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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Sivir Build Guide by Biperspectival

ADC Gameplay With Sivir

ADC Gameplay With Sivir

Updated on November 16, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Biperspectival Build Guide By Biperspectival 36,505 Views 6 Comments
36,505 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Biperspectival Sivir Build Guide By Biperspectival Updated on November 16, 2017
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_____Right now there is relatively little discussion of builds. This is because I personally never read that part of guides. Once you get to know a champ well enough, you should just go through the possible runes, masteries, and items to figure out what to use. Since I have not discussed my choices, you should not take the build as the best thing in the world. You should probably make your own choices once you feel confident you want to main Sivir. Until I get to that point with a champ, I'm usually too poor to buy runes, playing too many champs to make a designated mastery page, and too lazy to use anything besides Riot's suggested items. My goal is to get you good enough with Sivir that you feel like you should invest in figuring out a build. If, however, you aren't as lazy as me, you should check out Vapora's Guide on Sivir, which includes build information among many cool things.

_____So, the real goal of this guide is to help you figure out how to play Sivir in a flexible way. That is, so you don't just say "Oh look at me, I'm Sivir. Time to shove the lane in and get murdered by Master Yi." Rather, you will hopefully understand her kits purpose, and maybe learn a few things on the way.

However, you might just want an intro into how to play Sivir; this is the next chapter.

Speed Sivir Guide

You know how sometimes you get stuck playing a champ who you have NO CLUE how to play? This chapter is supposed to get you ready to play Siv while you're in the queue. Here we go:
  • Sivir's Ricochet lets her deal lots of damage to a large group of enemies.
  • Try not to poke with Boomerang Blade through minions as it decreases your damage.
  • You can chase down any champ that can't buff its own speed due to Fleet of Foot.
  • Spell Shield means you can safely fight people with cc. However, you aren't as good of a duelist as Kog'Maw or Jinx, so respect them and other high AD champs.
  • Ricochet gives you great waveclear and On The Hunt lets you buff your team and minions' movement speed, so you can shove a wave in really quickly.
  • Ricochet resets your AA.
  • For your full combo, throw out Boomerang Blade, auto attack, and reset into Ricochet. By then your Boomerang Blade should have returned for a fourth hit.

  • For more in depth stuff, read on in the guide.


_____Notice how Sivir is looking cool while balancing on one foot in her splash? That basically sums up her gameplay. She spends a lot of the game walking the line between dying, going out of mana, giving up your defense against dying to get more mana, and using that mana to bait the enemy team into chasing you across the map into your team. So, without further ado, let's begin the discussion.

_____Sivir brings large amounts of utility to the team. Her Ricochet let's her attack the entire enemy team at once, and Boomerang Blade is an impressive AOE. Besides this, she can help her team (and minions) travel quickly across the map with her ultimate, On The Hunt.

_____Furthermore, Sivir tends to have a solid laning phase. Her Spell Shield makes her ignore most abilities, making it harder to cc her. Furthermore, On The Hunt means that she can get out of most sticky situations by running away insanely quickly. In general, if someone on your team is feeding, it shouldn't be you. It is very hard to snowball her since she has the range to attack the entire enemy minion wave with Ricochet and Boomerang Blade.

_____Finally, she's very difficult to hard counter in lane. Few people can really dominate her, and your support should be able to cover those people.

_____Of course, life isn't a rose garden as Sivir. Much like Twisted Fate or Ryze her ult gives up some of the awesome damage of other ADC's in exchange for its map pressure. So while her ult does give her solid initiation or followup to a fight, it's not going to kill someone at half health while they're under the tower (I'm looking at you Jhin).

_____Additionally, she doesn't have the kind of single target focus that some other ADC's such as Jinx or Kog'Maw bring to the table. This means that you should be cautious of trying to solo an enemy who you aren't a few levels ahead of.

Now that we've covered who she is, let's talk about her kit.

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Fleet of Foot

_____ Fleet of Foot may initially seem like an underwhelming passive. I mean, bonus movement speed? Or I could have, say, the insane amounts of AD that Jhin gets? It's a good point. However, this passive gives you good chase and survival. If you're being chased, throw a Q out and keep running. Your team is dying? Throw a Q and run. You're chasing someone? Right click and watch as you remain faster than them, chase them down, and kill them.

_____That said, how good is it laning phase? Not really great. You are chasing and running such short distances, and generally things happen so quickly you won't get to utilize it.

_____Additionally, you don't have any dashes. So, even if you ult, some champs can put on a burst of speed more than you, but you have sustained speed that doesn't go on cooldown.

Boomerang Blade

_____ Boomerang Blade is, as you may have guessed, your Q. It's a solid poke, but it is high mana cost. It scales heavily off of your AD (note that it provides comparatively little damage of its own). Additionally, it decreases in damage to subsequent targets. This means that you want to poke the enemy without hitting minions first. You can accomplish this easily in one of two ways.

_____Option 1: Go around the minions. Just walk at a diagonal so that you're sending Boomerang Blade between their caster and melee minions. The enemy will probably be there to reach your own caster minions, so smack them down. However, you should obviously not do this if they are really fed, or if they have multiple cc abilities, meaning they will break through your Spell Shield.
_____Option 2: Kill all of their minions. Ricochet can clear a minion wave quickly. We won't discuss other reasons for wanting to do this yet, but with no minions in the way you can stand behind them casting Q for full damage and being safe from cc. Additionally, clearing the wave will shove it under tower. Wait for them to go for cs to throw out Boomerang Blade so that they will have to miss cs to tower shots to dodge it.

_____Outside of laning phase Q has some other uses. First, it can proc your passive. So, when you're chasing/running from people take the half-second to throw it
out at them and get your speed burst to get where you're going. Additionally, throwing it out into the middle of a teamfight can never hurt. Obviously spam it on epic monsters.


Ricochet is why you're so good at teamfighting. And waveclear. Let's take it one at a time though before I get ahead of myself.
Laning Phase

_____In laning phase, Ricochet has two purposes. First, it can be used to harass the enemy. Your effective range is increased to anywhere near a minions when Ricochet is active, letting you get off a lot of poke. However, this tends to shove a lane in, which is its own bucket of worms.

_____The main reason you'd want to shove a lane in is because you are trying to deny your opponent cs. They have to compete with their tower's damage to hit the minions, all the while you're poking them or destroying their turret. Additionally, shoving a lane can decrease the poke you take, since the enemy will have to choose between attacking you and getting cs.

_____So what's the problem with pushing a lane in? Mainly, it opens you up to ganks or reversals. That means that its easier for the enemy jungler or midlaner to kill you, since you have to usually run through them if they come from the river. Additionally, if you or your support mess up, you have a long way to run to get back under tower. That said, if you're fed, feel free as a 3v2 is almost identical to a 2v2 to you due to Ricochet.
Out of Lane

_____Sometimes, your team is running around between towers trying to stop the enemy from taking them. That's where you come in. You can generally kill a wave in a couple of seconds, so with your great mobility and waveclear you can help to protect turrets from enemy minions.

_____Additionally, ricochet let's you teamfight very well. A teamfight is when everyone piles into one giant ball of abilities and death. You stand outside and jam W and Q to deal large amounts of damage. That's really it. However, you should remember that you can stay out of teamfights. You don't need to get into range of the enemy carry, especially since even in a 1v1 they could out-damage you.

_____Finally, Ricochet is good for those awkward pre-teamfight times when both teams are sort of staring at each other trying to decide whether or not to go in. You can just auto attack the a minion wave, and this will let you poke the enemy without actually engaging; you can keep this up almost indefinitely, they have limited health.

_____Finally, it should be noted that Ricochet is an auto attack reset. So, make an auto, pop W and make another one almost instantly afterwards.

Spell Shield

_____I cannot sufficiently stress how insanely good Spell Shield is in laning. It lets you block a lot of abilities that could otherwise hit you. Most supports have one cc ability. You can save this to block that ability, which makes you much safer and very difficult to hard counter with a support. This is what makes Sivir a very safe pick, generally if you are stuck with first pick you should seriously consider picking Sivir.

_____So how does this ability work? I wish I could give you a straight answer. Unfortunately, I can't. What it means to have an ability used on you isn't exactly clear. I will do my best to describe what kinds of abilities it can and cannot block. Hopefully you can generalize from here about how it works. If you figure out a hard and fast rule, please tell me, but I doubt one exists.

Doesn't Block:

+ Point and click abilities. - Damage Over Time.

+ Skillshots. These can be AoE or limited target. - Ground Effects.

+ Mines/triggered abilities. - It can't cancel active abilities. So, once Vi ults you, she'll go towards you, but you block her knockup.

+ The end of channeled abilities. - In fact, it will still register you as "hit." That is, Leona will still dash towards with Zenith Blade, and Starcall will still heal Soraka. However, you won't take damage or cc.

_____So that's how it works folks. Confusing, no? But, it is very useful against many champs. A lot of champs will have extremely telegraphed abilities, which will mean that you can activate Spell Shield after they activate their abilities. However, sometimes you need to predict what your opponents will do so that you can activate your Spell Shield beforehand. The most obvious example of this is when you need to drop a ward in a bush. Here you need to pop E so that you won't get crowd controlled and brutally punished for face checking a bush.

_____Unfortunately, you might end up laning against people with very fast abilities. There's a reason you find yourself laning against Graves and Quinn with sivir. This is that their abilities come off very very quickly. You have almost no time to react, meaning that they'll hit you, you'll activate E, and waste your shield while taking damage. Against these kinds of champions, you need to predict what their next move will be. In general, any champ with a high damage ult will open it at you as soon as you get in range and at low enough health to die. So, if you're up against Graves and you take a lot
of poke, activate Spell Shield as quickly as possible. You have about a 50/50 chance of stopping the ult and surviving. Trust me, if you don't immediately E you're just dead.

On the Hunt

_____Ok, On The Hunt's passive is pretty straightforward. You get basically an extra item's worth of attack speed from W. This means that you don't really need a second attack speed item (often) and thus you can have more AD and stuff since Ricochet has an insanely low cooldown (around four seconds). Additionally, you should always use Ricochet when seiging towers or attacking a rooted/stunned enemy to deal extra damage.

_____The active is useful. Most ADC ults can be considered one of two things: an opener ( Ashe arrow, Kalista ult) or a closer ( Jhin and Jinx). You do it all, with another bonus. You can activate your On The Hunt to engage (usually on an outnumbered enemy). This is very useful with an uncoordinated team. It can be extremely difficult to get people to go in when you want them to and to all go in at the same time. Your ult let's them go in, makes it clear that it's time to go in, and makes it feel natural. A smooth flow into battle. Similarly, ult to chase down your foes, but be careful that you aren't being baited.

_____Additionally, On The Hunt can be used like Ryze's ult. You can use it to speed up minions and allies to arrive at and kill an objective extremely quickly. Furthermore, this lets you siege enemy turrets longer. With many teams, if you stay more too long close to the enemy base you run the risk of being at low health and engaging a freshly respawned team who just visited the shop. However, you can stay a little longer and just run away with On The Hunt.

_____This ult is also very useful for you or your team out of sticky situations. Few champs can outrun you with this, and if they do, there will probably only be one on the team. Be careful about overextending against them. Furthermore, your ult lets you get out a lot of ganks in lane as well; usually you can reach turret faster than the enemy jungler can close the gap.

_____On a similar strain, you should learn to extract your teammates from sticky situations. Consider that someone was splitpushing and three or so enemies engaged on him. He's now at low health and running across the map. You need to consider a few things before saving him:
    1) Will you get there in time? If they're very close on his tail, you should save your time, grab an objective, and let him die.

    2) Is he going to be intercepted? This means, are the other enemy teammates going to be able to cut off his, and possible your, lane of retreat?

    3) Are you doing something more important? If you're taking a turret, inhibitor, baron, etc. it is more important that you secure the objective.

    4) Will you get caught? If the enemy has, say, a
Master Yi with his ult still up, going in to save your teammate will just get you both killed.

_____If the answer to all of these questions is no, you might want to save the poor fool. But how? Remember that anyone who enters your ult's range gets some movement speed boost. So, get within about a seconds' run from him and ult. This lets you close the gap more quickly and not have to worry about it later. Then, run in front of him so that you "tag" him with your ult. Now, throw out a Boomerang Blade to get extra speed. Your ally should be close to you now. If there are few enemies chasing him, fall directly between him so that you can block any cc with Spell Shield. Otherwise, run away. He has extra speed and hopefully will survive. Either way, you should try to take a different path to safety so that you won't both be caught. This kind of situation comes up a lot, but it's pretty easy to do; just keep an eye out for a chance to save an ally.

_____One last thing and then I'm done, I promise. On The Hunt lets you bait the enemy. First, it is only acceptable to bait the enemy when:
    1) Your team is not relying on you to carry the fight. This means someone else on your team is doing all the damage.

    2) Your team is nearby.

    3) There are at least as many nearby teammates as nearby enemies.

    4) They don't have any really fast champions.

_____If this is all true, you can "safely" bait the enemy. This means that you tempt them into chasing you by intentionally overextending, poking, and taunting (commonly done by jamming one of your emotes). The enemy will hopefully eventually chase you. You run to your team slowly. That is, you need to be careful to stay close enough to the enemy that they think they can kill you, but far enough that they actually can't. This process unfortunately involves taking damage. You should ONLY use Spell Shield for cc abilities, or something that would instantly kill you. Ping your team saying that you're on your way. Ideally, you should not activate ult.

_____Once you reach your team, they'll be ready to jump on the outnumbered enemy and murder them. You do NOT turn around and start fighting with them unless you miraculously took no damage. Are we clear? Do not fight unless you are at full health. This is because when a team is going to die, they'll try to kill at least one enemy just to make themselves feel better. That will be you as you're squishy, injured, and have angered them. Once the fight is over, if you still have your ult, activate On The Hunt, use it on your allies, and recall. Once again, don't chase.

_____You are a champion who can safely do this simply because it's hard to catch you when you don't want to be caught. Your poke gives you a little extra speed, and
you can dodge/block most cc and run away for real if you must. However, baiting is highly dangerous and should not be carried out unless you are certain you will survive.


Now that you know what each of the abilities does, let's talk about how to level them

Boomerang Blade should be leveled when you're seriously trying to kill your enemies. That means you have a very aggressive support and you're both initiating a lot.

Ricochet should be leveled when you don't have the power to kill the enemies outright, or when laning phase is coming to an end. This way, you try to build a cs advantage rather than killing them. Additionally, you should take this when you're being shoved under tower to clear the wave quickly.

This should usually be leveled last. You would give up too much damage trying to level it up early. The only exception is when you are taking extreme amounts of damage and struggling to survive. In this case, you should begin to level it. Basically only get it when you're being regularly dived while shoved under tower.

This is your ult. Like most ults, you should level it as often as possible, if only to get the benefit of its passive on Ricochet.

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So that's her kit explained. Next we're going to discuss what to
expect (generally) from your team depending on their position. I will not be discussing stuff that as a botlaner you don't really care about.


_____Believe it or not, supports are people too. You and your support need to get along, and it's important that you understand your support's kit and playstyle. I won't go into all of that stuff, just read a guide on your support as well. I will discuss what they need from you, and how to provide it.

_____You can guess how your support will be playing partly on their gold item choice. Someone who starts Spellthief's Edge is going to be trying to poke the enemy a lot. That means that you should be prepared for the enemy to engage on your support. You need to then go in and kill stuff, or stand back and let them get out while you harass. Most Spellthief's Edge champions will be mages with high burst and good cc.

Set up poke for these champs, or shove the wave in so that they can hit the enemy turret.

_____Champs who start Relic Shield are tanks, and generally melee. You like tanks such as Blitzcrank and Thresh to be your support. Why? It lets you focus one enemy, you can disengage easily, and you can chase for a long ways. You're good at chasing. When your support brings someone to you, you should immediately try to kill the snagged enemy. The other kind is Leona type champs, who go in on their own. Now, your kit is good for running away, but it can't always get you out; you're hard to chase, but you can't always get out once you're in the middle of a brawl. When your support goes in, you should generally go in with them. But, sometimes your support will be dumb and engage on a fed enemy botlane, feeding them more. You should leave them to die, not out of cruelty, but for the sake of your team.
Summary: when they go in, you don't have to, but you should. When they bring someone to you, you definitely attack them.

Leave siege minions for these supports to kill.

_____Finally, there are Ancient Coin supports. These people are pretty passive usually. Think Soraka or Janna. Unlike the other kind, you won't be going all-in with one of these supports. They let you whittle down your opponent as they preserve your hp. However, without the extra damage provided by other supports, slashing someone's health from full to zero is difficult.

Just cs like normal.

_____Your support's primary job is to help you become the carry for your team. That means that a good support will value their life above your own. So, sometimes you both will be at low health and your lane is getting ganked. When your support charges in guns blazing, this is NOT a signal that you should both go down in a blaze of glory. Rather it means the support knows that you both will die, and is hoping their sacrifice might keep you alive. In this case, turn your back and run. Do not stop under your turret. Instead go in one more so that you don't get tower dived. Then thank your valiant support for their death.

_____Additionally, your support is going try to give you kills. That means that if an enemy is at low health and can't escape, they'll leave him to you to kill.
This means you need to secure the kills since your support won't usually do this for you. Junglers will act similarly, though they'll tend to be a bit more aggressive.

Junglers and Midlaners

_____I'm grouping these two roles because for all intents and purposes they're the same. The only distance is that your midlaner will usually be AP and your jungler will often be AD. These aren't always true. Additionally, one will usually be an assassin.

_____Both Junglers and Midlaners are going to gank your lane. A gank is when a third person comes to the lane to make a 3v2 and try to secure kills. When you are being ganked by an enemy, you should run for your turret as quickly as possible. When an ally comes to gank, you should try to convince your opponents to get as far away from their tower as possible. This makes it take longer for them to run back to their turret, granting you a greater chance of getting a kill. When your ally initiates, you should run in (with ult ideally) and try to kill the enemy ADC. Settle for the support of course, but ADC is preferred as they are basically a not as skilled version of you (which is still pretty good).

_____After laning phase is over, the assassins of each team will be trying to kill the squishies (that's you). This is why you stay in behind your support and tank. If the enemy assassin should be incredibly fed (lots of kills, few deaths) then you should not enter a teamfight until the assassin is dead. Most assassins won't survive entering a teamfight, and many don't have the patience to wait for you to emerge. Remember: you are valuable. It's better to survive a teamfight by not participating and just protect
towers after your team is dead than to die in the first half a second by being deleted by the enemy assassin.

Toplaners and Tanks

_____Your toplaners usually are your tanks. Possibly your jungler or support is. A tank's role is pretty simple. They have to be scary enough that the enemy team will attack them. Beyond that they need to be borderline unkillable. They'll just sort of take all the damage and make sure that no one gets past them to kill the squishies (you). Fortunately, you don't mind enemy tanks since your attacks will still hit the backline by bouncing off of them.

_____The only time you'll see your toplaner is if they have a global ult (like shen) or teleport. In this case they'll come down to your lane occasionally to make a 4v2 or even the odds to a 3v3 or 4v3. They will almost never teleport down unless someone is already ganking. Sometimes everyone will end up botlane to make a 5v2. If you hide under tower in this case, you'll die and the tower will go down, anyway. Just retreat
all the way to your second tower. Often, when one toplaner teleports down the other one will if possible.


Sadly, the last thing you should expect from your fellow players is for one of them to feed or to get fed.

_____Let's assume you're an average player for your elo and you feed one in every twenty games. Like, maybe you go 0/7. You're on a five person team. That means that someone on your team (including you) will feed one in four games. Most of the feeding you're seeing is just statistical variation. Additionally, someone on your team should get fed one in four games. As a duo-laner you will have more epic losses and epic victories due to your, and your enemy's, support.

_____Since feeding is going to be somewhat common due to the team sizes, you need to understand what to do when someone gets fed. In a game where no one is fed, you are the Attack Damage Carry, or ADC. This means that it is your responsibility to survive as long as possible and provide most of the damage for your team. That's why Assassins are trying to kill you.

_____When someone gets fed, or gets an absurd amount of kills, they become the team's carry. This means that the enemy team will be trying to kill your fed ally, not you. Thus it is your part of your job to protect your carry. This means that you use On The Hunt to help them run away, use Heal if they're low on health, and kill anyone who seems like a threat to them. Go in when your carry goes in. When someone on the
enemy team is fed, you should try to kill them as quickly as possible. Don't seriously engage in a fight until they're dead.

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You've made it this far. Next on the list is a breakdown of how builds work. I WILL NOT be analyzing each and every itemy. Rather, I'll just describe how your statistics fit together and let you decide which items will fulfill those statistics best.
I'm going to touch on runes and masteries at this time. If someone requests an explanation, I will create one, but until then I will be working on other areas of the guide.


Attack damage is what you are based on. Both Boomerang Blade and Ricochet deal more damage the more AD you have. Your basic attacks will deal more damage as well. Since your entire purpose is to deal damage, you'll need lots of AD.

If you were to go all AD, you'd basically be Jhin. You'd be able to kill anything in a few hits, but getting those hits off would take a while.

Attack Speed is what makes you hit rapidly. However, if you build all AS with no AD, you'd be throwing wet tissues at your opponents, albeit rapidly. Thus, your first item should usually be AD. AS greatly increases your hypothetical damage per second (dps). I say hypothetical because you only are dealing this much damage when the target isn't moving, and that generally means that they're trying to kill you as well. Huge amounts of AS is best when your team has a lot of cc or you need to take turrets. Due to On The Hunt you don't need more than a couple attack speed items. Attack speed is capped at 2.5 attacks per second.

Critical strike is a way of life more than anything else. Items like Essence Reaver and Infinity Edge are key to any crit build. A crit will deal double damage (unless you get Infinity Edge, in which case it's 250% damage). This is nice for Sivir since if her autoattacks crit, so will the bounces from Ricochet, letting her deal a lot of extra damage. Most ADC's build critical strike, since it's strong on champions oriented around autoattacking (most abilities will not crit).

Life steal restores a portion of the damage you deal as health. It does two things for you. First, it gives you sustain. If you get hit a few times, just autoattack some minions to get your health back. Secondly, it makes you more likely to survive a fight. If you deal significantly more damage than your enemy you can survive their attacks by healing away all the damage you take. Generally you should only have one lifesteal item, since it requires high dps to be useful.

This is a combined section for magic resist, armor, and health. The purpose of these would normally be to make you survive long enough for someone to save you. However, you already have very low stats in this, so that just isn't going to happen. Rather, it's to make sure that your enemy poke won't take out half of your health. Generally, you should not build more than one defensive items since it cuts into your damage too much. You should almost always buy a defensive item if you're playing into a team that is all AP or AD.

Speaking of AP, you shouldn't build it. AP is only used in certain abilities. The only time your AP would make you deal more damage is if you used Boomerang Blade. However, this will deal more damage if you build AD, since it has higher scaling (more of your AD goes towards its damage output).

_____There is one last thing to talk about. Have you ever noticed how items like Phantom Dancer will say things like Passive - UNIQUE. Now, I sometimes see people run multiple copies of the same item (such as five Dark Seals) when the item has a UNIQUE passive. So that you do not fall into this trap, Unique means, basically, that it there can only be one of that passive. Unique has the root uni-, or one such as unicycle.
In other words, if you have multiple copies of the same item, only one of them will have a passive/active effects. The rest will only yield stats - extra effects.


Obviously, there are lots of different options for runes, and as you know I dislike discussing builds. However, I'll do a quick coverage of why I chose the runes I did.

I think there's really no question as to whether or not you're going to take the precision tree as an ADC. But, why Fleet Footwork? Two main reasons. Firstly, the other runes aren't that good for you. First, you might consider Lethal Tempo. If you want extra attack speed, you'd just buy another item instead of taking it as a keystone; Sivir only wants enough attack speed to get her Ricochet off quickly, she doesn't need it as much as Kog'Maw to do raw single-target dps. Similarly, Press the Attack is good for dueling, and no amount of masteries is going to make Sivir a tier one (or even two) duelist). But, Fleet Footwork provides us with EVEN MORE movement speed, along with some useful in-lane sustain. If you hit a champ with this empowered auto, you'll feel like you're playing movement speed Jhin.

Here, we take Triumph because we're a teamfighter. This will give us a lot of extra gold, as any fight we participate in, we'll get at least an assist. Hit R, get 25 gold. However, if you are laning with a healing support like Soraka, you should consider taking Overheal instead.

Once again, your rune page is editable. In general, the bonus attack speed from this mastery is quite nice, and can even let you delay building an attack speed item if you get ahead (more damage early game). However, if you're playing against a team with a ton of cc, never forget that as the squishy, that cc is looking for you. Consider taking Legend: Tenacity in this case.

As an adc, your job is generally to murder tanks. As an AoE adc, your job is to destroy their entire team. Their team will start at full health, and if they're low health by the time you're done attacking, your team can clean up. So, take Cut Down to kill them tanks and start fights rather than finish them with Coup de Grace. And this is my personal opinion, but if you're low enough health to activate Last Stand fully, you should be running away, not fighting.

So, I wasn't able to find anything I really wanted in the other mastery trees. I don't need an Eyeball Collection, and I do find the inspiration tree quite useful. Who doesn't want 5% cdr on everything? I sure want it.

Almost done. The final rune is Minion Dematerializer. This is good stuff. Now, lategame it won't be relevant (unless they get baron), as you'll shred minion waves with casual ease. However, that bonus minion damage does a lot early game, as it means you (against minions at least) deal a fair bit of damage. Combine this with Ricochet, and your opponent will be hard pressed to stop you from deleting his wave, let alone attacking you. So, you can just destroy his wave, and then retreat or harass, depending on how scary they are.

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Yup, only one chapter and you get to see Sivir's beautiful face again. Wow, that sounded creepy. I just meant it as a joke... moving on. Next up is the progression of the game. I've covered lane pushing, ganks, teamfights, and the like already, so the next
section is more focused on taking objectives and tying together everything I've talked about so far.


This is when you're in lane! Surprise!

You are a caterpillar during laning. That's the best way to describe it. Your goal is to kill minions, kill your opponents, get dragons, and kill the enemy tower before any of your towers die. You also are trying to prevent your opponents from doing the same. Let's jump in!

_____Minions are the main reason you're in the lane. When a minion dies near you, you get xp which will make you level up. If you are the person who kills a minion, you get some gold, referred to as cs. Getting cs takes planning. Your goal should be to kill all minions in your lain (spoiler, it won't happen). However, you can't attack six minions at simultaneously, even with Ricochet. This means that you need them to die at different times. If your minions' attacks aren't focused on any one minion, you should autoattack one of the melee minions twice, and one once. This will cause the minions to die at different times, roughly spaced at your attack speed. Plan to kill the minions, and while you're waiting for them to die hit your opponent.

_____ Ricochet is good later on for harvesting cs. However, it's risky earlier. It will bring all minions down in health, so if they were already poorly spaced, you'll have less room to time their deaths. Later on, your Ricochet deals so much damage that you'll kill all the minions very quickly.

_____It won't be common that you get to kill an enemy laner without a gank. Rather, you will be posturing, pretending that you're going to kill them. Boomerang Blade's range makes you particularly intimidating. Your goal should be to make them want to return to base as quickly as possible. While they're trying to return to base, poke them to interrupt their recall. Why? Backing means that you spend a long time away from minions, meaning that you lose a lot of gold and experience. If you don't have a high kill champ like Blitzcrank you should try to carve out a large gold lead. You want to interrupt recalls since they won't be farming (getting cs) while recalling, and it extends their recall time.

_____Your third goal is to secure dragons. This will happen in one of two ways. First, your jungler can come down for a gank. If you kill your opponents or force them to recall, you'll go take a dragon. Always let your jungler take the damage; many dragons have AoE attacks, so stand on the opposite side of the dragon from your jungler. You'll sometimes do dragon without a gank, when you and your support forced recalls or kills and your jungler is in the area. The other main time dragon will get taken is when your jungler kills it alone. This takes longer, and it is your responsibility to keep them safe by NOT LEAVING LANE. That's right, if your laners are in the area, you should shove the lane in and mercilessly harass. This keeps them from placing vision on the dragon or otherwise interfering.

_____Finally, you want to take the enemy turret. Whenever you've shoved the minions under the enemy turret, auto attack the turret. It will fall with time. In most cases, though, the tower will fall once you're all higher level and your jungler ganks. If you get the kills, you can all go ham on the turret, usually killing it. If the enemy turret is close to dying, and one of your turrets (probably toplane) is taking a lot of damage, kill the enemy turret ASAP so you'll get first turret gold. Generally, once the enemy turret
or your turret die, laning phase will end since neither of you wants to extend too far from your turret.


_____Midgame is weird. When does it start? When does it end? Generally, midgame begins once a couple of turrets have dropped and the teams are both about level 9. Your team will probably start bunching up and entering big fights. Around this time, your team is trying to get rid of the second tier turrets and destroy any remaining outer ones. Midgame basically ends when death timers get long enough that a lost teamfight can mean giving up baron, elder dragon, or an inhibitor. You'll know when it happens.

_____During this time, your team will be trying to group, with maybe a splitpusher doing his thing. You should stay in the vicinity of your team. Additionally, this is when you'll be baiting, if you should undertake that activity. A lost teamfight will usually not be the end of the world, maybe a lost dragon or outer turret. During this time, whoever got fed during laning will be carrying your game.

_____One thing that you'll be doing right now is clearing the jungle for some extra cs. How to clear camps is worth touching on. You should never take Blue Sentinel in your own jungle; leave it for your teammates. Red Brambleback , however, is all yours. With the buffs or Gromp you should start a ways back and just deal max dps. Multi-monster camps work similarly. Be careful, however, to attack the large monster when Ricochet is active. The bounces should kill the smaller monsters, and they deal reduced damage.

_____Sometimes when you win a teamfight, it might be tempting to go straight for a dragon. However, in midgame, the enemy team is rarely completely grouped; you probably only got two or three kills. Don't go for the dragon if you're at full health, dragons deal damage and the remaining enemies probably have wards there. They will see if your entire team isn't there, and if so kill you.

_____Somewhere we need to address face checking bushes. This is when you walk up to an innocent bush to ward it. However, the entire enemy team is in the bush and jumps on you. Generally, the person who face checked the bush dies. Always activate Spell Shield before warding a bush that might be even a little bit dangerous.
Additionally, an ally face checking a bush is not a good time to engage in a teamfight. You'll all be surprised, and trapped in a 4v5. Just leave.


_____As I said, during lategame a lost teamfight can be catastrophic. When you win a teamfight, you should first consider killing an epic monster. What do these buffs do? I'm glad you asked.

_____OBaron Buff means that your team should be able to push the lanes without having to really fight, since it's hard to clear Baron minions. You force the enemy to engage onto you, so if you don't have as good of engage this is nice. Also, once you get Baron it's time for Sivir splitpush (unless you're ending). Run ahead of your minion wave and kill enemy minions. Let the rest of your team shove mid, that should be plenty to occupy the enemy to the point you can run from anything they send at you.

_____Elder is nice because you get insane damage. If you can turret dive as a team, or have Blitz/Thresh, or other ways to fight the enemy team, or are ahead, Elder will help you. In this case, you want to shove down mid and engage as soon as possible. Generally, if you score a long ace (enemies will be down for a long time) you should get Elder Dragon and use its buff to get Baron faster.

_____Both of these buffs will let you get an inhibitor or two, maybe a tower or something. When you have a buff, if you die you lose the buff. So, if there is only one surviving member of your team, you should group around him so that he won't lose the buff and can still make big purple minions.

_____There is a second time you can get an epic buff. If you somehow manage to clear all three, or even two, inhibitors, your enemy will be tied up trying not to have the winions destroy their nexus turrets. This is like a very long ace. Of course, you could just charge in and end, right? Technically, yes. However, you're fighting right by their fountain, so unless you manage to completely kill an enemy they'll just heal back up. It's far easier to walk in with a baron buff and watch the super minions destroy their nexus.

_____Sometimes, sadly, your entire team will be way behind upon entering lategame. This means that your opponents can be in lategame while your team is stuck in midgame (they have cool items and can destroy your entire base if you die). Fortunately, there are level caps and each person can only have six items. This means that if you can survive until your team hits full build and level 18 suddenly you are all on even ground. To make this happen, you should not leave base. As I mentioned, you get solid advantages from fighting inside your base, so your team might survive a teamfight until then. In the meantime, you should run around clearing waves until you've all caught up. Then see above.

_____Ending: this is when you destroy the enemy nexus and win. This will occur in one of two ways. First, your team punches its way into base (often with an epic buff or two) and destroys the stuff. The second option is backdooring. This occurs when you have a splitpusher who teleports into the enemy base while the enemy team is fighting the rest of your team. Your splitpusher will do their very best to kill the enemy nexus turrets and hopefully the nexus. It is your job to make sure that the enemy do not recall. That means you should not all just chase one person. Interrupt recalls. If your ally is
really close to destroying their nexus, kill yourself to block recalls. Buy time for them to win the game.

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_____Speaking of ending, that's the end. This guide is now fully updated. Thank you for reading my guide! Feel free to leave a comment if there's something that you think I left out or that you didn't understand; I'll be happy to clarify.

_____Status update: I have begun on a new guide for the glorious LeBlanc. I'll let you all know once it's ready. In the meantime, I will not be working on this guide unless I get a request for a specific section. Thank you for reading!
Signing out - Biperspectival

If you see with two perspectives, then you are me.

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