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Corki Build Guide by PRoli03

Middle FNC NEMESIS's Corki build tested and adapted to each elo (Se

By PRoli03 | Updated on June 10, 2020
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Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Middle Lane
Ranked #38 in
Middle Lane
Win 50%
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Champion Build Guide

FNC NEMESIS's Corki build tested and adapted to each elo (Se

By PRoli03

Welcome to the guide part of my build. I'm PRolos MCholos a Gold Corki onetrick and this build is based on my personal experience and uniqe playstyle with corki. I used this champion to climb for a long time and I developed a playstyle (which I am showing you know) for the most efficient results. I had over 80% win rate in ranked and was in the top 100 best in Eune server and in the top 1000 in the world.

This build was created by FNC Nemesis Fnatic's pro midlaner and he had great success with this build. I adapted and tested this build in low elo where i have found out that it is as successful in low elo as it is in high

Why is this quide different? Back to Top

Easy,yet an important question. What makes this quide stand out?

+Based on personal experience.

+Offers a different playstyle to the user.

+Strenghtens the weakness of the champion rather than just evading it.

+Makes Corki a high threat to anyone.

+Forces you to learn new thing.

+As Corki snowballs hard you can become a hyper-carry in no time and remain for the rest of the game.

About Corki Back to Top

The character itself is one of the most uniqe one in the game. He lies between a midlaner and an ad carry. You are very much mana and ability based but your Auto attacks are the most destructive power.

With any build Corki is a huge damage dealer. He always had one of the highest average damage and you can even deal the most damage in a bad game.

You are much more tough and slippery than any other Ad carry because of Valkyrie skill and your build. Altough you build Ad and Crit you deal magic damage which opens up new opportunities (you can pick a relieable Ad carry-ish character in full Ad team) and downsides (you deal a lot less damage to high magic resist targets because of the lack of items that fit you and give magic penetration.

Corki is not an easy champ. He requires much learning and mastering your uniqe playstyle. But don't forget: in the right hands he is the most relieable carry in the game.

Important: You need to learn to evade skill shots because the easiest matchups are always skillshot based characters (e.g. lux)

summoners Back to Top

Flash Don't try to change it. Totally the best.

Teleport Gives you great back timings and can provide extra roaming with or without your passive.

runes Back to Top

Lethal Tempo The build offers you large amount of damage with lower attack speed than usual so the rune's purpose is to help this

Presence of Mind You have high mana and like to spam your abilities so this rune is a must.

Legend: Bloodline Help you sustain in the mid to late game.

Coup de Grace Great rune for finishing of targets if you cant burst them down just yet.

Conditioning Helps you in situations where the extra resistances are needed and works well with Death's Dance

Overgrowth Provides attitional survivalability for your high damage.

Abilities Back to Top

Hextech Munitions The base of your playstyle. Basicly turns you from an ability based Ad carry to a magic damage dealer Adc-ish mid laner. Also, the active part is most useful for roaming and dividing enemies

Phosphorus Bomb Is your early starter. Best use for poking the enemy laner as they farm. In all-ins a good trade can rely on whether you land it or not. Its also part of your burst followed up with a Missile Barrage and an Auto attack (that later crits)

Valkyrie Your main escape or engage spell. Can provide safe laning or in the right time a high threat.

Gatling Gun Is for killing caster minions under turret, lowering your opponent's defenses or activating Lethal Tempo. Has uses in splitpushing too.

Missile Barrage Spammable poke, your basic damage source when used with Auto attack. Try to save the Big One for all-ins.

matchups Back to Top

Corki can be an extremely safe pick. He is a great late game carry matching the likes of azir and aurelion sol. He has low lane priority often farming and roaming is the key to success.

Corki's matchups are mostly skill matchups even the most favourable and worst ones. You need to learn to adapt to your opponent's playstyle and make the right decisions accordingly. That's because corki can adapt to everyone's playstyle but doesn't really have his own.

playstyle Back to Top

Adaptivity is the name of the game. Your agression early on is limited and matchup specific. You are often forces to play sidelane pressure and be a makro heavy champ.

Early game Back to Top

Don't risk your game. Play the lane safe and proceed toward you inevitable mid/late game pressure. When Hextech Munitions is up try to get makro plays.(drakes, 4 man bot ganks, herald)

Mid game Back to Top

Be aware of everything. You know have more kill pressure and ready to take fights with 50% of the champs. Be very careful with your hard engage tools cause even FAKER finds it hard to get the right time to engage with Corki.

Late game Back to Top

You are now ready to take down entire teams with proper timing. You have more tools to work with than most adc and have much more map pressure. Try to flank or divide enemies in teamfight with Hextech Munitions. Your low cooldown spells and powerful auto attacks make your existance a threat to every enemy and even whole teams.

Pros / Cons Back to Top


+High burst, good sustain

+Decent survivalability later on

+Great poke and all ins

+High outplay potencial

+Relieable in the right hands

+Great fun

+Can fit in a full-Ad team

+Unecxpectedly strong (as he is underplayed)


+Lack of cc

+Still quite squishi early game

+Hard to get in his playstyle (because its very uniqe)

+Reqire focus on multiple things

+Expensive items

+Lack of magic penetration options

Final words Back to Top

Thank you for following this guide and I hope you will share my pleasure playing this little guy. Good luck with learning and mastering him.

PRolos MCholos

League of Legends Build Guide Author PRoli03
PRoli03 Corki Guide
FNC NEMESIS's Corki build tested and adapted to each elo (Se
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