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Gangplank Build Guide by LukeEX



Updated on January 5, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LukeEX Build Guide By LukeEX 41 11 137,712 Views 40 Comments
41 11 137,712 Views 40 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LukeEX Gangplank Build Guide By LukeEX Updated on January 5, 2014
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  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
  • LoL Champion: Gangplank


Smite does not give bonus gold any more. Game over, roit. ded gaem

This OP as hell pirate should be banned in every game because he farms like a damn god. Wenches will swoon all over you for yo bootay, dosh overload, baby. MONEY is the main reason you play this way. This guide is to get your Gangplank in touch with his money loving inner self. With the all new Avarice Blade as of 20 Feb, you are clocking in +2 gold with it on kill & a whopping +3 GOLD per Sec, Parrrley grants 10 gold but with S4 Smite doesn't anymore. What a shame. Do NOT use the Nomad's Medallion because you are not intending to miss CS AT ALL.

I don't believe in tanking because I would rather full crit, with Parrrley being able to apply on-hit effects. You are a pirate, not some fat*** meatshield. If you wanna tank go play someone else.

Discussions before downvote, thanks. :)

20.0k gold will be the bare minimum if you don't screw up, the only way you could is if you were an idiot completely disregarding your Q to farm and spamming it on the enemy hero when possible. Go to either Top or Mid.
In the year of our lord, 2013, 7/2: Guide is born
In the year of our lord, 2013, 7/2: Ohman goddamit riot why not just call it Static Shiv?
In the year of our lord, 2013, 8/2: Totally Helpful Pictorials
In the year of our lord, 2013, 20/2: GREAT NEW PATCH! Avarice Blade DOSH LVL UP!
In the year of our lord, 2013, 18/3: SCIENCE! Of GP/10. Gonna edit to include Kage's Lucky Pick into guide. Removed from S4 RIP Tribute, alongside Philosopher's. *sniffle*
In the year of our lord, 2013, 18/3: New build, GET ON MY GOLD LEVEL, BBY.
In the year of our lord, 2013, 19/3: Feel the Love Generation. <3
In the year of our lord, 2013, 19/4: lol proof that money brings happyness.
In the year of our lord, 2013, 5/10: ABORT.
In the year of our lord, 2013, 8/10: TLAI FOS. TLAI IS TLEE. HL3 CONFIRMED.
In the year of our lord, 2013, 28/11: So long S3, thanks for all the fish.
In the year of our lord, 2013, 31/12: Redoing for S4, rip SMITE TP, thanks roit for breaking my Gold.
In the year of our lord, 2013, 6/1: I just realised Summoner's Rift gives a basic 19GP10. Oh boy. Riot you sly dogs, you!
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Runes are important, no doubt. In your quest to get MORE MONEY, Armor helps you disregard harass and allow you to focus on your Parrrley to earn your dough. Armor Penetration will proc from your pistol as well, so go forth to victory. +3 GOLD per Sec with our quints, holey dooley we gonna roll in the dosh once we get Avarice Blade and Frost Queen's Claim for an immense +11.5 GOLD per 10 Sec.

Money No Enough? Get Greater Seal of Gold instead of armor so that you gain a maximum of 1.5+5.3+7 GOLD per 10 Sec with items included in the 10 min mark.
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21 points into Utility for starting gold, CDR & additional 1.5GP/10, 8 points in Offense for CDR so you can Parrrley faster and Armor Pen or 9 points in Defence if you wanna get BUFF. Back in S3 you used to put one point into Summoner's Resolve because you want to get the +10 Gold from Smite but since that is gone, there is no need for Smite anymore. After you get your Avarice Blade and Frost Queen's Claim you gain a lot of GP10. Rollin' in the Benjamins.
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Brawler's Gloves + 1x Health Potion + 2x Mana Potions is my standard opening build for Gankplank because just after 400 gold, you could Teleport back to lane after a quick recall and get your +2 gold on kill Avarice Blade up and rolling instantly. The point is to be EXTREMELY AGRESSIVE when farming. Also, buy a Frostfang because it will help you with sustain in lane from the mana regen, additional AP for your oranges and increase $$$ with it's passive gold gain. When you are busy with your Parrrley last hits and with the enemy poking you continuously because that is all that they can do, you have to stay in lane and the Frostfang will help loads.

Avarice Blade is the CORE of your build. +3 GOLD Per Second and +2 gold on kill is the most important for getting yo booty. Buy Zeal and Boots of Swiftness first to be faster than Usain Bolt with your Raise Morale. Upgrade your Avarice Blade into a Statikk Shiv once you have enough money for another Avarice Blade. The Statikk Shiv actually lets your Parrrley stack so with the Avarice Blade and Max Q, you get up to 40 GOLD per hit with this item alone. Near endgame you can retire your trusty Avarice Blade into a Youmuu's Ghostblade after completing all your items.
You MUST keep maximum farm at all times, the trusty +2 gold on kill stacks a lot, even with Statikk Shiv and Tiamat. You could walk into a minion wave, activate your Tiamat and wait for a while for your minions to hit the melee creeps quite a bit and clear the WHOLE WAVE IN ONE SHOT, gaining 60 ADDITIONAL GOLD! DOSH! You can upgrade it further on into a Ravenous Hydra 4 minion waves since you pretty much one shot the whole wave. Lifesteal also stacks your Parrrley so go forth!

Mid Game

Item Sequence

Boots of Swiftness 900
Statikk Shiv 3000
Phantom Dancer 2800
Infinity Edge 3400
Frostfang 400
Greater Vision Totem 250

End Game

Item Sequence

Ravenous Hydra 3400
Infinity Edge 3400
Phantom Dancer 2800
Youmuu's Ghostblade 3100
Timeworn Frost Queen's Claim 2200
Greater Vision Totem 250

Disregard boots, your raise morale makes you fast enough early game until you get both Avarice Blade and Frostfang.
"Gotta make a choice between one of these items or boots? These items. Boots are for insecure pirates who live in terror of jungle ganks."

Words of wisdom for early game right there.
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Skill Sequence

MONEY is Gangplank's main priority and his Q skill, Parrrley helps him down that road. It grants extra bonus gold on kill With the all new Avarice Blade, you are clocking in +2 gold with it on kill, a level 5 Parrrley grants 10 gold so kill every minion in sight. With items like Statikk Shiv doing 100dmg chained to 4 other things and Ravenous Hydra increased splash damage, your pistol evolves into a shotgun and applies the +2 gold to everything it kills.

Your W skill, Remove Scurvy will get rid of all CC except for being Knocked Airborne. Use this to disregard ganks when the enemy tries to slow or stun you, then walk away with swag and remember to hit Control 5 to laugh in their face.

Your E skill, Raise Morale to run faster than Speedy Gonzalez once you get your Phantom Dancer, 3fast5u bby. Also, it grants huge attack boost to all heroes nearby. Strut with all the SWAG, by shooting yo pew pew in the air. That sweet sound which comes from it is pretty much the deathcall of your enemy's tower. SHWINGH!

Your ultimate R, Cannon Barrage pratically makes it RAIN MONEY, use it to defend your darling towers. Disregard any teammate crying for help with their lane unless you can use your ultimate, Cannon Barrage to stop enemies from pushing your babies or for some reason find it in the compassion of your heart to saving him from demise that was probably his fault in the first place. The towers are yours, your teammates are just stealing the lane EXP because towers can't level up. The towers are your children and Big Daddy Gangplank will cleanse any heretic scum trying to lay their grubby non-gold fingers on his children with purifying fire. Invoking his wrath is not pretty.
TL;DR. Main priority is your Q, Parrrley, get E. Up your ulti when possible and W when you have to. If you can't handle being harassed, as in not being able to use your Parrrley at all, then throw some points into Remove Scurvy. Save Cannon Barrage for money rain when enemy pushes.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Exhaust is taken so that you can use it to lock people down after initiating with your Parrrley and Raise Morale. 21% slow from your Grog Soaked Blade with 3 stacks and Exhaust 30% slow, kills are guaranteed. Exhaust can also be used when you are trying to escape ganks by slowing your pursuer along side your Parrrley.

Teleport is extremely important, it helps you save time completing your Avarice Blade early game, allows you to hop between lanes and gives you a quick recall if you're in trouble.

Ghost can also be considered. Your pirate senses tingle, you move like a ******* cheetah towards your team, Raise Morale everyone and turn the tide of battle. You are a pirate HERO!

I don't bother with Flash just because you don't need them with your Raise Morale and Remove Scurvy. If you have a need for Flash early game, it's probably because you are trying to shoot the enemy and trade blows with Parrrley and not busy farming, which should not be the case. Cleanse is dumb because Remove Scurvy just like it, except it also gives you health.

I used to take Smite over Ignite or Exhaust simply because you were supposed to be farming. With S4 though, I would consider Exhaust simply because it will allow you to slow someone down with any ganks incoming or break their damage.

Don't bother with kills unless your teammates want to gank 3v1 or something where there is a clear advantage for you to take the money, your 30 min lategame build complete items are much better. One kill is worth roughly 20CS without cannon creeps. Keep this in mind.
Now what if you didn't have Teleport? That poor tower would be dead. Never make the same mistake... Twice.

With Teleport, you are able to warp back home once you have 1250 gold so that you can get both Avarice Blade and Frostfang and get your +11.5 GOLD per 10 Sec ball rolling. Swag.
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faku faku


Gold Per 10 Seconds:


Gold Per 10 Seconds:




Gold Per 10 Seconds:


Additional Gold on Spawn:




Gold Per 10 Seconds:


Gold Per 10 Seconds:


Based on the updated build if you can do the maths, it's an additional grand total of 13.8 GOLD Per 10 Seconds! Adding that to your original 19 GOLD Per 10 that everyone has, you are earning 3.28 gold per bloody second! If you were to afk for 3 minutes, you earn a TOTAL OF 590.4 GOLD! 3 minutes into the game earns you close to 600 gold. If you cannot hit 20k farm, you don't deserve to pick Gangplank. Just uninstall game forever kthxbai.

Taking Frost Queen's Claim into consideration, this means that you are not as powerful as the first build and will likely have your first tower destroyed, sadly. However, you will be doing this thing called Laneclogging. As compared to DOTA it's not as cool, when you have a bazillion couriers blocking the road to the tower then releasing armageddon of your own minion waves after playing Defense of The Tower for 30 minutes while warding your jungle to prevent enemy from discovering your courier roadblock. Also, this has been patched in DOTA as well. 2013 is a bad year.

In LOL, Laneclogging is when you let a significant amount of enemy minions stay near your base by not killing them immediately. Instead, you would let the minions push and tank the damage while waiting for your own minions to spawn. Of course, this would mean that you actually have to work with your teammates(pfft), to gank the enemy solotop when they overextend to your tower. In order to tank the damage, you will need your oranges and loads of them. Hence, the CDR Runes instead of MR and the S4 Frost Queen's Claim which grants you 50 AP to increase your heal while tanking enemy minion waves.
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Last Notes

Parrrley all day everyday. Every one in a while, walk up to the enemy team to make them think you are going to attack them. Their natural instinct is to hightail it like a bunch of babies with their tails between their legs, then ignore them by turning back to shoot some minions up. Helps to make them not farm because they are too cowardly.

Remember to ALWAYS CHECK MINIMAP! If you get ganked by mid, you die. If you die, you aren't farming. If you aren't farming, that's a pretty bad situation. You have to be at the top on the gold charts, matey.

Damnit roit wat u doin tf aughgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Disregard any teammate crying for help with their lane unless you can use your ultimate, Cannon Barrage to steal your teammate's gold DEFEND YOUR BASE.

This small tip applies for all players, commend everyone in your team when you solo queue and beg for commends yourself. After you get a ribbon, you can tell your teammates who nag and beg you not to troll, to sit the bloody hell down. You now have a goddam ribbon and know what the hell you are doing.

Dying doesn't matter when you have 20k farm, bloody teammates everywhere stealing my kills. Compare the physical damage dealt to damage taken, it's a huge gap with this build.

fak u
Two of my games, legit guide.

Win or lose, you will be filthy rich and that's all that matters, so have fun.
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Wall of Love

Love Generation

For those who find that money works well for them. Send me anything, screencaps of your matches or vidyas even.Testimonials of those who have found salvation in the Way of the DOSH.
He's doing it right, look at that delicious farm. Good job, bro!More victories!
League of Legends Build Guide Author LukeEX
LukeEX Gangplank Guide
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