz jungle is all about scaling into the mid game, when his ganks become extremely deadly, so I find these work best.

Ability Power Quintessences

You may feel you want spellvamp or lifesteal quints, but Fizz can survive easily enough with some pots, and the bonus AP helps tremendously with both clear times and ganks, so all in all, these are your best option.


Attack Speed Marks

Especially with the buffs in Patch 4.5, attack speed marks are now incredibly viable on Fizz. It has great synergy with a Nashor's Tooth, and early game will provide faster clear times than hybrid pen. Personally I like the hybrid pen for the higher damage ganks, as I've always been an assassin player, but if you're more suited to sustained damage champions or split pushing, these work perfectly.

Glyphs of Cooldown Reduction

When jungling early these will help you out loads, and while you won't scale into the mid game as nicely, they can keep you healthier, and so even increase your map presence, with more health meaning more safe ganks.

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These masteries are pretty standard for an AP jungler, taking 21 in offense for maximum damage, and then a little tankiness for surviving the jungle. Taking a point in Blade Weaving is not a bad idea, as it will help out early, but it becomes nearly irrelevant by mid and late game, so I prefer to spend my point elsewhere.

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ranger's trailblazer - magus
These items Fizz simply cannot go without. Build into the Ranger's Trailblazer immediately, taking it on your first back, as this will give you valuable sustain and jungle clear. Before enchanting it, purchase your Sheen, and upgrade into Lich Bane - you just can't go without the damage this provides. Finish off your enchantment, and then try build Zhonya's Hourglass in time for the first Dragon fight.

Why not Stalker's Blade? Simply put, the new jungle is too punishing, and you need your smite for the new camp buffs. IMO the chicken's oracle buff is far more useful than being able to smite a lane, and besides, they hurt if you don't smite them anyway. Sure Fizz loses a little ganking pressure, but he was never really lacking any damage or cc, so honestly it isn't a massive issue.

Situational Items:

This item is great with tanks like Dr. Mundo and Shyvana. The magic penetration helps shred through some of their magic resist, while the passive percentage health damage helps ware them down. If you anticipate needing this item later on, purchase the the Haunting Guise after before your early, as the hp and magic pen are really useful.

This item should be taken if there is a single enemy who is particularly fed. While Fizz may be an assasin, his damage will be delayed through the purchasing of a jungling item, so this should allow him to delete people regardless. It should be considered also, that when monstrously fed, this item becomes rather irrelevant for Fizz, and I generally avoid it, as it simply isn't necessary to insta kill. Generally I choose something defensive instead.

While is may seem a little odd initially, it actually works very well. As Fizz you have to get into the face of the enemies, so if they're primarily AD, this will help you survive a lot longer. The slow can also be critical to stopping the enemy ADC kite you forever.

This offers similar benefits to the Randuins, with the bonus of slightly more damage, at the cost of some survivability. If the enemies are largely mixed damage, then the health from this item will be the best solution, and again the slow will help pin down their ADC.

This is an item I very rarely use on Fizz, but it does have its advantages, and should be considered. While it may not help with burst damage all that much, it will give you great sustained damage, so if you're playing against a very tanky enemy team, this can be a great pick up. It also helps considerably with split pushing, so if you feel your team fight is too weak, why not take a Nashor's, Lich Bane, and split push for the win?

This item should be bought if it is up to you to carry the game. After all, two lives is always better than 1.

This item is perfect if your enemies are completely incompetent, and you don't think you are going to die any time soon ^^

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Team Compositions

So when would you pick this little trickster? There are a few optimal scenarios.

- If your midlaner is AD, then you'll need some AP to compensate. Fizz can fill this role nicely. But you might say, why not Elise? She currently fills the role of the most popular AP jungler, and provides both excellent early pressure and objective control. Well, the main advantage of Fizz is that he scales much better into the late game, and can become an unstoppable assassin that is simply out of reach for most junglers.

- If your lanes have some CC anyway, such as Morgana in the mid lane, then the necessity of hard CC provided by the jungler is minimised, and the raw damage of Fizz, coupled with his two gap closers is simply unmatched.

How about Counter-Picks?

Perhaps the easiest jungler for Fizz to face, it is a true pleasure to play against a Warwick as Fizz, all because of Grievous Wounds (healing reduction), inflicted from Seastone Trident. Early levels you can out duel Warwick, so feel free to counter-jungle, knowing that you can safely 1v1 him, and then late game, becasue of Grievous Wounds, his healing is massively reduced, so you can kill him with ease.

Similar to Warwick, Mundo relies heavily on healing. Fizz completely shuts this down with the Grievous Wounds on his Seastone Trident, so Mundo isn't an issue. He won't be running where he pleases while Fizz is around :D

Lee Sin's strength comes from early pressure, both on the lanes and the enemy jungler; however, he struggles to keep up in the late game. Not only will Fizz massively out-scale Lee Sin, but early he won't have too hard a time against him. With Playful / Trickster Fizz can easily dodge Resonating Strike, and his passive Nimble Fighter reduces the damage from Lee's autos, meaning you can survive without too much trouble against this Blind Monk early, and out-scale him late.

With the new S5 jungle, this fat man is pretty viable again. This doesn't however influence Fizz's traditional strength against him, as dodging the Barrel Roll with a Playful / Trickster has never been easier. Fizz has no trouble fighting this Drunken Fat Man early, and arguably out-scales him late game, although ultimately they provide different roles to the team. Also, remember Gragas relies heavily on Blue Buff, so if you can deny this, say through an invade, then go for it!

Check out this guy's art here ^^