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Lissandra Build Guide by Enocan

AP Carry Freezing The Lane - Lissandra Style

AP Carry Freezing The Lane - Lissandra Style

Updated on May 22, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Enocan Build Guide By Enocan 1 5 65,954 Views 23 Comments
1 5 65,954 Views 23 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Enocan Lissandra Build Guide By Enocan Updated on May 22, 2013
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Frosty Introduction

Link To The Wallpaper

I've been looking around for what seems like eternity, and I always though of other new and interesting ways of doing things as I look at guides. Then I would go on in my head about how and why they worked, but I never got up and made a guide about it, and now I am! So I hope you wont go to hard on me, and that you enjoy the kinds of things I end up doing myself more often then not. I hope you enjoy this guide.
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The pros & Cons

Everyone Seems to have one of these, so I guess I will have one too.

  • Sports high movement speed.
  • High mobility in lane and in jungle.
  • Able to walk to or teleport to potential ganks.
  • Highly survivable.
  • Enable even better kiting.
  • Able to initiate a team fight from behind walls.
  • Hard CC.
  • Hard to gank.
  • Deceptive poke ability.
  • High mana sustain passive.

  • Poke is more sustained as opposed to bursty.
  • Mana can be hard to control.
  • CC susceptible.
  • Still considerably squishy.
  • Shorter ranges.
  • Can be out preformed by sustain.
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Lobby Settup

Here are things to take into consideration before the game starts.

Summoner Spells

Flash is a must have for various reasons. It extends the range of your movement and makes your movement more dynamic, allowing you to preform daring escapes engages or maneuvers.

Teleport is one of the key aspects to this build, allowing you to make two ganks from across the map within seconds of each other. The movement speed from the items in this guide combined with teleport will allow you to get to your target and swiftly dispatch them.

Honorable Mentions

I don't have ignite as my second summoner spell for various reasons. First off, I am sick of seeing it everywhere. I decided to never use it on Lissandra and see if my gameplay changes, and it did. Yes it can be useful if you are going for the kill, or going for all out damage, but teleport helps you be involved in all the kills, being better for you and your team in the long run. Don't get me wrong, its still a useful spell to get, especialy if you go against a Vladimir or if you use it often. I use it on most all of my other champions in mid, but for sustain and outlasting your opponent it can stay in the second tier of options.

Can improve your kiting ability, and allow's you to escape or engage if you have foresight of your surroundings. However, it pales in comparison to flash in most cases as it is capable of getting you out of closer to home situations. Though, I might add, taking this, and kiting Singed with your slows and cc without getting tossed or poisoned has got to be hilarious.

Barrier and Heal
It can be useful to avoid damage you know you can receive but as that is its only use, it will be less effective than other options that can be used in more situations. It can however be useful in some situations, like against a Cho'Gath.

If you use it correctly, it can make or break a one on one fight, and it can turn the tide of a team fight. However, that is the much appreciated and under looked job of your team support. I would take it from time to time against a high damage caster like LeBlanc to get the upper hand in 1 v 1, or if the support needed to run heal or something.




Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
I assume guide reader will want help with runes if they are a little more new, and the seniors would only like to see my opinion on this. As such, the runes are focused on both cheap and effective all round runes. The magic pent will help you with damage at all points in the game, the armor is for early game poke from auto attacks, minions and will push you over the edge with total armor late game. The magic resist I think is more useful scaling, as it helps mid to late game, and if you need more of it early game, then grab some extra from the shop for cheap. The movespeed will help you kite and maneuver the range of your skills to greater effect.

It is also good to note that the Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is an alternative for early game midigation and that Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration can be used to augment your early game to your liking. If you plan on getting magic resist early anyways, Greater Glyph of Ability Power is a viable options. If you plan on getting tier three boots, the quints can be swapped out for Greater Quintessence of Ability Power as well.
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I could have a chapter for each skill alone, giving you details onto combinations and such, but this will have to do for now. :3



This passive will allow you to sustain mana in early game. Combined with a single mana potion (let alone two), you can control your mana consumption for a very long period of time. Using this on your higher mana skills like Ice Shard will save you a lot of mana. Following up with Ring of Frost on the entire enemy minion line can reduce the cooldown by upto 7 seconds.

Bread and Butter

Ice Shard
This is you poke and farm skill. It has a slightly higher mana cost but it can be used to farm poke and cc all at the same time. It has a short effective range, and a long (perhaps underestimated) addition range. Note, that the shard animation might not match up with its real range, however, the frost on the ground will show you its true range. This spammable skill is used to kite, cc and can be used to slow advancing. A few tips and tricks with this skill is that the additional range is fixed, with no regard for where the shard splits up, so casting it near the minion line will make it reach further behind the minion line than if you were to hit the minions from a distance. Used correctly and it can hit a large number of targets to reset your passive.

Ring of Frost
This is your hard cc skill. It has a longer cooldown than your soft cc cousin Ice Shard but it can prove to be much more useful. This has a very large range around you, you can stop melee champions well before they get into range to attack you. Abuse that fact as you toy with them. It also can reset your passive quickly. Use in conjunction with Glacial Path and Frozen Tomb for epic combos.

Glacial Path
This is a useful skill, that can inherently define the skill of the Lissandra. Early game it can be used to get in and out of sticky situations, as it is an escape skill. But there lies many problems with this. Silence, knock-up and other hard cc can and will stop you. Counter picks are defined by this skill. I've seen people throw LeBlanc at me in draft pick. However, the hardest time I had was with a Kassadin mid and Cho'Gath jungle. You can move in two directions with this ability, making you able to separate the effective distance that pursuers have to travel to get to you. instead of moving it in front of you, cast it to the side and start going to the other side. If they follow you, teleport to the glacial path, and if they don't just keep walking. You can juke by sending the claw over a wall but not teleporting to it. you can farm with it once and a while to scare the balls off the other person. You can use it to poke once in a blue moon. using it right after a teleport can get you into position to start a gank or to help allies. It has a very long effective range and can be used to jungle travel. It can be spammed at level 1 in junction with your cooldown to get places just a little bit faster. The possibilities are endless!

Another guide has a very good walkthrough on the use of this skill as well, check it out!
Click Here!

Big Badass Nuke Thingamajigger (A.K.A Your ulti)

Frozen Tomb
Knowing when and when not to use this is the key to utilizing this. But it adds a new dimension to the ever changing ways to play. Do you use it on yourself or the enemy? Do I use it now or save it for later in the fight? Every situation is different the best I can do in a guide is to prepare your mind to have several things in consideration when playing Lissandra. Treat it like a choice between a Exhaust or a Zhonya's Hourglass. This skill may stun one person, but it can still do considerable damage to people around that area, so it can have a larger range that can hit further ahead people even if you cant target them directly. It can stop the damage from one champion for up to 1.5 seconds. So using it on the enemy carry can change the tide of the battle. It can peal aggressors from high priority targets like your carry. You should also consider if it will allow you to take less damage if you stop the enemy champion, or if you use it on yourself. How much hp do you have? Can you get out of the situation if you stop the damage from one of their champions for 1.5 seconds? Is your team going to make it into the fight in 1.5 seconds? Will they get away? Are you alone in the middle of the enemy team beside their nexus turret with nothing but the sassy robe on your back and the designer Sivir shoes on your feet with all five of them are using their highest damage skills on you at once? There are a lot of things to consider, but once you know you have to consider them, you can improve your game play significantly! Good luck summoner.
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Early Itemization

I am 3 hours into writing this guide... Lets move on!

The Holy Trinity

  1. Amplifying Tome
    This build sorely needs early ap items to make for the lack of such ap from runes. This item will make up for the bulk of that lack in early game, as a second or first item. It also builds into kage's lucky pick, part of the core of this build, and the key to early game gold min-maing/micromanaging. This is a solid for going against champions like Vladimir early so you can poke them before they attain sustain.
  2. Boots
    This allows for the mobility to control the lane and dodge and kite with your cc. This will be good against Swain or Diana if you feel comfortable dodging their bread and butter skills and being able to poke and then avoid staying in range for too long.
  3. Null-Magic Mantle
    This goes the same for boots of speed, however, instead of focusing on dodging, you can midigate some damage more effectively. I generally use this against Kassadin, Diana or Ryze. This will make their damage more bearable and allows you to focus your efforts on perfect farm or outlasting them in lane.


  • Twin Shadows
    This has got to be the best item to rush on Lissandra EVER. It gives her bonus mobility to allow her to do more in lane, and in transit. It allow her to scout defensively, offensively and has the the source of many kills. When taking the enemy jungler's blue, pop this and see if you are clear to take it or not. You can pop this when looking for people trying to juke in your jungle. You can use this to slow and secure kills at longer ranges that your skills lack in. It also gives gold/5 during the building time and gives you magic resist to improve your time in lane. Combine this with Abyssal Mask or Banshee's Veil for unparalleled magic resist among the other mages. It also gives you a little boost in ability power.
  • Fiendish Codex
    It gives some cool down reduction and some ap, it will be built into a Deathfire Grasp if you are fed or Morellonomicon for the mana regen and extra cooldown reduction.
  • kage's lucky pick
    In this build, you may see this item as much as twice, though for short intervals, it gives you 100-150 gold each time, for a total of 300 gold in saving, making you itemize faster and making every stat point worth that much more. Its also a good bit of ap to start off with.
  • Blasting Wand
    I usually get this if i have money left from buying a [kage's lucky pick]] or on a second backing r so. It's good early game ap that would be a great investment before you go for cool down or resists.
  • Boots
    If you haven't already gotten it, now would be a good time. I would say that it has a lower priority at this point however, as you move fast enough with your masteries and runes, so getting the ap you lack from there is usualy a better option. Get after kage's lucky pick
  • Faerie Charm
    At low cost, you can grab this to make all the gold in your pockets go toward getting that slight competitive edge against your opponent. It helps here effective mana pool at a modest rate.

There are a lot of things not on this list, and you might be wondering why. Some large examples are as follows.

Tear of the Goddess and Catalyst of Aeons
This item can be effectively filled by Lissandra and can be a great help late game. However, as it only provides mana, and Lissandra does not have a large mana problem, it will only be effect late game when it is upgraded. Though it helps late game, I would stray away from it because it hurts you early on, as this build dose not have the runs to support early game aggression and without somewhat offensive items, you will have trouble ganking and poking in lane.
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Core Itemization and Considerations


Lissandra, like any warlord (or Warlady) needs a few items to make her truly shine as a queen of of her army of Frost Guard. Such items include the following.
  • Abyssal Mask
    Due to her short range, she will almost always benefit from the passive reduction. This adds to the build part of the cooldown/ap/penetration trinity of how to dish out damage. It also gives her additional magic resist making her a challenge to fight in mid if you happen to be an ap caster. The only time I don't take it is if I get Zhonya's Hourglass instead.
  • Morellonomicon
    This gives her the slight boost to mana regeneration she needs to sustain herself with her passive. It also gives cool down reduction and a useful passive. Being built off of kage's lucky pick also lets you generate an additional 100-150 gold, making this build highly cost efficient.

The offensive and defensive items are really up to you and your situation. I do have some notes for some of them however.

Liandry's Torment
This give you the bonus health you need to round off your defense, while also being very good at tearing down hp tanks on the side, considering all your skills are area of effect. So you can focus squishy carries and deal sufficient damage to tanks at the same time.

Lich Bane
This is a last item, after getting a Rabadon's Deathcap or attaining somewhere around 300-400+ ap, making down time between Ice Shard a viable time to deal even more damage.

Guardian Angel
It's included with the rest of the items for a good reason. If you are following this guide, I would like you to read this before picking this item. It has no inherent offensive stats, unlike all my other options, but it has a unique passive that can save you once and a while. However, you must build around this item if you happen to get it. It gives defensive stats and in order to monopolize on that, you must build health and more offensive ap items. You also need a team you can trust to help you when the passive procks, or this will be a lot of money wasted in vain, and that is the exact opposite direction from what I want from this build. Handle with care summoner.
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Final Missive and Disclaimer

So thus far, I have spent around five hours researching and crafting this build. I hope you take my efforts and thoughts into consideration in this very first guide of mine. I would also like you to keep in mind that this is a guide, and not set in time or stone. I have visited on every tangent as far as I am concerned, and I have visited them so with an open mind, and I have not and will not push my style of play onto you if you do happen to want to use tear on Lissandra or something of that sort. Lastly I thank you for reading thus far and I hope to hear what you have to say about my guide and how I can improve on it. Chears, and happy rampages of ice cold destruction~ For the Frost Guard!
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