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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Seldominity

Galio : Underestimated long enough

Seldominity Last updated on June 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my build for Galio. Please note that this build will be designed for primarily tanky style setup, but is still flexible enough to do considerable damage.

Please also note this is my first ever build so, go lightly on me.


The way I have galio setup is as such.
You are primarily a tank with an extremely strong nuke early and mid game with a bit of a fall off late game; but have no fear, for this is where you will now contribute the most. Your enemy team will grow to fear close range team fights.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE. the reason why these items seem so minimal and not over the top is because of this. This build is styled for you to to CRIPPLE enemies, not intend to kill them. Leave them for your champs who can carry the team. Galio is a great champ no doubt, but he doesn't have the capabilities to carry a team. Please give up some kills to those who could use it more effectively, your assist gold will be enough to get you by.

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Pros / Cons


Powerful nuke Early Game/Mid Game
Gamebreaker ult if used properly
Overall very team-supporting building
Strong survivability
A very flexible build and very flexible champion


Mana starved early game for harass
Prone to CC if flash and 'E' are on CD
Q is a bit difficult to land due to it's travel speed.
Casting your ult can also seal your own fate

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Skill Sequence

So now let's get down to the nitty gritty about Galio and his skills

This passive is EXTREMELY helpful in deciding which way to build him. Take for instance your enemy team is AP, then you should no problem with them due to the amount of magic resist you will have and still benefiting a bit for offensive damage.

Now this spell is gonna be your main nuke. It can clear out minion waves with 1 hit early and mid game so if you're forced to solo it will be extremely useful in helping you fend off creeps from your turret, while also doing massive damage to enemies. Late game this is also an extremely important spell since you will be combining this with your E to help chase down enemy champs and with this massive slow, you can take them down.

Ahh bulwark. How many lives you have saved; how many lives you've helped to end. Bulwark, in my opinion, is both a defensive AND offensive resistance shield depending on how you use it. If you pop it on yourself. Woot! more ap to help nuke. Pop it on a focused champ?, now you're getting heals WHILE helping them out. This ability is good to keep going around as it will also help you to stay in lane much easier.

As noted above, this spell works great offensively AND defensively. What? that nasus is trying to run away? Righteous gust your chasers and let them have some fun. What? you're < 250 health and Cho goth is chasing you? Righteous gust, looks like he won't be catching you anytime soon. This spell is just overall great for not only you, but for your entire team.

This ultimate, in my opinions, is one the best and almost one of the most situational ultimate ever to be put into the game. This ultimate is considered a 'gamebreaker' in my list due to the fact you are basically forcing all enemy champs in the circle to focus you dealing reduced damage. thereby giving your allies a chance to escape OR to give your allies a chance to get in close and get ready for nukefest. The damage portion on this ult is not EXTREME with this build, but can be if people on your team or using AP increasing auras or Mres reducing auras. Please note there are ways to think about before using this.

- Use it to allow your carries time to burn down multiple champs that are focused on you and also crippled on health caused by the ultimate.
- Use it to save a chase against your team. Say your team is all low and they're chasing you. Ult enemies near a wall. wait the 5 seconds for your allies to get distance, then flash through wall and gust away.

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Magic Pen.
Self explanatory
Extremely helpful early game if forced to solo or just simply to have more health to take a couple hits for your carry/support.
Very helpful, granting very good magic resist early game and also contributing a good amount of AP through his passive
Very helpful, granting very good magic resist early game and also contributing a good amount of AP through his passive

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Now we're going to briefly look over itemization

This item is very helpful in two ways when playing Galio. Firstly, you will be capable of completing this item on your first recall with it's very low price but extremely well usage. Galio is very mana starved early game when using his abilities and has no means through abilities or passives to help him, this item grants him 30 Magic resist (don't forget +15AP due to his passive) and 7.5MP5 + 1% increase in mana regen per 1% missing. this helps Galio stay in lane longer and help him farm up creeps for his following items without putting too much strain on the carries.

As always, mercury treads will be very helpful when it comes to CC, plus you gain magic resist and, for galio, that is your best friend. Building survivability against that annoying veigar on the enemy team thinking he can nuke you.

Now this item is just overall awesome to have as the main (if not support) tank. you will be greatly benefiting yourself to take more hits during your ult and to also buff up your AP and additional armor then spreads to all nearby allies. This is overall a standard item for galio in my opinion.

Again, Magic resist. Never goes wrong unless you're fighting an all AD team. passive = Love. so many times has it saved my life. extra mana and health to help you tank better never hurts.

Ahh, good old force of nature. an EXTREME amount of magic resist while also an amazing amount of health regen so you can save up time for when you're ready to start taking face shots with your ultimate. plus think about 76 magic resist. that's a free 38 AP for you building into your lifespan. I think that's a good bargain. plus the move speed is good for chasing/running.

Now please note, this item will 9.5/10 times never be reached (unless you have gotten fed somehow). If you do though this item is mainly chosen for the extra health pool and addition to your nuke, you gust will slow them which is a HUGE chase advantage for you.

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Items to NEVER get.

A friend of mine questioned why I put this in. I simply put as follows.

9/10 times a teamfight will be decided by a well done galio ult.
you WANT every hit to hit you, you do not want to dodge any hits during your ult. you gain +4% damage for every hit that hits you; the time during your ultimate is also when your carries will begin their nukes and your ult should be enough to cripple them to clean up the kills.

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situational items.

Let's say their tryndamere is extremely fed (12/2/6). Well; now is your chance to kill him. Have him focus you and your team nukes him down forcing him to ult and then CC him until he cries for a QSS (quicksilversash).

This item would be a good replacement for you chalice of harmony if you have a soraka on your team, or someone who is playing aura support (say sona) and having Mana regen aura up.
Plus this item will also DECREASE enemy magic resist, allowing your abilities to further cripple enemy champs.

Shurelya's Reverie
Why this item? This item is a good mid game item if your team is having trouble with mobility. This item allows a bit of CDR while also a good restore in mana and health (plus additional health doesn't hurt) and the item's use increases all nearby ally's speed by a good amount. so use this follow by and ZOOOOOm you're gone.

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Guide Updates and additional notes

June / 12 / 2011
Putting build up now, will be adding additional info to guide as time goes on. Please feel free to add your own critiquing

june / 13 / 2011
Recoding to make it much more detailed with the items and skills; looking through lists for additional situational items.