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Corki Build Guide by PRoli03

Middle Up-to-date corki build and guide by PRolos MCholos

Middle Up-to-date corki build and guide by PRolos MCholos

Updated on February 12, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PRoli03 Build Guide By PRoli03 125 11 550,546 Views 19 Comments
125 11 550,546 Views 19 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PRoli03 Corki Build Guide By PRoli03 Updated on February 12, 2022
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Runes: First strike

1 2 3
First Strike
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Basis corki sums to most matchups
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Up-to-date corki build and guide by PRolos MCholos

By PRoli03

Welcome to the guide part of my build. I'm PRolos MCholos a Platinum Corki main and this build is based on my personal experience and uniqe playstyle with corki. I used this champion to climb for a long time and I developed a playstyle for the most efficient results. I had 80% winrate and peaked at top 100 corki in the world while being in low elo. Nowadays I regularly play corki as my rankeds but I'm open to other champions as well. He remains the stable go-to for clash when I'm given the option, for great success.

Each build you see here works well but have disadvantages as well. The guide is important for getting his basic playstyle or strategy in certain matchups.

What is important while reading this guide?

These are not champion advantages but what my guide is based on/what is it's goal.

+Based on personal experience.(not just a random tought process but a tested and optimalised experience)

+Offers different playstyles to the user.

+Each playstyle is optimal for a certain matchup or draft state.

+Makes Corki a side lane monster lie few other adc-ish champion.

+Unless you are corki main it forces you to learn new things.

+Corki snowballs harder and more relieable that most champions sp you can become a hyper-carry with building up small leads and remain strong for the rest of the game.

About Corki

The character itself is one of the most uniqe one in the game. He lies between a midlaner and an ad carry. You are very much mana and ability based but your Auto attacks are the most destructive power.

With any build Corki is a huge damage dealer. He always had one of the highest average damage and you can even deal the most damage in a bad game.

You are much more tough and slippery than any other Ad carry because of Valkyrie skill and your build. Altough you build Ad and Crit you deal magic damage which opens up new opportunities (you can pick a relieable Ad carry-ish character in full Ad team) and downsides (you deal a lot less damage to high magic resist targets because of the lack of items that fit you and give magic penetration. In this case I recommend Divine Sunderer for the % magic penetration.

Corki is hard to be effective with. His learning curve is long and there will be bad games. But don't forget: in the right hands he is the most relieable carry in the game.

Important: Skillshot based characters are easy to neutralise with corki and often result in him getting massive advantages. If you are confident in your skill do not hesistate to use him to counter those.

What makes corki interesting to play?

I have around a thousand hours with corki. What is interesting about this champion?

He might not the hardest to play mechanically but there are some challanges. He is of course very much skill-shot based and these are quite avoidable. You have to land them for the provided burst of the champion. However! He requires map awearness right roaming times good tp usage and overall great macro. The hardest thing about Corki is of course his package you have to find the right timing and angle to get the most out of it and not die instantly.


Preseason added options for corki. He can have some crit and hybrid ap-ish build.

First of all, unlike popular belief crit corki is stronger than hyrid in most situations, and the only time you want to build hybrid is if you cant walk up to the enemy team. Againist long range poke mages don't build this. While you do a bit more damage from range, you lose life steal, that is the most important thing. In these cases go for Immortal Shieldbow. Galeforce was a strong and bursty build that had a 1 item powerspike never before seen on corki. It is not a go-to for every game tough. You generally want to go for it when you can easily kill lane opponent and the dash is more useful than the shield. A good example is if the enemy has a pyke or you are againist a high range midlaner like lux. Immortal Shieldbow seems to be the best option now. Crit items are much better on corki now. Divine Sunderer and Trinity Force are worse buys than crit mithycs in every aspect. The sheen proc of these mithycs is outshined by Essence Reaver and Infinity Edge is only a 5th item which is a non-existent powerspike. You will rarely get to full items this season. You can still go for these items but IMO they are much less meaningful and lackluster.


Flash Don't try to change it. Totally the best.

Teleport Gives you great back timings and can provide extra roaming with or without Hextech Munitions.

Ignite Works very well with the Electrocute runeset and in the right matchups its almost obligatory.


- Electrocute is great if you are the more active/aggressive laner. (not often)[/size]

- Fleet Footwork is for more difficult lanes or ranged opponents.

- Lethal Tempo is good againist weak melee laners or non-poke matchups. (sylas, leblanc, kassadin ect.)

- First Strike is great if outrange lane opponent and not afraid to short trade with them.[/size]


Hextech Munitions The base of your playstyle. Basicly turns you from an ability based Ad carry to a magic damage dealer Adc-ish mid laner. Also, the active part is most useful for roaming and dividing enemies

Phosphorus Bomb Is your early starter. Best use for poking the enemy laner as they farm. In all-ins a good trade can rely on whether you land it or not. Its also part of your burst followed up with a Missile Barrage and an Auto attack (that later crits). Don't forget that it is onbe of your main push tools.

Valkyrie Your main escape or engage spell. Can provide safe laning or in the right time a high threat.

Gatling Gun Lowers your opponent's defenses activates Lethal Tempo. Fun Fact: Using this and an Auto attack gets you the caster minions under turret. (after a turret shot)

Missile Barrage Spammable poke, your basic damage source when used with Auto attacks. The Big One deals great splash damage if you land it on the backline. If you want to all-in on lane try to time it for the Big one to be available.


Corki can be a safe pick. He is a great late game carry matching the likes of azir and almost all scaling picks. He has low lane priority, often farming and roaming is the key to success.

Corki's matchups are mostly skill matchups even the most favourable and worst ones. There are some really bad matchups that require bans or really defensive style but these are rare instances. Corki works very well in times when the enemy doesn't know how to play againist you. The high variaty of playstyles make it harder to expect what corki's game plan is as a non-corki player.

Matchups to avoid: Zed, Pantheon, Nocturne or other relieable engage assasins.


Completely matchup dependent. Try to have priority on lane for better roams or jungle pressure and back times of your choice. If you feel like you can't keep the lane from losing play for sidelanes or stay safe. Any bad risk you take can backfire and lose you entire games. If you go for a volatile build ( Galeforce or Electrocute) going for 1 for 1 killtrades is often rewarding and can result in you getting out of control. Othervise stay safe, stay on top.

Early game

Don't risk your game. Play the lane safe and proceed toward you inevitable mid/late game pressure in even or bad matchups. When Hextech Munitions is up try to get makro plays.(drakes, 4 man bot ganks, herald)

Mid game

Be aware of everything. You know have more kill pressure and ready to take fights with 50% of the champs. Be very careful with your hard engage tools cause even FAKER finds it hard to get the right time to engage with Corki. That moment was int sorry legend.

Late game

You are now ready to take down entire teams with proper timing. You have more tools to work with than most adc and have much more map pressure. Try to flank or divide enemies in teamfight with Hextech Munitions. Your low cooldown spells and powerful auto attacks make your existance a threat to every enemy and even whole teams. You are great in most scenarios but 1v1 ing assasin is not the right idea. Otherwise you can outdo a lot of late game carries both in brawls and teamfights. You have zone control so it's helpful if you know how to use it.

Pros / Cons


+High burst, good sustain

+The largest zone control tool in the game.

+Great poke and all-ins

+High outplay potencial

+Relieable in the right hands

+Great fun

+Can fit in a full-Ad team

+Unecxpectedly strong (as he is underplayed)


+Lack of cc

+Still quite squishy

+Hard to get in his playstyle (Because every matchup is played differently)

+Reqire focus on multiple things

+Expensive items/builds

+Lack of magic penetration options

Final words

Thank you for following this guide and I hope you will share my pleasure playing this little guy. Good luck with learning and mastering him.

PRolos MCholos

Build edited: 2021.12.05. Guide edited: 2021.12.05.

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