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Gangplank Build Guide by Loyalbow

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Loyalbow


Loyalbow Last updated on June 7, 2012
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To start off...

This is just how I play the crit master that is Gangplank. I basically am making this guide for future reference and to try some different builds to maximize gameplay with this champion. I am by no means a pro or anywhere near it so if you're looking for an experienced player's guide with complete detail.. Sorry. (x This is also my first build so bare with me. :D

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Alright, so maybe you've seen a gangplank critting up your whole team or maybe your teammate is the one doing so. Perhaps you just watched Pirates of The Caribbean and want to play the leafue's pirate. Maybe you're just browsing mobafire to stop and look at a random build like I do. :P Or maybe you're a gangplank looking to try a different build. Whatever your reason for coming to this build doesn't really matter so much as what you do once you leave the page. I've played LoL for a while now and I don't think I've seen a consistent hard hitting crit champ quite like gangplank. Of course all champs are different but I truly mean it when I say gangplank is one of a kind.He has a global ult, and has the normal movement speed of a champ using ghost, he crits around 1k each hit, and to top it all off with a mid range nuke that slows and will make your enemies run in fear until you catch them . Not to mention he can reduce CC on himself and has a team buff that will help anyone rape... I mean the only thing missing is... well.. nothing.

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Pros / Cons


    He's a Pirate
Crits like no other
    Global ult that will ruin people's day
Removes CC
    Team Buff


    Squishy early game
No crit chance = no chance
    Needs to farm
If the other team focuses you you're probably screwed.

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Pretty standard runes for and ad champ. I don't even have all the runes yet and am currently using cooldown reduction glyphs. To be honest runes are nice and helpful but saying you have the wrong runes shouldn't have too much of an impact on your game. Unless of course you have MP5 rune page on say Mordekaiser or something along those lines. But anyway runes aren't that important, use whatever you like. These are just the ideal ones I thought should be used for Gangplank. If you find yourself out of mana, get some MP5. Think your cooldowns are too long? Get CDR. Do whatever you need to to get your gangplank critting like a beast.

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Alright. Items.... This is probably the reason most people came to look at the build and most people probably don't even read the guides and just look at the item builds and just play. That's what I do most of the time anyway. But here you go anyway for the few people that actually do read.. Haha.

So standard items should be something like as follows. I've never really needed to deter from the build unless the enemy just keeps focusing and focusing in which case I built some defense earlier and got back to critting.

Boots of Mobility

Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge

The Bloodthirster
Guardian Angel

Trinity Force

Alright, so let's get into the explanation of these items. If you want me to be honest I've never been able to get passed The Bloodthirster because the game usually ends by then so I haven't properly tested the last two items but I'm sure by end game you would need something defensive to fend off the other teams carries like Guadian Angel . That's just what I would expect for one possible scenario. Of course you could go with other defense items like Warmog's Armor or Banshee's Veil . Whatever you like. Of course Trinity Force is very costly and you'll probably never be able to build it but if you do I'm sure you'll rape with it. Some possible situations I've been in required Madred's Bloodrazor right after The Bloodthirster or possibly even another Phantom Dancer for the movement and crit. What I'm trying to get at is no 2 games are ever the same and many will require different items for different situations. Not all teams are balanced, you get some heavy AP teams or heaver AD teams or just plain tanky teams. So whatever you need to do to get passed the other team do it. But now I'll start the explanation of the first few items that you will mostly be getting every game.

I pretty much always start out with Brawler's Gloves and an hp and mana pot. the crit isn't that much but the Avarice Blade is pretty helpful to farming while you're tower hugging waiting for a creep wave, plus it will help if you need a couple hundred gold late game because you can sell it. On your first or second time back you should have your Boots of Speed and a Cloak of Agility .

So why Boots of Mobility ? Well in my opinion there's not much scarier than a 505 normal Movement Speed champion that still has ghost and a buff that increases movement chasing you with 1k crits hitting you. Basically I used them for chasing and getting back to lane really quickly or getting to the creep farm that's up top while you're in mid. You could go Berserker's Greaves or Boots of Swiftness if you'd like. These are just what I use. Maybe not the best choice but they work for me. You should use what works for you

Next we have our Phantom Dancer the explanation for this shouldn't really be necessary
as it is a pretty common DPS carry item. But if you want the explanation it's because of the crit and movement speed that you don't really need but will make you all the more terrifying. :P

After that is the standard AD carry item that every carry needs. The almighty Infinity Edge . The explanation is simple. It will help you rape the other team into oblivion.

Soon after the Infinity Edge you might notice you are missing something. What could you possibly be missing with all the crit damage and movement speed? Well the answer in most scenarios is lifesteal. And that is where The Bloodthirster comes in. It gives you the lifesteal you need plus more damage. And it snowballs after you farm some creeps. I think that's enough to get it :P

Now I've never really been able to get passed the first four items as the games usually end but the next two items are just what I predict will be most useful as you will have a lot of damage now you could use some defense to survive. Guardian Angel gives armor, magic resist and a free life so to speak.. Trinity Force will also help a lot because it'll boost the stats you already have going but it is most likely not going to be even close to built by the time the game is over. In my opinion your build should never really be finished because there's always something more better suited to the game as it changes and as the other team changes so you need to be flexible in your builds.

So to complete the item portion of this guide I'll just add some items that you can substitute that I would switch to given the situation.
Atma's Impaler
Frozen Mallet
Hextech Gunblade

Last Whisper

The Black Cleaver

Force of Nature

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Skill Sequence

For your skill sequence you should just be trying to hit them with your Parrrley and use your Raise Morale to chase enemies or to buff your team in a teamfight. Your Cannon Barrage can be used in teamfights as well to help the damage and scare the enemy somewhat. It can also be used to clear creep waves if you don't mind wasting it on that huge farm up top that might destroy your turret. Or if the enemy team is at your tower it will scare them off and it will hurt them/ kill the minions making their damamge output to the tower lower. I've even got a few kills off of it using it at a tower and having the tower finish them off. The ult can also be used to help your teammates escape or block the other team's escape into their jungle. By far my favorite use is to use it when the champs are backing at their tower thinking they are safe with their 1 bar of hp and I ruin their day. (= Since the last patch Gangplank's Parrrley slows now instead of reduces healing which is a buff in my opinion because it allows you and your team to chase them if you get a shot off them. The skill sequence isn't very important as your Q and auto attacks should be enough to kill most people while you can use your W to heal and E if you want to kill them that much faster.

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Try to LAST HIT with your Parrrley as much as possible as it will give you more gold if you kill something with it. It does add up in the end.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells I go with exhaust and ghost just to make your chasing that much easier, your spells aren't really that important to this built I think. Just stay away from those obvious ones like Smite , Revive , Rally . If possible stay away from Heal and Clarity as well because you don't want to become dependent on them and you shouldn't really need them anyway. Pretty much everything else is fair game although you shouldn't really need some of them such as Teleport or Clairvoyance .

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Creeping / Jungling

Never tried jungling with this build. If you wanna try go ahead but no promise for success. Let me know how it goes though and I can change this portion :P

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Team Work

I don't think I've ever lost a game laning with Sona . I would say for laning try to get a support champ or a range harasser. You can annoy the other team with your Q but be wary as early game you will be low on mana

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Gangplank is a great champ and I hope you give him a try. He's not the most OP champ and he's not one you win with no matter what you do. And if my build fails I'm sorry in advance. But that's what happens someotimes, not every build is right for everyone. Comment with any feedback is appreciated and tips/advice that I can try out too as I am not only trying to show you how I play gangplank but also to improve it. This build is by no means perfect so feedback is welcome. Lastly, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at this guide. I do appreciate it.