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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flane

Fizz - The Acrobatic Fighter [AP/AS] - [Darius patch]

Flane Last updated on May 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Guide Top


Hello! Welcome to my first guide here on Mobafire :)
Firstly, an introduction to Fizz - this new champion is an AP-focused fighter, with high assassination and tower-diving capabilities. While relatively squishy early game, he can become very healthy when built right, while still retaining formidable damage output. In this guide I decided to put more emphasis on team fights rather than assassination of enemies (much like AP Master Yi usually does), since I don't believe the assassin playstyle benefits the team as much as it should.

In fighter role you can still burst your enemies down with your combo, and keep smashing them with Seastone Trident while your other abilities are on cooldown. And, to be honesst, you're doing way more damage merely with activated Seastone Trident than with all your other abilities combined.

Darius patch update

I have to admit that I have forgotten about this guide for quite a while -- that was because of my graduation class which ate all of my time this year. But as of now I am done with finals, and I have had time to revise the guide and make necessary improvements.

As it turns out, being passive early just doesn't work so well. You end up being harassed to oblivion and unable to approach minions or even kill your enemy. Because of that I've decided to change the early game attitude - be aggressive. Your mobility and spike damage are your edges, and you should exploit them. To reflect that change, I encourage maxing out Urchin Strike first instead of Seastone Trident. Why's that? Urchin Strike gives most burst damage - and we need it to keep our enemy in check. Also, we don't have much attack speed early, so points put in Seastone Trident get wasted. Besides, that skill is only necessary for us during the late game.

I have also decided to throw away Rod of Ages, since it took way too much time to build and to start benefiting us. Prioritizing it over Malady rendered Fizz helpless against any kind of enemy, really. Therefore I overhauled the build order as well, taking Rylai's Crystal Scepter instead.

I've discontinued the jungle chapter as well, since jungle, while possible, did not turn out to be quite as viable as I hoped for it to be. Moved it to the bottom of the guide as archive chapter.

Guide Top

Where should I go as Fizz?

Fizz is generally suited for middle and top lanes. Jungle, while possible, turned out to be not viable / good enough to bother.

Bottom lane would be very rough for him due to heavy harassment from enemy AD carry and support. He would fall behind in creep kill count, though with right runes and a good support, it would be possible for Fizz to fare quite well on that lane. I guess this would require a separate guide to cover this topic.

Middle lane is typically where Fizz goes (contrary to my early expectations, from back when Fizz was introduced), it is generally possible to keep up with the enemy midder in creep kill count without too much trouble. Also, due to Fizz's nature, he can dominate the lane easily with his gapcloser Urchin Strike and escape mechanic Playful / Trickster.

Fizz fares quite well on top lane, too. That is because he excels at one-on-one skrimishes. In addition, top lane is usually taken by melee character -- because of that there should be little danger of harassment, at least compared to other lanes. The only problem would be lane survivability, since Fizz has no sustain mechanic whatsoever. Because of that he has to rely heavily on potions and/or Catalyst the Protector.

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Pros / Cons

+ In hands of a skilled player, Fizz becomes extremely difficult to kill
+ Can both burst enemies and deal formidable sustained damage
+ Capable of tower-diving thanks to Playful / Trickster
+ Easy to pick up kills due to the powerful DoT from Seastone Trident and Ignite
+ Absolutely destroys enemy carries in mid and late game teamfights.
+ After you get your Malady and Rylai's Crystal Scepter, you can single-handedly carry your team to victory.

- Squishy early game, difficult time farming minions early
- Very item dependant (low damage output until Malady)
- Difficult early game - requires a lot of caution
- Punishing for mistakes and errors
- This build doesn't take any lifesteal or spell vamp items, therefore you need to keep an eye on your health, to know when to disengage from combat and retreat to regenerate.

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Skills Description

The passive allows Fizz to ignore unit collision at all times. Also, it blocks 4/6/8/10/12/14 incoming damage from auto-attacks.

This is a single-target charge, that makes Fizz deal his basic attack damage + 0.6 of AP as magic damage. It moves him a flat distance towards the target, therefore if you cast it from maximum distance, you will stop right by your opponent; but if you cast it while standing beside them, you will appear far behind.

Passively applies a damage over time effect, that is stronger the less health target has. While activated, it adds +0.35 of your AP to your auto-attacks, also cutting any healing effect on the target by half, similarly to Ignite.

It is rather hard to explain how it works without seeing it, even though it’s very simple. It makes Fizz jump onto his trident towards targeted location, becoming untargetable in the process.
You can then leave him there, and after 0.5 second he will jump off on his own to where the trident is, damaging enemies in medium area, also applying the slow;
Or, you can activate that skill again and he will jump off the weapon towards targeted location, becoming targetable once more when he lands, damaging enemies in a smaller area; however, he will not slow them.

This ability has two parts. First, when activated, Fizz throws a skillshot fish in the direction you indicated. If it collides with an enemy champion, it'll stick to them. If no champion is hit, then it'll remain on the ground where the skillshot ended and the second part of your ulti will take place there.
Then, after 1.5 sec. a shark will jump out of the ground to devour every enemy champion in the area of effect, dealing significant damage and knocking them up in the air.

Note: skill rotation and combos associated with them are mentioned here. Detailed facts regarding skills are here.

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Masteries and Runes

The masteries I chose are aimed to give Fizz the biggest damage output possible, while still getting some minor survivability.


AP-increasing masteries are rather obvious, I guess. We are an AP-based champion, all our skills scale with AP. While AD is a component of the skill we are focusing on the most here - Seastone Trident - AD is simply not worth enough to be viable.

CDR is great, because it allows us to use our skills more often, which means higher Seastone Trident uptime. Also, numerous times I've failed to escape my enemies chasing me, simply because I couldn't use Playful / Trickster because of the 0.5 sec left on cooldown. Therefore I think this little bit of CDR is very important for Fizz. Arcane Knowledge gives us more magic penetration.

I take Alacrity because majority of Fizz's damage in this build comes from Seastone Trident, therefore any increase in attack speed means more hits during it's uptime, which directly translates to bigger damage output. Also Weapon Expertise , since we're getting a lot of last hits, and that includes some physical damage - we want to exploit that, too.

I've put 5 points in defense, since we are focusing on the fighter aspect of Fizz - which means, we also need to get survivability to be able to make it out alive from very tight teamfights.

One of the things that I consider crucial for this build is high flat MRPen stacked. All our attacks deal magic damage, and flat MRPen is more valuable than Void Staff on low-MR targets. With all items fully charged, this build penetrates up to 58 MR. For Void Staff to penetrate more MR, target would need to have more than ~145 MR. (58/0.4=145)

Greater Seal of DefenseI build Fizz as a fighter, and as such he needs survivability. Armor serves him pretty well, seeing as we can dodge most magic-based attacks/skillshots aimed at us with our abilities. And why don't I take flat armor instead? Firstly, armor per level gives us more armor in the end. Also, in the early game attacks don't deal as much damage as they do in late game. And we are a mid-late game focused champion here, therefore these runes feel pretty reasonable. Additionally, our passive doesn't reduce damage from abilities that deal physical damage, which is another point for these runes.

The reason here is the same for which I took CDR in the masteries section. More Seastone Trident uptime and higher chance of making it out alive, because we'll have our escaping tools off-cooldown sooner.

Note: There seems to be an error in Mobafire database; these actually give 0.05% per level, resulting in 0.9% at level 18.

Same reason as for Greater Mark of Magic Penetration.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

This newly-introduced spell can swing a lot of skrimishes in your favor. 40% of bonus AS is a lot, and it remains useful across all game phases - from early to late game. Since this build is mainly focused on autoattacks with Seastone Trident, this is a hell of a boost for us. And it also increases AP - awesome. Though it is rather risky to take, and I generally favor Flash, but this spell is still worth considering. space It's another DoT to go with your Seastone Trident. Combined, they deal a ton of damage. Also, your target is running away from you will little to none HP? Set them ablaze. space Many times you won't be able to keep up with your target, since every time you auto-attack, you stop. Luckily, Ghost can fix this. Although I don't consider this to be a good choice in this case, since we want to focus on teamfight, and not on chasing enemies around. Besides, Rylai's Crystal Scepter makes it easy to keep up with the enemy.

Despite the nerf this spell still sees a lot of (ab)use. Even though Fizz already has, in fact, two flashes in the form of Playful / Trickster, this still can save your *** in case you've just jumped or need to get over a thick wall. Generally advised to take. spacious_space It is viable for when you have problems with keeping up with your enemies, or noone in your team wants to pick this spell up while you are pitied against an AD-heavy team. Other than that, I wouldn't recommend it, other spells work out just as good or even better.

Guide Top

Item Choices and Explainations


My boots of choice are the Sorcerer's Shoes. The reason here is pretty simple - we want to stack MRPen, that's one of the key features of this guide. space While Ionian Boots of Lucidity are nice too, we get the CDR we need from masteries and runes, and I don't think more is needed.
As to AS, we get a lot of it from Malady and Wit's End, therefore we have no need for Berserker's Greaves. The AS we get from these items is enough. space Why not Mercury's Treads, then? Because we get the little MR we need from Wit's End, and we can dodge most CC with Playful / Trickster, or escape such with this skill.

AP items, A.K.A.

Y U NO HAVE Lich Bane?!

So, allow to explain why I decided to disregard Lich Bane which everyone seems to love so much. I simply consider it to be an ultimate highlight of the assassin playstyle, which I'm trying to disemphasize here. Also, because of the 2-second cooldown it has.
Let's consider the case as if we have built as an assassin. During teamfights, you will usually use all your abilities immediately, leaving you with only one Lich Bane proc. After that, there is relatively long period of 4-5 seconds, during which we can't deal any damage, due to all our abilities being on cooldown. In combat, this is an eternity. This renders us virutally useless to our team. Sure, we can kill one guy almost instantly, but then we are the next one to die, due to one trait all assassins have in common - being squishy.
Since this build aims to combat this period of uselessness, we throw this item away.

While all Fizz's abilites other than Seastone Trident do benefit from spell vamp, we are mainly focused on Seastone Trident here. Therefore this stat is inferior to other, such as AP, AS and survivability. Although it's always great to have it around, if someone in your team builds it, you surely can benefit from it, but it's not useful enough to be worth taking. spacious_space I've seen this item be chosen by some Fizz guides. And you may actaully ask, why don't I take it too, since it would give me even more MRPen... I'll admit that I've considered this item, and have actually done some math, comparing it with Wit's End. The results were rather obvious, Wit's End proved to be almost twice as effective in terms of DPS increase. Not to mention that we don't need to decrease MRPen of every opponent in range, since we focus on only one enemy at a time. Although, if someone builds it, it'll surely help you.

Obvious, who wouldn't want it? Gigantic spiky increase in damage, although at a price. Beucase of it's cost I usually decide to take it last, even though the boost it gives is quite significant. spacious_space I've never actually taken this item in consideration; later in the game we don't have that many mana-related problems, thanks to Rod of Ages. Therefore half of this item isn't really useful for us. Also I'd rather pack some survival-damage hybrid item instead of pure AP.

AS items

A core item, in my opinion. It gives us a huge boost in damage, due to more hits with Seastone Trident and passive additional 20 magic damage per attack. It also decreases target's MR, stacking, resulting in even more damage being dealt. Also a little bit of AP is good, too. A great all-round item that you certainly won't regret buying. Should be built ASAP. spacious_space Part of my core build. The reasoning here is the same as for Malady - it gives us more AS, and big increase in damage due to the passive. In addition, it boosts our defense by increasing MR, and becoming more potent during combat when we attack. Why wouldn't you want it?

I've been considering taking this item for some time, but I'm not sure whether or not it can work out as good as others. It increases all the stats that we want, except perhaps for AD, but in the end it's a part of Seastone Trident, too... I guess it's the fact that the AS increase is smaller than Malady or Wit's End, and it also fades off after a short time. spacious_space Another item that I've seen taken by some people. While it sure does have useful stats, I consider my earlier choices to be better, at least for a build that relies heavily on Seastone Trident, because of the damage that Malady and Wit's End passively provide. Combined they yield 62 magic damage per strike, which is 177 worth of AP (62/0.35=177).

General survivability items

It is a good item, because it provides us with the health we need to stay alive. Also, it gives us mana which we desperately need in early game, due to all our skills being quite costly (except Seastone Trident). Besides gives us a lot of sustain in lane phase. It also scales well the longer the game gets. Sadly, it takes too much money to build and doesn't return enough damage soon enough for it to be good. Generally worth considering when you already know that you won't be able to dominate your opponent. spacious_space An important item, though I admire it more because of the bonus health it provides rather than the slow. It's great for us, since it increases two of the three stats that we want the most, and also slows the target allowing us to smack them with Seastone Trident easier. Generally should be built after Malady.

I've been looking for an alternative for Rylai's Crystal Scepter, although more resistance-oriented. This item is a great choice, since it increases both resistances, and also gives us another chance to escape, should we fail. Though from my experience, the passive is usually wasted during teamfights, when you rise back to life when all your teammates are already dead, only to be killed by enemies camping at your corpse. Therefore in my opinion the passive is rather negligible. spacious Great item if you are getting focused heavily during teamfights, but also want to squeeze in some additional damage. This item does not only counter characters who rely solely on physical damage, like Tryndamere, but also, thanks to the passive, combo-based casters, like Brand. This is a great alternative for Rylai's Crystal Scepter if your enemies are CC heavy and 500HP doesn't really make a difference.

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Item Build

Taking the reasoning from last chapter in consideration, I have set up the following builds for every occasion (items' order roughly represents their priority);

The optimal build, for when everything is going great:

When both teams are doing well, or you have the upper hand (recommended choice):

For when you're getting focused more that you'd want to:

Entirely defense-oriented build:

Of course, the order is not set in stone, and actually it shouldn't be treated like that, since it's extremely situational. Although it's possible to draw out a general theme you should be following;

First off, grab the boots. Depending on how you like to start, you can either take these and 3 Health Potions, or a Doran's Ring. I have found that 2 Doran's Rings are more than enough for early game survivability, and they also give quite a lot of damage. It's generally better to take the boots, since it allows you to dodge skillshots easier, run from early gank and to heal with potions, should you take damage.

By the time you have to go back you should have enough gold to buy a Doran's Ring, an Amplifying Tome and some Health Potions. After that keep building towards Malady. You should be in a good position to grab some kills now, go and seize every opportunity to harass your lane opponent.

On your next trip back grab boots, and then Malady. Take a second Doran's Ring if you feel you need it. By now you should start occassionally leaving your lane to gank and help your teammates. This will help you get the gold needed for Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

If you haven't won the game by now, then it's good for you - after Rylai's Crystal Scepter you should be pretty tough and able to take on your enemies relatively easily. Build your way towards Wit's End, starting with either Recurve Bow first, if you need more damage, or with Null-Magic Mantle if you need survivability.

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Fighter-ish Fizz plays a little bit differently than the assassin-style Fizz that is popular right now. Despite that they have the same targets to accomplish for the team - kill the carries.
The main difference is that you are staying in fights longer to deal the damage you have to do, you can also stand toe-to-toe with enemy fighters and bruisers, often managing to single-handedly kill them. The extra survivability you get from items and runes allows you to be more bold in skrimishes.

Note on skill choice: you should adjust your skilling priority to the changing conditions of the game, not following it blindly as it is on the character sheet. If you are getting harassed hard and have to dodge often, consider putting more points in Playful / Trickster earlier, at the expense of Urchin Strike or Seastone Trident.

Laning phase

It is always hardest to begin - this rule actually applies here. Early game is the most difficult part for you. During it you should focus mainly on farming minions and evading enemy harassment. Keep skilling up Urchin Strike and go back when you have enough gold for Doran's Ring and some Health Potion's. Now you can start tackling your opponent with your harassment combo. Do it once or twice, and as soon as you have Chum the Waters, go in for the kill. Let the enemy push, make sure he stands somewhere near middle of the lane, pretend to be backing off for some time so that he feels confident enough to farm. Then get close, blow your ultimate, activate Seastone Trident, charge in with Urchin Strike, blow Ignite and keep autoattacking until he uses his escape mechanic, then just jump to him with Playful / Trickster. Should be a kill for you in 90% cases.
Don't forget about last hits though, they're still essential for you to win the lane.

Mid game phase

Stay at your lane and farm until you have your Malady built. If you feel like you need more punch and survivability, buy second Doran's Ring. If you have enough gold to do so, buy Giant's Belt. Try to leave your lane to gank and help your teammates or roam around with your jungler. This should get you the gold you need to finish Rylai's Crystal Scepter early.
Later on, when you have it finished, start to engage in smaller teamfights and skrimishes. If you haven't done this already, push your lane and destroy the enemy tower, so that you're clear to leave the lane once and for all.

Late game phase

Generally you should be behaving similarly as in the mid game phase, with the exception that you should be assisting your team at all times, if possible. Take the red buff if your AD carry doesn't want it, since it's just amazing with your DoT, and it also slows your target.

During teamfights save Playful / Trickster for when you are in danger or a low-hp enemy is escaping. Urchin Strike should be used to charge to the enemy carry and get rid of them as soon as possible (remember to activate Seastone Trident right before charging). If you have it, activate that Surge, it helps a ton.
Chum the Waters can either be used right away to break the enemy lines, or after the charge to buy you more time to kill your target. In my opinion it's best used at the beggining, since it creates chaos at the place of battle, allowing you to slip through the enemy. Remember to stay focused on your target, but remember to keep yourself alive with Playful / Trickster.

Fight skill rotation

There is no set rotation per se, since Fizz's abilities have relatively long cooldowns, but the general opening order of casting abilities can roughly be depicted as:


There are a few tricks that you can use to maximize your damage output:

Opening nuke:
Using Urchin Strike while Seastone Trident is activated will make it benefit from the bonus damage that is usually applied to autoattacks.
You can either:
Target slow
This combo is more aimed to slow the target than deal damage. As every slow, it is useful when you want to ensure your team will be able to catch the target before it gets away. Can also be used when you see a low-hp ally being chased by an enemy.
Remember, that for the slow from Playful / Trickster to trigger, you must not press the E button again. Because of that you also have to aim your jump a little ahead of time, so that the target doesn't escape from the AoE.

This is a safe method of harassing your opponent aggressively. It deals big initial damage and leaves the DoT, and allows you to back off with Playful / Trickster safely before they can respond.
Note: using this method frequently will very quickly deplete your mana.

Opening gank / aggressive tower defense:
  • This is how you should be opening your gank on lanes, assuming you sit undetected in the brush. It allows you to take careful aim with Chum the Waters and then close the gap quickly with Playful / Trickster.
  • The same order can also be used to defend a tower aggresively. Casting Chum the Waters from behind a wall and then closing the gap with Playful / Trickster will force the enemy to either fight under the tower or run away. In either case you get an advantage, since if they run, you get a few free hits with Seastone Trident.

Note: detailed facts regarding skills can be found here.

Video example

Since I'm overhauling the guide, I plan to record a new video presenting the new early-game attitude, should it be useful.

I have recorded a replay of my game against Annie on middle lane. While it has mistakes and is unneccessarily long and boring and undynamic, it presents the general idea of being (mostly...) passive and evading direct confrontation with your enemy the higher the levels go, while seizing some occasions to harass.

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Tips, Tricks, Hints and General Facts


  • Urchin Strike allows you to charge through walls towards your target, but you can't pass a wall if you've already hit your target (your target stands between you and the wall you want to charge through)

  • This ability resets autoattack timer, therefore when fighting creeps, or in a stationary skrimish with the enemy team, use it right after an autoattack. Combined with activated Seastone Trident it yields a big increase in it's damage output, since it basically gives you two instant strikes.

  • Some people have said that this ability resets the autoattack timer, allowing you to hit the enemy, use Urchin Strike, and then smack them with your weapon again immediately. I have played several bot games and never noticed the swing timer to be reset - id est - when I charged into the enemy without autoattacking them first, the autoattack came instantly.
    However, when I've used Urchin Strike right after an autoattack, the next strike seemed to be delayed a little, which would mean that the swing timer was not reset. (Could've been lag or something related, though, or the way the ability is coded, preventing Fizz from taking any action for a set period of time).
    Guess I will have to be on a lookout for someone to prove it right or wrong.

  • Neither passive nor active part of Seastone Trident works on turrets.

  • The DoT left by the passive is quite powerful, even on early levels. When on lane, always try to poke at your enemy, getting a hit or two, but never commit to this harassment.

  • You can use Playful / Trickster to dodge a turret missile which would've otherwise killed you. Also any other thing that is targeted at and already flying to you, it'll simply vanish.

  • You can also use this ability to check bushes, or the other side of a wall (for example dragon, baron or mid lane bushes) - you basically have to stand right next to the wall, jump over as close to the edge of the wall as possible, and then immediately order Fizz to jump back. This method allows you to safely check for enemies, since they won't be able to do anything to you. Just make sure that you're quick enough to be able pull it off, so that you don't end up giving your enemies a free kill.

  • General rule that applies to all walls you want to jump over; stand right next to the wall and hover your mouse cursor over the Playful / Trickster ability to see it's range. Any wall that ends before or right at the rim of the circle, can be jumped over. Be sure to stay at the right place, and jump to the right spot, though, since this ability fails to take effect if your cursor is even slightly off the good position.

  • You can use your ultimate to both defend a tower and score a kill, if a melee champion is attacking it. Stand behind a wall so that the enemy cannot see you, cast your ultimate at them and then run quickly towards them, jumping if neccessary. They will get knocked in the air while you close the distance. Then they will either have to fight you under the tower or run away from it in order to be able to fight back; in either case you have a huge advantage, since if they run, you have a few free strikes with Seastone Trident.

  • Your ultimate can also be used to chase if your two other abilities are on cooldown. In most cases the enemy won't be able to dodge your ultimate, since they will be frightened of not running straight, because then you get closer to them.

Note: skill rotation and combos associated with them are mentioned here.

Here's a short video compilation of some of the tricks mentioned above.


  • Play safe during early game. This is a huge priority, since you are squishy as hell without your Catalyst the Protector, and dying to your enemy even once gives him a big advantage. You can poke at your enemy at level 1 with Seastone Trident, but as the levels increase you should be becoming increasingly passive, focusing on getting last hits and avoiding as much harassment as you can with Playful / Trickster. After Catalyst the protector you can start becoming more and more aggressive.

  • Make sure to pay attention to your enemy. Watch his mana/energy bar, farm minions boldly whenever he's out of mana/energy. If the enemy has no resource, like Katarina, try to get last hits after he uses his spells, so that you are safe for the time of their cooldown.

Wall jumping with Playful / Trickster

I have created a color-coded map, which roughly depicts where it's possible to leap over a wall with Playful / Trickster.
Red means that it's impossible to leap over that wall.
Green means that it's possible to leap over that wall.
Right click on the image and select "View image" to view it in bigger size (1770x1423).
Borders between possible/impossible should be fairly accurate, although since they are marked by hand, they may be slightly off in some places.

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Why AP/AS is, in my opinion, better than pure AP assassin style

Right now you may ask, why don't I pack only AP items with Void Staff, if flat MRPen proves to give so little difference... Let me explain;
In order for Void Staff to get better MR reduction than this build, target needs to have more than approximately 145 MR. ( 58 is maximum MRPen this build achieves, Void Staff penetrates 40% of MR. 58/0.4 = 145 )

Additionally, Wit's End gives passively 42 magic damage on each attack. Which is 42/0.35 = 120 AP, this equates to more than two AP items (excluding Rabadon's Deathcap).
Malady packs 20 magic damage per attack, summing to 62. 62/0.35 = 177 AP.

Also, by a general rule, the less MR, the more potent flat MRPen gets. Since in every teamfight your priority targets are usually the relatively squishy carries (100 MR is, in most cases, enough for them), stacking MRPen while taking Malady & Wit's End, proves to be more rewarding than packing a Void Staff.

In addition, even tanky and bulky champions will fear you, since the damage output with Seastone Trident is huge. And thanks to the 58 flat MRPen, their resistances are brought in line with those of a regular champion.

I have stated my opinion on the assassin playstyle in the introduction; I don't consider it to be benefical to the team. Assassins eliminate single targets in one-on-one skrimishes, and seldom take part in teamfights due to their fragile nature, resulting in most of them being uneven, 4v5 combats.
Also, characters like these are very ability-dependant. They may burst a single target once per few seconds (provided they don't need their ult to be able to dish out good damage), meaning that if they eventually do participate in a teamfight, they have relatively little impact on the outcome.

That is why I think Fizz should be built as a fighter-ish AP/AS hybrid, allowing him to use all of his abilities to the fullest potential, and support his team as much as he can.

Guide Top


Thank you for reading my guide, hopefully it's at least slightly useful and will allow you to dominate the Summoner's Rift in a slightly different fashion than most Fizzes do today.

If you care enough, leave a comment along with a vote - let me know if there's anything that could be improved, or added.

Thanks again for your time.

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Change Log


- Guide published.
- Cosmetic changes, added skill rotation and combo related section in the Gameplay chapter. Also added a color-coded map for wall jumping.
- Updated the jungle chapter for Volibear patch.
- Series of updates along with a partial rewrite of jungle chapter. Added a new trick for Playful / Trickster in the hints section.
- Added Ahri patch notes, along with a short commentary on the changes.
- Added a video presenting gameplay on middle lane.
- Added a very short video presenting some of the mentioned tricks.
- Minor text edits; added new images to the braggi-... Results section, that is.
- Build overhaul:
◘ Changed skilling order, now favoring Urchin Strike over Seastone Trident early
◘ Changed item build, taking Rylai's Crystal Scepter instead of Rod of Ages
◘ Rewrote parts of chapters
◘ Discontinued jungle
◘ Removed bragging section as it's shameful anyway

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Welcome to the Jungle... - jungling as Fizz -- [ARCHIVE]

...we've got fun n' games...

Fizz is quite an effective jungler. While he isn't able to do the jungle as fluently and quickly as, for example, Warwick, he compensates this with very good ganking ability. His skills allow him to close the gap from bush to enemy very quickly, and his ultimate Chum the Waters usually secures the kill by dealing large amount of damage and knocking the target up in the air.

Jungle post Volibear patch

The new patch has changed the jungle quite a bit, even though it's not that noticeable. First of all, it has become easier to complete. On the other hand, though, you're still at level 3 after the lizard camp, and you get less gold after your first run. Therefore it is neccessary to clear an additional creep camp (either wolves or wraiths) in order to achieve level 4 and be able to gank effectively. Despite that, the jungle completion time has been delayed only slightly, it takes roughly 20 more seconds to go out for a gank. Other thing to note is that the healing left by wraiths and wolves doesn't matter much (they heal a max of 50hp).
Other than that, everything remains the same. Since the jungle has become easier to complete, you can either:
  • Start with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions. That way you will be able to complete entire jungle in a single run (including red buff), although you'll be close to dying a few times. Allows to pick Surge instead of Smite, giving more late-game oriented advantage. Taking Surge, though, makes it virtually impossible to kill the red buff during the first run, so you have to follow route B.

  • Start with a Dagger and 2 Health Potions (you will have to wait for gold for the second potion). Smite is obligatory when following this option. You also have to follow the route B in order to be able to complete the jungle. By small golem's camp you will be very low on hp, therefore you have to focus down the big golem as fast as possible (use Seastone Trident, autoattack, Urchin Strike, Smite). Although I can't think of any big advantage this option would give.


The builds I use for jungle and laning are exactly the same. After the masteries revamp there really isn't much to change. Runes remain the same as well - armor/lvl we have packed, along with Fizz's passive allow us to mitigate quite a lot of creep's damage.
Since after Volibear patch jungle has become relatively easy, it's possible for Smite to not be an obligatory choice. This allows us a way greater flexibility in terms of summoner spells (summoner spells comparison).

Jungle routes

The following image represents jungle paths you should be following. You can choose either of them; I personally prefer the route B. At the beggining, you will have to ask your teammate to pull the blue golem, since otherwise you won't be able to do it (or you will manage, but barely).

Route A:
This route clears entire jungle during the first run. While it allows you to gank slightly earlier, it implies a risk of getting executed, since, from my experience, three times you'll be close to dying (wraiths, red buff, golems). This may be different depending on whether or not your teammates have pulled you the blue golem, and how much damage they've dealt to it, but generally this is a less safe option. Also, by taking the red buff earlier, it fades off sooner, allowing your enemies to escape your ganks easier.
Route B:
This route skips red buff in order to make the jungle safer, since you don't have to fight red buff and golems while weakened and with no Health Potions left. While it takes a little more time to complete, I feel that this option is better, since you get the red buff right before you go out to gank, allowing you to make a full use of it. It's overall more comfortable, since you don't risk anything (you may get counterjungled, which in case of route A would be catastrophic), and allows for way bigger flexibility in terms of gameplay (you can start with different item or take Surge instead of Smite)

Monster combat tactics

There are a few little tricks that you can utilize in order to have an easier time jungling.

Ancient Golem A.K.A. blue buff
Since you are level 1 here, you can't do much. You can use Ignite on the golem to dish some additional damage, since there's little chance you'll have another occasion to use it in the next 3 minutes.
Other than that you can snipe the golem with Smite. At level one Smite deals 445 true damage, so you can either use it right away or wait till the golem has less than that 445 hp. It doesn't make much of a difference, to be honest.

Wolves' camp
Here you have a little bit more space to act. Although first thing I'll say is to kill the small wolves first. Together, they deal more damage than the big one, and I'm fairly sure they have bigger critical strike chance, too, although I'm not sure.
Regarding skills; activate Seastone Trident, attack a small wolf and then immediately use Urchin Strike on it. This will not only give you one free additional attack, but also reset autoattack timer, giving basically yielding two instant strikes. Make sure to hit a wall after you charge, since if you stop far behind the wolf, you will waste some of the time on the Seastone Trident.

Wraiths' camp
In terms of using skills, it's the same as for the wolves. Although here you have to kill the big wraith first, it deals the highest damage and also heals itself if left unchecked, so don't rely on your DoT to kill it, take another second to smack it one more time just to make sure it won't be giving you any more trouble.

Lizard Elder A.K.A. red buff
Just as previously, activate Seastone Trident and rush into the lizard with Urchin Strike once you've attacked it. If you're doing the lizard before small golems, use Smite right away. Be cautious, though, since you will be very close to dying (skipping this camp and doing it after you've backed to base is advised).

Small golems' camp
Everything is the same as in the two previous camps. Knock out the bigger golem first, as it deals twice the damage the small one does, and it also heals you a bit. If you skipped red buff, your Smite will be off-cooldown, so be sure to use it right away to kill the golem faster and also get the bonus gold.
Note: regarding Playful / Trickster, when you get it, use it only to initiate the combat and do not use it during, since the monsters may bug and start regenerating their health.


Ganking is pretty straightforward. You have to wait in the bush by the lane you want to gank, and wait till the enemy champion overextends. Thanks to Playful / Trickster you can leap forward quite a long distance, usually it's possible to reach a champion that is standing in the middle of the lane.
After you've jumped, be sure to use Seastone Trident and Urchin Strike immediately, try to put yourself behind your target so that you can land few more autoattacks while the enemy tries to run. Remember to Ignite at the end to secure the kill.

Once you get your ultimate Chum the Waters, ganking shouldn't be any problem for you anymore. Always try to initiate by casting your ultimate from the bush, and then quickly leaping towards your prey. In most cases this is a guaranteed kill if your teammates can react fast enough.

After the jungle

You should keep to gank lanes unless they get warded. If this is the case, go back to the jungle, remember to give the blue buff to your middle laner if he needs it. Usually you should be the one taking the red buff, since you can slow the enemy immediately, in addition to your ultimate.

In terms of items, build a quick Malady and then follow the same order as if you were on lane, id est, rush for Rod of Ages.