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Vayne Build Guide by KarmamaniADC

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KarmamaniADC

For little knows my royal dame that Shauna Vayne is my name!

KarmamaniADC Last updated on March 8, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Vayne with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe avoid being poked by ashes W before trading; hide behind your support at lvl 6 or tumble her arrow (R)
Ezreal avoid being hit by his Q by standing behind your cs, quite easy matchup
Twitch twitch cannot do much in lane, he needs to get 6 AA on you while you as vayne only need 3 AA to win the trade; he wont have any chance to outtrade a good vayne
Blitzcrank you only have to dodge blitzcrank Q, you can tumble it or just stand behind cs; he got like around 20 seconds cooldown on his grab lvl 1-3, use that time to start poking and engaging
Kog'Maw once kog' maw used his E you are free to just run at him and destroy him over and over
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Introduction - Who am I ?

Heya, I am Richie "Tumbledore S10", 22 years old and play EUW- Main ADC/ Marksman. I achieved Season5 Team-Challenger and SoloQue Master with 62% Win Rate.
My favorite ADCs are Vayne > Graves, Lucian & Draven.

Overall, I have pretty much absolved around 1,000 Ranked- Games with Vayne.

If you want to live-spectate me, I appreciate every support

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Vayne - the Night Hunter (Short Overview)

Ranged, Marksman, Stealth, Hypercarry, Lategamechamp, 1on1-Beast

Passive (Night Hunter)
  • Extra movement speed while moving towards enemies
  • Helps you chasing enemies till death
Q (Tumble)
  • Gapcloser, either your follow up or your escape spell
  • Autoattack reset, specially when you are positioned right next to a wall
  • Grants you stealth combined with your ultimate
  • Low mana costs
  • applies on-hit effects
W (Passive- Silver Bolts)
  • Main damage threat
  • Landing 3 ticks in a row is your aim
  • True damage and additional % HP-damage
  • Using Tumble and Condemn also triggers each 1 tick
E (Condemn)
  • Crowd-Control (CC) Ability which ADC rarely own, can stun 1,5 seconds
  • Try to use it vs targets who stand close to walls
  • Be careful with its usage so you dont denie a kill by pushing an enemy away
  • When having 2 passive stacks on a target you can trigger the true damage (3rd prox) of Silver Bolts by using Condemn
  • You can press Condemn and Flash in the same wink to suprise someone and at the best get the target CC-ed towards a wall
R (Final Hour)
  • Grants bonus attack damage
  • While active your Tumble makes you get into stealth for a short duration
  • Your Night Hunter movementspeed is increased
  • High outplay& juke potential ability

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Synergy: Janna & Nami
Kill potential: Very high
Characteristics: Kite like a baws, high mobility
Playing as Vayne ADC: Vayne shines in the mid- to lategame. Her weaknesses are her low autoattack range (550) and her non-existing waveclear. That makes her have mostly hard botlane matchups. Anyway you outscale nearly any other ADC, so farm up as much as you can in the early game and avoid to die in lane. Wait for your itemized powerspike of Blade of the Ruined King to take 2on2 fights; once you finished your Phantom Dancer you start taking over the scene and make the enemys teamchat look like "FFS FOCUS VAYNE". As an ADC your business is to mostly take down the closest targets one by one, what will often be the enemies frontline. Silver Bolts makes you shred through the frontline like no other ADC may be able to. Still Vayne needs some time to practise, you have to put a lot of efford into this champ to master her mechanics.

Early Game

As I already mentioned, Vayne does not show off in the early game.
Either you need a good support like Janna or Nami so you can step a bit closer and trade damage in return of getting shielded or healed up again or you just try to farm as much as possible while avoiding trades/ poke. In both cases it is your own movement what decideds how the lane is running.
The most common way to win trades is to get ur Silver Bolts working.
You achieve Level2 (without firstblood/...) after the 3rd meele minion of the 2nd wave. Vayne can only push one cs after the next; other Marksmen will be able to get Level2 a way before you and try to engage/ zone you already. Try to stay into experience range, dont eat too much poke, you want to keep your potion.
Once you get to the point when you will be able to purchase your first item; do not just instant go base. If possible, try to push out the wave first; if you already got a lane lead you want to push a cannon minion under the enemy tower in order to keep on bullying the enemies right the moment you return to lane. If you do not own the lane dominance, you want the next wave to come while you port back to be a cannon wave so you dont lose too much since the cannon minion takes some time to get cleared.

There are 3 different lanes to play against: Burst, Sustain & Poke.

VS Burst: Burst means a highly damage output, at the same time they mostly won't be able to regenerate the damage they take. Try not to go too deep, get ur Silver Bolts Passive down once and step back again. How you want to play it out depends on yourself.
Example: You play vs Graves & Leona; autoattack Graves followed up with your Tumble in a good situation e.g. when you are not in range of Leonas Zenith Blade. Do this in one frag. Now Leona will move towards you; either you do not feel safe, Condemn Graves to prox ur 3rd Silver Bolts and walk out again, or you let him taste another autoattack and try to CC Leona the moment she moves towards you.
Imagine Leona is already casting her E: If you will Condemn Leona after she used her Zenith Blade, she will be pushed away; if you will Condemn Leona before she used her Zenith Blade, she will still get to you (can be used as bait).

VS Sustain: Sustain means that you should be able to farm up pretty good. The enemies won't have dangerous pokes nor high damage outputs. If you try to poke them they will just regenerate their life after the trade; so you either want to have a stronger rengeneration or be able to one-shot them.
Example: You play vs Twitch & Taric; just farm up as much as possible and find small mistakes. Once Twitch is standing close to a wall switch your movement from farmmode to full-agressive together with your support and Condemn Twitch towards the wall. You will mostly be able to burn some summoners or even kill someone. Be careful about the enemies jungler position, as well as you do not necessary want to fight against meele and cannon minions unless you got a lead.

VS Poke: Poke means a constant small amount of damage which summates after a while and gets someones HP lower and lower. Poke will most likely not one-shot you, but you will be scared to last-hit and maybe zoned out of the experience. Try to farm up and learn to last hit under the tower as good as possible; once you get to the point to buy lifesteal, e.g. Vampiric Scepter or Bilgewater Cutlass you should be able to trade with them a way better. A poke orientated lane will mostly be positioned far ahead in the lane; a jungler could for sure make something happen here (in SoloQue - nothing will happen), so don't rely on it. Anyway if a poke lane doesn't get an advantage regarding massive farm-lead, kills or early objectives; it's usage will mostly decrease the longer the game lasts.
Example: You play vs Caitlyn & Sona; try to be on lane a bit before they are to already prepare the minions and pressure them; in most cases they still help the jungler doing a camp. Make sure to first last hit the range minions, once they are on lane they will instant zone you out - still easier to get into the meele minions last-hit or exp.-range than coming closer to the range minions. Anyway, farm up, get your lifesteal working and by time you can easyly all in them; often Sona will be offensive in the lane bushes trying to poke you and hiding again. Ward the bush, Condemn Sona against the wall and take the kill before they can even react. You will make them use at least some summoners.

Wavecontrol: How to Slowpush/ Freeze the Lane

In case you always wondered how people are able to know how the wave is going to push and how they can influence it; here we go.
You can either freeze the lane, when you got lane dominance and want to zone out the enemies in order to denie gold and experience of them; when you are behind, maybe already lost your first tower and want to catch up to the enemies Marksman (be careful, in case there are still objectives live to easyly get like outer-midlane tower or drake you may not want to freeze so that the enemies don't get more objectives for free, but to keep pushing your waves to make them defend their own towers); before you want to group and slow push the moment before a sidewave.
If you really just do wanna hard-freeze a lane; just wait until the very last moment to last-hit a creep.

First, let's make a ranking of minions the strength:
Cannon Minions are stronger than...
Meele Minions which are stronger than...
Caster Minions which are the weakest.

Now we have to understand: the more minions we slain, the faster a wave will push. If we slain/ push the enemie's strongest minion(s) first; our own strongest minions will still keep on attacking. In conclusion the wave will push a bit faster than if we just pushed the caster minions.
Pushing cannon minions will make the wave push faster than
Pushing meele minions which will make the wave push faster than
Pushing caster minions which will make the wave push slowly.

The less minions you push of each wave, the more slowly it will push of course. You can also just slain 2 meele minions or 2 caster minions or 1 meele and 3 caster minions; that all influences the waves speed using the same system explained above. Even one single autoattack takes impact!
Always think 1 step further, maybe even 2 than just taking everything how it is. It will help you improve a lot!

Mid Game

Teamfights - Vayne the Rapetrain

Once laning is over and people start to group and teamfight, this is when your magical moment arrives. You should have finished at least your Blade of the Ruined King, ideal is to have already gained a Phantom Dancer. You deal tons of damage, no matter whether the target is a tank or someone squishy (thanks Silver Bolts, I love you).

Before the teamfight is going to start and you are dancing around each other, absolve a quick brainstorming:
  • 1) Where are the enemies damage dealers- can I flank and 1-shot one of them?
  • 2) Who of them could kill me and how?
  • 3) Who is fed/ overfed?
  • 4) Do I have a frontline?
  • 5) Will someone peel for me?
  • 6) Do I have everywhere vision where the fight might go to?
  • 7) Which summoners and active Items do I have ready to use?
  • 8) Is it better if I advice my team to engage or shall we get engaged and kite it around?
  • 9) What kind of dangerous spells do the enemys have- can I hide behind someone therefor?
  • 10) Do the enemies have vision on me?
  • 11) Do we fight against invisible targets- am I moving around an allied pinkward?
  • 12) Do I have enaugh space to kite around without getting fragmented?
  • 13) WALLS? Can I hope for people moving along a wall?
  • 14) Can someone do a dangerous flash-engage on me?
  • ...
That are a few questions which you need to become able to check in a split second.

Let us answer those questions together; while reading you probably already had some pictures of previous teamfights in your minds.
  • 1) When one of their damage dealers is moving too close towards you, you can either decide to step back (if you are not that stronk) or say "hell yeah party time" and even engage by urself - still try not to use to many cooldowns because you still may need to get away of their counterengage
  • 2) Always be aware of what can kill you, imagine it's a fed Rengar, stay around a pink ward and tell your team to stay close so he will be dead himself the second he may jump on you or anyone else. React in a way to counter their "deadly weapons".
  • 3) People who are "fed" mostly are a huge danger for each the enemies team. Either it is a tank which you can mostly kite around pretty well as Vayne or it will be a damage dealer. In this scenario you want him either to waste his cooldowns on your frontline (or someone else) to kill him right after or you want to engage him. There is rarely an exception of not focusing a fed damage dealer.
  • 4) If you have a frontline, you should mostly position yourself behind them, not too close to get hit by anything, as well as not too far away that you are not able to follow up.
  • 5) Sometimes you have someone at your side to peel for you, like a good Janna or Nami. That gives you more sustain and you can even take a few steps further to the enemy frontline and maybe get some safe autoattacks down.
  • 6) You always need vision in all the bushes the fight might develop into; if you do not have any vision you cannot land autoattacks. Inform your team to set up vision first and try to buy wards urself to help them out, since you are part of the team as well.
  • 7) Do you have Flash ready? Heal is up? No cooldowns on the active of Blade of the Ruined King? Awesome, even more outplay potential and better chances for better trades!
  • 8) If you are not too far behind and got a decent engage, do not be afraid to prepare your team for an engage. If you are always ready to fight, the enemies may not be. If you do not have a good engage, you may better want to use other strategical tactics (splitpushing, catching someone offguard, sneak objectives, sieging,...)
  • 9) E.g. you can hide behind a fat Gragas when the enemies Ahri is fed to avoid getting hit by Charm; always position yourself in a good spot not to be focused out first.
  • 10) If the enemies (probably) do not have vision on you, you may use it as advantage. Tell your team to lead the enemies backline into your fangs - you could shut someone down and get out immediatly. The field is open: 5on4
  • 11) Make sure to always have pink wards and upgradet red trinkets around you so you cannot become flanked by an invisble unit.
  • 12) Depending on the situation and teamconstellation, you may better want to fight in an open field, maybe its better to fight in the jungle to use walls as distance keeper for the enemies, ... think about it each time.
  • 13) At its best you want to find your target near any wall to use your Condemn. You can as well use (destroyed) towers or area effects like Jarvan IV Cataclysm to press someone towards it's wall.
  • 14) Be aware that there will always be the possiblity of an enemy Flash-engaging you, maybe in combination with a gapcloser. Expect it to happen and stay out of the range!

Movement& Positioning

What to do
Your job as Marksman, specially as Vayne is to wait for the teamfight to start and destroy the enemys frontline. Mostly attack the closest targets and try to finish someone off before switching the target. So better pick up the right focus and get your Silver Bolts doing the work.

Playing Vayne means to better be on a highskilled mechanical Level, otherwise High-Elo will always close its doors. Be aware of not wasting cooldowns, you may have permanent Silver Bolts active, but your Condemn has pretty long cooldowns. Use your Final Hour in combination with your Tumble to dodge skillshots and denie autoattack vision, not necessarily to get into teamfights. While Final Hour is active, Tumble into the other way the enemy has seen your face-direction last. You can create huge distances here and kite/ juke people around. You may also think about cooldowns of Tumble regarding the last-duration of Final Hour: with having 1 point in Tumble pre level6, you will look back at a total cooldown of 6 seconds at your Q; while your ultimate lasts for 8 seconds. If you want to stealth Tumble twice, you cannot wait more than 2 seconds after activating your ultimate to reset your Tumble-cooldowns. Best if you activate your ultimate the moment you Q-dodge an ability what will grant you a second stealth close to the end of your ultimates time to run out without being quite in a hurry to get rid off your last stealth usage.
Find out about what to do with Vayne by playing her over and over - she is very fun to play once you understand her way to work out!

Be a good teamplayer, do not splitpush allday if you are really not needed to, that is what toplaners with Teleport should take care about or some champs like Rek'Sai, Twisted Fate & Co who can join the team when needed quite fast e.g. with their globl Ultimates.
You want to win the game, your team will get engaged 4on5, they will sometimes even engage themselves so you better already be part of the fight than the one defending 1vs5 and being blamed.
Try to keep relaxed, do not get cocky (yes, everybody does sometimes, it's human!) and aim together with your team at objectives (tower, inhibitors, baron, dragon).

Late Game

Once the game gets into the lategame stage you are pretty much the definition of a "motherf**king-super-duper-mega-inferno-hypercarry" nobody wants to face. Your Silver Bolts make you always be a damage threat since you deal true damage and on top %-HP damage. Avoid taking fights vs enemeys who stacked armor in a way like Thornmail, Frozen Heart, Ninja Tabi & Randuin's Omen. Yeah there are some annoying people (annoying for me as Marksman) who build that ways. Let your APC take care of them.
You can always change your items regarding the changing game development, but be aware it will always cost you a way more money if u sell items and trade them for another one. So you better think early enaugh about what to build when.
Teamfights are still the same system regarding the mid game; pretty much the same stuff, the same progression.

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Summoner Spells

Most ADC decide to go for Heal. It is much more useful than Barrier even when you know you will facing an Ignite since you can heal up you and your support or someone else, as well as you can increase your movementspeed for a short duration what might either let you escape (or someone else) or even secure you a kill. It is offensive and defensive a wise pick to do. At its best you want to use it before or after you get ignited (hello "instinct"!) to not get it's effect be halfed.
Dont be egoistic or afraid using Heal to safe your support or an allied in general. Be fair and overall: if you let your teammate die, the enemys gain gold and may get an advantage over you.

The second summonerspell every Marksman should pick is Flash. You can get out of dangerous situations; follow up and use it to dodge skillshots/ outplay someone (with Vayne you can e.g. Condemn someone and Flash in the very next casts moment to change the knock-backs direction)- THAT LOOKS COOL (and sometimes has some huge impact).

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

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  • Fury grants you bonus 4% attack speed, at all state of the game a good addition for Vayne
  • Feast keeps your HP pool (a bit) healthy in lane by last hitting a unit every 20 second
  • Vampirism gains you 2% Lifesteal (and Spellvamp) to support your sustaining ability
  • Bounty Hunter increases your damage for each unique champion you killed by 1% (what exactly fits with your job as ADC).
  • Battering Blows grants you 7% armor penetration.
  • Fervor of Battle generates you bonus damage to enemy champions. Stacks of Fervor last 6 seconds and gain you, based on your champions level, between 0,9- 14 damage per stack (if you are full stacked you deal extra 7- 112 damage).
  • Savagery makes your single target attacks and spells deal 5 bonus damage to minions and monsters which helps you last hitting, specially in early if you are pushed under your tower.
  • Secret Stash replaces your Health Potion with biscuits for some extra sustain. Actually the other 2 masterys to chose here are just trash for every botlaner, since you do not profit well of either Runic Affinity (you do not have many buffs) neither of Assassin (it only works without an allied nearby).
  • Merciless helps you killing & finishing, you deal 5% more damage to enemie champions who are below 40% health.
  • Dangerous Game restores 5% of you maximum health for kills and assists. Sometimes this is your lifeguard to survive ignite & Co.

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Common Items

This is how my itembuild often looks like (maybe 50% of my games; sometimes I prefer Infinity Edge over The Bloodthirster; sometimes I buy rather Youmuu's Ghostblade but Maw of Malmortius; ... - i will explain you why in the following)

My CORE ITEM in most buildpath I choose is Blade of the Ruined King. Vayne benefits in so many ways from it.

  • You gain plenty attack speed (which is useful regarding Silver Bolts), some attack damage and lifesteal and two abilities
  • 1st passive: your autoattacks deal 6% of the target's current health as physical damage (pretty good vs HP stacking tanks/ baron & drake)
  • 2nd active: you deal 10% of the targets maximum health as physical damage, heals you for the same amount as well as you steal 25% of its movementspeed- perfect addition to become a chasing/ kiting god
  • You even bonus heal yourself of the amount gained by the 1st passive of Blade of the Ruined King

This is pretty much another core item in most buildpaths. It does not only grants you another 45% attack speed (kiting is pretty fun to watch now; quite fast already) and 30% crit chance what is like every 3rd autoattack and increases your damage output by a lot. You now also evolve into a perfect duelists (due to its 12% damage reduction passive).

Mostly it will be enaugh to buy Boots of Speed for the early game until mid game. Somewhere in between you should buy Berserker's Greaves and get Enchantment: Furor what all improve your possiblity to kite& chase even better.

After having finished Berserker's Greaves, Blade of the Ruined King & Phantom Dancer its time to make ur next item decision. If the enemies do not insult me with much CC (Crowdcontrol), I prefer building straight into The Bloodthirster. It gives me a huge amount of flat attack damage (75) as well as I can regenerate my HP with doublelifesteal (extra 20%). Silver Bolts as well as the bonus attack damage of Final Hour keep my damage output high enaugh regarding replacing Infinity Edge in my builds. On top the The Bloodthirster can be stacked up into a shield which let me take even more damage without dropping low life.

Quicksilver Sash which builds into Mercurial Scimitar removes all debufs from you. It does very well in many games, specially vs on-click CC like Frozen Tomb what is the ultimate of Lissandra or to remove the Zed usage of Death Mark. It actually gains you the same amount of damage as The Bloodthirster, a bit less lifesteal and no overshield, but I often prefer Mercurial Scimitar as 3rd item due to its active letting me play even more agressive.

Maw of Malmortius is the offensive choice of Banshee's Veil, you do get armor penetarion as well as a passive shield when your drop low life which blocks a certain amount of magic damage, lifesteal, spell vamp & attack speed. I like to choose it vs ability power damage without hard-CC (like vs Rumble).

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Situational Items

The moment you see multiple Randuin's Omen, Frozen Heart or Thornmail in the enemys team; you should really get Last Whisper to shred through their armor; with every single autoattack. You mostly do not need to build it on Vayne in order to deal effective damage, since it only ignores 45% of the targets BONUS armor, you won't deal much bonus damage to your often prefered (squishy) targets because base armor is not effected.

Rarely I am building into Infinity Edge. If your teams has nearly no damage but yours, you may buy it to guarantee highest damage output in a short time (50% increased critical strike bonus damage). You got a lot of burst when you go for it, but you are still squishy and the lifesteal of Blade of the Ruined King is not that huge.

Regarding combat stats, you get less attack speed and less duelling power compared to Phantom Dancer. Rapid Firecannon gains you an 35% bonus range (capped on +150), what may be just what you need, specially if you want to poke with single AAs or need to compensate any enemies outrange potential.

You get some short lasting powerspike/ burst as well as you deal nearly true damage (early on) to the enemies. I mostly build it later on in the game, if I do not consider Lord Dominik's Regards to be better.

Mostly to troll around or if you decide to play Vayne toplane in order to get at least a bit the status of being a "bruiser", you can buy Trinity Force. It's not a replacement for Phantom Dancer since it gives you less attack speed and less crit chance not regarding it costs a way more (+1,250 gold).

When you play against reset champions like Katarina or Master Yi, you may want to choose Guardian Angel to not let them get the resets of one-shotting you. It does help as well vs hard-engages like Malphite & Yasuo. Remember it has a high cooldown, so still stay safe.

Regarding mostly having an APC in the enemy team who may burst you from 100 to 0, I like getting Banshee's Veil. Besides blocking 1 of the enemies spells (pretty helpful against Malphite); it grants you magic resistance and HP (which all makes it harder to become one-shottet by APCs). Try not to let your spell shield get popped quickly.

If you are matches vs a full attack damage team who rarely own ability power scaling -damage abilitys (yeah, that 5 words belong together); for example vs Darius, Draven and Tryndamere; you may pick Randuin's Omen to counter their picks. Indeed, that rarely happens. Even champs like Yasuo deal magic damage with his Sweeping Blade what deals more damage than you may think.

Sometimes there is an enemie who just one- shots you (e.g. Talon), even if you already bought a The Bloodthirster. Sterak's Gage may just give you the 30% max HP bonus shield you just need to survive without worries. Remember: It does only gain you HP (and +25% base damage); not any special resitances.

If you are up to play against an heavily attack damage team, which does not benefit of crits or attack speed (-> Randuin's Omen), Dead Man's Plate is its offensive replacement.

Once you reached level 9+ and your support owns Sightstone you can purchase Farsight Alteration in order to not facecheck possible dangerous non-vision areas anymore and have long-ranged vision on dangerous or interesting areas (for example Baron Nashor/ enemy red buf).

You mostly want to get Oracle Alteration if you have to roam a lot or need to flank the enemies and clear the area therefor by your own. It does help a little vs invisible units like Shaco or Talon to spot their movement but you cannot autoattack- target them while in stealth (without a pinkward).

Either when you are fullbuild or a teamfight is going to happen quite soon (e.g. dragon or baron is about to (re)spawn) get Elixir of Wrath for some extra strength.

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I hoped you enjoyed reading my guide; I'd really appreciate every feedback and of course if you liked my guide as well as you may could learn something about Vayne or League of Legends here.

If you want to get in contact with me, let me know


Guide update: Patch 6.4