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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheWeekndOVOXO

Fizz - The Amphibian Jungler (A Comprehensive Guide)

TheWeekndOVOXO Last updated on May 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Fishy Introduction

Uh... Introduction? Oh, well! Hi, everyone! My name is Michael and I am 21 years old. Currently studying to obtain my Economics major... OH. GUIDE INTRODUCTION. NOT SELF-INTRODUCTION. SORRY! Carry on...

Hello, this is my first build on Mobafire. If you're looking to jungle the amphibian champion, Fizz, then you're on the right page. Mainly, Fizz is a very adorable champion which reminds us of Stitch (come on, who can't tell that they look alike?). But Fizz can also be a devastating champion.

Enough of the phony introduction, I'll move on.

TLDR: This is a jungle build that excels in Health/on-hit effects.

Disclaimer: There are many other builds for Fizz, so feel free to browse them as well if you are not looking for a jungle/on-hit build. Again, this is not an AP build. I just hope that you all don't judge a book by its cover and try this build out before you make negative comments or downvote.

Disclaimer #2: This build is preferred for ADVANCED players. Beginner players might find it difficult to play this way. Play at your own will, but do not blame me for failures. I have tested this build more than 55 times (with a 2:1 win ratio).

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Interesting Pro's & Lame Con's


+ Can escape if used correctly with Playful / Trickster
+ Very versatile and mobile with Urchin Strike and Playful / Trickster
+ A threatening on-hit champion thanks to Seastone Trident
+ A strong ganker
+ Nimble Fighter (Passive) makes it very easy to jungle

- High cooldowns force players to use abilities more carefully
- Can be easily countered in jungle (ward dependent)
- Squishy at early levels before Warmog's Armor
- Very expensive / gold dependent / item dependent
- Slightly high learning curve

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Summoner Spells

Recommended summoner spells:

+ These summoner spells are the typical ones that any jungler would take. It all boils down to Smite with either Ghost or Flash.

Smite: Basically, every jungler needs to have Smite. It is a very important summoner spell that all common junglers use. It is used to get a killing blow on the blue golem, the red lizard and the dragon.

Ghost: This summoner spell is great for Fizz if you are not a fan of Flash. Ghost can help you chase enemies down, or let you escape faster after using Playful // Trickster.

Flash: Again, Flash is always one of those spells that you might want to have. Whether you need to escape, or to chase an enemy, Flash will always be useful in many ways. (don't forget to ninja flash through walls like a pro and make enemies go fuuuuuu, and you, summoner, will sport a handsome trollface.jpg)

Other considerable summoner spells:

Surge: Now, this is a hot topic. Surge increases your attack speed and your ability power for 12 seconds (scaling from level 1-18). I believe that if you have no problems at all to escape or chase an enemy, you could use this instead of Flash or Ghost. It could kill an enemy way faster if you're using Seastone Trident along with Wit's End and Madred's Bloodrazor.

Teleport: I can see why some players will take Teleport for a gank since Fizz is a strong ganker and could defend an allied turret easily.

Controversial Summoner Spells:

Exhaust: I'm not a fan of Exhaust. Fizz already has a slow from his Playful /Trickster and the duration of the spell is way too short. Flash or Ghost is way too important compared to Exhaust.

Ignite: Ignite has no purpose at all for Fizz other than the damage over time it gives. I would stay away from it since Seastone Trident's activation already gives 50% Grieving Wounds.

Cleanse: As important as it is for few carries out there that needs to pick Cleanse, Fizz, by any means necessary, is no carry. Therefore, the two main summoner spells cannot be replaced for this one.

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Why 0/21/9? (aka why defensive tree?)

SPACE + That's because Fizz needs that deep defensive mastery tree in order to jungle more effectively. It is a myth that junglers always need the experience mastery from utility (last patch increased jungle experience gain, so there's no need for that mastery anymore).

+ I personally go Summoner's Resolve for the extra gold from Smite, Hardiness , and Resistance for the first line. Armor and Magic Resist is hard to come in game without wasting gold, so these two masteries help you a lot.

+ Then you have Durability , Veteran's Scars and Juggernaut for the extra health in the beginning and the health per level.

+ Indomitable works great for early game jungle, where monsters will hit you for less.

+ Mercenary rocks for extra gold per kills & assists.

+ Initiator makes you run faster while you gank. It is great since you normally gank with almost full HP anyways!
+ Good Hands gets you back faster to the battlefield (but you're not supposed to die as much!)

+ Improved Recall for the faster recall.

+ Swiftness to increase your mobility for ganks, escapes, or just walking around!

+ You will need Runic Affinity for red and blue buff time bonus. It is very important to keep your buff as long as possible for several reasons such as ganking and jungling. This is the only reason why I would go up to 9 for utility.

Another alternative path with Bladed Armor :

Why would Bladed Armor work or not work?

Honestly, some players will take this over the Magic Resist, but I can tell you that I have tested this and your jungle clearing path will only speed up by 1-2%, which isn't huge. But you can still take it if you believe that it will benefit you.

I take the Magic Resist over Bladed Armor because it benefits me from level 1 to level 18. MR's don't come around that easily too.

Another alternative path with 21/9/0 (Offensive Tree):

This tree works best if you are seasoned and want to deal more damage. You lose some durability and some survivability, but you gain some offensive threat to your kit. You gain some lifesteal for jungle sustain, some mpen, some attack speed, some arpen as well to do more overall damage.

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Recommended Runes


+ For general junglers, like Fizz in this build, Attack Speed marks are the easy way to go for a faster clear, plus it benefits from Seastone Trident.


+ Since we will be jungling, you will need armor. I can't think of how many times Armor runes have saved me. Whether from jungling or fighting a physical damage champion, it's great. Note to new players, Armor is really useful in LoL. These seals will keep your jungling top-notch. Me gusta!


+ Again, main damage output is magic.
SPACE Glyphs (Three to be considered)

+ A great primary rune that will help you throughout the game. Since my fizz guide focuses on a fairly tanky build, these runes will help even more in terms of survivability.

+ Flat MR Glyphs are good for early game only though. I would rather take the MR/level.

+ Whenever cooldown is a problem, this can be used as well.

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Skills & Passive

Nimble Fighter: This passive is awesome. Not only it allows our amphibian friend to pass through units, but what's really important and to be considered is the fact that it takes less damage from basic attacks. A good jungler passive.

Urchin Strike: This ability is tricky. You dashes through your targeted unit, not ON TOP of the targeted unit. So if you're chasing someone down, it is the ideal ability to use. But remember, if you are fighting someone face to face, it is useless to use this ability since it dashes through your target.

Seastone Trident: This is the big reason why Fizz is so strong. It is incredible the damage output of this ability's passive itself alone.

Playful/Trickster: This is your escape/chasing/slow ability. The targeted location of your cursor is where you will land your Playful / Trickster at. If you do not activate it again, after 0.75 seconds, you will smash the ground and slow enemies around you in a melee range. But if you activate it after the initial use, you can hop to where your cursor's location is.

Note: I only use the second activation to escape. I always use the initial activation purposely to land my slow to chase down enemies.

Chum The Waters: This is the reason why Fizz can be played as a team player. The slow is so useful in team fights. This ability is a skill-shot which is quite similar to Morgana's Dark Binding. Approximately the same range. If you succeed to land this ability, a fish will bind to the target and a Shark will emerge from the ground to damage, slow, and knockback nearby enemies in that fish's melee range.

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Firstly, I tend to max Seastone Trident first because of the damage output (very noticeable).

Secondly, I max Urchin Strike second for the additional damage and it helps clear jungle faster.

Lastly, I max Playful / Trickster last since I'm not an AP hero looking for the burst, and only need 1 point in it just for the slow / escape.
TLDR: Check the cheatsheet out.

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Ganking / Combo / Escape Tips

Even Derpina and Derpette knows that in order to possibly win games, you will need to obtain gold. What is the best way to obtain gold? It is to get kills!


For example, in a 1v1 fight, you know you can kill someone. You will begin by activating Seastone Trident then target the enemy with Urchin Strike. If your enemy is fleeing, use Playful / Trickster without activating trickster to slow your enemy down. If your enemy is trying to Flash or Ghost, counter by using either Chum the Waters, Flash/ Ghost, or use Urchin Strike if it's up. Use your summoner spells cautiously since they have a higher cooldown compared to Urchin Strike which is a steal with a lower cooldown.

TLDR: W -> Q -> E -> R -> Q if needed again.


If you find yourself overwhelmed by enemies, a good trick would be to time an enemy CC (ie Taric) and use Playful, then Trickster as far as you can and activate Ghost to escape (or Flash if you chose that instead).

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DISCLAIMER: Many thanks to Saintvicious' Fizz video. It showed me that I should switch target on every hit to apply DoTs on every hit.

DISCLAIMER #2: I am not responsible of your jungle failures. Fizz has a high learning curve so you have to practice before getting better at clearing jungle..

DISCLAIMER #3: This is a simple jungle route. If you are an advanced player, you can start at wolves @ 1:40, then go to blue.

Jungle path

0. Make sure your team is covering you before you jungle, in higher end games, there might be a Shaco or a Twitch trying to steal your blue. Also, make sure teammates ward sometimes for you or even you buy your own wards at times. Do not be cheap, buy a Vision Ward in your blue's side of the river to prevent that from happening.

1. You start by blue golem. Try asking for a leash if possible from teammates that will benefit a lot from it. If you know you're safe for the killing blow, use Smite right away on the big blue golem**, then activate Seastone Trident. Attack top small minion, then bottom small minion, then attack the blue golem, rinse and repeat. This will apply stronger DoTs from Seastone Trident since each hit applies a different DoT that will amplify damage over time. Don't forget to use a health potion here.

** Seastone Trident works better and does more damage when your target has lower HP, hence the reason why you should start with Smite (source from Saintvicious' video on him doing blue golem)

2. You should be level 2. Take on the wolf trio. Start off by activating Seastone Trident, and dash one target with Urchin Strike and focus a small wolf down, then switch target between the two remaining wolves to apply DoTs and keep repeating that until they die while taking out the remaining small wolf out first. Take a health potion.

3. Now, you must be on the wraiths. Start off by activating Seastone Trident and Urchin Strike on the big wraith to finish him off first, then switch targets between small wraiths to apply DoTs all over them. Use a health potion.

4. Your smite is up. Start Smite the red lizard to get a jump start for Seastone Trident to be stronger (which you will activate now), kill a small minion by using Urchin Strike then switch targets from the red lizard and the remaining minion. Use a health potion. Don't forget to keep using Seastone Trident once it is up to ease up the kill.

5. You should have one last health potion. And you should have 1 level in Playful / Trickster now. Use a potion and do the Playful / Trickster & Seastone Trident & Urchin Strike drill and switch targets.

Important Note: Sadly, Fizz will not be able to solo Dragon in the low levels as opposed to other champions like Fiddlesticks. Sadeface. Yes. Boohoo :(. The point of jungling Fizz here is to let your top solo get a little bit of an edge on experience and help gank bottom lane for fast two kills.

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To start off my jungle journey, I start off with Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potions.

Main Build

My early game items are:

Madred's Razors: This item is a must for most junglers. Not only it has decent early game stats, but it has the passive that speeds up jungle clears and for dragon/blue golem/red lizard.

Wit's End: This item is great. Has a nice passive and the little MR that this inexpensive item gives is great. In a nutshell, good on-hit damage item, cheap in terms of cost, and magic resist.

Mercury's Treads: Fizz wants to get the less time in CC as much as possible so he can be useful. It's great because there's tenacity and some MR. Highly recommended.

** Vampiric Scepter: You can always acquire this early if you wanna go Wriggle's Lantern. It is an alternative item and cheap item if you want to sustain jungle early. I prefer Madred's Bloodrazor but that's because of personal preference.

Eventually, you will convert to:

Warmog's Armor: The reason behind Fizz's survivability. Once you get this item, you will feel way bigger and you can start taking risks and initiating fights better.

Madred's Bloodrazor: The stats are good, okay, but what's really important here is the on-hit passive. 4% magic damage is big on top of Wit's End and Seastone Trident. A must for this build.

Guardian Angel: Great oh **** item. Has high armor and magic resist, plus the extra life can help you either escape or chase an enemy down. Or if you think you're Harry Potter, you come back to life and re-engage in the team fight ... if that's you're that type of person to take risks!

Eventually, your core build will consist of 5 items: Mercury's Treads, Warmog's Armor, Madred's Bloodrazor, Wit's End, Guardian Angel.

For the 6th item, you could consider Atma's Impaler, Banshee's Veil, Hextech Gunblade, Trinity Force, Nashor's Tooth, Frozen Mallet, <Insert Your Item of Choice Here>, etc. Read below for descriptions.

Other Considerable Items (aka Optional/Situational/Personal Preference)

± I actually recommend this 6th item if you're looking to synergize with Warmog's Armor. It adds up some fairly nice damage and gives a little bit of defensive stats. Sure the Crit is great, but remember that Fizz is not crit-based in this particular build.

± You could always swap this off with Wit's End if you want, but you can also add it to the 6th item if you're looking for more damage. Pick this item up only if you know your team's up on the advantage and you need more damage.

± Decent item. If you're going to consider this item, replace Warmog's Armor then. Since Warmog is expensive, you could easily start off with a fast catalyst the protector for the passive, the health, and the mana. Decent health, mana, and ability power.

± This item has great offensive stats and a good active ability with an average cooldown. However, this item is situational. I can see why some players will want to get this, but I can see why this can be passed too. It's expensive.

± An item with all-around stats. What's good about this item is the extra attack speed, movement speed and some health. Did I mention the passive? It can spike your damage by a bit between every seconds of a new cast to activate the passive. Definitely nice item to add on the 6th if you find Fizz a bit slow.

± Attack speed, cooldown reduction, and mana regen. It's not an elite item, but can be helpful in some cases.

± This item is boss. Slows enemies down and has a huge health increase. I used this item once and it's fun. It makes Fizz more tanky, and it annoys the hell out of the enemies. Only con about this item is that the attack damage is really low. No attack speed, or any other on-hit boosts.

± Must have if enemy team has too many CC like Fiddlesticks and some potentially dangerous magic bursts heroes like LeBlanc. Good health, mana, and MR increase.

Other boots/shoes/sandals/treads/greaves

± If ever you find the cooldown is a big problem, use these shoes instead. 15% CDR is great if you're not scared of being in CC.

± Sorcerer's Shoes can give a lot of extra damage. That's only if you think you can handle crowd control correctly, you could use these instead. Most of your damage will be magic anyways, so these works very well if you find the other team is stacking up MR.

Additional notes: Once you switch to Madred's Bloodrazor, you will notice the spike in damage.

Madred's Bloodrazor, Wit's End along with Seastone Trident will be a devastating combo (and add in those magic penetration runes).

Also, Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel are both important items for Fizz. The Defensive Stats and the passive effect is too important to pass by. As for armor, there are enough from the defensive mastery tree and the seals plus Nimble Fighter.

Why Malady? I believe that the debuff on Malady works nicely on Fizz in addition of his Seastone Trident. The attack speed and ability power bonus are nice too.
Why Wit's End? Well since this is an on-hit build, Wit's End has that nice 42 magic damage on hit that helps tremendously.

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From level 1-6, you will mainly focus on jungling.

But if anytime you get a red buff or you have your Chum the Waters ready, you can start ganking bottom lane for a quick double kill along with your Chum the Waters.

Level 6 and onwards, focus on assisting lanes while keeping a blue and a red up and gank.

Note: Do not stay in jungle way too long. This is a common mistake that most junglers tend to do and end up losing the game (sometimes).

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Fizz is not just a selfish champion. This amphibian newcomer can help tremendously in team fights.

Chum The Waters

+ Chum the Waters is an useful spell in team fights. Remember that this is a skillshot and you have to predict the enemy movement in order to place a well-placed fish bait location for your shark to eat ... and to slow enemies down, damage a bit, and to knock them back and put them in a bad position. I said bad positioning. What do I mean by that? Simply put, that spell knocks back people from the shark. Thus, your team can kill the enemy closest to you and secure that kill. And that might make the enemy team flee since they've been knocked back.

Playful / Trickster

+ Playful / Trickster is a good spell that can slow people down, or help you escape or chase enemies. But in this case, it can also act as a bait. You can juke enemy abilities via Playful (ie Annie's stun, or a big damage from Lux's ultimate). Why does this screw up the enemy team? Because you've countered their initiation, therefore, your team can counteract and jump in for the counterattack.

Know your role in some team fights! You can either assassinate one enemy summoner and neglect your team, or help your team get 3 kills while you're grabbing assists but slowly and steadily help your team win the game through strong teamwork.

Reminder: Do not play too selfishly! Or the troll gods will descend to you and bring karma upon your life.

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Summary - Outro

Alright, thanks if you took the time to look into this guide. It is my first time writing a whole guide and I took the time to do this.

Remember, Fizz is an awesome champion and can be played different other than just a full AP assassin.

Thanks again.

PS: I appreciate all constructive criticism and hate will be accepted too, lol. Also, I will reply to EVERY COMMENT.


Fizz in my pants

More to come!

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to
For reviewing my guides several times
and for the constructive criticism!

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FAQ #1: Why would you jungle Fizz? He's way better otherwise.

- Honestly, if you bought Fizz, you should try jungling once and see how it works and why it works. The reason behind why it works is his passive, Nimble Fighter. Before I tested jungle, I laned with Fizz and realized that by level 3-7, the minion who hit me were doing very minimal damage. Therefore, I created a new rune page solely with Armor, Magic Penetration, Cooldown, and decided to jungle in a custom game. With 9x Greater Seal of Armor, monsters in the jungle hits you for nothing. Plus Seastone Trident is really efficient for jungling. By the time you reach level 9-10, almost all the monsters in the jungle does zero damage to you (in exception of the blue golem and red lizard).

FAQ #2: Okay, but aren't other heroes a better jungler than him?

- Arguably, yes and no. Fizz is capable to gank easily just as other heroes like Warwick. Fizz can jungle very fast and is very mobile making him a very dangerous target in a Summoner's Rift game.

FAQ #3:
SHouldn't AP Fizz be better? Why don't you go AP?

Heh, non-AP Fizz is viable as well. I know that AP build makes him more of an assassin and a burst champion, but if you're an advanced player, you should know that Fizz is playable otherwise. In this build, he acts as a tanky dps and he's able to do a lot while staying in fights and out-surviving others.

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November 17th:

[*] Added Ghost to recommended Summoner Spells.
[*] Removed Hextech Gunblade
[*] Replaced with Nashor's Tooth
[*] Removed Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
[*] Replaced by Greater Glyph of Ability Power
[*] Changed jungle route
[*] Added more information and tips for jungling (thanks Saintvicious)
[*] Changed skill rotation for ganks/1v1 fights
[*] Changed skill sequence by just a bit (not noticeable)
[*] Added more information in the items section
[*] Working on Masteries chapter

November 18th:
[*] Changed skill sequence (instead of maxing Playful / Trickster second, it is now last)
[*] Urchin strike at level 2 makes it easier for jungle and full clear is shorter
[*] 14/16 full clear jungle, once I got counter-jungled, and another time no one leashed
[*] Tweaked defense mastery

November 20th:
[*] Added an optional items list
[*] Fixed some errors in the guide
[*] Cleaned up the guide and trying to make it look nicer
[*] Added Guardian Angel to the build
[*] Permanently promoted Wit's End to the build instead of Malady
[*] Fixed the items section (again)

November 21st:
[*] Added more information to the items section
[*] Added Frozen Mallet to the optional items list
[*] Fixed the Teamfights chapter and added more information

November 23rd:
[*] Tweaked mastery tree
[*] Added icons to pro's and con's section
[*] Spellcheck & grammar fixing in effect
[*] Cleaning up the summoner spells section

December 5th:
[*] Peaked @ 75% - THANKS EVERYONE :D
[*] Added information on Masteries section
[*] More grammar and spellcheck
[*] Some cleanups
[*] Wrote new disclaimer note on Jungling section (old pre jungle buff video)

December 15th:
[*] @ 65%. 23 same votes, but instead of 70%, I'm at 65% now... if you voted up for me before, why do you vote down for me now? ...

January 3rd:
[*] Happy New Year MOBAfire users! Thanks for voting me up back to 70%.
[*] Changed masteries tree
[*] Changed masteries section (updated & looks cleaner)
[*] Started to play some more Fizz lately to see if I need to update anything, but I might change Quintessences for flat HP Quintessences if needed

January 9th:
[*] Thanks for supporters! <3
[*] Changed summoner spells section (updated/edited & looked better now)
[*] Flat HP Quints on Fizz not necessary as tested
[*] Thanks to SirSpankAlot endlessly for reviewing me a couple times and giving me strong constructive criticism

January 11th:
[*] Added Greater Glyph of Magic Resist to the recommended runes list

January 24th:
[*] Changed runes in genereal
[*] Updated runes chapter
[*] Removed Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
[*] Replaced by Greater Mark of Attack Speed
[*] Removed Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
[*] Replaced by Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

February 14th:
[*] BIG thanks for Mobafire users! I'm officially the 2nd top Fizz guide on the site! I'm speechless.
[*] And Happy Valentine's Day!